The Woman And The Bottomless Pit – April 15, 2021

Image Credit: Ted Larson

Then the angel who talked with me came out and said to me, “Lift your eyes now, and see what this is that goes forth.”

So I asked, “What is it?” And he said, “It is a basket that is going forth.”

He also said, “This is their resemblance throughout the earth: Here is a lead disc lifted up, and this is a woman sitting inside the basket”; then he said, “This is Wickedness!” And he thrust her down into the basket and threw the lead cover over its mouth. Then I raised my eyes and looked, and there were two women coming with the wind in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between earth and heaven.

So I said to the angel who talked with me, “Where are they carrying the basket?”

And he said to me, “To build a house for it in the land of Shinar [BABYLON]; when it is ready, the basket will be set there on its base.” – (Zechariah 5: 5-11)

Hello to all on The Master’s Voice. This next post is a strange and different one. It is also long and contains prophetic teaching so please take your time when reading. Please read and internalize, even read the highlighted chapters to help to deepen your understanding. 

The dream was vivid and eerie, to the extent that I woke up very uncomfortable and questioning the Lord like a child. ‘Father is this really so?’ He spoke with me and confirmed what I’d seen but still, I put the prophecy away immediately. It’s not often I do that but every now and then I see things that make me uneasy; some things are never good to see. They press me to prayer, I need to absorb them before I can share them. This is one of those. See dream journal below.

This morning I saw a woman come up out of the bottomless pit. She ascended out of a deep black hole that went endlessly down into the earth: I saw her standing on something like a circular iron pedestal fastened to a metal arm which rose out of the hole until it was level with the ground, then she stepped off it onto the ground. She came up like an elevator, standing on a grey metal disc which was pushed out of the hole by a mechanical pole. The hole was called “the bottomless pit”. 

The woman came to me and said “I am the Beast” but I looked at her and said You are not the Beast, you are a woman. She said again “I am the Beast of Revelation 16”. She spoke confidently and looked right in my eyes as she spoke. Then I was confused and thought “How can the Beast be a woman?”

She had written on her many names. She was fully clothed in a dark skirt-suit, dark stockings and dark heels but I saw through the clothing to her skin. I saw many names scrawled on every surface of her: Foul. Unclean. Rejected. Whore. Harlot. Mother of Whores. Mother of Harlots. Abominable. BABYLON. These were only some of the names written on this woman and when I read them I got scared. The words were made of thick scar tissue that glowed, such a strange sight. This woman was covered with red, glowing welts under her clothes as if those names had been whipped onto her by some supernatural power, and I was distressed as I looked at those burning words on her flesh.  She had one other name written like a metal plaque right into her forehead but when I tried to read it the words came alive and blurred themselves so I could not read what they were.

We stood there looking at each other then she said: “You know who I am. I am the Beast” but I said no no, I do not know who you are. I did know by then who she was but I was disturbed by her so I said I didn’t know her. I pretended like David among the Philistines; he acted like he didn’t know who he was when his life was in danger so I also acted like I did not know who this woman was.

I said again, How can you be the Beast? You are a woman. She said a third time: “I am the Beast and the Beast abideth five days in my day.”

Then I was afraid. The woman before me looked like, was like, had the likeness of, she was exactly like – if anyone’s face, hair and body shape on this earth has to be used to describe the light skinned black woman who stood before me- then I will say the woman before me with a name written on a brass plaque in her forehead, with other names scrawled all over her body under that suit was the woman we know as Kamala Harris. I recognized her but said I did not. After a long moment of staring at each other the Lord released me from being near the woman, after that her bottomless pit and the tall city buildings where she and I were having this conversation dissolved and I woke up.

God said to me when I came out of this dream:

The Beast will come to America and live among them. He shall abide with them but he is not one of them; he will cleave to them and pretend to be one of them and he will be successful. He will do valiantly and rule them for a time. After that he will depart to hiding but he will come back. He will be a lord and a dictator over them and make My people (write “the holy people”) suffer terribly. He shall rage against the church and put many to death. There will be no Rapture Celestial, until the full number of the martyrs is fulfilled according to My word. The church shall dwindle sharply but shall not be cut off. The Beast shall marginalize the peoples and bring the whole world to order under his rule. America is the Harlot, the Great Whore of Rev. 17. Her judgement is settled in Heaven and shall not be delayed or turned back. She is a harlot, the mother of harlotries, Mystery Babylon who makes the nations defiled. The Beast shall do valiantly in her midst and devour her at the last. She will be consumed of him and ultimately destroyed. This is the word of the Lord.  

