The 44 Honeycomb & “Bokeh” – March 26, 2020

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UPDATE: If you’ve read this before please see new information below, with photos.

This word follows the post The Man of Sin– it also builds on every other prophecy concerning the 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama. I’ve already explained that I don’t like prophesying about this man- it brings heaviness in my spirit. As a result these prophecies tend to build up ’til I can release them at one go, so I won’t have to deal with them one by one. Today I have snippets before the main word in the title:

On February 24, 2020 God spoke of Obama. The Lord stressed that he is not what we think, but he is a fraud and an imposter. Not only that, I’ve said it before, he is also a MURDERER. I can’t count how often God says this- honestly when I hear “Obama” it seriously invokes a sense of danger for me, something like “Mind your life carefully on account of —-> this person”. It’s a weird feeling I can’t explain but anyway, I don’t like this topic.

Next, we don’t need a corpse and a weapon for someone to be a murderer. Murder lives first in the HEART, that’s where all evil deeds begin. God knows what’s in all of us; He knows what we will do before we do it so He’s the most qualified to give warnings about people and say who they really are. He has shown me the extent of this man’s hatred towards people in general and the church of God especially, so when I say his intention is to wipe us out like bugs in a termite infested kitchen I’m not exaggerating. God says he is murderous, he is terrible, he has rage against the church and I hope someone will listen. Because of constant warnings over the years I’ve completely adjusted my mindset: I see Obama as God says he is and I stay away. I don’t comment on him no matter who’s talking about him and I keep him off my radar. I see him in dreams but don’t go looking for him on TV  or to listen to speeches. One day he will be all over breaking news. God has told me who 44 is and that’s who is he is. Period.

If you’re new to the blog and the 44 references are confusing, use the search box below and type “44 Obama”– read the blogs in order or click this link: The Times To Come: America. There should be four posts in a row about him after that one. Also type in Beast or Beast Obama you should find enough to update you on the use of the term ’44’. 

At this point there can only be two, maybe three reactions to everything God has revealed about this man. Those reactions are: (1) This is true, I believe it. (2) It’s not true, it’s jealousy and wickedness and I don’t believe it! (3) I’m not sure, I wish I knew, I can’t decide. (Group 2 has the most people.) Those in Group 3, hope you make up your mind soon or at least take these posts to God. Ask Him to show you truth. Group 1 —-> it is well with you. You are in the truth. To Group 2- Ahhh… what can I say? Politics and preference will be the absolute ruin of too many people before this world is over so… It’s up to you.

Obama will show himself to the world as what he is in future. At that time people will flee to Group 1 by the millions but not without cost. The cost for being deceived by Barack Obama will be bitterly high, too high. My suspicion is, many who stubbornly cling to Group 2 and follow Obama will have deep and bitter regrets by the time they see who he is. God has even said he is not from the family of full “humanity” as we assume but I will not elaborate on that now. Let it be known for now, Barack Obama is NOT your friend so keep this word in mind.

Sometimes God only gives brief insights. February 9, 2020: “Barack Obama is coming back to power as an emergency powers president. He may not use the term “president” but he will have all the power of the office and far greater powers besides.”

[Emergency powers refers to the kind of power we’ve seen during these coronavirus times. Normal laws get suspended in favour of arbitrary rules and laws conceived on the spur of the moment, enforced by strong military and police presence in order to compel citizens to comply with them.] 

A few weeks after Covid-19 spiralled into crisis America suddenly saw: Soldiers and National Guard on the streets, curfews, roadblocks, searchescompulsory orders to wear certain items of clothing at risk of arrest, fines and other forms of punishment, unlimited police liberties (ask those who have been assaulted and/ or killed in these 3 short months by unchecked police use of intimidation and force).

A president of emergency powers therefore is one who can make up his own laws on the spot– HE CAN LITERALLY DO ANYTHING OVERNIGHT AND IT WILL BE A REAL LAW. Let those who have ears, hear, because this is important.

The 44 Honeycomb and Bokeh – March 26, 2020

Kindly pay attention to the following prophecy (it contains imagery and terms I had to look up myself, since I didn’t know them). I woke up at 6:44 a.m. I woke up and God spoke to me concerning future things about America. It was not good. 

