The Nazis Will Return – January 20, 2019


[This dream is reprinted direct from personal journal notes, not prophecy archives. My thoughts to myself are included.]

Wow… where to begin… May I be able to capture all I saw and heard last night. It was a ‘troubled’ night, by troubled I mean the Holy Spirit was active in downloads, speaking and revealing many things to me during the night. This kind of night never makes for good quality sleep but it does mean I wake up far more advanced in knowledge of spiritual things than I was when I went to bed, and that is a more than worthwhile sacrifice to make for a bit of sleep.

The dream I had at dawn is the first thing I want to remember… I dreamt that the Nazis had come back to earth. In the middle of the Holy Spirit giving details about the end times and what the signs and markers will be, I had this dream. I lived with my siblings in a time when it was better (i.e. safer) to live in groups than alone. We all shared a house in a city or town, I don’t know where.

It was a stressful time, people were under great pressure due to basic shortages and things like that. Severe shortages and rationing had come but thank God, we had what we needed. In the dream the Lord was warning about end times, in particular the large numbers of Nephilim and other non-human creatures walking around on earth. Because the Holy Spirit was cautioning me as He always does when I’m awake I absolutely did not know I was asleep until after I woke up.

I was torn between telling my family what God was saying about creatures, should I tell them or not. I felt it might be one more difficult blow to receive, one more stress in a world already piled high with stress. I was also still coming to terms with the sheer scope of the knowledge myself- even before I slept, even in my sleep God was revealing things. I was deep in thought over what He said of the countless number of Nephilim, undead, evil and unclean creatures in our modern world, so indeed I was wondering should I stress my family out with this on top of everything else. 

There was GREAT TENSION in this dream. I didn’t know why at first but I found out. One day I heard my brother weeping with all his heart. He was outside on the phone, weeping so loud and sounding so broken that I was surprised he was able to have a phone conversation. The sound of his distress made me flick the curtain and look out our front windows, but instead of seeing him I saw this in my peripheral vision: 

Nazi soldiers (or Nazi-like soldiers) dressed exactly like how original Nazis dress in the muddy brown-green SS uniforms, complete with red swastika arm bands on their right arms, were herding a group of very young children out of the school next to our house into waiting trucks, where they would no doubt be taken away for separation, processing and to be put to death.

My brother was out there  (hopefully out of sight) when all this was going on, his grief was so real that I felt it too in my sleep. Seeing all those children get hustled into the SS trucks for a fate more certain than death triggered a reaction in him that, upon hearing his sorrowful response it shot fear bone deep into every one of us in the house who had not yet seen what was going on.

The soldiers must not have heard or seen him though he can’t have been more than a few feet from them, they didn’t turn to look for him but continued marching those kids to their trucks. They loaded all the children and took them away. Right after they left my brother stumbled into the house and, ignoring the rest of us totally, poured his heart out to the person on the phone.

Yes, yes, I’m telling you- I saw trucks of soldiers come up to the junior school right near my house. They went in and came out with orderly lines of small children, loaded them in trucks and drove away. You know what’s going to happen to them, it’s just like the past, except now they’ll be killing them for being minorities, disabled, mentally slow and that kind of thing instead of only Jewish. There’ll be more categories now to kill for. Yes! I’m telling you, I just saw it. It is happening again. 

He explained things in a high state of agitation as the rest of us were frozen in place, absorbing second-hand details from what he told his friend. Then the phone rang and my dad’s voice said via speakerphone: 

Well… there it is. You guys are in it now, you’re on your own. You have to do what you need to do to survive. They’ve started this kind of thing, it won’t be long before they start coming for adults and you know what that means. You all have to be SMART. I’ve left provision for you – it will help but you have to do your best to stay alive. You’re on your own now so, be wise. 

The phone clicked off and I tell you we were very afraid in that house. It hung over everybody and we looked at each other without a single idea what to do. Then I woke up and was even more afraid than when I was dreaming because: 1) I couldn’t believe what I just dreamt and 2) when I asked the Lord if the dream was true He confirmed it. I asked several times, how can it be real? How can dead Nazis come back?

His answer? As sure as you have seen it those times are coming back on the earth. People will be hunted, searched for, segregated and put to death for being part of many “outlawed” categories. Every kind of wickedness that happened in the past is coming back and evil will grow on earth almost to the point of annihilating anything good. You will see this with your own eyes. 

The part of that dream that distressed me the most was the cry of my brother. I realized that grown men won’t be able to bear what they see in the end times, the helplessness even men will feel in certain situations made his grief resonate while I slept and even when I woke up. Nazism was one of the deepest evils the world ever saw, the power of one IDEOLOGY that spread until it threatened to ink out the whole world. How do you fight back against that Lord? This question is still on my mind as I record what I’ve seen and prepare to start my day. 

