You’re on The Master’s Voice End Times Prophecy blog and website.

Here I post the prophetic words of the Lord Jesus Christ as directed- about coming events, the state of nations, and how best to prepare for changes we’ll experience during the convergence of prophetic global timing as laid out in the Bible.

This site comes from a persistent prayer on how to present God’s word to His people. I’ve posted on social media before but it wasn’t consistent. Once I stopped doing that I waited for instruction on how to share these teachings (and warnings) with more people, because the Lord told me clearly to prepare His people for “the times and seasons ahead”.

This blog is the answer at last!

More than ever before, Christians need to make a decision. We need to KNOW and SHOW what side of the tracks we’re on, because society is so murky now that anyone can claim to be anything without having to pick a side. It’s important to know personally- do we fully accept what the Bible says? Are we of one mind with the Spirit of God in all things? Knowing is as important for believers as it is for those who consider themselves Christians, ‘spiritual people’, or ‘seekers’. There are many “spirits” floating around this world of ours, so being ‘spiritual’ isn’t enough of a safety net. You need to know Who and What spirit you believe in or pray to, so you can be sure you’re serving the right one!

If you want to know if you’re really living by Bible standards, want breakdowns of Scripture, or need materials for those who do not (yet) know the Lord- this site can help. If you’re curious about what God says about life, humanity and His purposes for the future- it’s here. You’ll cultivate knowledge about the world you live in too; what could be better than that!

However the crux of this blog is PROPHECY, i.e. sharing the mind and plans of God with people so they know where He stands. There are dreams, visions and prophetic words under America, Global and Prophectic Clock. There’s a Projects page under construction, and info for Giving if you’re so inclined. The Basics page carries teachings, encouragement and all information new believers or soul seekers need to help them make a final decision to follow Christ.

Above all I am here to announce to you that God loves you; He wants your attention, and He is rapidly sending out workers to reach their world for His glory.

Hear the words of the Lord:

Hebrews 3:15 Therefore while it is still Today [this very day], if you hear Him calling and you recognise His voice, do not make your heart stony and stubborn like those who were in the wilderness– [for in the desert the people provoked and irritated God, and made Him angry against them].

For best benefit of the site use HEADER TABS to follow a particular subject [i.e. ‘America’ gives all USA prophecies; ‘Global’ speaks to the nations in general.]

RESEARCH a particular topic by using the search box at the bottom of every page- all posts featuring that subject will come up.

When reading a prophecy series, use “NEXT” and “PREVIOUS” links at the bottom of each blogpost, the flow is most cohesive that way.

Above all- Like, Share and Follow The Master’s Voice blog for regular updates. I invite you to let this blog be your regular rest stop, and hope that we can keep seeking God together.

Happy reading!

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  1. planetxnearsearth says:

    Great messages!!!

    1. Celestial says:

      God bless you. I am sharing as the Lord has given me His messages and shown me things to come. Thank you and please keep coming back.

      1. Christine Ebersole says:

        Can you please help me figure out how to print your prophesies?

        1. Flourish&Thrive says:

          Copy to a Word doc and save under each, the prophecy name, I’d suggest you include the date too. Catalogue them/save as Folders according to the dates/themes, then print.

      2. Zynethia says:

        Blessings to you! I haves gained so much insight into the Lord from theses videos. Do you still do counseling?

      3. Neil says:

        Hi Celestial, Your videos and blog the Sin Series has helped me a great deal. I Asked the most high to deliver me from my Repetitive Sexual Sins after watching the videos and reading the blog.

        May Yah bless you and yours ,


        Western Massachusetts

    2. Gabriela D says:

      Shabbat Shalom Celeste
      Can you tell what is Masters name in English and in Hebrew? please.

      1. Keisha Smith says:

        I have been blessed tremendously by your videos and blog posts. I sent you a love gift but it was return. God Bless you ,in love Keisha.

        1. Celestial says:

          Keisha, Thank you for commenting. Cashapp has no way for me to tell you that the gift can’t be added to my wallet, so it gets returned. I left all info for a donation under my videos. I hope you look and see what I wrote, it is not personal. God bless you, I will remove these once you see it. Pls leave a little note under my reply if you see this. Shalom. 🌺

    3. Dwayne Curtis says:

      Hi and God bless. I just found your channel on B.C. and your topic on the destruction of the Poison Apple 🍎 sorry I meant the big Apple lol. I have believed the downfall of the USA has to happen and I have felt that way for 40 year’s. I have some info and pictures that may help show what you are saying.
      If you are interested please let me know and I will send them.

      Thank you and may the Lord keep you safe 🙏

      1. Nurse Audrey says:

        Welcome Brother Dwayne.

