44 WILL RETURN, Part 2 – January 26, 2020

In addition to showing me truths about the Nephilim I had a short dream and I know what it means. You’ll have to read previous posts if you’re new to the blog but those who read as I upload will know what this refers to.

I dreamt and saw myself standing. Just standing. Hat, coat, hands in pockets. It was winter. All of a sudden the number 44 came down dangling behind my right ear on a string, like a silvery Christmas decoration. It hung there for a moment then another 44 dangled behind my left ear, in gold. Then ’44’ appeared written in the air above me, then another one and another until I was surrounded by it. It looked like a cartoon strip where I’m a central character and 44 has been penciled in by the artist all around me. I looked at this and then woke up.

Lately I see 44 so many times that I literally can’t believe one number can overtake a person’s vision like this. I counted up to 15 of them one day and thought, This isn’t possible, it’s just not real. I was about to step out into the street when the light changed on me and around the corner came a bus, the B44 bus. I literally rolled my eyes and said LORD REALLY? I can hit almost 20 44’s in a day. I assure anyone thinking this is ‘mere coincidence’ that it most definitely is not. God is telling me something real plain here and I in turn am telling you.

Ladies and gentlemen. I’ve said it diplomatically and clearly many times before. We are in a peculiar transition as a people- from peace to war, from normal to abnormal, from casual  living to being very heavily on guard. The captain of the Christian’s life as we make this shift will be the Lord and God of all heaven, Jesus Christ. But the earthly overseer who will make this transition a hard and painful reality for Christian and unbeliever alike, is Barack Hussein Obama. I say this with all regret. I’ve seen it in numerous visions and heard it from God so many times that now there is no other way I can say it except:

This man is coming back to power. He is coming back as sure as guns are made out of iron, as my grandma used to say. He will ride a wave of popular opinion back to America’s governing seat- I do not know how he’ll do it, only that he will. He will grind the constitution of this nation to powder and its people to dust, and preside over the fall of a great nation. God once told me: When you see this man back in power know the nation is in trouble. 

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Let us bear in mind a principle God established with Joseph and Pharaoh. God speaks to His people in multiple ways- dreams, visions, and signs big or small. He confirms and double confirms things for us to be sure that what He’s saying will happen. God does this to give us certainty because He knows this is how we learn to trust Him. I’ve been seeing the number 44 without rest since September 2019. First here and there, then 4 or 5 a day, then 9 a day, then boom- all the time. 44 likes on a Facebook post, order number 44, seat 44 at an event or movie, someone liked my post 44 mins ago, bus 44, 44 views on a Youtube video, $4.44 change from grocery shopping. This is still going on, high frequency.

God gave Joseph wisdom to tell Pharaoh – ‘The fact that you had the same type of dream twice tells me this famine is sure to happen. This can’t be stopped or “prayed away”; this is an event we have to prepare for.’ In the same way I’ve asked God that if this isn’t meaningful then let the 44’s go away. Let me go a day without seeing it. Instead I’ll see twice the amount. Therefore I’m saying here: This man is sure to return. We can’t pray this away. I haven’t even posted all the prophecies about him- other matters intervened at the start of 2020, different themes of prophecy. I will continue where I left off soon. God bless.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Indeed, Obama will be back in power. I knew when he left office he would come back in some very important capacity. At that time, I felt he would take a position as President of the UN, which I now believe he will eventually, only after the UN morphs into the OneWorldGovernment. Now, since the election, I’m inclined to believe that sometime in the very near future, there will be some sort of national crisis, including Trump being taken out of the picture, and Obama coming back according to the planned agenda of the Dark State; this time not as President……. but as dictator under martial law. That is a day I am not looking forward to. Our lives will be changed forever, so we’d better be prepared.

  2. maureen says:

    I asked the Lord to show me 4’s if all this is for real and i woke up in middle of the night and turned on my iPad and the time came up 4:44 I was speechless.I am not into numerology or anything like that,not saying God dosent use numbers.

  3. Magdaly Ambroise says:

    One night I prayed to the Most High to show me if Obama was really coming back and I had a dream about him . In my dream, Obama and I were standing up in a big building almost like a state building. Anyway, I don’t know or don’t remember what we’re talking about and upon leaving he gave me an umbrella that he had in his hand to hold for him for now until he comes back.

  4. Roni says:

    The real “person” obama looked at my grandmother & said this is the lady that makes it happen. My father was chosen to go to a meeting among iron workers where obama would be. Dad had pentagon clearance but is not the highest rank among his workers some of whom are or were militarym Mind you i knw these union people are masons bc grandad is a 33rd degree shriner (step-grandad who i learned was not legally married to my mom’s mother). He told his buddy my dad isn’t a real ‘iron worker’ which i know is code for he isn’t a mason. Nope, dad is a minister of the gospel. His sister is in the intelligence community in this nation. Dad cdn’t get any more jobs after he refused one where people came back and said they have cities underground. Some of these men built the fema camps. These cities are full cities according to their testimony to my father just that they’re underground. The one they knew of was in Virginia. One of our intelligence agencies is in Virginia. Pple in my family love obama. Mom and dad like Trump.
    I hoped Trump would stop war with Russia I’ve known was coming since 2009. I was fooled. Trump is a decoy GOD said, yet i let myself be fooled. Like Jeremiah I hoped i was wrong nevertheless here I am in the nation’s capital awaiting death misery destruction because of my sins my nation and my ancestors sins as well which i have asked forgiveness for… I ran away from a pizza shop knowing i could be kidnapped, raped and pimped a decade or so ago before it (comet pizza) was the center of pizza-gate. I was almost murdered by the special police who work for metro here. I was gonna be taken underground which i didn’t know there was a literal physical underground world with tunnels but the knowing in me let me know. I name-dropped my step dad and got away with a $25 ticket for ‘cussing’, telling them ‘Laugh now but he who laughs last laughs loudest. Just wait til buildings fall.’ I was rebellious and in sin running from GOD as fast as i could yet getting nowhere.. It’s like I’d run & He’d be in front of me somehow.
    Those men told me at metro my ticket was not for cussing but I made ‘some people’ really upset & I really need to watch my mouth. Whatever i said i don’t remember much other than my voice coming from the atmosphere and my lips trembling somethin took over..still don’t know what. They said these people who i upset would likely be watching. Years later 2018- 2020 I saw an entrance underground near the metro bus stop. There were stairs. I was warned not to take a photo by a man who jumped out a black pickup truck with black tinted windows, a truck I’d seen regularly. I was told “There are people down there” of course I knew this. Some satanic masonic people involved in evil. There are many who have even crazier real-life experience than i do but alas most think everything is a joke. Christians who know little yet profess to be wise. People who argue, debate, assume .. The intel agency were aunty worked tapped grandma phone & told my aunt (IF is actually when) something BAD happens (they know because they’re wicked & plan these things) they will TAKE (not ask) us to where it’s SAFE😂.. They mean lock us away.. Welp i guess Barry was serious when his campaign slogan was Cchange we can believe in.” 😔

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