Portals And The Pfizer Vaccines – October 12, 2021


This is a long post, please bear with me until the end.

I continue sharing the prophetic words, warnings and revelations of the God of Heaven, the Lord Yahweh and His Son Jesus Christ, hidden things revealed to me at all hours of the day whether I am prepared for them or not. At this point I am sharing to first to obey God and fulfill the record of faithfulness. God called me to be a witness who would write down everything He shows me, so whether one person reads this website or a million the record will stand as I received it.  

I have by now had first-hand experience of the hardened hearts in and outside of Christianity, and what saddens me is knowing what the Lord says is true. Humanity’s pride will be its destruction. From the people laughing at Noah all the way to present day fascination with “debunking” the truth God is revealing through His servants, pride and deep rooted unbelief is what prevents many from taking these warnings of the Lord Jesus to heart. Yet the Lord issued a challenge in Isaiah 41:

“Present your case,” says the LORD. “Submit your arguments,” says the King of Jacob. “Let them come and tell us what will happen. Tell the former things so that we may reflect on them and know the outcome. Or announce to us what is coming. Tell us the things that are to come, so that we may know that you are gods. Yes, do something good or evil, that we may look on together in dismay.” – (Isaiah 41:21-23″

Who has declared from the beginning, that we may know? And former times, that we may say, ‘He is righteous’? Surely there is no one who shows, Surely there is no one who declares, Surely there is no one who hears your words. – (Isaiah 41:26)

The Lord is saying from the ancient times nobody can show the future in stark and coherent detail except He reveals it, not even satan knows the hidden secrets and nobody can uncover the noble progression of truth UNLESS HE, GOD, DOES IT. HE ALONE IS THE HOLDER OF ALL TRUTH.

Yet whenever He sends His messengers out they are met with scorn, doubt and derision. It’s not for those who accept my words I say this; I am saying that the overwhelming majority of people who don’t even use this blog or any related Christian resources (as well as a huge number of Christians) have no listening ears at all. This will lead to so much loss of life in future, that it’s painful to think about. But I know my assignment- it is ‘the bitter scroll’ of Ezekiel. I know it and accept it, and long as I warn as an Ezekiel 33 watchman whoever whoever hears me will also be judged and dealt with by the Lord as an Ezekiel 33 listener, whether they believe His words or not. So let me speak the things God has shown me.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning was the formation of a portal and the abduction of people into spaceships and portals.

I saw a tree-lined street at night from a diagonal view, as if I was standing down a nice tree-lined street with cars parked on both sides with the hoods toward me (cars parked facing my direction). As I watched the air in the middle of the street began to get hazy, foggy, and ‘wobbly’. By this I mean the air started turning whitish, ‘thicker’ and denser than everywhere else. Everything I saw through that middle section of the street was like seeing through a white mist, it was all foggy and wobbly like when air gets so hot it forms those wiggly heat lines.

As I watched a circle of lights suddenly appeared, many square lights (glowing white hot) arranged in a perfect circle, appeared above the middle of the road. I did not see the upper part of the circle but from below I was looking at the blazing hot bottom of a circular spaceship made of medium grey metal, with square lights embedded in a circle under it. Blasts of heat came out of the ring of lights and there was a huge hole breathing like a furnace in the centre of it. This hole is what made everything look wobbly, the hole affected the real world and caused the air to change (it made things look weird and ‘shimmery’).

ufo bottom

It was almost exactly like this except that whole green middle part was a hole of severe heat.

I saw the ship materialize at a little above tree height between the two rows of cars on either side of the street, then it  cooled down, dimmed the lights and hovered. All around and especially under it the air took on a different, “woozy” quality, like how movies look woozy in scenes where the person is remembering or dreaming. Everywhere else the air and appearance of things was crisp and clear. That is the first thing God showed me today, soon as I opened my eyes.