        1. Billy guy says:

          Sister Celestial, I hope the Lord finds you well. You wrote a message to me on YouTube. That the Lord could use my mouth to speak. I’m sorry to say that he hasn’t yet, but then since you wrote that, my family and I got very sick. But praise Jesus we are better. And my wife has a week off so we will be dedicating time to the lord more faithfully.
          I’m also thankful to say my church will see who wants to start prayer walking the cities of auburn and opilika alabama soon so I’m thankful and excited for that as I am a prayer walker.
          Finally, the lord gave me 2 dream recently. First one was a dream of malls. I saw as the American mall emptied out of stuff to buy and started closing shops. While an old Chinese meat market mall and a new Chinese mall more in the American style were doing great.
          And the last dream, well it was intense. Started with my family and a couple friends were driving in the woods. Unclean spirits screamed and harassed us for hours. Then we got out the woods to a burger fast food place, ordered, and parked to eat, but some more demons messed with us. So we parked closer to the restaurant and got out. I prayed against the demonic forces and cast them out and they left. Then I saw someone in the dream I knew, not in real life but knew in the dream, and he was leading many peoples, aborigines, who looked to have some weird tumors. But he lead them in the lord. Then my group was all in a hotel room with glass window. Bomb sirens started loudly blaring. I could see one massive city laid out before us for many miles. But I knew it was many cities, just looked like one city. Then these bombs started falling in row after row. They landed in rows of 10 to 20 bombs per row and the rows went far into the distance. Then row by row the blew up. A dark road of destruction went the whole length of the city into the distance, but the lights on either side still shown.
          But then the sirens got louder and I felt in my spirit that the nukes were coming. Before they appeared from behind, my dream ended.
          This dream, demons and bombs dream, was probably the most intense dream I can remember having. The whole dream, I felt the tension in my spirit constantly get more intense. Its was almost like if you took a guitar and ran the pick along a string, starting low but ever higher and higher. Only it only got higher and higher. I woke up at 3.30am and I got up and had to walk outside in the cold air for a bit.
          When I got back to bed I couldn’t sleep and after a bit my wife dreamed we were in church on an unscheduled day, and her me and 2 other strong believers were on one side of church. Then the pastors wife falls, and so do we who are together to the ground. Then one guy in the middle says, the bombs are falling (x2) before falling,, and my wife and the rest of us hear, a war is coming a war is coming.
          A few nights before my wife and I had these dreams, my 8 year old daughter, who doesn’t watch news as I and my wife watch on phone, we have no TV, had a dream of missiles being shot from off the wings of a jet. She drew the missile. Her art was off a bit, but the logo on the missile was recognizable. It was the nuke symbol.
          Anyways thats the dreams. I need to post the videos of these dreams on my yt channel.
          And finally, I want to say, I only found you about 3 weeks before you recently took this break off making vids. I watched many hours of you videos. You are saying many things I’ve told my wife, if not just in a different order than I might have thought. But you seem to be, in my opinion, a trustworthy servant of the lord Jesus. You didn’t tickle my ears and some stuff was a bit hard to hear, and I think those are badges of truthfulness when speaking boldly in jesus and truth. I hope you make more videos. But even if you never do again, I’m thankful for the body of work you have put out. I hope and pray the lord blesses you in abundence sister. Because I know if he does, you will take those blessings and bless many in jesus name that will come to know Jesus through you. Shalom my sister and hallelujah jesus come

        2. Njibo says:

          Hello Billy Guy! Thank you for sharing your dream! This is more and more confirmation of the things to come. Sister Celestial has done a great job with the video that give details! God is talking to us through dreams, and we feel it deep in us! THIS IS THE TIME TO GET READY! Blessings!!!

    4. Deborah says:

      I would be blessed to sow into God’s ministry, do you have zelle acct that I may send to? Thank you

  2. planetxnearsearth says:

    Great evenfs

    1. Carnetta Shields says:

      Blessings on Blessings to you Sister Celestial!I Thank The LORD JESUS CHRIST for Highly using you as an Endtime Prophecy Vessel for this Fallen,Lost World. I thank you Celestial for bringing the Undiluted Truths! I want to send a offering to you.Could you tell me the best way to send it to you? Thank You and GOD BLESS You Celestial!🌻🌻

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  4. DN MILLER says:

    Celestial ~ If you have an address, to which we can send a check to support your ministry, please let us know. We do not use Paypal.
    We love you, and appreciate you. Christ is King! ~ Tricia & Neil

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Tricia and Neil, wow, I’d not seen this til today. 😳 Another comment brought me here. Please do reach me on email at mastersvoice@mail.com and I’ll try to figure something out. Bless you!

  5. Byron Searle says:

    I have been shown the exact same things you are speaking about for the last 4 years. I have notebooks filled with words i have received and sometimes I think you have them in your possession and reading from them. I even was told about the evil woman president 3 years ago, and did not know what to think. Thank you for your videos.

    1. Anonymous says:

      grace and peace brother Byron, what happened to your blog.? I read almost all of your posts, I was very edified by them, and I was sad that I could no longer read them ….

    2. Celestial says:

      Hello Byron. I thank God for His consistency. I say it often- God never speaks in isolation. He will always entrust His words to several vessels to make sure there is continuity and ALSO so that many different communities and strata of influence can be reached. Lol at the notebooks 😄 May God bless you brother, thank you for reading and watching TMV. Amen.

      1. maryleahe1 says:

        Would it be possible to put all these prophesies in PDF/book form, to share with others that do not have computer access? Especially those in prison/jail. Please let me know.

        1. MaryLeah says:

          Well poop! Can you remove my email address from the public forum!

  6. B.A. says:

    Blood to Drink has to be one of the most powerful prophecies I’ve heard. Blunt, poignant, alarming yet really truly rang a bell and clicked with me. It was a “spot on” message and one that prompted me to re-evaluate my seriousness regarding my commitment to obedience to God. It definately confirmed what I’ve believed and heard in my gut for years. although you are about my daughters age you speak with wisdom, authority and truth like a woman beyond your years. Keep up God’s work….the time is so very short to get one’s house in order. Cheers from the Yukon

    1. Celestial says:

      God bless you B.A., May God be pleased with my service at the end of everything.

  7. deidreshelden says:

    Can’t find how to follow. Please notify me of new posts.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi DeeDee. If you have a WordPress account you can follow via your account. If not, move your screen (wether phone or laptop) up and down a bit and you’ll see a button popping up on the lower right (Follow+). Click that and fill on an email, new posts will be notified to your inbox. Have a blessed day.

      1. deidreshelden says:

        Thank you for your reply! I found the follow pop-up😄. The Lord bless you!

    2. Celestial says:

      Hi again. I see you’re already subscribed via WordPress. Don’t worry then, the next post will be sent automatically to you.

      1. deidreshelden says:


        1. Sonnie says:

          What religion is this sight based upon?

