“Not Unto Death”: The False Ones Will Fall – June 30, 2022


Thus says the Lord of hosts: Do not listen to the words of the [false] prophets who prophesy to you. They teach you vanity (emptiness, falsity, and futility) and fill you with vain hopes; they speak a vision of their own minds and not from the mouth of the Lord. They are continually saying to those who despise Me and the word of the Lord, “The Lord has said: You shall have peace; and they say to everyone who walks after the stubbornness of his own mind and heart, No evil shall come upon you.” – (Jeremiah 23:16- 17)

These are the words of the Lord between 6 – 7:40 a.m. I know some of these people, others I know in passing, others I never heard of. I had to look some them up for better understanding.

Regardless of if I know of them or not these are the names of false workers among the sheep of the church. This does not mean it’s only them, only that these are named by the Lord so people can also mark them and depart. Should you not depart it is your choice; the results will tell in time, especially where the deception is such that it is near-to-impossible to diagnose. 

I have said many times- months of teaching on deception in the fallen angel posts on TMV – that deception is not between two opposites. It is not between two very different things. Deception cannot occur between two things that are easy to tell apart, for even a child knows the difference between red and blue.


If anyone receives, loves, seeks out and defends leaven he will be weakened. He will ‘rise’. He will fly on mountain heights of glory, of false joy and expectation brought on by the wonderful promises of false prophets, pastors, teachers and apostles who have flooded into the church of Jesus Christ. He will think he has the full message of Christ meanwhile he’s following “another Jesus”, a Jesus promising only good things for the future. No sorrow, no pain and no election losses.

“A savior is coming, soon you will see – Jesus will do wonderful things for you and nothing shall be any means hurt you.”

People are deceived by the false desires of their own hearts. The Bible says of temptation:

“Each one is tempted when  he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.” – (James 1:14)

If people are stuck in false rapture doctrine for instance, deep down it’s because they want to be in it. They don’t want to allow the end times to try their faith; they want to exit quickly to what they feel is their well-deserved reward. So when a wolf says Jesus is coming at the next Jewish holiday and He doesn’t, no matter how many times the deceiver moves the date these ones will stay sucked into the vortex of that lie like dust bunnies into a vacuum cleaner. THEY ARE ENTICED AND LED ASTRAY BY THEIR OWN DESIRES, because they do not love the truth.

In the Bible liars existed but it’s clear that God did not tolerate falsehood in prophets or people. I repeat, GOD WILL NOT OVERLOOK FALSE PROPHECY OR SPARE THOSE WHO DO IT OR LOVE IT. Since 2021 Yah’s message to me has been: “I will judge the lie. Whether the lie is found in the prophet or the people it will be judged.” In light of such warnings let us not misdiagnose God, it will be a sharp and painful learning curve for anyone who thinks A means B when it comes to the Lord of Hosts.

The lie inside people is the fertile ground in which false prophecy and teaching grows. The lies rooted in the hearts of today’s poorly taught, poorly discipled, poorly disciplined Christians are the stagnant water where all the mosquitoes of the end days church are born. If people did not crave deception so much there would be no temple for money-changers to sell their stories, but as we can see (if indeed, you are one of those who can see)- this is not the case.

If the people were discerning enough to know how to test every spirit, instead of thinking that feelings and “who they like” is how you test the word of God, there would less deception in the church. However God is tired of the status quo and has made decisions on what He’s going to do about it. That’s when prophecies like this come forth. God is not a butler serving the needs of deception, He is the defender of the holy things. When the holy things are profaned there are always repercussions. False prophets were killed in the Bible but today they’re reaping the benefits of a fully deceived, fully automated world. God is coming to fix that, and that’s why I am here.

 Some deceivers in ministry were corrupted over time- they started well but fame, money, applause and the need for affirmation made them forget who called them. The lust for spiritual power also, underworld power that does not come from God, made them  turned their back on God. They fell away to perdition. Some have gone fully to the dark side while some remain in ‘ministry’ today, but there’s absolutely no power of the Holy Ghost in their ministries. They’ve been stripped of their offices in Heaven and here on earth they’re getting by solely ON THEIR NAME.