I put this prophecy away and was troubled by it a long time. I always give prophecy as the Lord says it to me but, I know people. I see their comments at times, how it exposes their hearts and error. I know many prefer the misconceptions they hold in these matters and will fight to preserve them rather than admit (for the first time maybe) that they may have read the Bible wrong and misunderstood prophetic things of the Lord. This word may only drive some further away but I know some will stay close and hear.

Mystery Babylon is a system and a nation, represented by a female in Revelation 17. This is the first time I’ve seen her presented as an actual woman. I saw Kamala Harris covered with red scars of abominable names and a plaque of words in her forehead; she also told me she was the beast. Here is the full image from scripture:

So he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornication. And on her forehead a name was written:


The woman I saw had the forehead names of Babylon but her body carried the blasphemous names of the Beast. This would suggest to me that these two systems, Mystery Babylon and the Beast system are connected, maybe even synonymous. 

By now I’ve noticed that when God shows the Beast in its more ‘individual forms’ He uses the leaders of that system to expose what He is talking about. The Beast is the One World System, the New World Order – it stretches as far back to President George HR Bush and many others to present day. The top leaders of the New World Order are all Americans, working with other ‘kings’ around the world to bring this system to pass. The architects of Mystery Babylon have been working on the Beast system before I was born and their efforts are finally close to being fulfilled and rewarded.

America is Mystery Babylon the Harlot and Mother of Harlots but she is also the location referred to as “the throne of the beast.” She rides on his back and is where his end time kingdom will sit.

“Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom became full of darkness; and they chewed their tongues because of the pain. They blasphemed the God of Heaven because of their pains and sores and did not repent of their deeds.” – (Revelation 16:10-11)

The Lord has said multiple times that Barack Obama is the Beast of Revelation 13, yet a woman was also shown to be the beast. Not just any woman: A woman God already said will be America’s next president, a president not by votes but by trickery, “BY CRAFT”, by subtle means she will be crowned. America’s elected President [Mr. Joseph R Biden] will be summarily [suddenly, shockingly] removed from office and put out of sight. She will be given his place.

Here is the angel telling Daniel saying how the beast will cause deceit to prosper by using CRAFT [deception, trickery, a system (policy) of smoke and mirrors designs to deceive].

“And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” – (Daniel 8:25)

Translation: Through rules and laws, “official and unofficial ways of doing things” the beast shall cause DECEPTION TO PROSPER DURING HIS RULE. In other words when the Beast system is operating nothing is as it seems and the use of tricks will be one of many policies in play to deceive people. 

The Lord reveals Kamala Harris as part of the Beast, does that not mean (along with Obama, Biden and many others) that there are many HEADS of this system? Does not the beast of Rev. 17 (which Mystery Babylon rides) have many heads? It does. Let the reader understand.

The Lord also spoke about the Rapture. I know everybody saw it. I know we saw clearly what He said and yet I wait for the inevitable denials, refusals and questions that will follow His statement, especially when I put this on video. God speaks so clearly but we the listeners filter through cotton: our hopes, expectations, emotionalism and many other factors prevents us from being active listeners. We’re eager to knock down what He says by comparing it with what this other person said. I speak what I’m given and all I can do is share what God has told me over the years:

The beast will rage against the church and many of us will sleep the sleep of death.

The church will be cut down like a tree whose branches are mercilessly pruned until few remain.

I saw the earth with its peoples and God showed me those who love Him as a great multitude on the world map. Suddenly something like a lawn mover ran over the people and I was left staring at shredded bodies of Christians worldwide. The Lord told me the reign of the beast against His people will be like Pol Pot. If you don’t know who he was, google him.

I saw persecution rise against believers all over the world; humanity’s mindset CHANGED and suddenly Christianity was the enemy, a hated and despised faith. Persecution came up like a wave against us and many were put to death- via crucifixions, drowning, stoning and being buried alive. Family members sold out their relatives to the beast system and Christians were put to death. It will happen all over the world and it will certainly happen here in America.

I saw the glorious robes of the martyrs at God’s altar: sparkling robes on a gold hangers, a endless line of hangers stretched out on an altar so long I could not see its end. The Lord said to die for Christ is a great honour but no man can take this honour to himself, only God chooses the martyrs.

The Lord told me in several prophecies that He will bring many people home ‘the old fashioned way. “I do not see death as men do Celestial. To me it is only a sleep.” Many will leave this world through death and that’s how He’ll save them from the terrors yet to come, not just the persecution of the beast system but all the creatures and beings I HAVE TIRELESSLY WARNED WILL COME AND DWELL ON THIS PLANET.