God spoke of the elections. At the time I got this there was a lot of uncertainty if primaries would even continue- lockdown was being implemented and everything was developing on a day to day basis. Bernie Sanders was strong in the race and there was no way at that time to know who would take the Democratic ticket. However God said the winner would be Barack Obama. I was sleepy, I said “Obama isn’t running Lord. How can he win anything?” The Lord explained – Primaries would go to Biden and in a way they are going to Obama too. He said not to mind the frontrunners, the key to Obama’s return would be Joe Biden and that’s the key. Biden is synonymous with Obama.

The Lord said Obama will receive a lot of prominence through Biden’s nomination, to the point it stirs nostalgia in America. Cameras will focus on him on purpose, to deliberately stir people’s hearts to the “good old days”. America will be galvanised by the sight of her two old favourites – against all common sense the trending conversation will be how good they look together, how great to see ‘Joe and Barack’ together again, etc. People will see Obama’s face more and more as he calms America down, making promises with and on behalf of Biden. This is the buildup to destruction, the calm before the storm.

As God spoke I saw a vision: America lit up like a switchboard, all across the U.S. map lights came on as citizens “lit up” with the happy memories and hope they associate with Barack Obama. The country switched on and created a warm ‘buzz’ in response to this man: I saw many images of him in his familiar poses- sleeves rolled up, one arm around Biden and grinning SO MUCH- Boy was he happy in the pictures the Lord showed me! I even saw images of him making speeches BY HIMSELF, alone at the podium passionately speaking and stirring up all the old desire of the people, while Biden and everyone else stood back, looking affectionately at him like he’s the main attraction. I couldn’t believe America would be this unguarded and gullible again. I was amazed at the vision.

God did not tell me how but he said Obama will be brought forward to lead the U.S.A. He may not be called “president” exactly but for all intents and purposes he will eventually become the commander in chief and leader of these United States. God said to prepare my heart to one day live in Obama’s America, but to be honest I don’t even want to know what that means. He spoke of plans to assassinate the current leader- on this blog it has been prophesied often, always with requests for prayer so these things don’t happen. The internal breakdown of the nation is intimately tied to these events so we truly have to be serious about praying on them. Group safety is not a matter of who you want for president. It’s about basic survival.

I slept after this and saw 44 written on a beehive. It was a golden beehive all bright and shiny, saturated with honey that oozed between its walls and rolled down in succulent drips. The hive hung on a line above my head and as I stared in curiosity I saw another object hanging further down that line. [I heard ‘Timeline’ when I looked at this line.] I saw a wrinkled grey cocoon on the line and I didn’t like the looks of it. It looked like a sleeping bag or puffer sack, and the way it slumped I could almost swear there was a dead body in it. The mouth of the sack was closed with a dirty rope. I saw the ends of the rope tied the sack to the timeline, and it looked like the shape of a man inside that sack. 

So on the timeline the beehive came first, then further down the dirty cocoon. The air around the sack was heavy with grey, foreboding clouds. Under the sack was a factory building made of steel, the building was grey, metal and locked up. It looked like a rectangular ‘pot’. It had a smokestack but there was no smoke coming out of the chimney (which means the factory was not operational). However where the beehive hung there was a bright glow – every time I looked it appeared as a close-up image of a juicy, golden honey hive with “44” on it. To me the hive part looked like a Winnie The Pooh storybook illustration, but the grey sack part was horrible. Both objects hung on the timeline, and I saw the word BOKEH written on the sack. I also saw Google and my hands looking for the word BOKEH to try understand what it means. So that’s what I did, when I woke up I googled the word Bokeh and then I felt a lot worse. 

Bokeh is an effect in amateur and professional photography where “one part of an image is deliberately blurred and distorted in order to draw the viewer’s eye and focus to another part of an image.” It’s a media device to make you see only what is highlighted by hiding the rest of the image from clear view.

The point of Bokeh is to force the viewer’s eye on the part of the photo that the graphic artist wants them to see, by deliberately blurring the other parts of the photo so we will  ONLY LOOK AT what the photographer wants us to look at and ignore everything else. This really unnerved me because I asked the Lord before I used google, see. I said Lord what is Bokeh and He said “It means death.” So when I went to google it I fully expected to see the meaning as “To die; death”. Instead I found a complex explanation of how deliberately blurring one part of an image makes the viewer see only what you want them to see. (Bokeh’s literal translation from its Japanese root word is “Blur”). 