Others are shiny new pennies- the ‘mushroom results’ of the modern age of social media. You can sit at home now and say anything you like, anything at all and say it’s Jesus. If it’s sweet enough and has enough Bible to support it (and if you yourself are charming enough) you can pull in a net of fish greater than what Jesus gave Peter in Luke 5.

These are the names I got this morning, along with the little I was able to learn from the internet before I started my day. Google is free of charge, be the type to use it and find truth. Buy the truth says the word- go to the field and labour for it- go down on your knees into the counsel of God (not your disappointed feelings of shock and refusal)- ask God about these names and He will answer you. If you truly want His view and not to have Him defend your own views, then say “Lord, who are these people before you?” and Yah will answer you.

Written below are Yah’s words as I got them; if I provide any context based on my own reading to understand better, it will be in italics. 

Merle Haggard is a false teacher. He is not a Christian. 

I thought Merle Haggard was a woman, because of the name ‘Merle’. But Merle Haggard was a man, a country western singer who came from a tough background. He sang a lot about a wild lifestyle, tough breaks, drinking and stuff like that. I truly wondered what on earth a country singer has to do with church falsehood. After much looking I found that near the end of his life Merle began to add God into his conversations. He was old with lung cancer and seemed to be softening to Christianity. Yet God says he was not saved. Because America loves a convert (even if one who never actually converted)- the religious community welcomed him into the gospel circuit because he said “God” here and there. He began visiting churches to give concerts and was constantly being put forward as a converted son – he and his songs that said “I wanna be good but really I keep choosing the bad”- all of this was part of the “We all need a little grace” school of American evangelism. The Lord God says this man did not die in the faith. That’s all.  

Jesse Duplantis is a comedian. Such people have been installed to distract the body of Christ from My requirements of holiness, godliness and righteous instruction in the ways of God. Without these things no one will see God. People are kept comfortable and familiar right up to the day of death in such churches, after which they will rise to face a judgement for which they are not prepared. 

Rick Warren runs a multi-million dollar corporation. It is not a church. It is a business and while he accounts for its profits on earth, he will account for millions of souls lost in the judgement. 

Kenneth Copeland is a false apostate.

An apostate is one fully trained in God’s laws and ways. An apostate can never be a weak Christian or a baby believer, for those don’t even have the full knowledge of God yet and are still struggling to establish their faith. An apostate is someone who has been fully introduced to God. They’ve seen God’s miracles and His hand at work. They’ve sat with God hearing from HIM what He’s all about. Then they turn around and begin to deny God in their actions, words and lifestyle. Some even go as far as to say ‘THERE IS NO GOD’, but others remain in sheepskin while sharpening their teeth on the sheep. the Bible says it is impossible to bring such people back from their fallen state, they shall remain that way til they die and are judged.

“For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come, if they fall away, to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame.” – (Hebrews 6:4-6)

In simpler terms: It is impossible for someone who personally knew God, who had God enlighten them, reveal Himself to them and teach them all His ways, people who had the Holy Spirit for their work and even fought the devil in God’s name and won – if these fall away nothing can make them repent. To do so will mean crucifying Jesus all over again just for their sake and God will never allow that.

Tony Evans is a brotherhood member, a false pastor representing another gospel skillfully woven into the real one. It is impossible to detect even if you know what to look for, he has been teaching the gospel too long to make mistakes. 

His children are not part of what he does. He crossed over alone. He is with the Masons. He wears the-

[And the sentence did not finish, instead I saw a cross. See image below for something close to what I saw, but it was a metal pendant he has or wears as a symbol of his affiliation.]

Masons means freemasons. This man says the Lord is of the same order as T D Jakes. I have seen some of his messages, read some books, his name has never been shown to me as false until today. As the Lord was speaking He said Celestial he wears the- and I saw this image of a cross with wide flat parts & curvy sides.

