THE SODOMY RITUAL, Pt 1 – July 5, 2022


“Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves, who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” – (Romans 1:24- 25)

*This prophecy is graphic and painful. It is very telling and not at all easy to proclaim. I’m not asking for ‘poor Celestial’ comments, that’s not what I mean. God called me to this and I’m able to do it daily by His grace. Only please don’t burden me with ‘tell us more’, I do not like to talk about these things.

**If this is already happening in your nation feel free to comment below. God bless.

I just finished worshipping Yah. I sang myself to my knees, a rhapsody of worship until my heart was flying and then I was still. I thought the Lord would speak precious intimacies afterwards, something to put in my journal and hug to my spirit later before bed. With my day off I decided to worship the Lord and share fellowship so He will know how much I love him. I expected God to deal with me gently in return but that is not what happened.

As the songs were winding down I began to hear: AMERICA IS DYING. AMERICA IS DYING. YOU ARE SINGING HER FUNERAL SONGS. She is dead and dying and you are here to write of her sins and bury her. Write now of the sodomy ritual. Speak what I give you to say. Make it known to America what hides in her bones, what is in her foundation, what buried bones lie hidden underneath her flag. Tell her the path that all who aspire to power, wealth, influence and notoriety must take. The path of the rich is a dirty one, a filthy one indeed in the eyes of the Lord. IT IS THE SODOMITE PATH, a guilty path – all who walk it must be punished for it. Unless they repent, they will be surely judged for it.

*I sat down on the ground so depressed by what I was hearing and seeing. Here it is right now as I’ve seen it from 1pm EST today, as well as many other things I’ve recorded but never intended to publish.

The stars of America are sodomites. This is your 6ft 9″ football player for the Denver Broncos. This is your singer at the Super Bowl, and your 7 footer for the Cleveland Browns. This is your basketball icon- the Boston Celtics, the Orlando Magic and many more of them. The Lakers have gay men, those famous teams all have men who do the homosexual ritual but do not identify as gay. Your Nascar hero, your favorite golfer or Olympian. They are gay, most of them. It is not their natural sexuality or orientation, it is not something they publicly claim. IT IS THE PATH TO GREATNESS IN AMERICA.

The path to greatness is brown, it is a play of filth says the Lord. It is a payment in blood and agony they make, each one of them pays their price- after that they are free to choose their path to ascension. Most of them have done this- not all but most- especially the ones at the very, very, VERY top of the pyramid. SODOMITES, says the Lord of hosts.

[Read this post carefully and understand. This is exactly what Yah said to me. I sat down, wrote it on my phone, here it is. Read it and please try not to dig deeper wounds for me by asking for details as if it’s not gory and detailed enough. Just… don’t. What is here is enough for anybody. Thank you.]

The sodomy ritual is a ritual whereby people have anal sex – sometimes for money, power, fame or control. It is practiced in many homes as part of normal sex; God says it is the highest trending sexual practice in America after normal intercourse. American girls (He said) do this without even needing to be paid. Some people in other countries have to be paid before they’ll agree to it, they know it’s wrong and can’t just agree to it unless they are paid. Anal sex is a paid currency in some cases, as will be explained further it is also a means of cruel control and humbling in other circumstances, a way to break the spirit of people and demonize them.

In all cases God does not support this and He hates it. Read what happened to Sodom and Gommorah and do not make excuses for it because God hates it (Genesis 19).

But American girls do it for fun.

“They do it to be considered progressive and cool Celestial. They do it to be seen as avant-garde by their partners, they don’t want men to see them as stuffy or boring. They throw it in so men can think they’re an exciting partner. People think it’s trendy and a way to express love or experiment with sex. They do it as a normal part of things they do in bed.”

He also said that men of today are perverted and very, very sick in their hearts. This is what God revealed to me: Sex has become an illness among people now, a severe sickness that is bringing more and more horrific things into the bedroom. It is no longer the gift God made it to be but a place people express sick and twisted inner desires and corrupt one another.

This is why – as I’ve often said – DEMONS WILL ENTER THE ROOMS OF PEOPLE AND JOIN THEM IN THE BED. It is because of doors they’ve blasted wide open in the spirit realm, by bringing things even the angels don’t want to look at into the bedroom as part of normal interplay between man and man, woman and woman, and man and woman.