This means:

The coming of Obama is going to be wonderful, beautiful, glorious and epic. It’s going to blow people’s minds and take them right back into a fairytale experience where their very senses become soaked and saturated in the “honey” of remembering (and reliving) his previous eight years of power. They’re going to see and taste “honey” as they journey with him and Biden down memory lane – all America will see is a Winnie the Pooh depiction of how the White House could look if only their beloved leader could come back to them as their president. The comeback will BLUR the reality behind it, how dangerous it is and what type of demonic and oppressive era it’s ushering in.

But GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN SEES THROUGH THE LENS OF REALITY. He has shown me that further down the line from that fake image of Mr. 44’s wonderful return there is a sack of death waiting for humanity. A time of grey-ness, heaviness and even industrial decline. A time when factories will close and families be out of work, where the industry and mechanisms of America will grind to a halt and hunger will stalk this country in ways we cannot believe. He showed me DEATH IN A SACK ON THE SAME TIMELINE AS FAKE GLORY, and “BOKEH” written on that sack means the sack part of America’s timeline is being deliberately hidden so that only the honeycomb side of missing Obama and finding ways to get him back into power can fill the senses of the citizens of this country, at least until it’s too late. 

I said this wasn’t a nice dream or revelation. It isn’t- in fact when added to all the other posts it doesn’t say a single positive thing about the future leadership of America. As always I ask readers to take these matters in prayer, let the Holy Spirit be the judge of what you read. Each one of us must be led by the Spirit of God but for me, I share what I’ve received of the Lord so all may know what lies ahead. God bless you all, shalom.

This is The Master’s Voice- calling this generation to come in to God’s barns away from coming storms. There’s no safety in this world but it can be found in the justice and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ. All praise to God Jehovah who saves, amen!

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FULFILLMENT UPDATES: (This is an excerpt from a write-up I did elsewhere on 11/ 09/ 2020.)

“A MINOR UPDATE” – Nov. 9. 2020

Hello to all. I woke today to find my prophecy blog booming. Stats were high so I got curious about what people were so interested in. I found it was a political prophecy (which I rarely share). I took the time to re-read the post and as I did God was showing me how seemingly impossible and even unrelated things from so early in the year are playing out now. People were even emailing me and alerting on YouTube that the prophecy was happening.

I remember seeing some of it with my own eyes the last two weeks: I had to stop what I was doing to stare at live news footage of former President Barack Obama campaigning BY HIMSELF, using words that gave the impression the current race was his instead of someone else’s. I sat in awe, marveling at God and how He brings things to pass. I’ve never seen someone NOT on a ballot, holding rallies, standing alone at podiums giving speeches as if it was them in the race. I saw it in a dream from God, yes, but to see it play out on TV made me pause.

I’m posting these links at His request. If not of Him they would sit quietly on my blog for those who actually read it to be aware of, but I tell you something worse than ballot count issues is coming. I do not like political storylines and my stance is always clear, but I have to speak this. The church is not moving with foresight at this present time; they’re moving like a fan club who needs to win.

I will say as I have many times: When this man returns to power on his own, by whatever loophole exists or whatever ‘order’ will go forth to bring him back… Blood will flow in this country to such an extent that many will lament and ask themselves why they loved him so much, they will ask why they did not seek the Lord as one man and stone him with stones the minute he first appeared all those years ago. That is all.

Campaigning together, campaigning alone.

124199731_4500346173368735_8575298077624018789_nObama images courtesy of YouTube, he held at least three rallies that I saw live on the news.

124279491_4500346250035394_6919798277520034071_nSee them in an embrace waving exactly as the Lord showed, with Americans giddy with joy and nostalgia. Sleeves rolled up, everything. [See Youtube video for more].



