“The Valley Of Vision” – May 1, 2021

“For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword, from the bent bow and from the distress of war.” – (Isaiah 21:15)

In the year that [one warfaring king] came to [that great city], when he came at the request of his master and fought against the city, God spoke to His servant the prophet Isaiah saying: “Go take all your clothes off and remove your sandals too.” And he did it, going about naked and barefoot.

Then God said: “Just as Isaiah now goes naked and barefoot for three years as a sign and a wonder before you; so will this [great] king lead away these people as prisoners and captives- young and old, naked and barefoot with their buttocks bared- to the shame of the nation.” [Paraphrase Isaiah 20]

The valley of vision, the painful declaration of the Lord by His servant Celestial.

The mares [women, young and old] shall be made naked and the bucks [young men] shall be uncovered. The yearlings and colts [little and older children] shall be defenceless and the mighty thoroughbreds [grown men] shall be exposed. As the captives of Assyria walked naked and barefoot, shivering and terrified before their captors so will you America. Your lust has made you ripe for destruction. In your haste to commit adultery against Me you have profaned my Holy name, now there is no repayment that can be made for your sin. Then it was revealed in my hearing by the Lord of Hosts: “Surely for this iniquity there will be no atonement for you; [I will remember it] even to your death.” says the Lord God of Hosts.

What I am saying I have said before. Simply, steadfastly (and sadly) I repeat- America will be made naked. The Lord God says: The sun will see your skin; you will be stripped bare and naked before one another. You will cry for the modesty you once despised but you will not find it. Father will be naked before son, mother naked before her daughters, the nakedness of a father will be seen by his children and a curse will be on your land [Leviticus 18]. All shame uncovered, all modesty lost as the payment of the sins of this nation are requited to her fifth and tenth generation. For the sins of your forefathers who uncovered the nakedness of slaves, for your own sin too – you who can’t stay away from fornication, pornography, sexual immorality and perversion- your skin will see the sun. There shall be no atonement for the sins of your past. As you paid to others it will be repaid to you. 

I am without words. The images are faint and I thank God. I see women having their clothing torn so their breasts come out. The men doing this want their breasts to be seen, they want them to be ashamed. Mostly I see that people will undress in orderly lines, at gunpoint or at a command or superior order. As prisoners of war throughout history have been made to take off every stitch of clothing as a means of humbling them, humiliating them, controlling and subduing them, even to categorize them – so will it happen in America.

CASUALTIES OF WAR. When you fight wars [said the Lord to me], when you fight wars and you lose this is the price you pay. You become chattel, slaves, prizes. Casualties of war. People will be made to undress in orderly fashion and their nakedness will be evident before all. God says the clothes you could not keep on will be taken away, the nakedness America constantly indulged will be seen by all. People will be made naked in front of those they don’t want to be naked in front of. 

I have said before. I say again. Women it will be worse for you. Women never win in wartime. Men will come here to fight your men and they will win, not your men. Your men will not win. They will be defeated and the treasures of America’s homes will be brought out on the lawns to be carried away as spoil including (and especially) the people. Whoever God does not save, whoever has not fled, whoever is snared as punishment for past sins they never confessed and repented of to the Lord, you will lose personally even as the nation loses. That is how war is. (Read links below in full.)

Write The Decree

America In Chains

For Three Abominations And For Four

Every prophetic word on this blog is supported by two or more witnesses. All these warnings have been published, yet the Lord revisits them tonight as if He never said it before. I once read out and taught the entire Isaiah 20 on one of my videos, here is the written prophecy: Dark Days Ahead. It is a word to two stubborn nations that their judgement will be so severe they will end up naked; they will go naked and barefoot into captivity and their body parts will be seen by their new masters. God used Isaiah for three years NAKED as a sign to highlight this word- when God does things like this only people who are deliberately blind will think He is joking.

I see many commenting that God is too harsh. Why is He acting like the God of the Old Testament? Wait, what? My question is, why are we acting like the people of Revelation? People who said every warning from God was a lie and cursed Him harder every time His judgements came true? Who lied to the Christians of this generation, who told us ‘God has changed’ or that His approach to sin was remodeled? Are we shocked because of the lying leaders we’ve praised for 20 years who told us God is our buddy (and we agreed), or because the Bible is coming true but we know we aren’t ready? 

Is God in His old age now and more relaxed than He used to be? Tell me: Who changed God?