Men are very sick inside now. They ask for things nobody should ask for, God says they ask for it and the women feel pressure to be liked, desired and seen as “mature” so they agree to it. Some women are happy to agree, others are pressured by ‘peer pressure’ but that is no excuse. You as a woman should know your own mind, what to agree to or not agree to; ‘peer pressure’ is not an excuse for sin.

In some African countries it is a form of transaction – it is a form of induction into lodges, leagues, covens and brotherhoods and sisterhoods of satan. It’s definitely one of the things people can be asked to do when trying to enter the marine kingdom. Marine spirits are the spirits reigning over unclean sexual acts, so this is their area and forte.

It is also what the politicians and powerful elites love to do. They pay handsomely for it. Footballers do it, media stars, muscians, movie stars, the celebrities of African countries perform this ritual and are rewarded with cult-like celebrity status. Once it becomes known you’ve ‘paid your dues’ it is a matter of time before your star shoots to the top.


A few weeks ago the Lord showed me countries in WEST AFRICA where this practice has skyrocketed, the reason being that these nations are being routed by FREEMASONRY. Marine spirits and Freemasonry are running rife in Africa, in that masonic lodges and brotherhoods are becoming extremely bold and high-profile there in how they seduce and recruit people.

Sodomy is a base foundational practice among Masons, meaning it’s like bread and butter in their rulebook. You’re not getting anywhere in the ranks of Masonry unless you do it or agree to it as a rite of passage. Maybe not at the lower levels but at higher levels it is a gate-keeping ritual and you will not pass higher without it. Argue all you like, say what you think you know about Masons. This is what the Lord Yah said.

As a result (while showing me blunt pictures that made my gall rise), men and women in these African countries, WEST AFRICA specifically but also throughout the continent, are seeing more and more homosexuality rise in the population and here’s why – the populace are being approached by people in Freemasonry and offered money, jobs, positions, status, and even basic needs for daily life in exchange for backside sex. They entice poor men, women, girls and boys with the kind of money they’d never see on a daily basis in exchange for using them where God said not to use. 

This ritual is also used to induct people into WITCHCRAFT, wherever it is practiced it breaks the gate of the spirit and more will be said on this below.

I saw in West Africa a sharp uptick in hidden homosexuality, not natural at all. It looked like a thick, filthy, black and greasy oil, like an oil spill clinging to a white garment, flowing down from the very top of it all the way down to the hem. It looked like when big oil spills trap water animals, ducks and birds especially, how they become weighed down in their feathers and at risk of drowning. This thick clinging oil was sodomy, a greasy ‘anointing’ flowing from the very top of the garment where the rich and powerful are, down to the common people of the lands. It was the opposite of this verse, dirtiness flowing from top to hem:

It is like the precious oil upon the head,
Running down on the beard,
The beard of Aaron,
Running down on the edge of his garments. – (Psalm 133:2)

It came by rich people’s [male and female] continual offers to poor people of money for sex, especially same-to-same sex, such that after a few encounters even men who’ve never thought of a male as a partner before were infiltrated with a spirit that made them LUST for male flesh over female. It was very hard lust (let the reader understand), some kind of “hot hunger” where you just know spiritual forces are driving it way, way above the normal human sexual urge

I saw that men tried to eradicate this lust even by increasing their sexual activity with women in the hope of getting rid of it but they could not, eventually they returned to all male sex as the only way to relieve the pressing of this demonic lust upon them.

It was the same ‘strange lust’ that makes people commit rape, that ‘burning’ from Sodom that made the men of the city pound on Lot’s door insisting he bring out the angels. (Genesis 19:5)

*I’ve spoken of this ‘hunger’ before, how people will be raped in the street and in their own homes, even by family members, because of how ‘hot’, ‘savage’, ‘desperate’ and ‘DRIVEN’ people will be for sex. People will be pushed past acceptable limits by spirits of sexual immorality that will openly flood the earth in these last days.

Scripture hit hard as I saw this: big cars stopping to talk to school boys, adult men seeking a leg up met with indecent offers, people only after a job being told: ‘With just one ‘visit’ I could make you a VP in this company. Think about it, just once.’ Men and women in Africa were paralyzed by the horrible choices before them but a lot of them with no money or options in life said YES. 

