The Iron Spider, Pt 1 – November 8, 2019

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“The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive one hour of authority as kings, along with the beast. These kings have one purpose: to give up their power and authority to the beast.” – (Revelation 17:12-13)

Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and show My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins. – (Isaiah 58:1)

And so, we continue discussing the times to come for America (and if we study the Bible closely), the whole world. America may not be mentioned in prophecy by her real name, but as Babylon the judged and fallen city she is over all the pages of end times prophecy.

Pay attention to the first scripture- it is very plain- it is talking of a time when we do not have 150 or over 200 nations on earth as we do now. Yes we have over 200 nations currently- at least 20 nations are not officially recognised as countries, yet they firmly see themselves as countries with their own system, economy, flag and citizens who recognise themselves as a country.

Yet scripture speaks of only “ten kings” holding global power, which they surrender to the beast. Is the Bible wrong? No, it is prophesying about the future, telling us of a time where we will not have one president per nation with a huge United Nations panel flying tons of flags of sovereign countries. The world will be consolidated into ZONES [please hear what the Bible says, while we spend our time watching Walking Dead and The Bachelor Season 53.] The world will be REMOVED FROM HER NORMAL PARADIGMS AND MADE INTO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

There will only be 10 kings, 10 leaders, 10 global heads ruling huge territories across the contents. This is a system nobody has ever seen before. You might ask, but how is it even possible. Well, look at history. We didn’t always have as many nations as we do now, there were much fewer countries long ago. Then people started fighting for independence from colonial masters and forming sovereign territories that were recognised by the UN. However after that more wars and conflicts arose, one country would split into two, or in the case of the former Soviet Union – FIFTEEN. Each one of those 15 new nations has a constitution, president, flag and its own citizens. So I say to you, if the world can multiply into many countries from just a few, then we can see how it can be COMPRESSED BY FORCE BACKWARD into just a few regions if enough power, threats and pressure is applied. 

Or… enough cunning. Not everything Satan does is by brute force. The devil is a master deceiver. I have spoken here before of coming unification of world regions, exactly how it happened in the EU is how it will be done again. Similar regions will be asked: “Isn’t it better, wiser, SAFER and more economically viable for all of you to unite under a common currency, a common flag? We will make all your languages official languages, print one set of bills for money, give you all one passport, and call you a UNION”. Many are already nodding at every new ‘Let’s join hands!’ initiative the UN proposes, so family… let us pray, watch and see. 

I share today what the Lord Jesus told me months ago about the fall of America in future: for her endless rap sheet of sin (which she never stops adding to by the way), The Lord said He will uproot this country, overturn it and make an absolute public ruin of it.

“And Babylon, the jewel of the kingdoms, the glory of the pride of the Chaldeans, will be overthrown by God like Sodom and Gomorrah.” – (Isaiah 13:19)

In fact, the destruction of Babylon in the book of Revelation happens so suddenly and emphatically that every nation in the world sees it- that is where fear and trembling grips the other countries and makes them know their own judgement is coming.

“When the kings of the earth who committed adultery with her and shared her luxury see the smoke of her burning, they will weep and mourn over her. Terrified at her torment they will stand far off and cry“‘Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon! In one hour your doom has come!’ – (Revelation 18:9-10)

Watching Babylon aka America burn is the other nations’ wake up call. That’s when the true alarm goes off for everybody- the collapse of the last great superpower means nothing is certain anymore, because if America can fall who’s next?! That’s what they’ll all be thinking. The primary thought for many U.S. allies will be: “The balance of power is gone, the mighty shield has fallen! WHO WILL ATTACK ME NOW??”😱😱😱

Besides weaker countries being suddenly exposed to their natural enemies, almost every nation becomes crippled in areas of trade, money, politics and economy, and for a while the world turns into a chaotic, warring mess as everyone scrambles to make new allies, seek resources, and get food and medicine they used to rely on America for (see where Biblical famine, disease and starvation comes in so fast?). See this verse:

“The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore cargoes of gold, silver, precious stones and pearls; fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet cloth; every sort of citron wood, and articles of every kind made of ivory, costly wood, bronze, iron and marble; cargoes of cinnamon and spice, of incense, myrrh and frankincense, of wine and olive oil, of fine flour and wheat; cattle and sheep; horses and carriages; and human beings sold as slaves*. – (Revelation 18: 11-13) [Interesting note about human trafficking right there]*

At that time all America’s favourites will have to defend themselves because big brother is GONE, and no-one will feel that loss more than ISRAEL. All of a sudden the dragon (China) and the bear (Russia)- two nations that have been forced to ride the back bench for so long- will catapult into the disco lights of international DOMINANCE. The fall of America is when things go from slow burn to pressure cooker overnight, a new world order will emerge and one guy will be holding the reins as all this goes down. 


