Rwanda Assasination – July 20, 2022


They hold fast to their evil purpose; they speak of hiding their snares. “Who will see them?” they say. They devise injustice and say “We have perfected a secret plan.” For the inner man and the heart are mysterious. But God will shoot them with arrows; suddenly they will be wounded.… – (Psalm 64:5- 7)

Woe to those who try to hide their plans from the Lord. Their deeds are done in darkness, and they think that no one sees them or knows what they are doing. – (Isaiah 29:15)

“So he doesn’t want to play ball.” –  United States Secretary of State (Albright, Rice & Clinton)

*That is the phrase that defines and runs power politics in America, concerning who lives and who dies.

This message was given to me by Yah at about 5:20 a.m. this morning.

The President of Rwanda is going to be killed. By the U.S.A. His name is Paul Kagame. His death will not be a natural one it will be at the hands of U.S. Special Operations branch, who are as follows: Army Rangers, Green Berets (Army), SEALs (Navy), Marines, Marine Raider Regiment, Night Stalkers, Psychological Dept. and those of that elite group of soldiers. His death will be a ‘Special Forces’ death, meaning caused by one or more of these arms of U.S. covert military. 

The Lord says this man is a bold man. Firm and uncompromising. He has gold. He has diamonds. He has copper and iron ore. he has the thing that goes into cellphones and everybody wants it but he is in control of the mines, he only gives it out as he feels and by limited contract.

[This mineral is called COLTAN, highly desirable for making all forms of electronics work. The instability of its biggest producer The Democratic Republic of Congo is directly linked to this. That region also suffers from a curious habit of dying presidents and endless rebel leaders, which cannot be divorced from the shocking amounts of coltan they possess along with gold, silver, extremely high-quality diamonds, iron ore and also something  called ‘mineral rich dirt’- there’s another term for it that doesn’t come easily to mind at this time. The DRC is very resource rich yet is one of the most militarily unstable countries in the world.]

President Kagame gives out limited contracts for resources means he does not give out 30 and 40 year mining leases as America prefers, it is more likely to be 3 -5 yr lease after which the foreign company must renew again. Upon review the contract amount to be paid to the country might be increased based on the current market value of what the foreign buyer wants, or licenses may be suspended or revoked based on Rwanda’s assessment of things like treatment of African workers, general environmental damage, things like that. Foreign companies, Western companies hate this, they like to be given endless leases that can easily outlast 2- 3 terms of the political administrations in the country they’re operating in. 

Yah says it makes America furious to be treated like it’s ordinary, like it’s any other ‘ordinary nation’. Most of all says the Lord, Kagame has guts and continues to say no to things like gay sex, homosexuality across the board and legaliszation of gay marriage. This infuriates America and coupled with his other ‘sins’ they are going to take him out.

“He will go where the president of Haiti and the President of Venezuela went”, says Yah. The Lord says South American leaders die a lot by American hands, much of their national upheavals come from or is instigated by their neighbor to the north.

Paul Kagame will go where everyone who says “NO” to America goes. The U.N. can’t protect him, his own government forces can’t protect him. He will be assassinated. He has gold and diamonds, he has copper and that precious trigger for electronics coltan, but [unfortunately for him] he has also guts to stand up to America and that will not be tolerated.

President Paul Kagame will be killed.

The Lord has mentioned this man to me before but only in conversation, saying he is representative of people who maintain a hard line against United States politics wherever it does not line up with his own views on what is best for his country. I listened each time Yah brought it up but it was not given as something to be published until now. Prayers are needed but for transparency sake this prophecy sounded to me like a foregone conclusion. He will be killed and whoever the news says did it- his ‘own bodyguards’, his own national forces in a “coup”- whatever will be said the Lord says THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA planned his death and gave the order for it out of frustration of being resisted by someone they feel is beneath them. His death will be by U.S. SPECIAL FORCES BRANCH. This is the word I received just now. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. 


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  1. Lologu says:

    Oh my God! The Lord told me this few months ago. I wrote it down on my page. No wonder the Lord will say to me when I’m a bit worried about prophecies,He says Celestial will confirm it. Jesus!I bow in humble adoration. Thank you my dear Sister. God bless you.