*I saw a girl rewarded with heavy, solid gold carat jewelry, US dollars and many nice dresses for doing this. I was standing right in a dark room as a politician did that to her- the energy in the room was so black because the presence of demons was there. I was standing right there. This was in a nation called LIBERIA.

And behind it this verse: “Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” – (Romans 1:27)

Below is what YAH calls: “THE SODOMY RITUAL, THE BACKBONE OF AMERICA.” This information was given to me exactly as it is here, I wrote it down as is.

They sleep with someone in the backside (the anus) as a means of breaking them, humbling them or fracturing the psyche in a way that is hard to repair, hard to come back from, and hard to repent of. When anal sex is had major gates in the spirit of a person are damaged, with regular occurrence those gates will be destroyed. Then the person becomes an open highway for demons- demons can be sent into their psyche and called up at will in the form of MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES.

Sodomy is a trusted part of kidnapping, mind control programs, religious and secular fornication, satanic dogma and doctrines, and all satanic rituals hoping to draw down extreme demonic power.

It is a go-to for witchcraft initiations and all other forms of unhallowed wickedness such as the thing called sex magick.

It is easy to fill a person with demons after mass abuse by anal sex, after all it’s the main gate that protects the spirit in sexuality. When it is damaged you can do what you want to that person. Normal sex is abused and that is fornication but forbidden sex is another thing altogether. It breaks gates.

A ‘gate’ is anything God tells people not to do. Whatever is forbidden for humanity is a barrier for us, A GATE. Gates are also parts of human anatomy never meant to be  tampered with, if you break them as with sexual abuse on children it is very easy to quickly see terrible results on the victim.

One example of a gate is WORSHIP – Our mouths were never meant to praise or worship a spirit, demon, false entity or idol. When people do this they ‘break the gate’- they open doors for evil spirits to come into their life by using their mouth to worship things that bring a curse. 

In the Bible it happened repeatedly- soon as people went astray to worshipping and bowing down to idols, falling away always happened and after that- debauchery- followed by God’s destruction. The Bible is FULL of very strong imagery against these things:

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? – (Psalm 11:3)

You worship your idols with great passion beneath the oaks and under every green tree. You sacrifice your children down in the valleys, among the jagged rocks in the cliffs.” – (Isaiah 57:5)

“BEHIND THE DOOR AND DOORPOST you have set up your memorial. Forsaking Me, you uncovered your bed; you climbed up and opened it wide. And you have made a covenant with those whose bed you have loved; you have gazed upon their nakedness.” – (Isaiah 57:8)

When you break the gates nothing is waiting for you there but destruction.

Meaning: After anal rape (forced sex) a person is broken. A person is so shattered says the Lord, that that person is “barely coping”. Especially if this is done this to a man or a child says the Lord, a man or a young boy, even a grown teen boy of 18 years or younger, the damage done to the mind of a male is like a sledgehammer sent at full force against a mere glass window.

CAST YOUR MIND TO PRISON, Yah said to me. Cast your mind to men who come out of prison, men who are as mean as rattlesnakes, who have so much ANGER that they’ll kill at the slightest insult against their manhood. At the slightest provocation these people seem to go from a resting position to being ready to take a human life. Why is this? Their rage and heartbreak is INCALCULABLE yet most people simply think “You should have stayed in prison. You didn’t learn your lesson, you came out worse than before.”

Yet they don’t know the inner destruction that has happened to that person.

I saw a man walking around. A black man of about 45 yrs old. He had baggy jeans and a bitter, very scary expression on his face. He carried a very sharp knife in front of him but the knife wasn’t actually there. The Lord said, See that knife. It is his willingness to kill. It is his readiness to defend what is left of his manhood if anyone so much as jokes at his expense.

If anyone even jokes in a way that SEEMS to be calling him weak, or gay or ‘flowery’ after what has happened to him, that man will lunge to defend what is left of himself with a fierceness that is not equal to what was said to him. Many of these fights that break out in men let out of prison are born from this pain. They will die rather than admit it, they will say to the judge “He provoked me” but they will never say out of WHAT the provocation came. They will go back to prison, back to the hands of their abusers, when it becomes too much they will die in a fight much like the one that sent them back to prison to begin with.”