I have shared in the “44” blog posts several visions, images and dreams God showed about the return of Barack Obama. I’ve also shared posts about conspiracy to remove the current leader of the USA in a deadly way, to destabilise the country and cause a swing back to power for the Democratic Party.

I always say here- Conservative or Liberal, Independent or whatever, these things do not matter in the end times. My stance is clear- anybody who thinks their politics or preference matters when this world has volcanoes exploding, human trafficking out of control, prophets are all over the internet declaring that Jesus is going to return, dreams of darkness, slavery, and so many other terrible things are on the rise among Christians of all races and backgrounds… if anyone still thinks God cares about your voting preferences or whether you want to “make America great again” then brother, sister? I literally don’t know what to tell you.

Who you want to see in the White House of the USA does not matter. One day there will be no White House (as we know it), no elections, no working Senate or House of Reps, no free courts, civil rights, free police, free right of movement in the country, free nothing. It will be a dictatorship straight out of the Middle Ages; this nation will get the shock of its life as the Land of the Free becomes one order of incarceration and national lock-down for all.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand. I shared about seeing a vision of Mr. Obama changing into a wolf. See the excerpt:

Last night as I was praying God talked to me about some things. I saw Barack Obama appear in a short vision. It was a portrait shot of his head and shoulders- he wore a black suit, he was angry and his teeth pulled back from his lips in a grimace. The image was like comic books. His teeth were starting to lengthen into wolves’ teeth, his eyes had a curious ring of white fire in them, right in the centre of the black pupil. The American flag was on the wall behind him. It was a quick flash of a vision so I tried to keep praying for a minute or two but then I couldn’t. I had to stop and ask, Lord, why did I see that? What is that man about to do? The Lord said: That is the Beast. That is the beast of Revelation 12 and 13, that is the one about to take power in America, and when he does he will cause great harm to the children of God and greater harm to the nation of America. He’s coming back to power. He will indeed sit in the White House again. (Click here for more.)

Then God spoke to me about wicked plans to interrupt the chain of succession with murder, after which the country won’t vote for a new president. There won’t be a popular vote- Obama will be appointed as ‘Interim Head of Operations’ or something like that, having absolute power given by this appointment. It will be a time of military rule and loss of personal freedoms- he will crush this nation to powder under his regime because he is diabolical and wicked. He will rule with an iron fist; hardships will come on the American people under his leadership. He is the precursor to the antichrist; he is not the antichrist. (This was the understanding I had as the Lord spoke to me).

I asked: But how will he be even get to be appointed, he is not viable to hold any power anymore! The response was that Democrats will surge forward ‘like the foaming of the sea’ when Republican leadership is removed. They will rush forward like sea waves and take over- Obama will be their choice of leadership when they have usurped power. They will take the lead. I heard that even the natural plan of succession that’s supposed to have the speaker of the house next in line for presidency or whoever is next, won’t be followed. Instead it will be Obama under some title that’s not “President” but he will indeed be an absolute ruler, almost like a monarch or dictatorship. He will have total power in America and also wield iron influence in many nations.

This man will bring religious oppression against CHRISTIANITY. Please note- it will not be an attack on all religions, just against the one representing the true God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. He will raise his hands against God’s people and squeeze religious freedom to a thin trickle or into nothing at all. The word the Lord used is “persecute”. Persecution means ‘systematic mistreatment of an individual or group by another individual or group, usually on racial, political or religious grounds.’ Hearing this saddened me because all these things are written as the work of the beast in Revelation 13:

And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; he was given authority to continue for forty-two months. Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven. It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation. – (Revelation 13:5-7)

Last but not least I refer to an excerpt from this prophetic word dated July 16, 2019:

“I see the apparatus like a mechanical spider raising itself up from the ground with ease; there is a man in the seat of it operating everything, all the legs and arms of the iron spider as it spreads its legs over the whole part of the United States and takes control. This iron spider will run America even though nobody voted for it, nobody cast a ballot and said “Spider come and take over, spider come and be leader of the free world” but that’s exactly what that spider and the man in its bucket seat will do. BARACK OBAMA. He will come and take over with a whole crowd of backers, shadow people, armed forces and financiers behind him; he will rule the free world with an iron fist and pound many nations including this one [America] into powder. He has an iron fist and with it he will rule without mercy. This is the revelation of the Lord. May God be with America.”

See In Quick Succession for the full prophecy which includes conspiracy to murder.

This is The Master’s Voice end times prophecy blog. Thank you for your visit, your time, and hopefully, your prayerful attention. The Lord God bless all readers and hearers in Jesus name.

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