  2. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you sister Celestial. This message is well received. Blessings

  3. Irene says:

    They take out all our strong ones Africa, Yesu tusaidie.

  4. Haven says:

    Celestial please explain what you mean about he will go where Haiti president went.
    Did the USA have something to do with Haiti president’s assassination?

    1. Cynthia says:

      Yes, America had something to do with Haitian president’s assassination.

    2. Celestial says:

      With respect, please do some reading. America’s been killing presidents for decades. She even kills her own. Africa, S.A. poorer Asia, the Middle East, the eagles talon’s rake them all. U.S. is central to triggering debt crises for nations that won’t ‘play ball’, the men who did this in the ’60s are confessing in their old age & it STILL happens to this day. World Bank, IMF are used to control, weaken or even destroy economies, why do you think Russia & China made their own bank with India? Coups, civil wars, assassinations- when you see them dropping SEALS on a dark beach in movies what do you think they’re there to do? Many African leaders were killed within 5 yrs of national independence- educated Africans largely favored socialism back then & America was scared those resources would end up in Russian hands. So she killed presidents & freedom fighters across the continent & set up yes-men who then ruled unopposed for 20-40 yrs each AND SIGNED EVERYTHING SHE GAVE THEM. American companies have 50 & 100 yr leases in some parts of Africa. How’d Saddam get here, through O’hare? America brings men here by force & rots them in Guantanamo, you know this. The U.S. sold guns to both sides of the Liberian & Sierra Leone civil wars & put it in a movie with Nicholas Cage. Any nation with resources that won’t sell resources cheap or for long leases, America slaps labels on those resources: ‘blood this’, ‘conflict that’. Blasts it on CNN for a few weeks & threatens other nations to cut that place off. You have Cuba next door to look at. Yes, it was highly alleged Haiti’s leader’s death order came from here but I do not cover allegations here only what God actually says. All failed U.S. operations get glamorized in film: Black Hawk down, the endless Viet theatre of war. “They killed our boys!” ok but what were our boys doing with no legal business on a dark beach to shoot some elected leader in the head? This is a blog for truth. As you read & research you’ll find out soon enough where you live. The only people who still believe U.S. version of events are U.S. people, nobody else seems to.

      1. Haven says:

        Hello I’m a brother lol, but yes I know that the USA has had there hands in other nations affairs, and like you said you don’t get involved in allegations. Thanks for the confirmation though. And also i saw a video on YouTube talking about the war in Ukraine.
        The headline reads”Russia says it’s losing because Ukraine has experimental mutant troops created in secret Biolabs” USA funded bio labs. Thought it might interest you.

  5. Faith says:

    Praying for my country and Africa as a whole.
    Trusting my Beloved King to do right by us. We have been through so much.

  6. Cynthia says:

    This is why my beloved Africa can never progress. Everytime we have good leaders that mean well for we the people, America and the the rest of the West takes them out. It’s so frustrating, I feel like crying. When will God Almighty fight for us Africans? Why does God allow evil to keep happening to us?! I am so angry right now. When shall Africa be allowed to prosper? When will God help us?! SMH.

    1. The heavenly Father does help, believe me He does. He is very, very angry that His darling children are suffering and the war in the heavenly realms has been going on for a long, long time.

      It is the Nazis/Marxists/communists behind the evil. And behind them are 2 other groups with Satan controlling of course.

  7. Jane Schaech says:

    Please make an attempt to inform this man what God has shown you. Thank you and God bless you Celestial.

    1. Roni says:

      I think I may send it to Miss Rwanda. A beauty queen from there who left the organization and may return to journalism. I had the idea to find someone then saw that one and learned she was in journalism.

    1. Jane Schaech says:

      An amazing letter – still proclaiming the message of salvation to this murderous dictator. It’s now or never for him to genuinely repent. May God’s will be done.

  8. Scott Hansen says:

    I lift up Paul Kagame in Jesus name. I pray that he will make a decision for Jesus Christ if he hasn’t already done so. I pray the Hand of God’s protection to be around him, and I pray the enemy will be exposed for their deeds.

    1. LoriQ says:

      Amen, Scott. I pray God’s protection around him at all times.