Jennifer LeClair is a witch, a full on satan-observing bibliophile. She has misled people with the books she writes because she pretends to the kingdom of God while promoting another gospel. She is loyal to the Beast and not to the Lord Jesus Christ. She is serving “another Jesus” who is an actual entity they serve in the Satanic Kingdom.

I was a momentarily confused by the use of the word “bibliophile” since I am also one, but Yah explained that by the love of books, words and use of phrases which she is very good at, she has deceived the church of Jesus Christ. I have never read a Jennifer LeClair book or heard a sermon or message. This woman is not a prophet ordained or called by the Lord Jesus Christ. Witchcraft is a means of spiritual power whereby, through manipulation in the dark realms people’s minds are controlled and led to believe in whatever the one exercising power wants them to believe. It is one of the most prevalent weapons being used by Satan INSIDE THE VERY WALLS OF CHURCHES AROUND THE WORLD TODAY. Witchcraft, false teaching, and demonic music are among the top things making the church fall down in these last days. 

The churches of California are largely corrupted, promoting doctrines of demons instead of the true teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent California, you as a whole, the whole state, or I will come and take your crown from you. Deluge (floods), earthquakes and civil war in the streets will come because you abandoned the Lord your God and continue to do wickedness.

Bill Johnson is a false prophet and has corrupted the entire body that serves with him. All of them are purveyors of truth mixed with lies.

Bill Johnson is the founder and leader of the world famous Bethel Church in Redding, California. I have never heard a Bill Johnson message or read any of his books, of which there are plenty, especially on prophecy. This church has a Bible school, tons of young people eating up every word that is said and ‘sharing’ it with other young people, grown people sitting there believing a lot of stuff they should not – the root of it is corruption that destroys everything it touches.

The Elijah-list is contaminated. It is full of “well-meaning” false prophecy. Stay away from the feeding trough.

I discovered the Elijah-list in early 2000s. At the time my one and only thought was (and remains) “Who ever heard of this many prophecies gathered in one place, by so many people?! It can never be. It can never ever be the Lord speaking in chaos like this, this is an American thing.” It has corruption, meaning you will never know what is false, what is divination, what is “a belly full” (when people write their own opinions and say God said it.” Reading such just rips the protective netting from the mind and casts you into confusion and delusion. 

Kris Valloton. Lance Wallnau. Kat Kerr. Frederick Price, now deceased. Kim Clement, now deceased. This last man became lifted up in his heart, pulled by the praises of men. He began to employ theatrics for emphasis and depart from the way of the Lord and for this the Lord took him. Image of a single-wheel bicycle (unicycle) coming off it’s track. 

Miles Munroe was not false, but he departed from the ever-living God and for this the Lord took him. He disdained the holy ordinances and God struck him.

Refer to this prophecy: Cornucopia: Profanity (the hidden sins of ministers of the gospel)

“I saw another throne that was empty but the minister had not sinned in this way. I saw the Lord had LOVE for this man but his cause of death was: (quoted directly): He grasped the horns of the altar incorrectly and was struck for this. This man was Myles Munroe. A light was shining on his throne as if “In Memoriam” and his presence had also departed out of the heart of the throne. All these thrones had a heart, a living or dead presence. The fornicators thrones even when white or different colours like red or green or navy blue, was rotten. It was its original bright colour and at the same time, rotten, rotting. That’s how they looked. But Minister Munroe’s chair was backlit and perfect, hushed and still like a garden.”

These are the names given to me today, June 30, 2022. These are false tares in the wheat of Yah and like former ones mentioned, are under judgement. But their judgement is not unto death, meaning God will not yet strike them for their sin. There are multitudes like them who exist but are not given to me to name, they can still repent of their sin, false teachings and misleading the sheep of God. They can still find forgiveness of God (those who are alive).

Judgement is PROGRESSIVE, it takes many years to build up to where God will not bear with you anymore and decide to take your life.