Next I saw these ships going everywhere in the world, wherever they appeared a hole opened up in the bottom of the ship and people were sucked up. People went up alone. People and their dogs were sucked up. People and their cows were sucked up. At times just the cow or a horse went up in a yellowish beam of light, or several people all at once. (The voice of God narrated this part to me in my own voice, I heard the Lord speaking in my own voice and this is what He said:)

“These ships made portals everywhere, and everywhere they made a portal they transformed the atmosphere around them and put a kind of spell on the surrounding area. I saw people sucked up into the hole in a beam of yellow light, like soft amber reading light, not too hard on the eyes. The ships hung diagonally and sucked people up in dark city alleyways, deserted streets, or in open fields. People and their dogs went up, or people and their cows. To me it looked like the cover of a 1950s alien book or comic- the ship leaning diagonally, a great yellowish beam of light pouring out the bottom, people going up arms and legs spread, their faces frozen in shock and the dog barking next to them. The dog looked like it was running on air but the person was frozen stiff. It looked very clichéd and I realised the ships were doing the abductions exactly the way people imagine it in books.


(Like this but with animals too.)

In the ships experiments were done to these people on the soft bowel and small bowel. I saw a man’s abdomen open and his entire small intestine laid out neatly on the table beside him as tall thin grey ‘beings’ were working on him. I saw them holding metal instruments in slender fingers with a bulbous tip; their fingers were long and thin like string beans but the ends had a ‘bulb’ like the ends of frogs’ toes. 

These creatures were literally LEARNING on this man, meaning they were using him to study how the human digestive system worked. They were examining him to see how human digestion is and the man slept on the table with all his guts out and he wasn’t dead. They were opening people up to see how they worked! I saw that those taken in these ships had things added to them while some had things taken from them like teeth, spermatozoa and human eggs from the women. Then they came back and didn’t remember a thing, except that they felt sick. They felt physically sick and emotionally sick, like a “grief” was on them but they did not know why. They had many repressed emotions but because they could not remember their encounters they did not know why they had these feelings. I saw when you came back the creatures could find you at any time; there was nowhere you could go on this planet where they couldn’t find you, because of some kind of ‘tracer’ they put in the people. They were always coming back for the same people and also taking new people. They were not very interested in the animals- they did something to animals and they didn’t come back but they almost always put people back. Some people did not come back though, I do not know why.

The Lord continued speaking to me in my own voice:

I saw them having “missing time”. Time they could not account for, and they privately worried about that time like when a child has a tooth loose and keeps probing it with his tongue. I saw them probing their minds to remember what they’d done all weekend or where they went all day yesterday, but they could not remember and their hearts fretted over it. Also once they took you these beings kept taking you and taking you, ’til when you got old they came for your children who to them are like the exact genetic replica and marker of you with some new things added (because a child is you but not exactly you, children are you mixed with another person so not exactly you). After they stopped taking people they took their children of a certain age and maturity and began doing to them exactly what they had done to their parents. While I was seeing all this I saw bright holes appearing in the sky, bright burning holes of portals like a circle of fire that were open and spinning in the sky, in preparation for other things to come through them to the earth. That is what I saw. 

The above passage was narrated to me by the Lord using my own voice, so I basically heard myself telling myself what I saw and I wrote it down this morning. 

Then the Lord (in His own voice) said that people need to be careful of their children. He said not to leave small children or even big children unattended in these days, in these present times and especially times to come. He said “things” will take your children, brothers and sisters.

Things that are not people, things that are not kidnappers or molesters or human traffickers. As the Lord warned me a word came to me; I looked it up and then regretted it. WENDIGO. Internet photos show a very strong, half-rotten, reindeer-dog-wolfman walking upright. The Lord laid on my heart that things like the WENDIGO will take your children and you will bitterly regret not watching over them. If you think this is not real then guard your children carelessly like the Egyptians who did not listen when the Lord warned of damaging hail in the Exodus. The Lord warned through Moses of hail strong enough to kill, but many Egyptians who mocked the Lord left their servants and cattle outside despite the warning. Their property was later beaten to death by the weight of hail as big as boulders. The Lord said when human beings take children there is a chance to get them back. You can involve the police, you can pray, you have a chance to get your children back. However when these creatures (that are now starting to get brave enough to come to populated areas where humans live) take your children – you can close the book on them. You will never ever get them back. You will never see them again.

Let those who have a hearing ear, hear. I am not here for your entertainment or your disbelief. I am here to warn those who have faith in their hearts and know there is a good God in Heaven, to listen to these prophetic warnings and take heed to themselves. We are going into a reality few want to accept or think about. The era of the dominance of mankind is closing, things are not what they once were, so be careful of your children, says the Lord. 