  8. claudiawohirenhotmailcom says:

    God bless you abundantly sister for faithfully and boldly sharing what the LORD gives you to share.
    Thank you for your love for ourHeavenly Father, our LORD and Savior, King Jesus and our wonderful Holy Spirit as well as your love and compassion for the lost souls all over the world.
    I love you my dear sister in Christ and I plead the precious blood of Jesus over you and your family.
    Much love from

  9. Carol J says:

    Hello Celestial. God Bless you for your obedience to share these most important and intense words. It is greatly helpful to me and most likely for others as well for inspiring us to do careful and ongoing self-examination at the feet of our Lord. Thank you Celestial. Also, I hope you will consider having a backup channel as YouTube is constantly banning and removing channels. Since you are just getting started on YouTube it may be easier to mirror that now than down the road when you possibly have hundreds of videos removed. Just a thought. God Bless you Sister in Christ.


  10. Scarlett says:

    Carol, I thought the same thing because the censorship policy of YT is escalating daily… Some folks are transferring, (importing their vlog files) to other new, more accepting channels for that reason. I’m praying she stays up and able to continue these end time warnings.

  11. Tracey L. says:

    Decided to begin from the beginning of the blog so I can study and better understand everything the Lord is saying.
    May God continue to bless you with wisdom, courage and the strength to do His work and also flourish in your daily life. Amennn

  12. sonia rosas says:

    hola. agradezco al Señor por conseguir este blog…. dios te siga usando.

  13. Katie says:

    I am so grateful that the LORD led me to your YT channel roughly two weeks ago.
    I started from the beginning of your videos to get a better understanding.

    I just signed up for your blogs. This is incredibly insightful. I’m overwhelmed to be part of the prophecies that the Holy Spirit has given you. And for your obedience to share them.

    Praise the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who was, and is, and is to come!!!

  14. emnordenson says:


  15. Judy says:

    Sister. May God Bless You!! I have tried to warn in previous comments that You Tube Algorithm’s search out the word’s jab,vaccine, Pfizer ,J&J, covid, injections, Modern a, Astra. They will take your channel down!!!!!! They’ve done it to literally hundreds of others!! Please I beg you – hold up cards with the word’s that need conveyed! Your ministry & Our Father’s Holy Word & Guidance is so desperately needed now, as you fully understand. You remain in my prayer’s always. May the Peace if the Lord Be With You Always.

    1. Celestial says:

      Sister, with respect, I cannot start making placards and all that. It’s too much. There is just too much going on now that I need to start making endless adjustments because of who is targeting this or that. I am doing my best but I am going to speak as the Lord leads my heart in every video, unless I will soon censor myself and His message out of existence. Thank you for the prayers, but this external oppression of these social media platforms is now too much. I’m not going to do anything more than where God leads me. Thank you and God bless you.

  16. Erica Koen says:

    Please add me to your email list so that I can receive the latest updates.
    Thank you.
    Erica koen.

    1. H says:

      Hi Erica, I’m not her but if you have a WordPress account you can follow through your account. If not, move your screen (whether phone or laptop) up and down a bit and you’ll see a button popping up on the lower right (Follow+). Click that and put your email then new posts will be notified to your inbox. Have a blessed day.

      Btw, Never put up your personal email like that! Any spammer or scammer could see it! 😬

  17. LorQ says:

    Celestial- I would like to say that the words you receive from the Lord are received by a few of us. Even when it is hard to accept. just know that it’s power from the Lord is indeed opening eyes and ears. The word you left on November 15, 2021 is necessary. It made me examine my relationship with God and what I need to do for Him that I am falling short on. In this time. I would rather hear and read the harsh Truth of our Lord rather than have “my ears tickled” with fluff. God Bless and keep you safe under His wing…

  18. kelsey says:

    i have been watching your videos for only a few days now… had many confirmations… but a question for you “do you believe the Gods seventh day Sabbath is still as important today as it was when God gave it in the ten commandment’s

  19. Pirkka Joseph Kukkola says:

    Dear Celestial,

    My wife and I live in Toronto, Canada, and we only discovered your videos, and website, just recently. We have been overwhelmed, and greatly inspired, by your prophecies, given to us, through you, by Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. My wife and I are Catholic, but we affirm your prophecies, and regard them as coming directly from Our Lord, Jesus, for they are Truth. We thank you, Dear Celestial, for this great Gift to us, which we have received from Jesus, through you. And we give Jesus thanks and praise—our unending gratitude—for choosing you to be his prophetess. We find you to be—refreshingly!—highly intelligent, deeply sincere, and genuine. We trust in God’s Word, as you present it: in your visions, and your interpretation of them. God Bless you! Thank you for your message about the “Ascended Masters”. I once belonged to a cult representing them in Virginia, USA, over 30 years ago. I am so heartened to have confirmed for me what they truly are—fallen angels, and demons. I believe they are part of Lucifer and part of the Luciferian Agenda on this earth and in the universe. They are nothing but Lies. They bring only death to those who worship and follow them. As they who believe in the Alien Agenda. Which is the same thing. Satan. I thank God that I escaped the cult, and have accepted Jesus Christ as my only Lord and Savior. And my wife and I continue to watch your videos with intrepid joy and great expectation. We thank you for bringing the Truth to us (and to others), which we need more than ever, in this Age of Lies and Obfuscation—what I call: “The Great Deception” (of Lucifer.) May we continue to receive videos from you until the series is over, and your mission has been completed. Again. May God bless you for your service to God. We thank you and love you.

    Blessings! And God’s Love! To you!

    Pirkka and Fides Kukkola

  20. Richard minor says:

    I agree about judgment on the way for America –on Jan 3, 2020 I heard these words “Colony Collapse Disorder”

  21. Hi Celestial,
    My name is Christel, from South Africa.
    I know you are extremely overwhelmed with all you have to do so there is a chance that you will not be able to respond to this message.
    I would love to share what the Lord has shown me in dreams that confirms your messages. I would not like to post it here though because this is your site. So if you would like to make contact, or if the Lord guides you in that direction, my email address is below. Kindest regards, in the name of our faithful Lord.