It is a twisting staircase to full-blown apostasy, it’s a long and patient road with the Holy Spirit giving many chances before a person comes under judgement. Therefore the lesser of two evils is to accept the shame (and mercy) of recanting now. Step down from false ministry. Repent privately to God and publicly to the people you have misled.

Some of these people, their crime is aspiring to the call. The call of ministry is APOSTLE, PROPHET,  EVANGELIST, PASTOR AND TEACHER. “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers,” – (Ephesians 4:11). These offices are not as frequent as people think, especially the prophecy and apostolic offices for they are the very foundation of the church Jesus left here to strengthen the body and prepare it for His return.

When there’s ‘apostles’ and ‘prophets’ multiplying like raindrops in a monsoon that says something is wrong. That says somebody, many somebodies, are lying. But the church does not see this and instead listens to soothing words that match the soothing needs in their own hearts: “This man preaches love and togetherness. He’s a great pastor.” “This man is ‘accurate!’ The thing actually happened! He’s a prophet!”

Brethren, a demon prophesied behind Apostle Paul for many days til he got sick of it and cast it out. (Acts 16:16- 18) If you think Satan can’t ‘foretell’ things here and there then you’re functioning at the low end of discernment, the low and sleepy end of spiritual things. Prophecy is not cheap.

If you don’t even know that diviners, magicians and warlocks in the church receive bullseye level predictions from the spirits that grant them access to know a thing here and there, then how can you hope to stay safe in this world? We are entering a level of the game where stakes are so high that Satan is killing children with a vaccine because their parents have no ability to spot the lie. If that can happen how can anyone think the enemy has not already sown tares in the church? Do people even CARE, or is it all about “Defend the name of ‘my prophet’ at all costs?”

Such dangerous mindsets in those who profess Christ today. Dangerous to the point of loss of life. 

It is dangerous to aspire to the call of Jesus Christ. If He called you TO AN OFFICE His presence will affirm that in you. Others will see it, all who hear you will hear His unmistakable sound within you. But if not, it is time to repent and step away especially from the five-fold ministry offices and tiles that Jesus did not appoint you to.

The Lord Jesus loves His church. And He loves the ministers he sent to get His harvest. Therefore when they become rusted, corrupted and spoiled it is a terrible thing, a loss to the true Body and a victory hit for the enemy. Additionally when the church is infiltrated by wolves, people Jesus never called who have set themselves up as “lamps” but they only take people to darkness, then we can know why Apostle Paul said the sign of the end is a very great falling away. When people are deceived they are captured in their minds, so it takes next to nothing to make them fall away.

There is a false light shining in the church today and that light has blinded men to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. That false light has come up like stadium floodlights, like a powerful second sun, it is burning the retinas of Christians who think they are in the way but they are not in the way of Yah. They are busy following after and serving “another Jesus”.

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you dear sister Celestial. This word is truly confirmation for me. God is good. I’m very grateful. Remain blessed. 💖

    1. Maureen Mabotja says:


  2. Licy says:

    Thank you Sister Celestial, for your obedience. I am in awe of our Lord Jesus, how I have checked the list and found that there was this unease when i
    came across some of these men and women of God. My spirit rejected them, even though I did not know why. May YAH continue to bless and keep you.

  3. Shanny Liz says:

    Thank you sister Celestial,my prayer is fr Yah to strengthen me in this journey,you are a blessing to my waking up to the truth of Yah

  4. Florian says:

    Many of them has been a confimation to my own dicernment and is strengthening. Praise and thanks to Yah.

    Miles Monroe and Kim Clement I did not discern well and it sadens me to hear.

    1. Celestial says:

      Min. Munroe erred in the way of the Lord, Clement became a showman and both were cut down before their time. There is a place where you err like Moses & there is no more “path” for you among men- God takes retires you before you do more harm than good. The Bible says clearly when Moses died he wasn’t suffering from any effects of old age- weakness, blindness- which means he could’ve easily crossed over with Israel. God struck him for hitting the rock, so is the case with all called to ministry who err in the way of the Lord. That’s why I keep telling people to stop playing with the Lord. He is literally not who many think He is.