All these prophecies have been shared with care and compassion on TMV. Every prophecy I’m allowed to speak is right here. All it is takes is a little effort to use the search function below the posts and look for these things by theme. Yet certain people will read everything and STILL insist that Jesus is so sweet and loving that He can’t possibly be talking about this generation. No, He will Rapture them according to what their pastor said then all the bad things will happen to this new invention of our times: “the tribulation saints.” Okay.

Never did the early church fathers preach such things, they spoke of being good soldiers and bearing our cross, the Bible is full of language that tell Christians that bitter persecution is coming but why listen to that? After all we now have this magical new group of scapegoats called “tribulation saints”, I see this phrase everywhere now in modern Christian language – the ‘saints’ who’ve been invented to bear everything scary while we fly away. Again I say, okay.

I will say this: The Lord has said to me that I’ll see many of the things on this blog with my own eyes. I only have one set of eyes, the ones I’m using now in this life. I’ve said this in my videos. By now you may notice I’m a woman who says only what is needed and saves energy on the rest. I will post links below for guidance and may we take these things to Lord for greater understanding. They keep coming up because God wants to get our attention, I pray we will give Him our attention.

The Blood Of The Martyrs

The Man Of Sin

Ten Squares And A Cruse Of Oil

To Be A Martyr For Christ

Gathered To My Rest

Begin To Command The Souls Pt 1 and Command The Souls Pt 2

One last thing the Lord said to me as I write out this word from April 2021:

“I will gather the nations to the plains of Megiddo and there I will fight against them. I will draw them out like a hook in the nose and there I will destroy them.”

That’s in Revelation 16:14- 16. I advise everyone to read Rev 16, 17, 18 very well and try to understand what I’m constantly saying on this blog. At least try. Thank you and God bless.


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  1. Joe D says:

    This Post is the Truth ! Sadly !

    Also the 144k and the two witnesses will fight against the beast and his works during the Greater Tribulation.

    Many on social media like Kerry Ann Gidden have come out that they are part of the 144k and kept their bags packed up.

    The two witnesses have also been declared to one but I will not elaborate as it would be difficult to discern at this stage. It’s none of the names guessed so far but something out of the blue. Gods mysterious ways. Together with the 144k they will be more powers that Jesus Himself while on earth and demons, fallen angels will fear them. Together they will bring almost a billion to the Lord during those apocalyptic extenuating circumstances.

    Jesus has just given His Final warning to USA to repent or else be destroyed. My guess is that this destruction starts on 04 July, anyhow whatsoever the date it’s sad on what’s coming.

    One should be in prayer, Repentance of ones sins with will control not to sin again and also stock few months of essentials.

    Jesus have mercy on me a sinner.

    1. Melissac Adams says:

      Hello brother, Celestial has a message from the Lord (I cannot remember the title) stating that God has confirmed and made the decree that Americas destruction is a DONE DEAL. No longer will prayer be heard by God for this nation BUT prayer WILL be heard by God for SOULS!!! SOUND THE DECREE!!!

  2. Marty says:

    It seems that many Bible verses have at least two layers of meaning. For example, Mystery Babylon is a country as well as personified as a person. The Beast is a worldwide control system as well as a person. The Third Temple will be a physical temple in Jerusalem but also symbolizes each person as the Temple of God.

    It is clear to me that the reason why so many Christians have trouble discerning these end times prophecies is because they are not BORN AGAIN. The vast majority of Christians are sheep who God is trying to elevate to become shepherds. I hear many say we need to repent to come closer to God. Yes, that is STEP ONE. You need to completely trust, believe, and have faith in Jesus Christ to finish the process and become born again from above with His Holy Spirit. Most Christians look at me funny when I tell them you will physically FEEL God’s presence when this happens. Your body will feel like fire just as it is mentioned in the Book of Acts. You will KNOW immediately that you have become a NEW CREATION. Your own personal experience becomes your testimony when witnessing to others.

    Loving Jesus with just your lips represents the luke warm people who will be spit out. They never figured out that God wants us ALL IN, completely sold out for Him. One needs to love with the heart and soul for a true conversion to take place. I apologize for the long post. I’m just amazed that so many so called Christians have ZERO discernment. In my experience, Born Again Christians are the smartest, wisest, and most humble creatures on earth. Nothing the TV says will ever push them off the Rock of Jesus Christ. No alien, zombie, nephilim nonsense will ever cause them to waver, much less a fake pandemic. Stay strong and keep fighting Celestial. You are a blessing from the Most High. 🙏

    1. Celestial says:

      It’s absolutely uncanny you said this. It’s so close to what I’m writing in my next post. Often when I make videos or post on TMV I feel like I’m in a blast furnace, waves of heat rolling over me until I finish. Sometimes God speaks to me & I’m sweaty when He’s done 😄 When I’m in public and people (mostly Christians) misrepresent God or belittle Him in order for His ways to make sense to them I feel like someone threw kerosene on me and lit it, if I speak at that time usually nobody else speaks when I’m done. I hate to see God belittled or insulted. If you are born again of the Holy Ghost and fire YOU WILL KNOW. Your identity is settled in Him and INDEED none of the things you hear will shift you from the assurance of faith! And yes, many objects and personages of the end times carry double meaning- Excellent observation Marty. Thank you & God bless.