As God was speaking I saw the scene: A man standing with friends talking, they were all talking but he was mostly silent. One guy made a simple joke about prison. A fight broke out and just as Yah said I next saw the man in prison clothes saying perfectly in sync with God’s words: ‘Your honor he provoked me’. But he refused to say why and was sentenced back to the same place he had been raped before. The jail closed behind him and I did not see him again.

Now ask yourself YAH said to me: WHAT MADE THAT MAN LIKE THAT?

It is the things done in prison. It is the life of the prison. It is the result when you hold a man down as a gang, three or four or five of you, and violate the gate of his spirit.

Sexuality is a gate of man and woman, a very important one. It is not to be broken or tampered with by ANYONE, for this is one of the primary doors by which the devil and multiple demons enter. In man, woman or child when you break the gates of sexuality – destruction comes.

When a man is held down and violated- even once- he is destroyed. The Adam in him is assaulted beyond belief, often beyond repair. He can no longer function as he was made, he is ruined and sometimes the damage is irreparable. Sometimes he is ruined for good. God can heal it, no question, but the damage is often so far reaching and so long-lasting that it can even have the effect of turning a man into one who lusts for that contact again and again after it has forcibly happened to him.

Repeated sodomy can turn a normal straight male into a pedophile, into a homosexual, or into a violent angry sociopath whose soul is damaged to the point he cannot recover from his inner wound. He is destroyed inside and will eventually destroy others. Alternatively it can make a man weak; it can ruin his life.

SODOMY IS AN INNER WOUND, says the Lord, Beware of its bite. 

I will continue this prophecy revelation in another post. It is too long for one post. Thank you.

Note from Celestial: Pastors are doing this. They’re openly married here in America calling themselves ‘Pastor and First Husband of the Anointed Church of so and so.’ This is carried on everywhere to a huge extent, because of lot of people never admit to it or call it what it is. Teenagers, married women and their husbands, single men and their gay lovers, a lot of single women and even experimental middle-schoolers are doing this. It is happening in real-time.

THIS IS FACT AND REALITY. If you are offended by anything in these messages or think it singes your eyes and your conscience, always remember God’s eyes and mine which don’t have a choice. THIS IS REALITY out there and it’s rising in a swell that God says will become one of the most powerful ‘movements’ this end times world will ever see or deal with. It is building up to burst out in the open, when it does people will wonder when did man and woman become such a hateful, outdated concept. It will get to where it seems like God never created Eve for Adam at all. Wait and see.

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.



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  1. Celestial says:

    I am single and a woman serving the Lord. If you truly do not need to ask the question “What should we do or not do in bed?” on this blog then please… don’t ask. Ask the Lord. I am always so stressed when grown people ask me things they can easily ask Jesus. I have not read up on anything here. Seeing it is enough for me that it is so. God bless.

    1. Tara says:

      Celestial, I believe you do have a video explaining what is acceptable sexually. I can’t recall the title but in it you said an angel was ready to slay a man who was pleasing himself and the Lord in His mercy put up a hand(the type found on a cross-walk) to stop the angel from proceeding. If you recall this video I think it’s helpful in this regard. Be blessed sister.

      1. Celestial says:

        That is a multi-part series on sin. I’ve repeatedly said that pleasing oneself sexually- masturbation- is not okay. The Lord says it so I say it. I’m talking of the wide world of *very specific things people ask me,* as if it isn’t clear due to my position that I am not meant to be privy to their personal sex lives. It is not acceptable for me. Thank you, you also be blessed.

      2. anonymous says:

        Not every blog post has a video. However, this is the post you are referring to:

  2. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you dear sister Celestial for sharing this hard to hear prophetic message. This must be more difficult to see!

  3. Tina Mark says:

    Everything the Lord is saying is true. I’m a Liberian and this is what the government is doing in our country. They are sleeping with young boys and girls in the back side. Even older men and women have to do this to get a job. Or get help to buy food or to go to school. It’s becoming a problem in the country. The stories that we hear especially about little children having this done to them is so heartbreaking. This is a very evil act, most of the leaders in the country are in Freemasonry.