In the vision everything went back to the street at night with the ship hanging in the air. The entire neighbourhood was in a deep sleep, I could feel people sleeping so deeply like when you take sleep aid or too much Nyquil, hhhhmmm… hhhhmmm… hhhhmm… Men and woman taking deep breaths in such deep sleep that nobody came outside to see that ship hanging at Frisbee level in full view of their street. Nobody except me who God put there to see it. Suddenly the lights winked out and the ship disappeared; soon as it left the whole street became clear, not hazy or wobbly anymore. All the cars, trees, streetlights and the tarmac was clear and solid again, and the vision disappeared from my eyes.

Celestial’s note: This vision helped me understand why UFO and alien footage is always poor quality and never clear. These ships and even the creatures themselves emit some type of powerful frequency that literally changes dimensions around them so that nothing is clear and solid, not even reality, talk less of a recording by a phone camera or some other type of recording device. Their presence even turns REALITY into a misty haze and puts entire neighbourhoods into paralyzing sleep! Beware America. Beware what you’re constantly wishing for saying “I wish they would make contact!”

I went back to sleep and when I woke up I felt the spirit of death strongly in the room. I felt it right away and said No Lord, no death, no premature death. I sat up and prayed for 20 minutes against loss, death, premature death and the unfair end of life. I prayed for my entire family and others, that we have no funerals and no losses because I know we are not prepared for them at all.

Lastly the Lord gave me this information below. I’ve said it how I understand it, just as He impressed the knowledge to my heart so that I don’t have to keep repeating “And God said”. I don’t know many of these side effects and medical terms but I know this is information from the Father, intended to warn and save lives. He spoke matter-of-factly to me and that is now what I pass on to you. 

The Pfizer vaccine is the deadliest of all the vaccines. It is the one with the highest casualty rate and will be the one with the highest figures of terminal illness and death. The Pfizer vaccine will cause TERMINAL ILLNESS (i.e. sicknesses you cannot beat or recover from). If people keep taking this vaccine they will become a casualty. The spirit of death is here; death is coming personally to homes to take away family members for different reasons, not just vaccine related. People are going to die because this is the time of man’s return to God, man’s return to the dust of the earth and also end-times harvesting of souls.

Pfizer will kill a lot of people. They will suffer nerve, muscle and tissue damage. Nerve damage is pinching of the nerves and deterioration of the neural impulse. When the neural impulse isn’t working properly you will not think or talk properly; you will not do things that nerves empower the body to do in the right fashion. You will have jerky movements and drop things and spill things and shake. Synapses will fire oddly causing muscle seizures, epileptic fits, brain freezes and other things related to nerve and muscle damage including excruciating pain that makes life very difficult and terrible to bear.

Tissue damage will occur as well. Soft tissues of the body will rot and stink, in some places it will turn dark, bruised; so flesh will be purple or yellow or blue, or what I saw in this case is black. Big black areas with bruising. Discoloured patches that grow on the body or just appear and won’t go away. Black body parts or black areas of tissue because of tissue damage.

Blood loss in some people and bursting of blood vessels.

Web lace damage. “Neural lace”. So the brain is like fatty tissue in a lumpy formation and all of it is encased in some kind of… bag. A casing, like how sausage is encased in a skin to keep it whole. That is ‘web lace’ because it is a web of neurons, trigger points and other things “laced” all over the brain. But the vaccine is going to erode that thing like acid, it’s going to eat big holes in it and affect the brain. Then you will lose what’s called cognitive function. You will forget things you did only yesterday (that is short term memory loss). You will forget what you said and what you ate and when people keep having to remind you about it, trying to help you keep it together, you’ll be very frustrated. You’ll be angry but have no one to blame but yourself. (These are the Lord’s words).

Some people will get angry for no reason- they will have extreme mood swings and in some cases outbursts of wrath. Extreme anger for tiny things or sometimes nothing at all. Extreme wrath, outbursts of anger or perhaps sustained anger where they’re angry all the time and can’t really control it. Some will have muted rage where you can see they’re angry but they will attempt to mask it with another emotion but you can still see it. You need to be careful of such people as they can harm you.

