The Times To Come: America – Dec 2, 2019

“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” – (Daniel 7:25)

“And in the latter time of their kingdom,
When the transgressors have reached their fullness,
A king shall arise,
Having fierce features,
Who understands sinister schemes.
His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power;
He shall destroy fearfully,
And shall prosper and thrive;
He shall destroy the mighty, and also the holy people.”

“Through his cunning
He shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule;
And he shall exalt himself in his heart.
He shall destroy many in their prosperity.
He shall even rise against the Prince of princes;
But he shall be broken without human means.” – (Daniel 8:23-25)

I have come to the place now where I have to say what God has given me for such a long time. I know prophecy is a very controversial space- for some reason people have their ‘favourite ponies’, by which I mean their regular pit stops where they drop in to grab the word of God or the latest prophecy like a to-go order. That’s okay I guess, people need to stay informed. I even encourage readers to study the prophecies on this blog, pray over them and take them to heart. I do not want to be viewed as a favourite pony though; I’m just doing the work God called me for, and doing it to His glory.

Be that as it may, a messenger of God must speak what they are given. Often people rush forward to release prophetic words and dreams without spending time with those revelations in prayer- they release emphatic statements as ‘prophecy’ without searching the mind of God, testing them again and again, seeking God for wisdom of how to speak. Most of all they don’t ask Him: “Father, is this so? Indeed is this so?” God has told me that many prophesy out of their own vain imagination- He never sent them to say anything, yet the enemy has seeded dreams, speculations and questionable content into the hearts and minds of many in these end times. But that is not my business. Prophecy proves itself – either it’s of God or it’s not. The witness of the Holy Spirit in each one will be the ultimate determinant of what a person reads and receives as prophecy, so that’s that. If the Holy Spirit is with you and He is the final arbiter (judge) of whatever you consume online, then He will keep you in the way of truth and prevent your feet from following liars and frauds.

I have words and revelations from the Lord, they are at least seven months old. It is very, highly stressful to me and hard to release because I hate political intrigues, and I do not want to be part of the favourite pony website visitation. But the Lord is pressing on me about why I have not spoken the things He has shown me in my private prayer times- things I’ve seen in visions and heard Him say. He did not say “Thus sayeth the Lord” about some of them, but revealed all these things to me as one friend to another. Revelation is as important as prophecy- it tells the things to come in another way. Now I have to say something because brothers and sisters I see these images and information almost EVERY DAY, to the point that my heart beats erratically whenever I see or hear anything related to it. I can’t keep this information back anymore, because I do not believe in people being deceived about what a situation really is. I do not believe in people following the Pied Piper. I BELIEVE THE TRUTH IS THE ONLY THING THAT SETS FREE: JESUS CHRIST IS THE TRUTH, AND WHAT HE SAYS IS COMING, IS COMING. WHAT HE SAYS WILL HAPPEN, WILL HAPPEN. I started this post months ago so many times and stopped, but here it is at last.

I do not like naming names on this blog- it causes a spike in my emails with all sorts of questions I don’t want to get involved in. Nevertheless I will put the information here as I’ve seen/ received it- maybe it will be new news to some, and old news to others. Maybe it will be a confirmation to many who have heard this elsewhere, while others will wonder how is this possible, can this really happen etc. Whatever your stance, once I publish what God told me it stays put on this blog as the facts of what He said, and that’s all I have to say.

The man known as Barack Hussein Obama is a very controversial figure in American contemporary life. He is loved and revered as an icon to many, a representation of all that’s possible in this nation- that you can work hard and utilise talents and gifts to rise to even be president if you have a dream and believe in yourself. He is viewed as a hero and favourite son of America. Obama is also hated by many as a charlatan, a wise pretender, a thief who duped the nation into voting for him twice based on multi-layered promises he had no intention or ability to keep. He has been called many spiritual names – good and bad – which I won’t go into here. He is undoubtedly a charming speaker, an expert at keeping his finger on the pulse of popular opinion and a guru at winning the crowd. Even out of office he continues to woo the public successfully. But I’m not here to discuss his love or hate poll results, or observe how well he speaks- I only want to share what I have seen.

One: I saw this man transforming into a wolf during my prayer time in November. On November 8, 2019 I was praying about personal matters when I had a vision of Barack Obama right in front of me, a portrait view of him up to the chest area. He was in a room richly decorated and panelled in dark wood, and the view I saw was of him in front of one wall with the American flag directly on the wall behind him. As I looked his teeth grew in his mouth until he couldn’t close his lips, they pulled back the way dogs pull back their lips before growling. He wore a black suit, he was very angry, and his teeth started to lengthen downwards out of his mouth like wolves’ teeth. His eyes had a curious ring of white fire in them and as this transformation took place the image vanished from my eyes. I tried to continue praying about my topic but of course I could not – I had to stop and ask God about what I’d just seen. For perhaps the 50th time this year, the Holy Spirit repeated to me:

“That is the beast of John’s Revelation. That is the beast of Revelation 12 and 13.”