  3. Lorretta says:

    The past two nights I woke up with the words, Dudael and bottomless pit and Hebrews 4:3. Still trying to make sense of it and hoping it will all add up in the coming days, any spirit led interpretations will also be appreciated, thanks for posting this, it led me to revelation 9 to try and understand what the Lord is trying to convey to me ❤

    1. Scarlett says:

      Loretta, thank you for sharing this…….from Wikipedia where you can actually find some accidental truths at times…
      “Dudael is the place of imprisonment for Azazel, cohort of Samyaza. It is described in the Book of Enoch chapter 10 verses 4–7: And again the Lord said to Raphael: ‘Bind Azazel hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dudael, and cast him therein.”

      1. Lorretta says:

        Thank you so much for this Scarlett. I will keep praying for understanding, and hopefully when it all makes sense, I can come back and share. God Bless

  4. Marty says:

    Part of me thinks that most people have become numb and desensitized by the garbage on television. The content enters your eyes and poisons your soul while the electromagnetic frequencies lower your physical and emotional state of consciousness. The prince of the power of the air is broadcasting his spells all throughout the world.

    People tend to assume that mystical and fantastic experiences are Hollywood creations and could never happen to them in real life. If they only knew that the REAL spiritual and mystical experiences only happen when you turn the TV off. Keep up the Good News! You truly are the hardest working woman in the salvation business! 🙏

  5. kimkim76 says:

    I just heard the word on YT and I am going to read it here and all of the ones you have posted. Thank you so much for being a clear voice for our God. I receive these words. They are Him. I really hope everyone is taking heed.

  6. Lori says:

    Blessings woman of God. I’m new to your blog and videos. A friend of mine sent one of your videos last week and I’ve been binge watching ever since. I’m so thankful for you and your ministry. May the Lord bless you and continue to provide prophetic warnings to the world, especially, the church.

  7. Mark says:

    I too, feel this great but troubled times coming quickly. A great pain followed by rivers of tears. This country, American founded on good principals turned to great evil and know one cares or sees the changes. I feel a renewed feeling and my eyes are opened. I know the Holy Creator, Father and I am afraid like never before. What I was taught and forced to believe, were sugar coated, man’s thoughts and man’s will not truth. Truth is always the way, not always kind and sweet, but a purpose known to only our Holy Father. This circus we call earth, run by unseen powers will end with great pains, for this is the way and truth. No one exempt and all are here now to see and feel. The Holy Father is coming, his no time is here time. Do not let others lie and sugar coat. All will pay! I now know and see with eyes of a babe. I will be put to death because this is why I was born…

    1. Besala says:

      How Firm a Foundation 🎶

      How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
      Is laid for your faith in His excellent word!
      What more can He say than to you He hath said,
      To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?

      “Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismayed,
      For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid;
      I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
      Upheld by My righteous, omnipotent hand.”

      “When through the deep waters I call thee to go,
      The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow;
      For I will be with thee, thy troubles to bless,
      And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.”

      “When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
      My grace, all sufficient, shall be thy supply;
      The flame shall not hurt thee; I only design
      Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to refine.”

      “E’en down to old age all My people shall prove
      My sovereign, eternal, unchangeable love;
      And then, when grey hairs shall their temples adorn,
      Like lambs they shall still in My bosom be borne.”

      “The soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose,
      I will not, I will not desert to his foes;
      That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shake,
      I’ll never, no, never, no, never forsake.”

      1. Melissa Adams says:

        Beautiful poem sister!

  8. Linford says:

    I’ve only find your post today via a video from Sister Kerry-ann Gidden , you’re a awesome watch-man/ woman on the wall warning God’s people of what’s coming. Thank you for your dedication time and efforts. God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will honour you.
    I pray God’s blessings through Jesus Christ more spiritual discernment, Wisdom Knowledge, and understanding. Your brother in Christ Jesus much love 🙏🏾❤️

  9. in all my walk with JESUS – never was i allowed by JESUS to BUY nor study or entertain – TV shows on end of days programmes ! Praise JESUS for his precious HOLY Spirit who leads his sheep to himself who is Truth! i thank JESUS he have allowed me to live to see my questions answered i prayed to him long ago! my reply ? is
    LORD JESUS how may i serve you today? Forever Grateful to YOU JESUS for your HOLY SPIRIT & your people thank you amen.