Chaotic thinking, can’t finish one thought before jumping on the other. Can’t think or express oneself in a normal pattern anymore. The computer of the mind will be scrambled, overriding itself  and glitching, which causes chaotic thought and conversation.

Extreme forgetfulness and something called pocket amnesia. Peoplw will trail off mid-sentence and forget what they were saying. Pocket amnesia is forgetting only specific types of information while the rest of your brain works fine. So you just can’t remember who people are anymore but you remember everything else. Or you forget all your physical skills- metalworking, carpentry, what you studied at college- all that info goes blank but you know who you are. You know how to drive and tie your shoes but everything related to how you earn a living is lost to a ‘pocket’ of amnesia and memory loss, meaning you can do everything else except what you studied and shaped for years as a skill or career path.

Other effects are staring into space, losing time, not aware time has passed.

Sleepiness, a lot of tiredness, lethargy and sleepiness.

Neural pathways will be short-circuited and blocked. This means thoughts will not be able to come to you at all. You will stop thinking properly. It also means thoughts cannot be completed to actions. So they will put a ball in your hands and say Just squeeze the ball Sally. Just squeeze the ball. And you won’t be able to squeeze it. You will hear your brain telling you There is a ball in your hands squeeze it. And your eyes will say I see the ball, your hand will say I am the left hand I feel the ball I am going to squeeze it, but absolutely nothing will happen with the muscle. Your brain will have all these signals but something called the neural pathway that turns these messsges into living impulses your body obeys will stop working and you will become a functioning vegetable person who can’t do anything or can’t do certain things but you’re fully aware inside yourself of being you, of hearing people talking to you, of wanting to talk to them back but you can’t make your throat and tongue agree to make the words.

God said all this and more things will happen to people who have taken the Pfizer vaccine. It will be a leading cause of death overtaking cancer. It will make America’s death rate go up three times higher because of its efficiency in killing people. Neural damage. Brain damage. Sleep function will be affected, some people will not stop sleeping and some won’t be able to get to sleep anymore.

Body temperature regulation will be affected, you will be like a broken thermostat. You won’t be able to get warm anymore or stay cool anymore depending on how you are affected.

Speech center affected, slow speech, slurred speech, broken speech, forgetful like an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient yet you don’t actually have those diseases. God said it is the vaccine eating at your brain’s ability to do what it always did with ease before.

EPIDERMAL ROT. This is what the Lord said- epidermal rot. So your skin will be putrid and rot. Lesions. Spots. Withering. Discolouration. Bruising. And skin cancer in some rare instances. But mostly skin will erupt with lesions and sores, that is epidermal rot.

Your teeth will hurt and be loose. There will be internal corruption from the inside of the body so you will smell different. A different kind of smell even coming out of your mouth which cannot be masked and also through the pores.

Muscle fatigue and weakness. A lot of tiredness, discoordinated movement  and muscles not doing what you want them to do. So you drop things or have shaky steps or even fall down a lot more than you used to. All these and more are the side effects of this vaccine.

God said He has told this nation to stop being disobedient, to stop taking these vaccines but they continue to do so, and this is the penalty of error which fools receive into the body. This brought the words of Psalm 107 sharply to mind-

Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted. Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death. – (Psalms 107:17- 18)

The Lord said these effects are both instant and cumulative. Some people will be instantly affected by these things when they take the vaccine, these side effects will manifest right away. But even long term others will develop and manifest these things. A cumulative effect is one that develops as a result of time, passing time is what eventually shows the effect the vaccine will have. The last thing the Lord said was that of all the side effects, death is the most lasting and permanent.

This is a faithful and true record of all the things, I Celestial have seen and heard from the Lord. I have spoken of all of these too many times, so may this serve as yet another witness of God’s mercy, how He keeps warning us even though He knows more than anyone else that the vaccine line is longer than ever. More people going to take it daily saying they have no choice, ‘the science is sure’ and whatever else they are telling themselves to justify this decision. For their part these companies will continue to say (with the full assistance of the government and mainstream media) that every single sickness and death is a ‘rare complication’ until they have ‘rare complicated’ the existing population into nonexistence. Therefore I saw this, may each one remember that even with fire to the feet this is still a decision. Now God in His love and mercy has added this- the most in-depth revelation I have ever received of what these vaccines do. He did not say the others are safe, in fact He said they are all the same but THIS ONE is the swiftest and deadliest. 