  22. Richard Minor says:

    During most of this year (2021) I have been experiencing such Weeping over a country Lost…In 2019 I heard these words from heaven “Colony Collapse Disorder” “A choosing is on the way” “the words of Isaiah 1:1 apply to the USA” and “Remnant” – ” ….For ME it all points to Difficult days ahead…An EXODUS is on the way from Lockdown states…

  23. Leo says:

    Are the covid test the marks of the beast too ?? Im not planning to take the vaccine AT ALL ! But i have taken the test in the past for work. Please be honest. Am I done for is my salvation gone ? Please be honest and is there anything i could do ??

  24. donese m johnson says:

    Praise the God of Heavens Armies! I Just want to say i have not been watching your videos long right around the beginning of December 2021. And i know it was in Gods time! i just want to say this is the first time the father has allowed me to be apart of Prophecies like this, The first thing i said when you started to speck in the first video was Dear Sweet SPirit of God please let me know if this woman is false! But as i listed to you i Heard the Lord say BELIEVE the words she speak cause there are mine. I felt honored and thankful like i was apart of a secret Kingdom club! See when you dont belong to any church cause they are all watered down and most of everyone who says their saved but they dont bear fruit of the Holy Spirit you Long to be apart of the true Body. Then the BOOM! O yes it came like a mighty wave of The Ocean………yes TRUE REPENTACE!!!!! Evcery video God was bringing me to my knees telling me to read the scripture you would read causing me to look at my own wickedness not just Americas. WHat Lord this is about the Judgement of this fallen nation these wicked secret sinful people not me? But what of your secret sin DONESE??????? thats my name. i was not as Holy as i proclaimed my dear sister in CHRIST. True REPENTACE is harder than any thing i have ever been through I had to face my dirt and whats even worse go through the pain of telling God every honest wicked thought behind it! i was guilty and guilty and guilty. But this was different i felt a shift in the Spirit Realm like this set in motion WHO THE SON SET FREE IS FREE INDEED! Now i am closely walking with THE SPirit of The Lord to break down the walls of Jericho. In Mighty Yaw there is no darkness and as His chosen should not be!!! Keep us in the Light KING jEsus! I truly feel you are part of the Light! thank you for all the Hrd work you do on the blog and videos you break things down like we are 2 years old and i need that. You also encourage me to read the dictionary and learn more words your vocabulary is like Honey from Heaven! You also have a silly side you make me chuckle and i say Lord Celestrial make me laugh. laughter is good for the soul. I have already told the Lord i will hold you in prayer as much as he puts you on my heart and i will be sending as much offerings as He provides I dont work Cause my daughter is bound in a prison in Hell with schizophrenia so i have never went back to work i take care of her i know its demonic she talk to demons all day but Great is He in me than he in the world or locked up inside of her! I know God will Deliver! so i cant tithe but i will send offering and we should take care of Gods Prophet God called His people to take care of His Priest and He does not Change so i will also!! All Glory to The GOD WHO TRAIN FILL THE TEMPLE!!! PRAISE THE GOD OF Abraham Isaac and Jacob! MAy The God Of Peace Give You His Peace at all times and all situations. Hosea 3;16

  25. thoughtsnotdreams says:

    Ah, young sister – what a blessing it is to find these words in these times. I thought I was alone in my perception of how bad things will be. I thought I was sometimes going mad. Praise the Lord for His messaging through you – and thank you for remaining as a “pen of a ready writer” …

  26. John Sloane says:

    Found your site through watching on Brighteon – your work is quite professional and very attractive for me; love your candor and forthrightness…. never stop… watched video about the sores on the “crown” – you do know Corona means crown, yes… Via Con Dios John

  27. Anonymous says:

    i watched your video on “the man of sin” and agree with many of your view points – however i beg you to revisit your thought process on the perpetual sacrifice being taken away….it is not our prayers being taken away it is the the Eucharist , the body and blood of Christ that Christ loving gave to us at the last supper, the spiritual nourishment of the saints and faithful for milenia….to God be the glory i will pray for you in your discernment…Christ created one church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it….you are correct in speaking against the false idea of pre-tribulation rapture…i emplore you to relook at the history of the church and how masonic influences have created divisions to this day….you will find that Christ created one apostolic faith that in your spiritual gifts you belong to….be willing to let go of the divisions thrown on us by the reformation and naturalism — you obviously perceive that our faith is supernatural …look at Christ’s offering of the Eucharist at His Passover with supernatural faith and you will see the one true faith….blessings my dear friend stay strong

  28. posamochod says:

    Jako jakiś spośród niewielu witryn nie zgodzić się ograniczamy się dla obwieszczeń samochodów osobowych. To pionierska giełda zawiadomień samochodowych różnego wariantu a mianowicie odkąd osobowych, za pomocą dostawcze, po specjalistyczny wyposażenie. Zagadnienia motoryzacyjne tyczy się bytu każdego z nas. Wehikuły takie jak samochody, motocykle, ciężarówki towarzyszą naszemu portalowi od kilkudziesięciu latek. Mnogość producentów a, także wzorników pojazdów okazuje się być rozległa. Istnieją samochody oryginalne i użyte, godne uwagi oraz przez każdego odradzane. Jeśli nosisz się zamiarem nowatorski wózek, starczy wyłonić stosowną korporację jak i również jest całą ewidencję samochodów na zbyt. Nie zabraknie także niszowych wytwórców, ekskluzywnych limuzyn, lub wozów sportowych. Tylko i wyłącznie u nas odkryjesz pojazdy na handel, jakie aktualnie od czasu dawna odgrywają miano legendy. Nie podnosimy żadnych ograniczeń w całej dodawaniu zawiadomień. Ta giełda okazuje się być proponowanym przez nas punkt, gdzie odszukasz obwieszczenie samochody jakiego wyszukujesz! https://posamochod.pl/ – posamochod firma.

  29. Burton Baptiste says:

    Ahayah bless you eternally dear Sister.