  10. Olianny says:

    The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways. A child who is not even old enough to drive yet, watching videos of the end times, seeking the Lord’s presence to not grow up deceived by the evil that’s within the youth of today. I thank God for your ministry, Celestial. God has used you as a tool to open my eyes to the sugarcoated lies I was consuming from these so called “Christians” on social media. I know now how to discern the fruits of the spirit, praise God for that. At times I weary because I’m so young and new to this faith, and through your videos God has shined a light on my live. Is crazy when I think about where I am now, neither of my family members/friends have really encouraged me to seek God. Some would say I should be worried about high school, boys, parties, etc. But here I am, watching prophecy after prophesy, reading verse after verse, learning more and more. I can truly say I’m blessed. I write these things in hopes that people can rejoice with me and know how wonderful the works of the Lord are.

    1. Peachy Keen says:

      Wow- So awesome! You are truly blessed 🙌 ♥️ Keep your eyes focused on Jesus, always 🙌🙏💞

  11. ALEŠ RIHTARIČ says:

    the Woman & The Bottomless Pit”- [PROPHECY]…. at 12.30 minutes in this video you say that ( the Lord said ) there will be NO Rapture this you say at 12.30 minutes of this video….the second time at 23.11. minutes of the video you speak about again and say again that there will be no Rapture … and you claim that the Lord said this to you ….very simply when you say as a person and as a human and as a christian the i will say to you, that you are a FALSE PROPHET , ABSOLUTELY a FALSE PROPHET ……WHY ???….. very simply ….. because the WORD OF GOD has too CONFIRM a prophet…..and not other way around …its is not you that confirm the WORD OF GOD….the WORD OF GOD says in 1. Thessalonians 5:9 there WILL BE RAPTURE …. but what you speak must also be confirmed with the WORD OF GOD ….so if speak against the WORD OF GOD or you speak against a prophecy of GOD – 1. Thessalonians 5:9 there WILL BE RAPTURE , and the WORD OF GOD ….then you are a FALSE PROPHET … even do you speak so many truth and facts …. yet… this the most important thing…. the SALVATION of the holy ones , the salvation of the righteous ones , here on Earth , that are washed by the BLOOD OF LORD JESUS CHRIST and have HIS HOLY SPIRIT living in them and the holy ones and the righteous ones that have THE PRESENCE OF GOD HOLY SPIRIT LIVING IN THEM the lamps are shining with a very big light and are full of oil witch is the PRESENCE OF GOD HOLY SPIRIT living in EVERY HOLY ONE AND RIGHTEOUS ONE called christian here on Earth…. 1. Thessalonians 5:9 there WILL BE RAPTURE ,…. then as a reference you say see Revelation chapter 6 verse 5 … witch is false ..because those not speak about that subject … again you did that on purpose … another evidence maybe that you are a FALSE PROPHET MAYBE…. if you do this things on purpose give wrong scripture references….
    YOU DONT MEDDLE with my understanding… you explain the WORD OF GOD on purpose falsely, for the WORD OF GOD is very clear — first was the Cross … second coming is on the clouds RAPTURE …. THE 3. COMING of the LORD is for 1000. years here on Earth … all is written in the WORD OF GOD …. you are not faithful to the LORD nor you are also not faithful to HIS CHILDREN here on Earth … every prophecy must be confirmed by two or 3…. and i say to you in this subject that you speak to HIS CHURCH that there is no RAPTURE …. then i say to you you are a FALSE PROPHET .. because you are deceiving HIS CHILDREN … HIS CHURCH here on Earth…. and i say to you GOD HOLY SPIRIT – NEVER EVER SAID THOSE WORDS TO YOU –LORD GOD HOLY SPIRIT HE IS A HOLY SPIRIT OF PROPHECY to us humans here on earth …NEVER EVER SAID THIS WORDS TO YOU— NEVER EVER–NEVER EVER…..FOR GOD HOLY SPIRIT SPOKE THRU APOSTLE PAUL AND HE WROTE 1. THESSALONIANS 5:9 ….. WITCH SAYS THERE WILL BE RAPTURE… SO GOD HOLY SPIRIT ALL READY SPOKE ABOUT THIS MESSAGE IN THE EVERLASTING WORD OF GOD ..Gospel of John : In the beginning was the WORD : LORD JESUS CHRIST … AND GOD HOLY SPIRIT speaks here on Earth about HIS son GOD HOLY SPIRIT AND HE GOD HOLY SPIRIT CONFIRMS LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THE WORD OF GOD WHICH IS LORD JESUS CHRIST …. THIS IS WHY I ASK GOD TO PUNISH YOU !!! FOR THIS LIES !!