He shared many other things with me about him, I will try to post them separately.

Two: The Lord said to me tonight [Dec. 2, 2019]Why have you not shared what I have given you? How many times will you hear and not speak. He [Barack Obama] is coming back to power. He is the king of fierce countenance, he is the beast of the Revelation. He is the one who will think to change times and laws, and all the nations will languish under his oppressive rule. He will rule with an iron fist, and collaborate with the iron kingdom to bring a reign of terror over the nations. Number 44 is about to take his place. Let the nations hear and beware. The number 44 will be again; he will usurp power and rule from a very high place. He will be an absolute monarch, in a time of few kings he will be king, in a nation of public rule he will be a dictator. He will rule over the peoples with an iron fist, and his influence will flow out of America into surrounding territories and into nations far and wide. He will operate in absolute power and grind the nations under his feet. The people will cry out with their oppression but he will not hear. This is the beast, and his time is now. This is the word of the Lord.

Ladies and gentlemen if I go to the restaurant to order dinner my wait number is 44. When I look at the clock it is 3:44, 5:44, 12:44, or 4:44. At the supermarket this afternoon it was my turn, as I reached the till they did a change of register and a new cashier clocked in. When asked for his staff number he responded, ’44- it’s my lucky number’. This has happened to me every-single-day for four months: I am table 44, register 44, seat 44 at events, at the movies I am seat D44 or G44, ticket 44 for my order numbers, or Amazon delivery 444xxxxx. The microwave clock, bedside clock and license plates of this entire nation have turned into the number 44 until I am stalked by it wherever I go. I know what it means, I know what God has told me, the frequency of it has reached fever pitch since it started in August. I will put everything I have on this person up on the blog today and tomorrow, and then… it will be what it will be. My mind will be lighter, I would have delivered myself of holding this horrible information back, and God will mediate over His word to perform it in due time.

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Note: Stay prayerful and watchful, READ YOUR BIBLE, especially the books of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and Matthew, John and Revelation. The Bible is NOT going to remain as it is now; it will be heavily altered, important passages and entire books will be removed from this book in the future. If you don’t already see the controversy over all these watered down, nonsensical and so-called “contemporary everyday translations” raging, be aware that soon even tried and trusted versions such as the KJV and NKJV will be nothing but a rag-bag of redacted text, heavy clipping, editing and heresy. Write the word in your heart. Ask God to help you understand the scriptures and memorise Psalm 91, because the day that calamity decides to strike no-one may get advance warning. That Psalm is worth 500 luxury insurance policies- to know it by heart is excellent wisdom. Read it out loud til it pours out of you in your sleep, I say this all the time – you’re going to need it. My mom tells me a word to the wise is enough, so be wise out there. Shalom.

P.S. This is NOT a numerology website so please do not leave any comments of that type in the comments section below. This number is being shown to me for a specific reason and God already told me why; He even refers to this man as ‘number 44’. So no angel numbers or cosmetology weirdness please; this is a Christian website with Biblical revelatory content only.

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  1. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to prayerfully release revelation you receive.
    This whole 44 thing made me think of 440Hz as opposed to 444Hz. Sometime round Hitler’s reign, the world music standard for tuning was set to 440 Hz under one of his cronie’s influence, which is actually detrimental to the human body, whereas 444Hz is healing and therapeutic. No doubt this adjustment was directed by the original leader of worship in heaven who fell from grace, being out of harmony with Heaven and carrying a damaging frequency!

  2. Karri says:

    Thank you for your faithfulness and courage in reporting what the LORD is showing you. I have been taught that ‘the antichrist’ and the beast coming out of the sea were the same person. Can you explain how they are different?

    1. Vanessa says:

      I have also understood that the beast and the antichrist were one and the same. The one who would claim to be god, who would persecute and overcome Christians, the one who would implement its mark and request to be worshipped, the one who would make an agreement with Israel…and the false prophet would force people to comply. Is it possible that the beast will present an alien antichrist, for ex, and with the help of the false prophet, request that people deny Christ and worship this alien being? Others have seen in their dreams that they were asked to renounce Jesus, and worship some kind of hologram (the image of the beast) or be beheaded… but the Bible says “the image of the beast”…so, yeah, I am confused as well

  3. diegoalonsocortez says:

    Is the changing of the KJV somehow related to them (the Luciferians) having “torn the fabric of reality” with their Fallen technology and the murder of the innocent in their blood/sex rituals (and the abortion of 70 million souls per year)? Are they really changing the past from the future? Have they really displaced Time itself, and sinned against Creation?