  30. Ms Kosi says:

    May God Bless You Sister Celestial – I pray for God to continue to speak through you ,. I only Discovered your youtube on March 7th 2022 so i have a lot of catching up to do. I am a born again Christian and Follower of Yeshua. I am from Ghana

  31. ladyfd says:

    Everyone, please , stay Prayed-up….🍃🙏🏾🍃

  32. renee says:

    I would like to send a gift to you via postal mail services could I have a mailing address for you please? GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    1. Celestial says:

      Dear Renee, I’m only seeing this now. Please contact mastersvoice@mail.com, and thank you.

      1. TyLisha says:

        Hello Ms. Celestial,

        My name is TyLisha I am kind of new and young. I don’t know if you are going to see this Ms. Celestial but I just want to say that I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for tell you to put every single video and vlog out here for us to hear.
        I do believe Jesus Christ is coming soon and that we mustn’t sit on our hands anymore. If we continue to do that Jesus will come and crack open the sky in the blink of an eye but, we will be left here wondering what we did. When the question that should be asked is not only what we did but, “What is it that we didn’t do for our Lord.” I just wanna let you know that you have allow Jesus to work though you and I am grateful. To God be the Glory on how raw and organic the message goes forth. I could stand to learn more of that. Jesus be praised. He is coming sooner than many some know and/or want him to come. Pray up everyone a (spiritual) storm is on the way to America this is NO JOKE and we have lost out sence of urgency towards the words of the Father. They have gone continuously in one ear and out of the other. No more will the King above all Kings stand to be mocked without recompense to those who mock Him. The last message is a real message. Repent (turn away from all unrighteousness go back to your first love) the kingdom of God is at have. Take the words of the Father who is using Celestial and head them. Pray on every word and get confirmation along with instruction for Jesus Himself. Grow a relationship with Him. He will not call a stranger into His home. Make sure you know Him, but also make sure He knows you. I apologize I am long winded and didn’t know I would write this much.

  33. Shawna Lee Dale says:

    SHALOM CELESTIAL I was called out by THE VOICE AND NAME JESUS in 2016 HE lead me to THE BIBLE , then to seek HIS TRUE NAME 2017, HE continues to Lead me and Teach me Discernment, quite the process. Stephen Pidgeon lead me and others to check you out, Finally someone not afraid to prick and convict the soul to smarten up, THANKS.

  34. Shawna Lee Dale says:

    SHALOM CELESTIAL AGAIN The reason I ask about the Saturday Sabbath is a scenario which came into my mind, if we were rounded up into buildings with no natural rhythm of night and day, and months later released into the wilderness, with no way to know what day it is in the physical realm, and only the sky/ heavenly clock and calendar to figure it out. DO YOU KNOW HOW WE FIGURE A SATURDAY SABBATH OUT, BY THE CELESTIAL CALENDAR MAP SO WE CAN ALL BE AS ONE. JUST WONDERING. You don’t need to answer, I know your busy. I KEEP PRAYING AND ASKING AND SEEKING. Perhaps one day day I will figure this out.

  35. GOD bless you Sister Celestial in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus!
    What I want to let you and everyone know is that I am an ex Sy-Fi addict/junkie!
    So many events you describe come right out of scenes from Sy –Fi Movies!
    If I had not experienced some of the event’s you describe, your messages might be over the edge.
    Here are movies that you have touched on but there are many more. These are my favorites!

    Please keep up your good work, you are an incredible Daughter of GOD!

    War Of The Worlds Tripod Ships

    V Tv series, beautiful Reptile People
    1 hour.
    The Invaders, Tv series.
    GOV infiltration and hybrid babies and a resistance fight.

    Falling Skies
    Aliens killing humans

  36. Nikki Luzader says:

    Your website and blog is very well designed. I am a developer myself. Thank you for making this! After the video I watched yesterday, I have subscribed and continue to come back for more. You have helped shake my spirit in a way that’s almost like being shaken physically when someone is trying to make me “snap out of it”. Thank you.

  37. Jeanine Alameda says:

    I have been reading your blogs and watching the videos. I agree with the prophesies; although they often cause my heart to ache and bring me to tears. It is a bitter pill to swallow knowing that Father’s judgements must come to America and the world. Every day it gets darker and more evil. People have drastically changed in their determination to sin against the Commandments given to us in love and defiance to the Holy Elohim and Messiah himself. I’m 65 and have seen the world steadily deteriorate from what it once was in terms of morality and belief in the Bible as a standard for righteous living. However, study of the Word and examination of past and present prophecies has compelled me to draw as close to the Savior as I can. I thank you Celestial for your faithfulness in obedience to deliver Father’s messages. It is not an easy task. May He bless you and keep you safe in the coming dsys.

  38. Nurse Audrey says:

    Sis. Celestial I prayed to Yah to lead me to more of his Sons and Daughters such as yourself. He did just that. I thank Yah for you. Please continue to be obedient to him.

    Yah is using you in a mighty way.

    Sister. Black butterfly.
    Las Vegas , NV

  39. Dawn Vinci says:

    Celisteral.. I thank the Lord for leading me to TMV. Is there a way we can be notified of your newest additions to your blog? Your sister in Christ. Dawn Vinci Las Vegas, NV.

  40. john bashor says:

    Celes has the Lord givin you any dreams, visions or prophecy’s concerning planet X or anything pertaining to that subject?

  41. C Blackwood says:

    There was a bright upcoming AA rapper in the 90’s who back away from that industry and revealed exactly what the Most High revealed to you. He was very gifted could sing, rap, act and incredible handsome. They were grooming him by showing him at first all their wicked shenanigans…they let down their guard too soon in taking him to all the parties, orgies, rituals, etc. He completely renounced the industry and went into hiding. He went by the youtuber “Black Child” some of his videos are still on YT. He have gone underground. Woke me up regarding many question I had about Hollywood.

    1. elfmom55 says:

      I used to watch Black Child. I didn’t know that about his background or else I’ve forgotten it. As far as I know he has not put up any videos for a long time.