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  1. Did you see the word Bokeh written or hear it? because for some reason I was prompted to look it up in Hebrew, the closest I could come was Boca, spelled phonetically, which means ‘desolation’

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello and welcome back to TMV blog. The word was written clearly on the sack. It is a real word and its meaning explains the positioning of early sweetness contrasted with an (unseen) time of terror after. It’s always been my experience that when God gives words or images He explains them clearly, so the meaning won’t be lost or have us wondering what He is trying to say. God bless you.

  2. I also found Bocheru, pronounced bo-ker-oo, meaning ‘firstborn’, from root ‘to burst the womb’, 1 Chron 8:38. When I read about your sack, it immediately reminded me of a cocoon from which something deathly was going to emerge, just lying hiding and waiting for the right moment to be revealed. The square building with the chimney immediately spoke ‘gas chamber. to me.

    1. Celestial says:

      God has not shown me anything about exterminations matching gas chambers thus far, but He has been very clear about America’s imminent economic decline, that industry will all but cease causing this country to truly know what hunger and poverty mean. Because of His consistency I have to say for this post I limit myself to what was clearly said/ shown for now. God bless and thanks for always being a supporter of this blog!

  3. Scarlett says:

    My heart sank after reading this, as it usually does concerning anything about this man. When he was running for the last term, I sat in an entirely empty Amtrak car going across the Midwest, except for one older woman and her granddaughter. For hours I had to endure listening to her talk in glowing tones about how awesome he, Mr. 44 is. Very strange but very typical. Like you sister, I’ve tried to avoid him, but I knew when he left office we hadn’t seen or heard the last of him. My can’t believe anything he says, because like his father he is a consummate liar, he is not an American, a patriot, but something very apart and counterfeit. He is evil, and more dangerous than any rattlesnake. I have dread for my loved ones, friends, Christians and all alive when he is in power.

  4. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary.

  5. Jay Gee says:

    This prophecy is already partly fulfilled. Today being 9th Nov 2020. Praise God for his word will never pass away. May he have mercy on us all.

  6. ladyflower12 says:

    Thanks sis

  7. amy6f says:

    Reblogged this on For the LORD.

  8. Marty says:

    Kinda curious how similar Obummer looks like the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. I wonder how much fallen angel DNA is running through his veins. Seems like the closer we get to the end, the more snake-like, the more vile our leaders become. I get the impression that satan can’t wait to show us poor humans what he really looks like. As Stevie Wonder once said, Heaven Help Us All! Thank you Celestial for carrying such a heavy burden for all of us. If I had dreams of Cocaine Barry I’d be afraid to sleep! Keep fighting the good fight. 🙏

  9. Anthony Pappalardo says:

    My Obama dream:
    Obama, “The Director and the Storm”

    I had his dream (11/12 or 12/12), a little more than a month before Obama’s second inaugural address.

    scene 1
    A Man was rehearsing on a stage for a very important speech. Obama was pacing back and forth near the stage observing the man who was rehearsing his (Obama’s) own speech. Obama had a ball cap on his head and was munching on an apple. He looked as though he hadn’t a care in the world, sort of like a big kid without worries or responsibilities. As he stopped and faced the low, long stage, my body began to float above him. Like seeing through a prism, I began to see many people lined up in a straight line from his right side and also from his left side. It all came into focus as I rose above him. (This showed me that many people were involved with this speech.) This must have been a very important speech.
    I believed afterward it was the rehearsal of his 2nd inaugural address.

    scene 2
    The man on the stage was now in a kitchen complaining to someone about Obama-how he wanted “out of this!” He looked very stressed and fed up, He showed raw emotion, and seemed to be Forced to do things he didn’t want to do. I was invisible, but taking it all in.

    scene 3
     There was an Ominous storm coming- Enormously Dense black clouds, howling gale winds, and large rain drops coming down sideways, beginning…the worst, most terrifying storm I had ever seen. I was floating upward observing this Horrific storm coming in. In front of me was a very large tree. The tree was pulled straight out of the ground (ROOTS AND ALL) in front of me. Then, immediately a smaller tree was put in its place where the hole of the first tree was.


    I never liked watching or hearing Obama speak. But I knew after this dream, I had to watch his 2nd inaugural speech. After watching it, I concluded that Obama used a lot of multi-media in his speech to ‘falsely indoctrinate and mesmerize’ the people. (A dream I posted interestingly happened on Trumps inauguration day.) I believe these two events (dreams) are converging in time and are very connected.