      1. Bob Constantino says:

        Wow, it is refreshing some of the insite you have, your correct about Miles Monroe I knew him personally. Your perception is right on I also perceived the same thing he went astray. He got caught up in the TV ministry and the fame strayed which caused him this wrong path. One of the problems ministry get caught up in when things start happening for them they get caught up in the moment before you know it they start becoming mislead especially when money is involved mostly that is the driving force the money.

      2. Joy says:

        Hello sister Celestial. I was reading your post where the title is Prophecy. It was an introduction to what is an office of a prophet and the difference between that and the gift of prophecy.
        In the description of a Prophet you mentioned “able to speak and command larger spiritual territory than just themselves”
        What does this means sister ?

        1. Celestial says:

          It means a prophet is able to exercise power from God that goes far beyond what a normal man can do, like hold up the rain from heaven or call it to fall. They are able to stand up to principalities in the high places – demonic entities that would send others scattering they are able to handle only because GOD gives them the authority to withstand, or they too would be scattered. They can speak to nations in God’s name and what they say will happen there, happens. GOD BACKS THEM UP, that’s how they can command high territory than themselves.

  5. Mountain Girl says:

    Thank you. The Lord has increased discernment in me as I have begged Him not to come under delusion. There are a few names on this post that I used to listen to, but the Lord showed them to me as being false and I haven’t listened to them for years, thankfully. Thank you Celestial, for the confirmation of this post.

    1. Scarlett says:

      When we come across someone we have doubts about, the 1st course of action is to pray and inquire of the Lord, but it doesn’t hurt to do a google on these individuals vetting them to see what is being said about them by reputable discernment ministries such as Lighthouse Trails, etc.

      1. elfmom55 says:

        Thanks Scarlett. Just subbed to Lighthouse. I’ve been researching a lot of things and people over the years. Truly astonishing things I’ve found about the lies in the world and church. All kinds of fun things and just one example out of many is that Tim and Beverly LaHaye are connected to the CIA and Moonies. I came to the conclusion a few years ago that the ONLY truth in this place is Jesus Christ!

        1. Scarlett says:

          I didn’t know that about the LaHayes, but never followed their doctrine anyway. By the way, Lighthouse has vetted and called out a number of dubious things, one of which is the book, “Jesus Calling”, which was channeled by a demon, similar to “Course in Miracles”. “The Shack” comes to mind as well. Another research, discernment and apologetic ministries is “Let us Reason”. All that said, we still have to watch out for unfair bias, and as you know, take everything back to the Lord for the final say. God bless!

  6. Holly says:

    When I read the first list a couple of days ago, I thought to myself, “What about —-?”. And today I see the name(s). I’ll admit I followed some of these names for while, but none listed in well over a decade or more.

    Here it is: People! Read the Word FOR YOURSELF! Do not get caught up in following another human being. Follow Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who then hands you off to The Most High, Yahuah Elohim. He shows you THE right(eous) Way, THE Truth, and gives you Life IN HIM. And when you receive Holy Spirit, expect new understanding and discernment. BE ENCOURAGED. BE ADMONISHED — stay in the Word.

    Thank you, Celestial, for:
    1. Your willing obedience. It is finer than gold.
    2. Making time in your life to post on your blog and make videos. It is time consuming!
    3. For the comment section, where I gain further encouragement to stay the course.

    1. diego says:

      Jesus of Nazareth is the Most High Yah Elohim, too, of course (and the Holy Spirit is Yah too).

    2. Barna says:

      Dear Celestial.
      What do you think about Kenneth Hagin? I own many of his books and his teachings were always a blessing as he speaks a lot about faith.Now i am a bit confused.The same about pastor Keith Moore his teachings are also the same.(Kenneth Copeland was also together with them before now I don’t know. He was following Kenneth Hagin’s teachings before). So sad…I don’t want to be led astray though.Just a bit confused. Living by faith is the way we should live.