    1. Ha says:

      To Aleš, I wanted to ignore your ranting comment. But I wanted to see if your rant had any merit. I watched the video at 12:30 where you claim Celestial lies. God said, “There will be no rapture UNTIL the full number of martyrs is fulfilled according to my Word. The church will dwindle sharply but shall not be cut off.”

      Everything that God told her is the truth as HE SAID in the book of Revelation. You are not a native English speaker because I researched your name. Your name is Slavic/Eastern European. The English word “UNTIL” means an appointed time. The church will be AND ALREADY is being persecuted. The saints will be raptured AFTER many of them/us are killed. The book of Revelation proves that YOU Aleš Rihtarič are the liar and possibly full of demonic delusion. Read it again…”No rapture UNTIL the full number of martyrs is fulfilled.” But not all will be killed.

      You need to take an English comprehension class.

      1. Aleš Rihtarič says:

        is you father Satan that is father of lies …. or you belong to God Jesus Christ the Father of TRUTH .. witch is it ???……she said as a false prophetess : ” THERE WILL NE NO RAPTURE. ” ( PERIOD / END ) … she spoke as a false prophet against eternal WORD OF GOD . she speaks as a false prophetess and preaches a different gospel then what is written in eternal WORD OF GOD …. 1. Thessalonians 5;9 THERE WILL BE RAPTURE ….of church before the rule of Antichrist on Earth …. you are full of demons person HA and you a a lair.

        1. Joe D says:

          Ales Rihtaric are you human or nephlim.
          Asking this seeing your posts of hatred.

  12. Aleš Rihtaric says:

    Again… you are a false prophet say .. God said that HE those not see death as we do, but as sleep…. this also proves you are a false prophet… we know that there is a demonic satanic angel of death and the name of this
    fallen satanic angel is DEATH … and that is way people die and live only up to 80. years here on earth … GOD HOLY SPIRIT is LIFE AND LIFE AVER LASTING , HE IS THE TREE OF LIFE .. HE IS LORD GOD HOLY SPIRIT OF LIFE and God said than man should live only up too 80. years max… to take life away is thone by demonic angel of death…. and yes GOD can take life of a human too HE IS GOD…………

    1. LoriQ says:

      @Ales –

      “And the Lord has sent to you all His servants the prophets again and again, but you have not listened nor inclined your ear to hear”

      Jeremiah 25:4

    2. Flourish&Thrive says:

      Another person of madness. I watch in awe folks like these who somehow figure this channel is for the audience of madness. How can you be such a fool that you would pick half a sentence, really twist-bend-warp it, somewhat hope these nice people over here are as stupid to not even capture what God has delivered through the prophet, and embarrass yourself like this? Hai maan noh. You could have applied yourself and taken all that time to read your google scripture the right way up.

      Some free advice to help lessen your misery, that you breathe less through your wound, ask your spirits next time to at least show some kindness on you and lead you to channels that host and cater for the brain dead. When you come here, please just be aware that there’s plenty lucid people over here who loathe this nonsense that you just pulled. You can benefit more in seeking understanding than vomiting on people’s shoes. And ask someone to type/proof read for you next time please.

      Also, what God-forsaken part of the world do you live in where people die and do not live past 80? Please go back to Google Genesis 6:3 in your native language.

      1. Ales Rihtaric says:

        a person of madness and a fool writes answer…a total madness and a fool…..what else too say….a false prophetess speaks against what is writen in eternal WORD OF GOD and THE WORD OF GOD is LORD JESUS CHRIST gospel of John 1…. In THE WORD OF GOD is writen in 1.Thessalonians 5:9 there WILL BE RAPTURE …..there was salvation of just one man and his family LOT before Sodom and Gomora was destroyed … much more today of christian that live a holy life a righteous life and are full of presence of GOD HOLY SPIRIT….she is alse prophet if she says …there will be no RAPTURE ….but only people will go to Tribulation the rule of Antichrist on Earth or part of Earth….so there will be RAPTURE 1.Thessalonians 5:9….too speak against what is WRITEN in the WORD OF GOD… a false prophet and false prophecy .

        1. Onyinyechi says:

          Is rapture the actual word that was written or the Greek word. Never mind that though… now the Word says there is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, this means that as it was in the beginning, so shall it come to pass over and over til the very last time.