  9. vasile says:

    Same as Abe that tried to have a balanced politics with China and Russia to benefit his country.

    1. Blood Wash says:

      He also was against vaccine mandates and allow invectemin during his tenure.

  10. Chege Kamau says:

    May Yah’s will and wisdom be done, we in Africa are just His obedient servants.

    1. Celestial says:

      Correction: This is not the Lord’s will. It is the Lord’s warning about AMERICA’S will & action. There is a very great difference.

      1. Chege Kamau says:

        Thank you for the correction. I will pray for Africa and Rwanda for knowledge on what to do and not to do in regards to America’s evil plan.

      2. Roni says:

        Does this mean it’s ok to share this blog post?. I wonder about safety it may be to late for that. Everything as you know is monitored so…

        1. Celestial says:

          I saw your other post. It is always a good idea to warn those in danger. We must rmbr how early Christians lived in CONSTANT DANGER. They had to hide & be secretive, they faced persecution constantly and had to be smart how they met or shared their faith but they NEVER QUIT DOING THE RIGHT THING. This site exposes me to trouble all the time for any number of things I’ve published. But I still do it. So if you can do something, do it & trust in Jesus Christ for the results. We are in times where courage is expected; you never know what the right word in time can do. Bless you.

      3. Roni says:

        So true : im addressing your reply to my reply . you said you saw my other comment..thank you for reading. I actually went ahead and sent it to miss rwanda 2019 who i think competed at miss world. She seems to have bee. A journalist at some point based on her Instagram( afterward i got a message saying my phone is infected with a virus and i must download some protection 😂 im not THAT stupid.. ) as you said it’s dangerous even for you but like Deborah you are bold and faithful even takin photos of that guy on the train! Thank you and GOD bless. It is inspiring.. Sorry our hard heads cause GOD to take away your sleep 😔🙏🏾.. May we all come to the full stature of Christ, may the perfecting of the Saints work in us until we be solidly in Christ and He in us that we be one body without spot and wrinkle in JESUS name.
        And may the LORD bless and keep you celestial. I have been wondering if he may transport you spiritually. Maybe one day a dream will not only seem real but be real and he will have you safely transported to a blessed place.

  11. Rwanda through this president just recently approved the building of a mrna vaccine producing factory through BioNtech and would be the 1st african country to do so.

    1. Celestial says:

      America also approved these things Stephen. Should we get the SEALs out to assassinate Trump & Biden? I often wonder why people conflate issues as if they can’t differentiate and separate them for clear review. Are you suggesting that MRNAs (that’s wiped out millions in the Northern Hemisphere by the way, by their own willing agreement, as opposed to seriously low vax rates in Africa) are now a basis for extra-legal killing of a sitting president by U.S. Special Forces? Are the two issues even remotely related?

    2. Clary Sage says:

      Reads an entire post about strong-arm political tactics, plans to murder another nation’s leader, history of stealing resources and makes it about vaccines. Typical American logic. As if we don’t have Pfizer, Moderna and JJ pumping half the country full of that vaxx juice for the last two years? Even shipping it with converted USPS trucks! She’s right, maybe you ought to look into getting the top guys bumped off since you think assassination is the answer to vaccine production.

  12. Stephen Housley says:

    Simply stating a fact. No mention of causing harm to anyone. Out of the abundance of your own hearts have ye spoken.

    1. Celestial says:

      America is the one causing harm yet “ye” chimed in with vaccines as if it’s relevant. It’s not. Now if you’d come to the conversation with some related research on how many SEAL teams go out yearly off the books, I’d say you at least understood what you read. Don’t throw stones when your house is glass. You live in the most vaccine-and-drug drunk nation on earth, I’d say the replies you got fit your contribution. Thank you for your visit.

    2. Celestial says:

      Thought I’d leave this as a helpful guide to what your comment really is, it’s one of the most used logical fallacies: ‘Whataboutism’ is a type of logical fallacy that occurs when a person attempts to divert the focus away from the current issue by making a counter-accusation that is not relevant to what is being addressed.

      (Doesn’t mean the counter may not be real, just that it’s brought up at the wrong time as a buffer to avoid the real issue. In other words, “but what about…?”)