  42. Constance says:

    I just ran across your videos recently and I find truth in what God is speaking through you. I wish there were more true Prophets as yourself. God bless you Woman of God.

  43. victoria lee says:

    How can I get on the pray call? Or is it not open to the public?

  44. Lucy says:

    Dear Celestial 

    I am writing to you from Johannesburg, South Africa.

    I have a question for you and I do trust your input as I believe you hear from The Lord. I have been searching for answers and have come up with no definitive answer.

    In some churches the pastor will announce to the congregation for those needing healing etc to please come forward. He then breathes and speaks over them – some people fall back..some will laugh out loud uncontrollably and roll around on the floor and some will shake during this process.

    The terms used are “slain in The Spirit” and “Holy laughter”.

    I feel uncomfortable as it reminds me of the “Toronto Blessing”, which was a movement in many churches years back. This activity is still prevelant in many churches today.  

    Witnessing this can be quite disconcerting at times.

    I  do not want to grieve or blaspeme against the Holy Spirit by questioning whether this is the work of God or not. I would appreciate it if you could clarify whether this is from God?

    I’ve prayed for an answer from The Lord because I don’t want to be deceived in these times as the we know the word says Matthew 24:24 “..To deceive and lead astray, if possible even the elect”

    The word also says that we have been given a spirit of self control.

    To my knowledge we don’t have any churches here that preach biblical truths. The majority are “Prosperity Gospel”, “Your best Life now” and “Tickle your ears” type churches.

    I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.

    Warm regards

  45. Wanda Benjamin says:


    This article is what you spoke about in one of you latest videos.



    Husband Found Guilty 40 Years After Murdering His Wife With an Axe
    Mon, September 26, 2022 at 2:57 PM·

  46. Tangee D Williams says:

    My dear sister I just want to say thank you. I love you, miss you and am praying for you. Shalom

  47. Audrey says:

    Sister Celestial,

    Your such an important part of my spiritual life and journey. You’re so a good role model of being a true servant of Yah. To whom much is given much is required.
    Thank you for giving me the courage and desire to fulfill my purpose.
    I’m praying for you,
    Your sister in Yah,
    Nurse Audrey

  48. Josh says:

    Celestial, I have a question. Please do not misconstrue what I say.

    I have heard you affirm the doctrine of the Trinity multiple times. As a prophetess, has the Lord shown you the validity of the doctrine?

    I ask because I have been Trinitarian for nearly 30 years, but over the last year, I have been led by the Spirit to study the doctrine in depth, the origin of it, the various 7 councils, and the church fathers. I have dissected all the various Scripture verses that should affirm the Trinity.
    The more I look into it, the more holes I find, especially with the early years of origin.
    There are Protestant denominations that are considered Biblical Unitarians. That believe in Father alone as God, and Jesus as his Son, with all authority, but fully human, acting as Supreme agent of Father. Just like Prophets of old were acting on authority of Father, if you see them, you’d be seeing Father working in and through them.
    Have you ever studied it or received any revelations regarding it? Would love your insights.

    God Speed.

  49. Missy says:

    Celestial, I heard this last night and God lead me back to your prophecy “The Unclean Frog that Sheds”! Here’s research and proof that the “virus” is AI technology just as you prophecied!!!! God Bless You. I just had to share this!!!


  50. Kimberly Barry says:

    I am very Happy God has lead Me to your page and I know it is from the Lord because I was Crying Out to Him Asking for Truth, I was Tired of hearing everyone’s opinions and they didn’t give me the answers I had been searching for also what I had been talking to God about. So when Your Paged Popped up out of Nowhere at first I was hesitant to push it, then I did and it has been the best decision I have made. I thank God for His Truth and you’re being a Bold Soldier for Christ. I was listening to you talk about how not to be deceived about We won’t get America to REPENT as God Word states: if His people who humble themselves and I know it’s Not enough Makes my Heart Very sad but there isn’t Anything I can do but to Continue to Pray and live Righteous May God continue to Bless us all with the Strength we need to make it Through every Trial we Face in Jesus Christ Mighty Name. May His will be Done. Thank You for your Faithfulness 🙏❤️🌹

  51. Mariusvisagie25@gmail.com says:

    Hi can you please pray for me please do have n word for me from the lord

    1. Blibudafly says:

      Yes sister we’ll pray for you. However, it’s important that you begin to develop a relationship with Yah. In these end times we won’t be able to access ea. other.
      However, we can always access the Father YahUAH. Sister Celestial I s on Sabbatical. So currently we don’t know when we’ll hear from her again.

      I suggest going through the various blogs and videos. It’s over 400 blogs and 200 videos.

      Ask Yah to guide you to the ones he has chosen specifically for you to glean on.

      The Word of God is the most important of all. We are transformed, strengthened, taught, guided, and established in the Word of God above all things.

      Your sister in Yah,

      NurseAudrey aka Blkbudafly

      1. Janet Drews says:

        Is there a way to get on her blog?

  52. William says:

    This us really the voice of God! If you are looking for a feel good space, this IS NOT it!!! This is God bringing you the truth through His daughter and as we all know, only truth shall set us free!!! Thank you sister, thank you God!!!

  53. Carol J says:

    Hello Celestial. Paypal posts that you are not able to receive payments now. Is this your doing? Please let your donors know if it is. God Bless! Carol

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello. No it’s not me. They blocked my account. Waiting to see if they will resolve it but not sure. You can email mastersvoice@mail.com for options, God bless.

      1. Maye Nichols says:

        Hi from south Texas Celestial! I too have received a similar response the last few weeks when trying to send a gift through PayPal. I had emailed you a couple times the last few months about sending you a gift but i know you are very busy and probably never saw them…I finally figured out PayPal though. Please let us know how to best continue supporting your ministry.