    Still, there is something to be said that erase though they may the Bible from history, they cannot erase it from our hearts. Blessed be God.

    As it is written, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee” [Psa 119:11]

  4. Hélène says:

    R u talking about Mandela Effect type Bible changes? Or newly printed/online Bibles being redacted?
    I find changes in Bibles I own, magickally changed. It’s a grievous insight to have.

  5. Christopher says:

    Hi Celest,
    I’ve been watching and listening to your vids for a long time. I’ve shared in the past about dreams regarding hoards of “people” somehow activated and zombie-like behavior that could only see fear. They glowed a neon-pink color. They devoured anyone that succumb to fear. I saw this happen in NYC for instance. The sum message was only fear God, never man or any abomination of man. Anyway, I write because this older post of yours from Dec 2, 2019 is another prophecy that struck a cord with me. I too from 20 plus years ago have been stricken with seeing 44 everywhere. This all started with a dream many years ago. This concerns me because I have never received a full confirmation or anyone’s take on this. The dream: I’m outside, playing with friends and my attention is drawn towards the sky. I see something in the distance coming down in a flash of light and manifest in my hands a currency that appeared at first to be a regular dollar. When I looked closer, it was currency but the president on the bill looked like Obama but had 4 eyes. 2 eyes in their normal place and two more above those at an angle. Very alien in nature. This was a 44 dollar bill. I then noticed that instead of the normal green hue it was flesh colored, in my case being “Caucasian”, it was a pink flesh color. I immediately thought of green hue being alien flesh and the new pinkish hue being “human” flesh. Then all at once, my grandmother who was a very God fearing obedient women, now deceased from the earth, she was inside of a tinted windowed van that screeched up the street, flung open the side door and urged me to hurry and come with her. This dream has been on my mind recently. I’m 43 years old now. This June, I’ll be 44. From the time of this dream onward, I saw 44 EVERYWHERE. I was looking for it. This dream kicked off my awareness of many other synchronicities and messages and dreams which have all been a gift. I’m feeling that this dream coincides with your message about you seeing this number and the message you received.
    I sincerely hope you are well, safe, in peace, in grace. On youtube my handle was/is CGMANIAC44… it has been for a long time. LOL

  6. Shonda says:

    The first dream was Celestial and I were riding the bus or train while she prophesied.The second dream; On 5 Feb approximately, I had a dream regarding Celestial having either a TV show or something on a whole ‘nother level. She had a color backdrop behind her while sitting on a barstool. She was wearing a top with jeans and some kicks (tennis shoes). The audience shouted “GOD SAID!”, as she walked on the platform.

    1. Hélène says:

      Wow that’s interesting. Celestial on tv would be very unlikely lol I think it would be awesome but she doesn’t seek the limelight.

    2. Celestial says:

      Your dream is accurate. Stop spying on me sister Shonda; I never like it when God shows people private things about me before it’s time to speak on them. This gospel will go to the four corners of this earth even if I have to learn how to put Arabic subtitles on it myself. Many do not understand what God has planned with a genuine last-days mouthpiece but I know this, He certainly didn’t tell anyone He would stop at Youtube. The Lord told me: “USE THE TOOLS OF YOUR GENERATION”, yet the church thinks the greatest tools will be left in the hand of satan while the gospel has to stick to mass pollution (mass hysteria) on social media? Not quite. I will use sky print if I have to, let God only free my hands from the chains of daily work. Bless you sister, now shush. 🤫 🤣 💗