          Let’s start in the beginning, Noah and his family was amongst many. Yahs wrath was about to hit like thunder. During the flood was Noah and his family still on Earth safe in a boat while Yahs wrath touched down on Earth? The flood was then to never happen again on the entire Earth.

          Well, wrath is about to happen again. Lot and his family was in a place that was about to receive Yahs Wrath. Abraham petitioned on behalf of Lot and any believers so Yah sent two Angels to gather the believers. Lot and his family was still on Earth during the Wrath of Yah, few was gathered and fled and many tasted death, but wasn’t Lot and two of his daughters still here?

          Now here is another repeat: in Egypt there was great tribulation. Yah brought forth His Wrath upon Egypt. Yet His people also was in Egypt. Now while His people was in Egypt can I ask you? Did any of the 10 plagues (His Wrath) touch His people? Wasn’t they still there when the plagues happened, the same plagues that will happen in Revelations yet worse still the same.

          Then out of that tribulation they went into the wilderness being led by a pillar of fire and of a cloud. Now they reached a certain mountain and the voice of Yah told all the children of Israel and those whom left with Israel to (catch this) “COME UP” to the mountain to meet Yah where the clouds touched the mountain, but the people was too afraid and told Moses to just go up and receive the message from Yah and deliver is back to them, I hope you caught that.

          I’m the end only AFTER the TRIBULATION, not a say, month, year, minute or second before the tribulation will it happen again. Yahs people and the grafted in will be (catch it again) CALLED UP to Him to meet Him in the clouds and that will be on Mt. Zion. Read this again until you catch it. He will come down to be with His people but His foot will not touch the ground but I didn’t say His feet won’t touch the mountain. They will be priest and princes again and rule over the unbelievers that are let and remaining after the Beast that Great Dragon be placed on chains for 1000 years.

          2 Edras 13 will help you out, for any that lack understanding of what the rapture truly means. It just means being called up. Not to Heaven, but up in a place that will be very high as in that high place will those whom want to go to war with our Lord will try to get close to him but He will open His mouth and consume them and that will be the Day of the Lord, Armageddon!

          Nothing new under the Sun… as in the Days of Noah so shall it be. As in the Days of Moses so shall it be, As in the Days of Egypt so shall it be. When you know what happened in those days and how it happened, this is how you will understand every single Word spoken in Revelations.

    3. Onyinyechi says:

      I’m so lost for words because there is so much miss spelling and grammatical errors that I just read… now I know the devil is a smart Angel, not even he can understand what was written. However, for the little that I do understand, Yahusha told Martha, her sister and those with them that Lazarus was sleeping even though he was dead John 11:11 “… our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep”. Although Yahusha plainly told them he was dead but death is not for the believers “Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall NEVER DIE” (John 11:26). So for the Saints, they will not see nor taste death yet sleep to be awaken by him to eternal life. Even the sinners that will taste death will still be risen out of their sleep to be judged. But you see your comprehension is so low that you don’t understand that we humans sees only a person or animal die and we can’t see further than that, but what God sees is our flesh die but the soul sleeping until He wakes it.

      You know Yahusha (Jesus) DIED, but you should also know it was only His body that was no more and His spirit that was ASLEEP.

      Psalms 90 “… You have swept them away like a flood, they fall ASLEEP”.

      Psalms 13:3 “ Consider and answer me, O Lord my God; Enlighten my eyes, or I will sleep the SLEEP of death”.

      Daniel 12:2 “ Many of those who SLEEP in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt”.

      Matthew 9:24 “ He said, “Leave; for the girl has NOT DIED, but IS ASLEEP.” And they began laughing at Him”

      Shall I say more, so what you not gone do is call Yah a liar as His Word clearly says “Sleeping” “Sleep” “Asleep” even when the body has died. Read your Bible thoroughly, you can’t even be seeking for truth because truth has been given yet you have ignored it… proof read before posting. Lastly, stop holding on to the America way because what you did was searched for a reason to say this prophecy was false to continue having your ears tickled with believing the lies. America is Revelation 18, so never eat your cake from the middle without tasting the outside.

      1. Ales Rihtaric says:

        You are full of lies….your father is father of lies…you defend a false prophet…as you are a false prophet….the subject is RAPTURE….you talk about something else….so this prove you are a false prophet too full of lies…your father of lies and you speak about all other subjects ….not about RAPTURE……. you dont know about what you talk about only about your lies you know .