Was it Himself or the false teachers who’ve revamped Christianity to the point that nothing counts as a sin anymore? It’s all “moral failure” and “bad judgement” now, so even when pastors fall into sin they no longer care to repent and seek forgiveness of the Lord. They justify themselves relentlessly until the proof comes out – then they switch to crying on their podcasts until people forgive them. Maybe they step down for 3 weeks and soon as the news stops reporting it everything is okay again. When did God tell anybody the Old Testament wasn’t relevant, or that He isn’t using it anymore?

We need to stop accusing God of wickedness and look at the corrupted systems of comfort we’ve created both in the Church and out of it, then we might receive salve for our blind eyes and finally be able to see how sinful we of this world really are. ALL HAVE SINNED, including and especially the self righteous ones who come here grooming their eyebrows like the Pharisee in Luke 18:

Lord I don’t understand what’s being said on this blog. I am not a sinner. The people in government are the sinners. The pedophiles and homosexuals are the sinners. I’m at home with my children and three dogs, I bake cookies for my church and don’t have any sin. I’m not part of the power hungry devils trying to destroy America! I don’t drink blood God, I’m sinless. Why does this blog say only horrible things against perfect ordinary people like me? If it’s true you are an evil God and therefore I don’t believe this.

May the hand of God not find such a one in the day of judgement, for their pride alone I wouldn’t want to hear how God will answer such a blinded heart. I endure this all day long, all week long, so YES I will speak on it. ALL HAVE SINNED, anyone who doesn’t know this is laboring in such deep darkness that only Jesus can help him/ her. Every single one of us fails the Lord and most don’t even feel bad about it, EVEN THE SAVED ONES; many people still have their sins upon them and if they die in that condition it’ll be a real tragedy. We can’t look past the state of the collective human heart, edit out our culpability, point to those who have the easily identifiable sins, and then have the gall to accuse God and other people of being wicked. That’s wickedness right there.

If anyone thinks my words are blunt just remember who is always here telling you what the Lord has said. Remember who is directly passing on His messages while being sure to study them for her own edification and growth. I desire God’s mercy too. God’s mercy can be abused; His grace though vast and amazing IS NOT A TOY. Sin will be judged so if anyone spent years sitting in a church that never told you about sin but only said “God knows your heart”, or promised you no hardships but only Rapture as the Visa card for difficult days ahead? That’s on YOU. You still have time to change that. The mercy of God is waking people up from every corner of the world now; everywhere prophetic voices are crying: “AWAKE SLEEPER, TURN TO THE LORD, SAVE YOURSELVES AND REPENT!” 

Repentance is not a frustration God forces on us. It is the greatest LOVE He’s ever shown, to offer that precious blood that washes away the worst we’ve done so He can restore us to His presence. Modern culture has LIED TO US about Love. Love is not this ever-widening ‘acceptance’ that calls evil good and good evil! Love doesn’t speak lies or warp reality just so everyone can feel included and nothing can be “wrong”!

Love is JESUS CHRIST and Christ in his raw form is UNADULTERATED TRUTH. Love without truth is a lie and if you don’t like hearing that, it might be time to take a breath and revisit your priorities. Anyone who won’t repent literally rejects the Cross and after that I know of no other means by which a man can be saved. 

“Salvation exists in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) 

So if you cast truth away because you’re scared, arrogant or want to deny the truth to protect your mental bubble – who will comfort you on the day you see these things come to pass? War is coming here, a prophecy older than the years of my life. America will be defeated by two nations. Who will stop it from happening? My guess is there won’t be words enough to stop the pain some will feel when they realize how they called truth lies and lies truth, all because of superiority bred into them by an unbending mental paradigm. 

My advice is: Don’t perish clinging to a belief system. History proves it’s never been worth it. 

The Bible says “Buy the truth and sell it not.”(Proverbs 23:23). That means it’s OUR responsibility to vet the teachings we expose ourselves and our families to. If it’s comfort candy we prefer then of course when the raw truth comes it will sound harsh, evil, ‘unloving’ – all the many things I hear all the time. But I’m here to say- Love warns, my friends. Love says: Behold the valley of vision. Conquest. Defeat. Nakedness. Do not walk in the evil ways of America, lest you be counted among those who will go into captivity NAKED.

That is all I have for now. The Word of the Lord continues to come forth here. These are revelations of the END of America, things that will happen when everything else that seems important now stops being important, because the really important things have started happening. Thank you. 🙏🏽

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  1. Joe D says:

    Sad at all that’s coming

    Jesus have mercy on me a sinner.