Men’s hearts, failing them for the things they shall see coming upon the earth. My understanding of this scripture never stops growing with each new thing the Heavenly Father shows me. It seems to have no end, the number of things I can apply this one verse to…

When I got this dream I had no idea of any of the things I now know about Nazis. I think this may be one of the first times God ever showed me about them, before this all I knew was what school history and TV say. It was through His consistent revelation that God brought me to the understanding that Naziism was sheltered and protected in America and will rise to full visibility in the Beast system. (July 21, 2022)

Note: I would have used another image but the Lord specifically said- “Put up the picture of Pan the goat god. The clearest, crispest image you can find. Let them look at who is responsible for everything that will come to humanity and realize that’s who they let into their midst.”

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  1. Celestial says:

    I know though the last sentence is clear some will still ask “Is God saying the goat god is more evil than the devil?” No. God is saying whether it’s called Baal or Pan or Lucifer or Belial or Beezelbub or Apollyon or by any other ancient name, people should know by now that SATAN is who they welcomed by always choosing sin and to support lifestyles, actions, beliefs, views & policies that are sin. Satan has a presence among us now, all coming evil is firmly rooted in him.

    1. Elma Zanamwe says:

      OK thank you. It’s clear now. I had posted that I was not familiar with Pan.

    2. abbysolutilyfree says:

      I pray that you always be able celestial. There are those that pray to be closer to God and this is a good thing! It is difficult to reprove and rebuke. If we know more we are responsible for more. It’s difficult. The closer we get to God, the more we know the truth and it sets us free. Yet Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, as we well know. The truth is our friend and we welcome her. I cannot imagine being a prophet for the Almighty. It must be so heavy and those of us who follow after and seek the truth are thankful that someone is appointed to tell us the truth. We are the body and we stick together and walk this walk. And we pray and lift this prophet, that she may have strength, rest and courage to carry on. The Lord is with us.

    3. Lee says:

      Ok so I had a dream with Nazi soliders however familiar spirits were there, like MJ from Billie Jean era was there loading up a black car and I was in the house and it looked like the past, I was in a old timey looking house, my dream had the past written all over it but the ppl in those trucks looked like Hispanic men in these coats with the swastika on their arms, perring into the house but not really seeing me, and that was the end I rebuked that dream. As you are receiving these things, I know Yah is showing you these things but I would ask the Father if you can rebuke these dreams or pray against them, bc I don’t understand how nazisim will come back when they are pushing a new age agenda which includes love of all and accepting of all religions and ppl. As they have predicted that America will be mixed, ppl will not look black or white but in the middle. The Antichrist can’t have races disputing, he has to join them together. His soul purpose is to be ruled over and be admired by all and loved by all nations.

  2. Anita says:


    1. Phyllis says:

      Thank you Celestial for taking time to write down all that YAH is showing you. ABBA Father help me and my family to flee from Sin and be right with you…

  3. clouds says:

    I also had a dream this Tuesday before I woke up, it’s about Hitler (army) entering my house and smashing things that are forbidden by their ideology. This dream at first is strange to me because I was not on this subject at all. However when your Nazi return post came up that same day, and also today with further sharing on the topic, thought I just share here. May God make known of his way his wisdom and his direction to all who love him and follow him wholeheartedly.
    Thank you for your works, you are in my prayers💙😇

  4. BBRob says:

    Bless Adonai and thank you sis for sharing. Even here in the Caribbean I know of someone who was given a dream about that swastika sign flying in the skies as well. So I am grateful for these messages from the Father.

  5. ServantOfTheLord says:

    Now is the time for wisdom in all you do. This is beginning already and people are being tracked. I pray LORD that you give wisdom and the keys to preparation to all those who fear YOU and you alone LORD that you guide them in all their activities to survive what is coming upon this Earth and keep all your people in YOUR will and under the wings of your protection.

  6. Ciarri says:

    Just in case anyone is in doubt I read a story of how Nazi soldiers took newborns that the put into sacks and threw into trucks.

    On the way to a concentration camp they stopped to throw all the sacks into a freezing river.

  7. Christopher McKenzie says:

    Bless you my Sister, im asking you to pray that i to am able to share the atrocities i see coming and currently in the so called church. Great persecution and shunning is coming to us who speak what we see and hear from our Father Yah. 🙏 for me as i prepare to step into my call .

  8. Joy says:

    Although i read some of your prophecies related to Nazi. Today morning at 6am i had a vision of a swastika. I came from hindu religion, but as soon as i had the vision this morning i knew in my spirit The Lord was telling me once again to come here and read these prophecies.
    Thank You for being a faithful servant of The Lord sister Celestial.

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