  4. Lologu says:

    So true! Anal sex Is a gateway. I know this. Its evil. In Africa especially West Africa the politicians use it a lot. The so called billionaires lure young men. Nigeria, Ghana. May God have mercy upon the nations. I was confronted with a very strange case few years ago,of a prominent pastor sleeping with his male Personal assistant, yes a pastor from Nigeria. His fiancé found out. This is used as a means of demonic power and influence.

    People have asked me ,if anal sex is allowed in marriage. Its not! Don’t do it! It’s a way to invite demons as Celestial said into your bedroom. Reading this, just reminds me,of what the Holy Spirit told me. Please protect your children, especially your boy child. The devil is on rampage.

    Meanwhile those from West Africa, especially Nigeria and Ghana, I hope you can see the increase of homosexuals and young men dressing up like women. Men are being broken,the edge around them are broken. May God have mercy upon the nations and openly disgrace the men ,luring poor young people into this highly satanic practice. God bless you, Celestial.

    1. Celestial says:

      You have already gone ahead into the second part of this vision I am currently writing. Men in openly female dresses, feminine print skirts, dresses & handbags, standing without shame in the nation of Nigeria. I thought I was seeing things, but of course – I WAS. God bless.

      1. Cynthia says:

        Celestial, transgenderism is becoming a big problem in my country Nigeria. Nigerian youths are now looking up to men presenting themselves as women. Look up a Nigerian guy now presenting himself as a female called Bobrisky. He has many fans in Nigeria and beyond. He is considered a celebrity and socialite with thousands of followers on Instagram. Guess how he became rich? By sleeping with Nigerian male politicians.

        An increasing number of Nigerian men are gay but they get married to women to cover up their homosexuality. The Nigerian society forces men and women to get married whether they would like to or not so you have all these gay Nigerian men living life on the down low, married to women but having male sexual partners on the side. It’s such a mess!

        And another problem we have in my country Nigeria is the rampant sexual abuse of children. Children being sexually defiled mainly by men but by some women too. Rape of women and girls as well as sexual harassment is also very prevalent in Nigeria. This is one of the many reasons I don’t live there anymore and can’t live there again. May God protect us all. Thank you Celestial. God bless.

      2. Kanard says:

        Even in my country in the Caribbean this is on a rampage. There was a video leaked of two hardcore gangsters gang members doing what ever.
        And also the females. Yah have mercy because they don’t want men anymore. And it starts from the high school level. No wonder men will be scarce in times to come, no reproduction of man kind.

  5. bupeza says:

    Lord have mercy on us

  6. Annette Watson says:

    Dear Celestial, as a child of 7 or 8 years of age I was a child of this kind of abuse at the hand of my oldest Brother, this lasted for some time, not sure of the time period. I have forgiven my oldest brother but memories are painful. It has affected my life and greatly robbed me.

  7. Debbie says:

    Thank you Celestial for enduring these things.

    Here in the Philippines, most of the high ranking government officials are gays. I say this because I know and I am under the leadership of one. The trend now is that if you are a young man, especially a handsome one, whose ambitious enough to stomach to sleep with a gay authority, then you will get your promotion or whatever your heart desires (cars, gadgets, etc.) This is not only happening in one agency. And this too, is like an open secret. Sometimes these officials select the one they like, single or married and give them indecent proposals. Sadly, since they have the authority, they can do or say whatever they want, even post pictures in their social media accounts that promotes gay culture.

    What’s worse is that in the last recent years, they have become bolder and prouder here, some openly cross-dressing while others do not but openly display feminity with the penchant of openly seducing men, young or old. These are very common in cities though but not so much in rural communities.

    We really have strayed so far away from the Lord’s ways and commandments. May we repent for our sins and turn back to His ways and strive never to stray again with the help of the Holy Spirit.

    1. Celestial says:

      Thanks to all who share a story. I don’t have real-world examples but this I know: If God shows it to me it’s alive and well out there, sooner or later people will say so. May your faith be strengthened no matter what’s around you. God will put his pure lights in dark places, maybe not to preach but maybe so, or maybe just to pray like fire against the darkness where they are. Do not be intimidated but strike that darkness on your knees. Do whatever you feel God has put you there to do, Amen.