    1. Celestial says:

      May the Lord Jesus show compassion to every one who admits to sin, repents daily, and lives in a way that pleases God. The peace of Yah be with you Joe D, you are a faithful reader.

  2. AriseZion says:

    Back in the 80’s, Pastor Dumitru Duduman gave out a message regarding refuge places for the faithful remnants to go to prior to the destruction. There are several hidden refuges in the country that the Lord will lead you to. The most important thing is to repent and humble yourself before the Lord. Pack your essential items and be ready to leave at any given time. Nibiru/Brown Dwarf with its planetary bodies is passing through the Kuiper belt, heating up and dragging along with it a massive amount of hot rocks. The incoming star gravitational pull would cause severe earthquakes, tsunamis and falling asteroids. Roadways shall be damaged all over the place so be prepared to travel on foot at a very long distance. Work up your stamina and learn about homestead living while there is still time.


    “Don’t be afraid.” He spoke calmly and quietly. “The pure in heart will not be punished. Those who are untouched by the sins of others and are faithful and true will hear the trumpet of God and the voice of God’s angel crying, ‘Wake up!’ They will be told where to go.”

    “Where will they go?”

    The helicopter soared again. I caught my breath, for as I looked down my eyes swept across beautiful cities. Two rivers flowed through one of them and growing alongside the other was a vast, lush forest. “This is your refuge when the times of tribulation fall upon California. Your family and all those who hear the voice of the Lord will understand the message of God’s mighty trumpet.”

    1. Celestial says:

      Dear AriseZion. Thank you for this comment. God shall indeed show mercy to all who repent & continue to live pure before Him.

      Kindly visit this prophecy:


      And share more on what you call “Brown Drawf along with hot rocks.” It will bless others.

    2. sheepdogwarrior says:

      Hello…Yes because of the great earthquake destruction coming, all major roads, freeways will break apart… trapping people in cities.
      All bridges heavily damaged, the least damage is to train tracks, thats because they give and flex, and if to damaged it’s only a bad section, that is easier to repair quickly, then roads…..
      The best apocalyptic traveling device, is a mountain style bicycle, nothing beats it heavy-duty tires used to ride over rocks….with a basket in the front to carry stuff, and a double basket in the back that you could rig to carry heavy item’s…have a heavy lock-up device…
      Blessings to you, in Christ.

  3. Tina Mark says:

    Thank you prophetess. More grace may we find mercy to be save.

  4. Marty says:

    Thanks for speaking the truth to the slumbering masses. Waking people up is difficult but worthwhile even if it appears that just a few truly receive the message. I’m always amazed that your videos on YouTube generate hundreds of comments but very few here on the blog.

    Most Christians I know have never actually read the New Testament. This past year has showed me that the narrow gate is even narrower than I could ever have imagined.
    Blessed be you Celestial for doing your best to help people realize the lateness of the hour. 🙏

    P.S .- Two nights ago I had a dream that a giant T-Rex dinosaur emerged from a deep, dark cave. I can’t imagine having dreams like these on a regular basis. You truly are a strong, powerful woman. Keep fighting the good fight.

    1. Scarlett says:

      Hi Marty…Moving to YouTube as our sister did, was understandably difficult for her, but I knew she would get more response and the needed support when she bridged that chasm. WordPress is much more the word-based venue than YouTube. For whatever reason, WP, like FaceBook seems less inclined to draw comments than YouTube.
      Celestial is a wonderful and unique blessing to the the Lord’s people who have been looking for a deeper walk and answers to questions that have gone unanswered in church normal. I’m very glad to see her hard work being rewarded with the type of growth it’s been receiving. People need the truths that have been hidden for such a long time.

  5. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary.

  6. Marty says:

    Speaking of hidden truths…this gentleman did a deep dive on Freemasonry and its ties to the occult. He confirms what I already knew and disclosed a few things I hadn’t come across. It’s long but seems legitimate to me. You can probably skip some of the celebrity photographs and focus on what they say in their own words.


    May the Lord God bless Scarlett and Celestial and all who enter this holy space. 🙏

    1. Scarlett says:

      Marty, I began watching the vid you posted. I believe this man is knowledgeable, rock hard sincere and truthful in what he’s trying to get across to people, Christian or not. The video is long and hard to follow in places, and take it all in without making frequent stops, but it’s connecting some dots for me about Freemasonry that I haven’t previously understood. I think it’s worth watching if people have the time.
      God bless you as well, and all who come here with the desire to know God in a greater measure

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