      1. Celestial says:

        Barna, people always ask me a LOT of things- who to trust, listen to etc. It makes me sad at times bcz they overlook the Holy Spirit to ask a man. With respect, I do not train the ear of the church. I *ALERT* the church that its ear needs to be trained. The HOLY SPIRIT is the trainer, He’s the only one who sharpens discernment. He is the greatest blessing we have. He spots wolves, he knows where the tar pits are. Seek HIM. Ask HIM. We must learn to value HIS OPINION. He sharpens us, guides away from the cliff edge. Please pray & ask God about whatever books you own, read, AND the one who wrote them. I said that content can be pristine & without error, yet the one who wrote it may be defiled. God may say “put away his works” or He may not. Ask the Holy Spirit & respect what He leads or directly says to you. Read the word consistently, it creates a perfect trap in which all flies are caught. God bless 🌺

  7. Nita A Renfrow says:

    I love this post “Not unto Death” The false ones will fall. I have been so deceived by others over the years (Im age 58) I was raised in the Catholic church and have been thru so many different churches) I have given up many times thru out my life always frustrated with those who say they love the Lord yet don’t act or behave as though they do. So many lies , much deception. I knew when I found you that you were a real deal following Christ as you are very serious and honest and non relenting on truths. However my “trust in those holy” has been so negatively affected I kept testing. I listen and read all that you do. You and one other that I follow off you tube “Once lost but now found” his name is Daniel , you and he is all I listen to along with the tested ministry of David WIlkerson/ Derrick Prince. Thank you for this post. I wont watch others especially the rapture people who keep changing dates. Its hard when you seek truth and have a lot of time as the internet can be enticing to hear all what people say, but it is best to listen to the tested and true of Gods messengers and read the bible , following God. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for answering the call to God. I had disputes with you out of fear in the past . I know better by now. Thanks again and keep up the GREAT work for God.

  8. Tracey says:

    I noticed the last 4 prophecies except the one that’s a part 2 from an old prophecy are literally coming back to back and then you publish. I’m inferring from that this is HOT on the Lord’s mind… HOT on you to publish and will be just as HOT in execution. Terrifying.

    I’m really afraid for when this hammer falls. My concern is for Gods people because even TB JOSHUA who was a notable and more easily discernible false prophet who clearly wasn’t operating from the Spirit of the Living God- people believed and defended him as true. In life & even after death. They said he did “many miracles” as if that is the evidence of the Spirit of the most high God. As if satan isn’t full of lying wonders- which we call in Nigeria “the more you look… the less you see”. They said TB JOSHUA was generous, humble (I think people mistake quiet voices and polite speaking for humility and even worse than that- do not understand that humility is NOT man’s assessment of your “polite speaking” but heaven’s assessment of your reverence (in his case lack of it) for the living God. NO HUMAN being who dishonors the Almighty God by worshipping marine spirits or whatever false god CAN EVER BE CALLED HUMBLE- I don’t care if they bow low to speak to even children. Their behavior is a stench in Gods nostrils. They said he reveals many secrets of the marine kingdom and dark forces- who doesn’t know the secrets of their close friends, covenant members and relations? Of course he knows what to say. He did enough to get by and get people to blindly trust. Unfortunately. They even bought special miracle water from him that even by touching the packaging alone you start convulsing on the spot (it’s on their “ministry” ig page) and this is also apparently part of the sign of him being a man of god. We really dishonor God so much ☹️☹️

    May the Lord help His sheep sitting under the ministry of these men and open their eyes to these truths. Especially those less obvious ones seen as big pillars, “elders”, “fathers of the faith” etc. To sell their inheritance granted to them by the living God for a bowl of stew like Esau- to take the honor to serve and shepherd the flock He bought with His own blood and throw it away for temporary trinkets and hollow thrills given by a defeated foe doomed to eternal damnation. To exchange the glory to be found in God for sawdust. What a choice to choose. How many millions have been harmed under their hands…

    I’m really sad that people do this to God. Really sad. May the Lord forgive and have mercy on us and restore His fear, truth and discernment back to His body. Amen

    1. Celestial says:

      TB Joshua fell under the category of the most worrying verse- Revelation 13:11-
      “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.”