        I am so thankful Celestial that God led me to your website last year. Your words from Him have both encouraged and frightened me. I realized i need to not react in fear but learn to fully trust God.So many lost need to have their hearts and eyes opened. Grateful for your faithfulness to the work God has given you at this time.

        I’ve wondered the last couple weeks since you haven’t post if the Lord has removed you from this sight. I remember you saying that one day you may just be gone. I’ve even thought maybe God is moving you and your family out of New York.

        If you have a Facebook page or other way we can continue to follow you please let us know…I know so many would be grateful.

        Continued payers for you dear Celestial!



  54. Victoria Flores says:

    I miss hearing from you!💕💕💕

  55. Larry Wiliams says:

    I have searched for you on YouTube, Rumble, Brighteon, etc., but to no avail. I came to your blog to see if you’re still posting here, but there have been no new posts. A part of me feels like God has you sheltered under His wings, and you are safe & secure. I have also mused that He might have told you to go dark, (no posts on ANY platform), so as to ensure those who follow you turn to Him and Him alone for guidance, revelation, comfort, etc. Just know you are greatly missed & loved very much.

    1. Janet says:

      Celestial, we look forward to hearing you again. You are missed.

  56. JS says:

    Thanks for being a faithful servant and sharing all that the Lord have shown you.

    Am truly bless by all the reading and video, thank you. Let’s continue stand firm in faith and pray in all righteousness

  57. Ron Brown says:

    Thank you for your work in the name of Christ Jesus!

  58. Karen Huntley says:

    Does anybody know where Celestial is? Is she OK?

    1. Onyinyechi says:

      I pray and believe she is fine and is doing Yahs work. She did tell us she would not always be speaking as the plans Yah have for her she will obey (not word for word). Just continue to keep her in your prayers and when the Most High wants her to speak again, she will. For me, I’m patiently waiting cause I know it will be worth all of my time; whether she speak again or Yah uses someone else as every prophet/prophetess has their time and she is a lawyer so that is most definitely a busy life to keep up with.

  59. robert olson says:

    thank u so much

  60. Michelle Moore says:

    Thinking of you, Celestial. Seems like the Lord has said you’re finished. Seems sad without you, though. Like I moved away from a dear friend. Bless you always, friend!

  61. Debra Tschikof says:

    It is refreshing to hear pure words from the Lord. The Lord has a remnant and He is calling us to endure to the end!

  62. Wendy says:

    Greetings Celestial from Wendy on Vancouver Island!
    ,You were referred on Off the Grid with Paul and Adrianne’s channel. I listened to you for barely 5 minutes and I heard Yah’s voice speaking loud and clear ! Glory be!
    I have been drinking from those Living Waters though countless number of your videos for the past couple of days, quenching my thirsty soul. What a blessing you are!
    I just listened to the most recent one and I smiled. Truly, I share, but no likes yet, but of course , they want sugar, not Truth. I know, I have almost seventeen years trying to find one kindred soul
    God is so good, He sent me you.
    Shalom sweet woman of Yah.

  63. Wendy says:

    PS Wendy again…I forgot to mention that one other ‘kindred soul’ that I rely on for faith building is David Wilkerson, when you mentioned him, I looked up and smiled. Blessings

  64. Sarah says:

    Shalom. How and where do I join a bible study?

  65. Shawn says:

    God bless you

  66. Wendy says:

    Greetings again Celestial
    Your messages opened new doors to YAH , I found myself on my knees praying to be”found worthy” looking up at that mountain. Then I heard Him say, “pick up your cross and follow me.” I am ready for “the sacrifices” I know that are coming. And you will be apart of that journey. Praise YAH
    I started with taking your advice and reading your posts. Doing both is such a deeper blessing. I thank God for YOU!

  67. Heidi says:

    Thank you very much dear sister for giving us the Word of Our Heavenly Father.

    Where I live, in Costa Rica, I haven’t found a single true Christian yet.
    I was an atheist for 50 years till God opened my eyes 8 years ago.
    I’m like a sponge absorbing as much as I can every day.
    I love listening to you, though it frightens me as well some times. But my trust in Our Lord is strong. He has changed my heart and when I talk to or about Him I get goosebumps.

    I also love to listen to Dr. Charles Stanley. He doesn’t prophecy, but he speaks about God by the Bible and gives me a warm feeling and peace of mind.
    I also listen to pastor David Wilkerson (r.i.p.) who was very passionate.

    Thank you for being here for us. I’m following you since a few years and will continue till internet won’t let us anymore.

    Greetings, Heidi

  68. David Wadley says:

    Shalawam sister what is your email address you can reach me on Iamwadley@gmail.com and also there is a debate with alazier of sicarii and Dr Michael brown PhD on who are the israelites on the twenty third on berean tv.

  69. David Wadley says:

    Dear sister please check out thoughts camera action,D28 productions,Nubreed Global Truth,hebrews2negroes,Redirecting-Proverbs 31 School of Wisdom,Teottw ministries. You can also contact these people most are in america i live in London England and may Yahawah continuw to bless you and your family in the name of Yahawasi.
    Paleo hebrew name foe God and \Jesus.

  70. Amy Krieg says:

    Good morning,
    Thank you for your obedience to our Lord.
    I read your blog on clouds this morning and immediately after I saw a video from the Massachusetts School of Law regarding weather modifications and the US military. The speaker discusses these cloud changes/formations.
    I want to share this as it may give us understanding.
    I am grateful the Lord is warning His people.
    God bless you


  71. Laurie says:

    Good day, how are you
    I was wondering if you have an email we are allowed to use. Thank you

  72. Wendy says:

    Greetings Celestial,
    On a two day fast, mediating on all the wonders you have shared.
    I must tell you… the one that made me smile; was when you shared that YAH called you “OLD FASHIONED”! How sweet that is! He has much love for you. And so do I.
    Prayers and Blessings.