      ‘We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage then encourage, if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully. – (Romans 12:6-8)

      1. Elma Zanamwe says:

        This is a beautiful word of encouragement Celestial. Thank you.

  8. Marianne says:

    All I can say is “Lord, have mercy on those who engage in this.” It’s all so disgusting and disordered. I’m going to pray for every person on the planet who engages in sodomy starting now. May each one Repent and return to God and seek to be saved. Amen.

  9. My heart is broken and I can’t breathe. Father touch, Lord please protect the helpless and help the victims that are forced. I ask in Jesus powerful precious name. So be it. Thank you thank you

  10. Barna says:

    It’s so crazy when peaople ask what is ‘normal’ in sexualty….Folks if you need to ask that…well then there is a serious problem there already….The laws of the Lord is WRITTEN inside us automaticaly when we repent! I knew these all even in my teen days (even if I am 39 now) without anybody would say that! Even unrepented worldy people know that and feel what is wrong or good ! (please understand that I live in Hungary were was communism until 1989 under the control of Soviet Union but maybe the only positive “effect” of this was that the sodomy influence of the West did not reach this part of the world…For now it has changed already…unfortunately… People today don’t feel it anymore. Everything is acceptable..). We get so much bed influences from TV, internet, cell phone, facebook (I hate so much along with that devil reptilian Zuckerberg with it!!), Tiktok etc..that we are not able to discern what is good and what is wrong! Before the time of TV even unrepented people knew in their hart what was moraly acceptable and what was not! Not anymore…
    So even – sorry lets’ call it by name- oral sex IS a sexual perversion!! Not even talk about anal…and more . So disgusting and hateful! May the Lord gives everyone clear mind and discern concerning these things.

    1. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

      Thank you Berna for being so bold to touch on this sensitive issue.
      Mena lee Jones of Faithful Walk Healing Ministies had already cleared this issue on oral sex even in marriage beds, it is a defilement. It is influenced by the Jezebel spirit.
      I only hope we may be able to open our eyes to the truths Celestial is proclaiming for the Lord.

  11. O wretched man 81 says:

    I have a homosexual relative by marriage. The Lord has put it on my heart to tell them to repent because what’s sad is that they are in a christian household and the parents approve!!! I’m going to get a lot of grief for saying something to them bit I gotta do it.

  12. Carmen Rivera says:

    I’m still legally married but been separated for about 4 years now, I have twin boys who are 10 years old, Our Lord has put on my heart to pray everyday for their protection against these demons you mention in this prophecy Celestial, we live in Mexico, my husband was an abuse victim when he was a young boy and his soul was destroyed, he became a narcissist and an abuser, Jesus has committed me to pray for the salvation of his soul because He loves him so much, He wants him to be saved, it’s been very difficult, the devil is always on the way, but I keep praying for him everyday, I have forgiven him for everything he did to me, I was able to do it only by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, please anyone who reads this, keep my family in your prayers.

  13. Paul Coppin says:

    I just seen another Prophecy from someone else that mentioned Liberia. First time I have even thought or heard the name of Liberia in years.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Celestial, Many slave owners in the south participated in the wickedness of Sodomy, many to hide their own homosexual tendencies, routinely raping/sodomizing black male slaves. Anyone can research this disgusting term…its called ” buckbreaking”. Here it is on google-
    Noun. buck breaking (uncountable) (offensive) The alleged act of publicly punishing a male slave, typically by first flogging him, and subsequently sexually assaulting or raping him in front of other slaves, in order to humiliate him. l never knew this term till last year. As a black Women l wondered how l missed knowing that term as it was applied in that time to my ancestors. It disturbed me deeply, and l found myself crying out to God about it. It still bothers me that such atrocities took place, and many more. I know God will avenge this, and the whole of Slavery!

  15. Rod says:

    Carmen, keep your eyes fixed on the Lord. He is able to repair all things. It is good that you have forgiven him. We are praying for your family. God bless sister.

  16. Ciarri says:

    Very true. I notice the same in entertainment. I watched a recent film and a guy found a woman imprisoned by the villain. She said ‘if you let me out we can have sex, and then paused and said something else indicating sodomy.

    So in all the culture it’s promoted, and I was very shocked to see this in a film which was nothing to do with this and mainstream. It was also stated as if this was the best fantasy for heterosexual males.

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