      P.S. That’s exactly how I dress, my lifelong favorite gear- Jeans & sneakers 😄🤔

      1. Onyinyechi says:


    3. Celestial says:

      This morning I dreamt there was nowhere left to write prophecies, so I had to toil in difficulty writing them with a stick and some kind of muddy stuff, on a large but too fluffy towel laying on the ground. What a hard job. Just as I was done a man said “Why did you write it there Celestial? Come write it here”, and he unfurled the entire topsail of his yacht, unrolled the entire long white sail several feet tall for me to write on. All I could think was “Sir, why did you stand there with all that white surface and let me work so hard writing on a TOWEL? Now I have to do it all over again.” Still, I took the towel, got a nicer ink tool and went to rewrite the word of God with ease on a vessel that would sail everywhere, where many would see. That hard work I did on Youtube, drilling through sheetrock with many calling me fake and a liar, the days are coming where people with reach and connection will put their resources at my disposal to do Yah’s work. I will speak in places where people will love every word right away & REPENT. The very idea that Christians have spent FORTY+ YEARS loving liars on TV like Kenneth Copeland, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen and the rest of them, yet I should be content with people name-calling & doubting me on Youtube. Youtube, where everyone’s a prophet yet so few know God. That is so odd. I have plenty to say for God, He just doesn’t want me to wear out my grace in places where the fruit is low. If we have heard corrupters on TV for 40 yrs & still let them speak, then we can also hear the Truth before Jesus comes back. TV/ media is where everyone gets information, why shouldn’t God speak there? Indeed- “GOD SAID!”- that is the truest thing anyone can say about me. All discussion is over once I hear the word of the Lord, my life is defined by ‘GOD SAID’. It is the most repeated phrase in every video & prophecy. Thank you Shonda. I am much encouraged by your dream. 🌺

      1. Hélène says:

        Wouldn’t that be something, Celestial on tv? Esp to African, Middle Eastern & Indian ppls‼️I think millions will be added to the Body in those nations. I think that seems to be the fruit that’s ripe. But that’s just my thoughts as this nation of Babylon is hardened as flint.

        1. Onyinyechi says:

          Sounds bout right to me, the Word of Yah took my attention through her. YouTube is my TV as I don’t do TV like that. However, it would wake up many Nigerians, especially the Igbo tribe. I told my husband about the video she did strictly for Nigeria and it’s happening right now. Presidential election is this month but it’s been war here and calamity in calamity of shortages in gas, not getting lights, no money in the banks even though they keeping it from us, can’t use our bank apps to get food, fighting, people going naked cause they just want their money. It was a man chasing a man that works for our light company, that was trying to cut the lights but the man snatched the ladder and tossed it, then chased the man with a machete. All I could say to myself, if all Nigerians would be led to The Master Voice, if I could share it with all the people here; then hopefully and I mean hopefully, Yahs children here would turn from their evil ways and call upon Him.

      2. elfmom55 says:

        Looks like I’ll have a reason to plug my TV’s back in after several years of them being unplugged.

  7. Allison says:

    remember us Ms Celestial when the Lord begins your future journey for not all of us are stiff necked and hard of hearing.

    May the Lord continue to bless &strengthen you along with those who abide at your table

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Allison, I didn’t mean to imply there’s no remnant in America. It’s here but paper thin. I know not all hearts are hard but sister.. let’s be sober. Objectively look at your life & those around you. What’s the general state of faith? Do you hear even believers speak of God more than politics? How are the hearts of those you know, are they alive to Christ or asleep, cold, dismissive, PERMISSIVE & easily offended? The average person’s mouth (ie. worldview, desires, habits & what they condone, make excuses for & support) gives us the most accurate “reading” of how hardened they are, & you have to admit that here in America we are unbelievably hardened, even children. If it weren’t so then real believers wouldn’t be so miserable, we’d be much happier if our general society weren’t so degenerate and hateful towards God. However you see the way it is. I was only observing that there are places that don’t debate & mock the gospel like we do, so God will send me to such places to gather for Him what refuses to be gathered here. The starting point here is unbelief but in many places they already have faith; all they need are godly workers to show them “in Whom” to place that faith. God did the same with Paul: When the Jews didn’t want what he had God sent him to many others who did. We all need to ask GOD (not me) to remember us in America, so we don’t share in the hard judgements on the way for her. God bless.🙏🏽🌺

  8. Neil Cahill ( Super Soul 1971 ) says:

    Be sober minded, be vigilant. Be-ware of flattery and praise. The success test is a higher degree level of difficulty. After all, one doesn’t get to take it until they arrive at success. It’s the “Pro Level.” An entirely different venue. So so many either fail or are taken out. They don’t seem to realize and understand the warzone, not really, & they continue to act & play like back when they were working in obscurity. The very ones named in many of the words, were successful. I saw one post on Steve Quayle that led me to your work. I’m amazed and onboard- someone who has completely been turned off by the contemporary prating profitic “movement”. You said after you were done posting, that a headwind would start. I’m very appreciative that you have done your job so well. Of course, He knew you would. Please don’t say “dont worry”, I’m not worried, but simply telling you in light of your talk of new horizons, to be continually aware & prepared that when you enter the big time, things change. We are in a war zone. Be wise as a serpent.

    1. Neil Cahill (Super Soul 1971 ) says:

      Why do they almost all bite the dust? They do well, some exceedingly well, for awhile, then they blow it & sink. When it becomes about them, they falter, because after all, a person can’t walk on water on their own- It’s the real origin of the “Peter Principle”? I have been so edified by this ministry and want it to continue.

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