    In scene 2, The speech narrator was a very close insider who couldn’t stand the corruption of Obama. I believe we have been seeing, and will continue to see insiders coming out and speaking against the Obama administration. I originally felt it would start at the FBI.

    At first, I thought the large tree could represent America. I thought America could be made into a third world nation over night by Obama’s power. Later, I discovered a bible verse that symbolized that a tree could represent a leader or the President.
    In Daniel ch. 4, The tree represented Nebuchadnezzar, the King. Daniel 4 :22 “That tree, your majesty, is you. Cut down the tree and destroy it. But leave the stump and the roots in the ground…26 But the stump and the roots of the tree were left in the ground. This means that you will receive your kingdom back again when you have learned that heaven rules.” 

    Because the tree with its roots were completely removed, I believed Obama will be PERMANENTLY AND COMPLETELY removed (eradicated) from his controlling influence. (God Himself will remove him completely (Jail) or take his life… not sure). Obama may be currently running a ‘shadow’ Presidency, and trying to thwart the “sitting President”. Could the smaller tree be Obama’s replacement when he is gone?

    In any event, I don’t believe part three has come to pass yet. Things have not gotten bad enough to match that horrific storm that I witnessed. But there is every indication that the storm has arrived!! It will get more fierce before scene 3 takes place. My Trump dream suggests that Trump will have a hand in cleaning out the corruption, “Destroying the Great Sewer”. Let us keep President Trump in our prayers that he will not be removed from his Presidency.

    1. Anthony Pappalardo says:

      I posted this dream in 2018, so we know Trump in gone now…but only temporarily…

    2. Celestial says:

      Hello Anthony. You rightly read your dream except for the end, where you let go of its clear meaning to insert your own desire. Prophetic dreams are not given to us for us to impose our wishes into them but to rightly interpret them and be warned of what they mean for the future. If we fail to read them properly we risk missing the warning and will forfeit the safety God intended by warning us in the first place. Imagine if Joseph misread Pharaoh’s dream? Wouldn’t an entire nation and all who needed it have perished in the famine?

      Trump is REMOVED yet many cling to him in defiance of God. You will harm your souls by continuing to believe and trust in false words but many refuse to accept the reality God has given them:

      May those help bring clarity. God bless you, thanks for commenting.

    3. Celestial says:

      P.S. Your dream is prophetic and was given to you as this: The tree represents a leader, and as you may have read on this blog Barack Obama is called by God both the Beast and the little horn. The big tree means an official leader, one elected and planted the right way (came to power the right way). But that elected leader will be ripped up roots and all and a smaller tree will replace it (i.e. supplanting, which means to take power NOT the right way).

      See Daniel 7:8. The little horn is the little tree, it will one day rip up a properly elected leader (big tree) and take their place.You may also be interested in this:

      God bless you and thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

  10. Dawn Gebicke says:

    I believe Obama is coming back as a leader of the NWO. The NWO is the first beast in Dan 7. I believe Obama will also become the little horn that is first in the Ram with 2 horns which is Iran. Iran will show up after Obama has power and the my form the two horns and actually destroy the first beast of Dan 7. Iran is the 2nd beast of Dan 7. He will start to destroy many and no man will stop them…Iran. Then in comes the third beast which will be 4 kings that come together to scatter Jerusalem and Israel. One of the 4 kings will be Turkey or the Revived Ottoman Empire. The revived Ottoman empire will be the 4th beast of Daniel and the Goat in Dan 8 that destroys Iran. Everyone will consider him their savior because they saved them from Iran that devoured much and no one was able to save them till he showed up.

    1. Roni says:

      Is the anti Christ a separate person? Most say anti Christ when speaking of the man of sin. Some say the pope is the anti Christ but he is the false prophet. Should the term anti Christ be used for the false prophet? Is there a 3rd person? The dragon is the devil but he is involved in the nephillim breeding program according to women allegedly in the program. Including one who is supposedly the daughter of queen Elizabeth and her own father . born from a satanic ritual . is the AC satan own child?.. Barak being a clone or a nephilim is also a primary guess of many . the clone or seed of ahknatan who some believe to be the pharoah in time of exodus.

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