        1. Onyinyechi says:

          Well I dust off the bottom of my shoes and will allow the Holy Spirit to take over from here. I literally gave you the Word and if you wanna call the Word which is Yah a lie… then continue in the deception that you are in. For it is only The Most High Yah that will keep most humans blind because they refrain from hearing His truth. My Father is Yah and He is truth. Claim your daddy Satan all you want. I vomit you out my mouth demon. You are rebuked by the blood of the Lion of Judah, get thee from behind this blog as you are not welcome here.

        2. MaryLeah says:

          Sometimes reading these comments on here, I just don’t know if certain people really remember who we fight against and what our fruits are supposed to look like. Insulting and touting is not a way to educate people or correct when a brother or sister is in err.

        3. Ales Rihtaric says:

          Dear sister in Lord Jesus Christ….first not all people that are here are not christian at all …there have no PRESENCE OF GOD HOLY SPIRIT and they dont know Lord Jesus Christ as Savior…..that is a fact ….so what they speak…how they speak…how they lie….how they insult…how the write….proves that not all here are in fact real christians….that is the fact….we shall know then by third fruits: words,lies,insults,no knowledge of the Word of God, calling on demons, cursing and more…. Peace and shalom to you in Jesus Mighty name.

        4. Onyinyechi says:

          Well MaryLeah we know and I for-sure know whom I fight against. We are to rebuke every evil spirit. You know Jesus himself brought forth truth after truth and didn’t rebuke the pharisees and Sadducees at first. But once when they continue denying the truth He called them out. So know I was speaking to that demon and not that person… I CALLED OUT THE DEMON AND REBUKED IT. However, people take it as they read it… and that person has read and watched The Masters Voice, what more education from hearing the Words of Yah over 100’s of prophecies and messages? Yet that person that you feel needs to be educated more than what Celestial is already doing, is calling us children of the devil for speaking truth and proving scripture after scripture, calling Celestial a false prophet and liar. Is that person not trying the spirit as the Word says, does that person not know whom he/she fight against? Yahs children hears his voice and anyone that calls Him a liar has blasphemed against Him: I gave the correction in truth and scripture and that person says it’s a lie. be blessed!!!

        5. Celestial says:

          Well spoken. I always remark about the ones who need to be validated so much that they’ll even find reasons to validate demons and spiritual madness talking, saying “Shouldn’t we be tolerant and give them a chance, in the hope of dialogue and acceptance?” I won’t bother with this, unlocking the blog to remove all this takes time. The moderators will remove this entire thread of hot mess soon enough, then MaryLeah can go and applaud the fruit of more people like Mr Ales while trying to rebuke the ones who did what she apparently can’t see and judge properly enough to do. Let every false spirit get behind my feet, and those who defend them. This work will go forward no matter what. I’ve always said I have no time for foolishness in the comments, it takes away totally from the messages.

        6. Onyinyechi says:

          Amen, all I can do is shake my head at those who don’t know how to discern evil from good. Because one that speaks in err doesn’t speak with hate, they speak with wanting to understand how one’s understanding is different from theirs.

          Then I also don’t know how people talk about the word “rapture” yet they cannot point out one scripture that has that word in it but I literally gave scripture of what’s to come and happen as nothing new is under the Sun.

          So we have one calling you false, calling me false and all else in the truth and we have one defending the one who is speaking rubbish and lies as the truth speakers are defending the truth. Yet, I smile will joy in my heart because Yahs Word speaks of all that is going on. All praise to Him!!!

        7. Celestial says:

          As for me, I just don’t know if the richness of hypocrisy of your comment MaryLeah, was to completely overlook the absolute vitriol with which this man has repeatedly slandered my character, and then try to shame others? Are you blind to his approach, or did you simply want to virtue signal by commenting about “some people” while totally failing to note what HE said and how he said it? Do you find his speech fruitful? Do you consider him (and the words spewing from his mouth) as NOT insults and touts? I do wonder how you can benefit from this blog so long, yet see someone dragging me in the mud in my absence and decide to give the TROLL the benefit of the doubt while trying to shame the other long-time users who DO want to defend what you can’t. Perhaps you should revisit the Samaritan story and take another look at the holier-than-thou onlookers who saw the Samaritan in the mud & went by on the other side so as not to get involved. Glad the false prophet’s blog has been helpful to you thus far…

      2. Flourish&Thrive says:

        Word of advice my sister, if at first their response still carries an emotional response, no scripture to support it but a repetition of their first tantrum worded slightly differently, do at first as you did last, dust those sandals. As I have said on one post, that last rock that they will throw has a rope tied to them, just swiftly move out of the way between them and the cliff behind you (as Celestial calls it). You shall not be bullied by demons here.

        1. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

          Amen to that sister in Christ… I’ve said mine and will not waste any more words of wisdom. We are blessed for taking heed to His Word so we shall move forward.

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