      People read a verse & say- Oh it ONLY means the false prophet of the end! Yes and no. It means him *specifically*. But it ALSO means all the ones who look like sheep, live with sheep and SATAN’S VOICE IS COMING OUT OF THEM but the sheep neither hear nor see. This man was of an order where I don’t think any but God could’ve confronted him in spirit and won. As God said, only His hand will take some down bcz the Body will never discern them on their own. God bless.

      1. Linh Chi says:

        Hey Celestial, I remember a time when I first came across him. It was all the way back on May 7th. And the video that left me awe-struck was the one where the demon was “cast” out of the charm with his “miracle water.” To be honest, I don’t know what kind of spell was concealed underneath that video but it temporarily blinded me. But you, Celestial have woken me up again with your sharp words which sear like a blow-torch. After this experience, I now have pertinent knowledge of how our minds automatically default to spreading evil thoughts as well as “gifts” of the spirit. And in my time of delusion, I actually wanted to obtain a bottle of his “ministering” water or whatever and send it to YOU as a GIFT !! Now, I know that if I did make that decision, both YOU and GOD would have SLAPPED me to the high heavens with no mercy. Please forgive me for my moment of weakness there. I am truly sorry. I THANK GOD FOR YOU AND I THANK YOU FOR EXISTING.

      2. Scarlett says:

        I was never drawn to T.B. Joshua, but I did watch the so-called “Wisemen” who were a huge part of that ministry. Wiseman Daniel, Chris, John, and a Greek whose name I forget. All these specialized in casting demons out of people. This so appeared to be the real deal, and it caused me to wonder why the American church didn’t operate in such power, since it is supposed to be part of what the Lord Jesus empowered His spirit filled people to do.

    2. Janet says:

      Africa is in serious need of help. The corruption of the word is everywhere. We swallowed the prosperity gospel hook line and sinker and people have departed from the Living God. Many aspire for these ministry offices for self gain and even consult witches for influence. May the Lord cleanse the African church. We are a naturally religious people but our zeal is misguided. Help us Lord.

    3. Allison says:

      yes Tracey we have been clearly duped for a very long time by these satanic rituals by the so called greats of the gospel but no more Tracey no more
      God in His mercy,goodness and grace will raise up His hidden mature remnant to wake up the sleeping deceived church to call out His chosen bride and that is all i look forward to, i live for nothing else but to harvest the few remnant of wheat and let the uncountable tares be annihilated with their god satan and that i highly anticipate.

      stay committed in the faith, build yourself up in the Most Precious faith of our Master Lord Jesus Christ

  9. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

    Hi Celestial, in your video on “Not Unto Death” you mentioned that “the harm that causes harm has satan preparing for people to exit this life earlier than they should have” I do not understand,what happens to the soul that leaves before their appointed time of the Lord?
    I hope you do not find my question silly.
    Thank you 😊

  10. Judy Hoy says:

    Do you believe in rapture pre trib? I read your posts and you have clarified some for me plus confirmed.

    1. Bridge says:

      I don’t think it matters, post trib or pre trib. Or mid trib. I think what matters is that we will all have to endure no matter what. Too much division has been caused by squabbling over the exact details of the end time. Regardless we know the end time is approaching and we will see some of these events on this blog.

      Maybe this is all a matter of my opinion on the rapture.

  11. Villie Asher says:

    Thank you for your obedience to God. I truly benefit from it.God Bless. I also would greatly appreciate it if you would pray for me the Drs have found cancer in my left breast. Thank you

    1. cloudsnotes2020 says:

      Praying for you. May the Lord watch over you and heal you!

    2. Celestial says:

      Please send me an email at my ministry email. You can find it under any of the videos. God bless you & do it soon. 🙏🏽

    3. Licy says:

      Dear Villie
      I am praying for your total healing, in Jesus name,
      Please join us on the prayer online: Pastor Jerry Eze, NSPPD @ 7am UK time.
      I have received many testimonies of healing within the last year.