Let those who have ears to hear, hear. Please read this post carefully, thank you.  

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  1. michael says:

    mrna means messenger rna, messenger in greek is angelos – rna!!

  2. Celestial says:

    I notice that the Lord repeatedly gives me information related to demonic creatures (specifically aliens) in the same conversation as real-life information like politics and vaccines. There are several posts like this where I’d have liked to separate the information into different posts but He said to leave it as one flow. Sometimes I do post otherworldly information by itself but most of the time the Lord wants it to be one prophecy, this points to correlation. Thank you.




  3. pmachikiti says:

    Thank you our obedient servant of the most Yah. Our Heavenly Father is full of mercy he is always warning us and does not want us to perish. The ball is in our hands you have blown the trumpet those with ears let them hear the word of God for it is mighty and true. Once again thank you my sister Celestial.

    1. Amanda L Mitchell says:

      Aliens are fallen angels. Those who do not know the Lord will call them aliens. This could explain away the Rapture. All the v’s are the MOFB and are to be avoided. I agree it is a deadly snake bite. Blessings…

  4. Anonymous says:

    my dad took it and now has narcolepsy

    1. Anonymous says:

      Please pray and lead him to pray if possible. Turn to Jesus and he will guide your heart to help your dad. God bless and keep you and yours.

  5. JMccree says:

    Thank you, Celestial. I wll be sharing with someone at work today.

  6. Angels Among Us says:

    Hello Sister Celestial,

    Thank you for being so obedient to ABBA. And conveying His messages.

    I never comment but I wanted to tell you that there is a movie titled, ‘THEY’ in that movie it depicts that “tracker” you speak of and how it’s implanted in different areas of people’s bodies. What was strange is all the people whom were tracked and abducted, was that they all had childhood “Night Terrors” as children(not sure if this means anything) also they seem to affect electricity. All the people who were implanted were found by Them and died.
    Just thought I’d pass that along.
    Peace and Grace to you and yours

  7. windchimesandrain says:

    Celestial, what you said about the Pzifer vaccine is terrifying. I have not taken it or the other ones, but my fiance has. He wouldn’t listen to me in the beginning when I told him that I was feeling something deep inside of me that something wasn’t right with these injections. What you said about the effects on the brain with the ” discordinated movement and muscles not doing what you want them to do” sounds like the Cerebellar Cortex function of the brain. Which is the area of the head my fiance is experiencing some very uncomfortable sensations. I’m afraid that this is the beginning of something bad.

  8. clambotte says:

    Hi Celestial, I don’t normally post links, but this link confirms alot of the things the Lord tells you. You might find it interesting. Talks about substances in the V ax and also at the end about Mogellons. https://www.trunews.com/stream/tentacle-tuesday-is-there-a-thing-in-covid-vaccines

  9. Mary Njoroge says:

    Celestial may God bless you for your obedience so that we can hear the plans of the enemy in this end times and prepare ourselves. I always make sure i listen and read your blogs. I appreciate the work u put in…I will share with as many people as possible those who are willing to heed to this warning. I have noticed that my friends and colleagues who have already taken the injectables don’t pay attention and whenever this topics come about I am looked at as foolish and radical. Thank you Celestial for your obedience, from U.K

