The Beast System Rising, Pt 1- Feb 15, 2020

Hello again on The Master’s Voice. It feels good to have time to update the blog at last.

There has been… so much going on. A ton. I’ve had a lot on my plate in this new year and most of it included healing. I had a traumatic knee injury in mid-January, the comeback from that has been slow because it was a torn muscle and high impact bone injury. I was immobilised for a while but still posting on the blog; however hospital trips, scans, assessments and preps for rehab have been ENDLESS. I needed to take time off for myself.

In the process of all this I had an experience that highlighted one of the Lord’s prophetic revelations to me. I didn’t plan to share but now I think I should. We need be prepared for certain things as Christians- I’ve even dreamt about these things happening in the future. My pastor has spoken about it spontaneously during prophetic prayer meetings when the Holy Spirit moved him. I’ve heard it many times from God but still, when you experience it- it’s just scary and surreal. The beast system is something we read about in Revelation but not many understand what that’s going to look like, or how to prepare for life in it and eventually outside of itHere’s my experience.

High grade injuries need high grade insurance, so when I got injured I had to change insurance. Anyone who’s had to do this will know, it’s a nightmare. There’s paperwork and more paperwork. There’s endless calls, questionnaires, etc, and all this back and forth had to be done while in excruciating pain. I still had to make hospital visits in this condition, see supervisors and insurance reps on different floors while standing in some of the longest lines I’ve ever seen. The back and forth got to a point where my patience was dissolving- I was always in prayer saying “Lord, help me, I don’t know what else to do.”

I needed a particular service recently but insurance wasn’t yet transferred, so the admins couldn’t see on their system who’d pay for it. Although I had paperwork saying I was covered, their “new system” couldn’t find any insurance online for me. It was therefore at each clinic’s discretion to offer me care or not, and most clinics agreed to as they waited for the system to recognise or “see” my details online. For the last 3 weeks I’ve heard this at every registration desk I went to: “Please be patient, we’re on a new system and it’s still coming online.” Posters all over the hospital advised patients and visitors about this new system, asking for patience while the hospital makes the switch.

However in one department this week I met a real bear of a woman- tough and nasty- who insisted that I would not get treated until my insurance was recognised on her system. Once again thinking “How many times will I have to do this?!” I took out the papers I had and explained. She refused to even listen to me! I was amazed, I tried to explain again but met a stone wall. I finally said “Ma’am is it better for me to risk permanent injury by not being able to continue my chain of care because your system says I’m a ghost? When I’m right here? I’m right here and I have stamped paperwork saying I am covered and I do exist, regardless of what your computer says. As a public health caregiver, which is more important, a patient’s health or what your computer says?”

As soon as I said “Am I a ghost?” in my speech, even though I kept speaking I felt this icy realisation wash over me. I froze, I thought: Oh no… no no.. This is the thing God has always been telling me about, the thing that would happen as part of the total global control system where you are what the computer says you are. You are what the system says you are AND ONLY THAT! Even if you stand there in the flesh with proof, if that data isn’t entered into the global Beast system- [which is going online as we speak] – if your data is invisible, delayed or compromised in that system then you can talk until you faint, nobody will pay attention to you. Nobody will care. Nobody will believe you- it’s a waste of time trying to prove any form of identity when the computer says you don’t have one. Computers will have power to dictate real life.

I eventually got what I needed but I had to be very uncompromising, persistent and PRAYERFUL. God eventually made a way for me to be helped but I tell you, it wasn’t easy.

The next post will be words of revelation from the Holy Spirit received on October 12, 2019. Please note this word references the 44th president of the USA, Barack H. Obama. The next few posts will focus on him. I’ve shared a lot so far but there’s still more to say on “Number 44”. I’ve said how often I see this number; I can even show other people when it occurs. I saw six 44’s in about 3 hours last week when two young people from church volunteered to help me do basic chores like banking, grocery etc. They use the blog, so seeing the 44’s in action blew them away. I showed it to them in trains, buses, and never did we have to go “looking” for it. It was always in front of us but since God wasn’t talking to them they didn’t see it unless I pointed it out.

Our last one [together] was as we entered the subway- as they helped me down the stairs every step was littered with flyers from a nearby bank offering a special discount of $44.19. These flyers literally formed a trail to the train I needed to get! When they left me I saw 244-00 on the subway wall as the train marker for my station. The number 44 is NOT a numerology reference so please browse recent posts to bring yourself up to date if you’re new. Look for blog pics or titles with “44”, or use the search box at the bottom of the page (below the comments). I know God is confirming what He said about Obama. I suggest we read these 44 posts soberly because we need to stay aware and informed. Times are changing right around us.

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