  13. Marie Kotze says:

    Africa will be healed when ALL her children regardless of colour or race repent and stop their idolatry and ancestral worship, you cannot serve two masters and expect protection. Witchcraft is rife on this beautiful continent, even in South Africa where I am from, our president is lock, stock and barrel sold out to the cabal and do their bidding. He received many prophetic warnings to turn back to God and repent. I pray that our country and continent will repent and turn away from our sins, so that we may prosper and build with our All Mighty at the helm.
    May God bless and keep you, for all the Glory belongs to the Most High

    1. Flourish&Thrive says:

      Marie sis, I’m with you. It is actually a very strange thing to realise that I’m an anomaly as a black person to not practice ancestral worship and to receive backlash for it. Let’s keep praying for our repentance, and, salvation for our people who are lost and caught in the political smokescreen.

    2. Bridgette says:

      We were singing the National Anthem on Friday..Morena boloka setshaba sa heso” …”God protect our land” . And later I got to think…how is He going to do that when we are voting for leaders who believe in abortion policies and all the filth from Netflix we love and call entertainment. I’ve never bought a TV and I don’t vote. I’m just at a point where I’m trying to focus on my relationship with God, be obedient, read my bible, reach out to others and do a lot of repenting.

  14. amandachristine814 says:

    Even without prophecy we could see this coming. There were articles in the news about huge gold and other resources popping up in Africa a few weeks ago. I think there was a poll on YouTube (i think from Russell Brand’s channel) and about 94% of the respondents stated it would be used as an opportunity to invade. I’m in the US, more and more of us are waking up and understanding this. We now see the evil our leaders have done all this time while we were so ignorant to the matter. I pray for my country each day. We were all fooled and brainwashed, while we pointed the finger at other nations being the ones brainwashed. Yah is opening hearts and letting some understand there truth. He did so for me at least. I pray for the African nations, my nation, and all humanity. We need you Lord.

    1. Roni says:

      You know i thought russel would get saved and hoped katy Perry would repent. He was an atheist but seems to have a spirit of justice. She ended up divorcing him . i had hoped they would repent and evangelize same with kanye and Kim..

  15. Martin says:

    Hi Celestial. I know at one stage you blocked anyone from copying and pasting data from your blog, but I see I just tried and I can copy and paste text from your blog. Blessing Martin

  16. MB says:

    BABYLON THE GREAT has much blood on her hands.

    I’m from the DRC. The U.S. played a direct role in assassinating its first elected leader, Patrice Lumumba. He became the first prime minister of the Congo when they gained independence from colonial rule in 1960. Patrice was a bold leader, too. He was replaced by Mobutu who ended up ruling the country for three decades.

  17. Van-Esa says:

    Hello Celestial, is this a recently received prophecy? For some reason, while searching for something else on your blog a couple of days ago, I think I stumbled upon this message, – but from a couple of years ago (I can be wrong though, not sure about the date) in its unedited form, without any picture…Maybe you have received this same prophecy twice?

    1. Celestial says:

      I’ve received it a few times but I do not know or remember posting it before, it is just something I’ve been aware of for a while til the Lord said to formally publish it. Most things on this site I’ve heard over and over before it becomes formal.

      1. Jasmine🌸 says:

        Hello 👋🏽 do you teach or mentor people outside of YouTube/Blogging? Your videos are very helpful and has personally been helping me, I truly appreciate and thank God for you.

  18. Yvette says:

    I pray for his soul; he is a real man standing up for his people.

  19. Kinston K. says:

    I’m from Liberia. and this is exactly how this little nation has been exploited by America. Former war Lord and ex-President Charles Taylor said it in an interview that you can not run Liberia without washington

  20. Flourish&Thrive says:

    I’ve just seen something that caught my attention and brought to mind this prophecy, though I must submit that I do not fully comprehend the connection for now. Ruto spoke that “African presidents would no longer tolerate being treated like children by world (The West) leaders”, spoke about African unity and stamped on the undermining of state sovereignty over African states.

    My interest was particularly on his mention that Kagame is personally driving the consolidation of the African thought and “unit” representation with the rest of the world (couldn’t find a more appropriate term to describe it)

    Kenya President Says Africa Presidents wont Be Summoned Like Kids By World Leaders Anymore:

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