  10. anonymous says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of your posts but have never commented. I am a little fearful in writing this, just because I don’t like to share what I am about to say, but before I was born again I had a few incidents in my teenage years where those alien beings (demons of course) made contact with me. I was 13 when it first happened and every few months they would come at night. It was frightful, scary. I would go months sometimes and then sometimes it was almost a year without anything happening but they would always come back. I’ve blocked out much of it but I can tell you that you are right when you said they put a tracer in you. My parents moved every 2-3 years and no matter where we were at I always had that feeling as though I was being watched when I was alone. Never when with people, only when left alone. They are completely evil and every time they would appear I would be frozen in fear. I gave my life to the Lord when I was 21 and since then (I am now in my 40s) I have never had an incident. They do not touch those covered by blood of the Lamb. I have learn spiritual warfare and am filled with the Holy Spirit. They will not even manifest because they know they have no authority or right after I gave my life to Jesus. I also want to add I had a dream earlier this year and I saw them come back to fill the earth and take people. Your vision is true. In my dream I saw it happen at midday and the body is not going to be prepared. I saw born again Christians trying to warfare and rebuke these things and it will not work. Not even the name of Jesus will move them. I heard the Lord say in my dream that he will release new weapons of warfare to those who are his, which the world has not yet seen and the enemy will know nothing about. That is how we are going to defeat them.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi… I think it’s great that you shared. I’ve never experienced them but God shows them to me. You’re right, Christians are not prepared, they don’t even believe when they’re warned. They think these creatures are like normal demons that flee at the name of Jesus. Aliens can freeze all the people in an entire city, the things they do is beyond belief. This is why most of the dreams I’ve had of them will not be posted. Even if I wrote a book people will argue and not believe. All I can say is, at the coming of the fallen- ALL the types of fallen- God says human flesh will be torn. They will tear man & destroy the planet because of their vengeance and rage against humanity, but I will not speak of anything ahead of time. I’ve already shared many warnings, if it’s not enough to make people seek refuge in the Lord then what will? Thank you for sharing- may the power of the blood be eternally on your side. Amen.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Six months ago, a friend of mine informed me of her decision to take the vaccine. It was Pfizer. Her words, “It’s the safest vaccine” rung in my ears as I was reading this post. Unfortunately, her, her large family, members of the maternal side of my family and several acquaintances and neighbors have all taken the Pfizer vaccine. Most of them took it out of fear and several recently took it to keep their high-paying jobs. As time marches on, I am finding out that my husband and I are the only ones in the area that haven’t acquiesced and taken the jab. So be it.

    I will never understand voluntarily taking this poison for a virus that is 99% survivable (if you are under the age of 84!). Sigh…

  12. Nita A Renfrow says:

    Which is greater . To love our Lord God almighty or to fear him. Which is greater? Love or Fear.?

    If you asked me I would say love. I fear a bear. I fear pain. I fear lions but to say I llove. Or I’d die for him that can only be motivated from them heart of love. Love is beautiful. It is what sustains. Love gives life. Fear is negative.

    1. Celestial says:

      Read your Bible sister. Do not follow your view of things, only follow accurate scripture. Man is to love God, and fear God. This is not a “one or the other” choice, both are commandments. The fear of God is CLEAN, it brings wisdom, it gives long life and keeps the soul out of hell. Stop following earthly understanding, let the Bible be your only instruction and not the fairy stories the church has been fed on for years- love love love and yet they are full of sin.

      Visit this link and read all the verses that tell you believers should fear the Lord. His name is THE HOLY FEAR OF ISRAEL. God bless you.


  13. Sgt. Carl says:

    Zechariah 14:12

    “And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.”

  14. Judy says:

    Many will be deceived & think that this is the rapture & they were left behind! Weakening their faith!! For all who believe in the pre-tribulation fairytale — I pray!!

  15. Flo Ellers says:

    I have read many of your articles/prophecies and several other Christian sites where all of you warn of the adverse side effects of the vaccines yet no one has ever given a Scripture for healing and/or deliverance. In the Word, Jesus healed all who came to Him whether they deserved the healing/deliverance or not. Jesus has not changed. Why do you suppose this aspect of the Word is being omitted?

    1. H says:

      Have you ever read Jeremiah 15:1?

      New King James Version
      Then the LORD said to me, “Even if Moses and Samuel stood before Me, My mind would not be favorable toward this people. Cast them out of My sight, and let them go forth.”

      Even when David pled, FASTED, and begged God to spare his firstborn son with Bathsheba, the Lord still let the boy die. God had judged David that the sword would never leave his house…And no amount of begging ever changed David’s judgement.

      As for as healing all who have adverse reactions to the vaxxine…If that clause was allowed for everyone who voluntarily takes the vaccine, then people would take it on purpose because they had a “get out of jail free card.”

      If you hear about Jesus healing someone or Anyone from the vaccines’ reactions…do let me know!

      1. merrily13 says:

        Hi H! Regarding repentance and healing from the jab for people who did not realize what they were getting into. Go to Pastor JD Farag, and pull up his app. He has two sermons of testimonials from around the world of people who experienced this. They are truely beautiful and encouraging.