  73. Lance (and Nancy) says:

    Dear Celestial, my wife and I absolutely love you. That may sound odd considering the content, but it is because the Lord impressed upon me when I was saved around 1980 that the end would come in my time. I have been warning people ever since, even though I had many of my own sinful struggles, but I keep repenting and the Word of God through you has helped my wife and I to take repentence to the next level. Thank you! And bless you!
    He also gave me Ezekiel 33 seven years ago and told me to warn of the coming sword. I have mentioned many of the same things you have to people – Russia, China, floods, earthquakes, nephilim, monsters and zombies – which I believe are mentioned in Psalm 91, but people generally never believe me. Above all, to warn that salvation is not an e-ticket at Disney. It is an continual abiding in Christ with intimacy and daily repentence. So my wife and I recieve you with joy and pray for you. I am not a prophet, just a very, very small watchman (if that). Keep up the work of the Lord with a pure heart as you have and know that some out hear really appreciate a real prophet of God who has a beautiful, refreshing, spiritual honesty. We will miss you when the Lord gives you rest from this ministry, because you encourage us greatly. The Lord bless you and make your cup to run over greatly. Numbers 6:24-26 to you! (P.S. born in Brooklyn, but left years ago – I know how tough that city is 🙂 We will try to send funds when we can.

  74. Caroline N says:

    Hello!!! I’m sort of new around here, so I’m not sure where to begin. Any suggestions? I’m now a 12-year-old girl still learning what it means to have a pure heart and follow his commandments. I truly want to develop the practice of reading my Bible and praying, but I’m not sure where to begin. I only read the second chapter of Ezekiel last night before going to sleep. When I was reading, I noticed an odd sound coming from the upstairs. That sounded like a UFO. These days, I constantly hear it every night. After reading a chapter from Ezekiel, I tried praying, but I kept struggling. I used to spend a lot of time praying, but now I don’t feel that sense anymore. Also, it is such a problem for me trying to pray correctly. I fell to my knees and didn’t feel the words in my thoughts say anything. All I felt were gibberish words in my mind. Then, I fell into a deep sleep. Once my eyes were open, I was in a different location, in another bedroom. It was pretty strange, and I thought one of my parents would carry me to their bedroom. But I was still too sleepy to even think about it. Till then, I started dreaming about being picked up by a driver and then seeing police car sirens in the driveway. It was pretty strange how I was on the couch, bending my knees and sleeping on my stomach, and somehow ended up upstairs in my father’s room. Is it strange signs, or is it just me sleepwalking like never before?

    1. Nurse Audrey says:

      Dearest Caroline N.

      Your so young and so blessed. Remember Yahweh doesn’t give you a Spirit of Fear but of Power of Might and a peaceful mind. I suggest read a Proverb a day to start. (There’s 31 days in a month) those will allow you to begin learning the basic of daily living.
      The book of John in the New Testament will begin explaining the story of Jesus. Also, pray and ask the Holy Spirit of God to open up your spirit ual eyes. Lastly like King Solomon you’re never to young to ask for wisdom and understanding.
      The Book of Genesis tells of the creation of life.
      Your sister in Yah,

      Nurseaudrey from Las Vegas.
      We see you and we’ll continue to pray for you.

  75. Carissa Desilus says:

    Hello and praise the LORD Celestial. Do we have permission to print and compile these prophecies? I read and absorb things better on paper, when I’m able to take notes.

  76. Carissa Desilus says:

    Do we have permission to print these prophetic words? I retain information better after reading and taking notes on paper.

  77. Calvin says:

    Hi Celestial, what you have been teaching me has revolutionized my relationship with Yeshua. I have come to repent truly repent with tears and conviction. Just to let you know I have accepted all what you have said and are saying and have come to really appreciate your ministry. Your message is sent by Yeshua himself this I know and I look immensely forward to your continued ministry as Yeshua reveals it to you. I realize we are living in the last moments on earth as we know it and we as the body of Yeshua better start listening to Yeshua’s prophets as they speak the Masters words concerning these times or we will be absolutely lost beyond recovery. Thank you… I also would like to start supporting your ministry. Praise be to Yeshua forever and ever. Amen

  78. Liselle ( Liz) says:


    I’m from Australia and have been reading and watching your work and I am so so grateful to have found this amazing prophetic site to prepare and warn of our end times.

    I understand you r very busy but thought you may find this interview from Australia helpful ( confirming your prophecy from factual scientific info). From the vaccine poison, nano tech changing our human DNA to become hybrid to complete AI


    God bless you and your family

  79. Ita Udoh says:

    Hi Celestial,
    My name is Ita Udoh and I am a pastor based in Nigeria. So, I got a message from a friend. I’ll share it:

    I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this your sister in America before!
    I am confident you and Celestial are related… ”

    I am listening to you on Youtube and looking at your website for the first time. I understand why he said so. Ha, ha. I am so pleased to see and hear you Sister. So glad. You are one of those we have prayed about and seen in the spirit.

    Please I would love if we could talk some time. Will send my email address and I really look forward to an email.

    God bless you and grace and peace be yours for the aion!

    Ita Udoh

  80. Lacey says:

    I must be blind or missing something, where do I subscribe at? I have been watching for awhile now but can’t seem to find it. Thank you in advance for your help

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Lacey. This was written 4 yrs ago, there used to be an easy-to-use subscribe button that they removed for their own reason, part of the endless WordPress “updates” that just make things harder to use not easier. I don’t know how others are subscribing now, I think they just “follow” with their WordPress blogs. Also, under your own comment should be options such as ‘update me of all new posts’- u can subscribe that way. God bless.

    2. Onyinyechi says:

      This may help:

      I follow on both WordPress and Jetpack app…if you download the app, Jetpack which is the new version, you can click on “Reader” at the bottom middle, then click on the “magnify glass” top right to search “The Masters Voice” and then click on follow.

      Works the same way on WordPress as well

  81. Angela Johnson says:

    I’m very happy to see your FB page. I’ve shared it with others so if they don’t listen to THE GOD in me, they will hear HIM from you. GOD bless you continuously.

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