  12. Jobob says:

    I usually don’t give any attention to mainstream evangelists…. I guess because I perceive them to b motivated by money or fame. Although many bring forth God’s word as it is written, there will be a portion of the message dedicated to raising money, and most all of them teach a pretrib rapture,… the great escape. Most Christians risk being offended when they realize the just will suffer tribulation with the unjust. Unprepared spiritualy and physically. And question they’re faith in a God that let them suffer. I sometimes listen to Perry stone. He has good messages and insight. But he also teaches pre trib. And absolutely none of them teach the real time we are in as it is written and recorded by first century writtings. But if they lead people to repentance and faith in king Jesus and are born again. God will forgive ignorance of escatology, and cosmology

    1. Jobob says:

      But then there is that pesky part of God’s word that says if you take away or add to the prophesy of this book, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book….sooooo ummm

  13. Wendy Iversen says:

    I was told “false prophets” are not real by the one you say listed these ppl. I’m in agreement with the list, don’t get me wrong but I was just told there’s no such thing. We’re discounting His omnipotence in so many words. Like He wouldn’t let anyone go on and on, hurting others. Makes sense! ❤️

  14. Kanard says:

    Hello celestial, I saw a video recent of Creflo Dollar speaking about how he misled the church about tithing. Is he repenting and is tithing still required today? Thank you.

  15. Jclawrence says:

    When you said they are praying to “another Jesus”. There is only one Jesus so do you mean they are praying to a false god? Thank you for your courage to speak God’s words. I thought Bill Johnson was a good pastor. He speaks on repentance, reads the Word of God. No sugar or gumdrops in his messages. I’m in CA and every church around me seems to be frosting. I had been going to Mariners Church and one day the Holy Spirit said “I’m not here”. It opened my eyes to Satan being in a church. I had no idea that was even possible.

    1. Charlotte Beale says:

      2 Corinthians 11:4 For if he that comes preaches another Yahusha, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another ruach (spirit), which ye have not received, or another Besorah (message/gospel), which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with him.

      If what is taught is not the full characteristics of Yahusha, you are not preaching about him but about Satan. So if you pray to a Yahusha that threw away the Law and replaced the Sabbath with Sunday, it’s Satan, not Yahusha who’s name means “Yah is Salvation”
      It’s either Yah or Satan, there is no in between.

  16. Lord's Sheep says:

    Hi Sister,
    I so appreciate your ministry and believe God is speaking to His people through you. Every time a prophesy is posted, I am super excited that Yahweh is revealing yet another mystery to His body. I have always loved sound doctrines with warnings and I thank Yahweh for leading me to your blog back in 2021 to drink the true living water and get energized for the times ahead. It is still a mystery to me as to how I found your blog. I praise God for that.

    I heard that Bill Johnson’s wife Beni Johnson passed away today and I immediately thought about your prophecy about Bill being a false prophet. I am so humbled that the great almighty Yahweh has chosen to reveal His heart to me through you. God bless your ministry sister!

    Love, Rachel.

  17. wayne733 says:

    Thank you Celestial that you mentioned Kat Kerr, I use to listen to her videos a lot and would tell others about her teachings until I started feeling something is wrong and her teaching don’t match what God is saying through others. I stopped listening to her immediately and also the Elijah list after confronting the host that he was deliberately hosting known false prophets. Your revelation has confirmed what I now know to be true. Increasing our level of discernment is essential in this time. All the best and God Bless

  18. VanBrux says:

    Hello Celestial, shouldn’t Kenneth Copeland be identified as an apostate, rather than a false apostate? English is not my mother tongue, but I understand apostate is the same as the French apostat (apostasie) and if he has departed from the Lord without hopes of ever coming back, he is therefore an apostate.

  19. Roni says:

    That cross tony evens wears seems to be from the order of the malta. The Knights of malta. It is connected to the British Royal family if I’m not mistaken and nelson mandela was one also

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