  16. ischneuing says:

    Thank you and blessings from Germany ♥️

  17. ChildOfTheKing YESHUA says:

    You have a pic in your post from June 29, 2021 that looks like a portal.

    On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 6:10 PM The Master’s Voice wrote:

    > Celestial posted: ” This is a long post, please bear with me until the > end. I continue sharing the prophetic words, warnings and revelations of > the God of Heaven, the Lord Yahweh and His Son Jesus Christ, hidden things > revealed to me at all hours of the day whether I a” >

  18. Heather S says:

    Toxic epidermal necrolysis: 49-year-old New York woman develops life-threatening skin-rotting disorder one week after Pfizer mRNA injection


  19. Heather says:

    Thank you Celestial for your thorough writings, and your articulate expression in the accompanying videos. I look forward to having clarity of my assignment as the LORD has given to you. Your posts are a sobering breath of fresh air. May GOD bless you and all those who listen to, and learn from you.

    Heather Maryland, USA

  20. Bupe Chileshe says:

    Greetings my sister celestial, am asking for your email address I have some personal questions I would like to ask you please…

  21. Celestial says:


    He said it will come to children. He said so in multiple messages now here it is, coming to them even as their parents also carry them them at all ages to get it. I will be praying as should you. May the Lord have mercy on these innocents…

  22. Sgt. Carl says:

    Reading LEVITICUS 26:14-46, I identified many things in that chapter that are an exact description of what the LORD has shared through TMV, and to other servants as well. I’m just going to highlight those verses with specifically spoke of “animals” taking children and many things that are exactly as the LORD has shown here:

    ” I will send wild animals against you, and THEY WILL ROB YOU OF YOUR CHILDREN, destroy your cattle and MAKE YOU SO FEW IN NUMBERS that your roads will be deserted.” – Leviticus 26:22

    “then I will do this to you: I will bring on you sudden terror, wasting diseases and fever that will destroy your sight and sap your strength. You will plant seed in vain, because your enemies will eat it.” – Leviticus 26:16

    “When I cut off your supply of bread, ten women will be able to bake your bread in one oven, and they will dole out the bread by weight. You will eat, but you will not be satisfied.” – Leviticus 26:26

  23. Dana Wood says:

    Dear Celestial,
    My four children have taken the phizer
    shot against my pleading and sharing everything I know. They are 15, 18, 21, and 23. I raised them at times to the best of my ability to love the Lord but I know that I fell short and failed them and Father in many horrible ways. I will never stop interceding for them or my family which have all taken it except my mom (because of what I showed her) and my husband (for now, as he is waiting for a more natural one).
    I thank God for your channel and blog as I have been praying for him to lift the veil from my eyes and lead me in all his truth and nothing else.
    Your video on obedience just spoke to my spirit and my whole being. Thank you for that and all of these messages.
    I know they are heavy, and today after hours of listening to them yesterday, I had to praise Jesus and encourage myself in the Lord to have his peace and hope again.
    Oh to be with my true brothers and sisters in Christ! To fellowship and worship together in spirit and truth!
    Blessings and much thanks from.the center of Canada.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Isaiah 47:12
    Stand now with your enchantments And the multitude of your sorceries, In which you have labored from your youth— Perhaps you will be able to “make” profit, Perhaps you will prevail.

    These pharmaceutical companies are making a big profit…


  25. Loma says:

    In May 2021 My 42 year old brother died at work of a massive cerebral stroke. He was found at work in the bathroom floor. 20 days after the Jab. This prophecy is 100% true. God laid out on my spirit screaming at me not to get it. I thank the Lord my kids and I are the only ones in our family who didn’t we got so much flack from everyone but I stayed obedient. Thank you Jesus for always watching out for your children.

  26. Editd says:

    Hola CELESTIAL, por favor ORAR POR MI. yo tengo 43 años, pero fuí secuestrada por un platillo volador hace muchos años atrás, no recuerdo bien que edad tenía cuando fui capturada, quizás fue cuando yo tenía 19 años. Recuerdo que estaba en una nave pequeña y también recuerdo estar en una habitación blanca esperando algo, había muchas personas. Por favor ora por mí. Pídele a Dios por mi. En el nombre de Jesucristo amén. Gracias. Dios te bendiga.

  27. Eva says:

    I only recently came across this blog. Myself, husband and 2 kids have all taken the vaccines. I don’t know if it’s too late for us. All I know is that I will seek the Lord. He will make the ultimate decision for us but oh how I wish I could go back and not take the vaccines. I truly hope it’s not too late for us.

    1. oaksandmoss says:

      Sister, repent for yourself and your family, please the blood of Jesus over yourselves, ask him to preserve your DNA and commit your whole being to him completely for his glory and purposes. Use the scriptures as a sword. We are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb!!! Praise God Most High and declare him as your hope!

    2. kayla says:

      Same here sister in Christ me and most of my family has taken it as well. But I know if I die from this, I will only have myself to blame. I should’ve obeyed the LORD when he was convicting me not to take it, and I should’ve stopped my family too. But what’s done can’t be undone. I’m repenting but still to this day, I’m honestly not sure if it’s enough. But if my fate is to die early, it is because of my disobedience alone I will suffer. The Lord really was gracious enough to warn me, I feel very foolish for not listening to him. But my hearts prayer is that he will truly forgive those who truly admit they were wrong and went astray. But idk. God bless you sister in Christ.

      1. MaryLeah says:


      2. Octavia Shutes says:

        This really helped me. I am an elementary school teacher and I was afraid that I would bring the virus home to my family, so I jumped at the chance to take it. So many people were dying and I didn’t want that for myself or my family. My parents are elderly and I really thought that I was making the right decision. I talked my husband into it and took my children to get it out of fear that they would get the virus at school. Since I am a teacher, I did not have a way to stay home with my kids to minimize their exposure and keep my job at the same time. I wish that I would have known about the blog and the warnings. I hadn’t even thought to consult God about it to see if the vaccine was the right choice or not. I was greatly deceived and moving in flesh to try tonsave myself and my family.

        When I heard of the consequences of my actions from the prophecies, I learned of the errors of my ways. I immediately repented of pride and not waiting and depending on God. I was literally sick for days and I could feel my heart really hurting every time I thought about it. I cried so much until my eyelids were swollen. I felt so UTTERLY hopeless for myself and my family. At times, I still feel so dumb for that decision. I know that there are no excuses.

        I have vowed to not get any more vaccines, no matter how bad things may become. I, now, understand that I MUST seek God for all things. I am aware that He is gracious and merciful to whom He chooses. I am continually praying and fasting that the error of my ways have been forgiven for me and my family. I am praying that God hears me and has mercy on me and my family. I am praying that He heals our bodies and takes out anything that will cause us harm in any way.

        I am also trying to be a witness to all that I can about the importance of repentance for all unrighteousness. I, too, understand that if God doesn’t show mercy, I am too blame. My family and I will die serving God the best way we know how!

        1. kayla says:

          Same here sister in Christ. I swear I’ve almost had to urge to vomit every time I think about how I disobeyed God. I’m just like man Michaela why didn’t you just go with that strong gut feeling you was having. I don’t know man I just keep asking for forgiveness and mercy. And for sure I be thanking Jesus for keeping me cause man it’s ONLY because of him alone I’m even alive today. I keep wandering everyday why didn’t God just let me die like all them other people and just let me go to hellfire. Why do I have to be alive, if this is my fate. Why I got to spread this to other people, why can’t I just be dead. I honestly rather just die, I don’t want to kill and eat nobody or turn into the demon looking zombie. But man, I just had to post this because I’m 100% on the same emotional level as you. I swear when I read this, my eyes was just bawling and bawling, and Jesus knows I don’t like crying in front of nobody, I look a hot mess when I cry. But, I just know if I die or if I turn into that thing, I pray somebody kill me before I kill them. Man it’s tough because I never know which day will be my last, but it’s up to Jesus to decide I’m not a shred of righteousness that He is. I keep watching this woman of God’s video and seeking God about these things., but in my head I’m like man is it really worth it, am I really living pleasing to God. Blessings to you sis.

    3. MaryLeah says:


  28. Nonokayi Gwekwerere says:

    COVID-19 Agenda Prayer


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