“Fornicated With This Beast” – July 13, 2021

Deuteronomy 4:2

You shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall you diminish ought from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.

At about 5 a.m. yesterday I woke out of a sound sleep and found myself looking at SNAKESKIN.

One minute I was blissfully getting some rest, the next it was like sleep poured out of me- I was wide awake staring at a vision of snakeskin in a black, grey and white mica-flecked pattern. I cringed: Oh Lord I hate this, why am I seeing this?

And without question or doubt I hate snakeskin, I do not understand people who buy it in shoes, bags, belts or any other type of accessory. There’s something about snakes that anger me at a core level, it’s not just about ‘Oh they’re dangerous’, it’s more an uncontrollable feeling of I HATE YOU. I cannot imagine putting anything in a snake pattern or shape on myself yet there are millions of people who do just that.

Right after that I saw another vision of a live snake or at least, a snake that was recently alive. Someone had ripped the head clean off this serpent; I saw where the head was torn off leaving jagged pink shreds of flesh – someone of superior strength had held this snake, ripped it in two and thrown the head away. The body was twitching violently until all that moved through it were weak pulses and tremors. I wondered why God woke me up to see this and then He spoke. These are His words and may those who have any form of wisdom or respect for God, if their conscience is not seared with pride or rebellion as a hot iron, hear what He is saying if it applies- and repent.

“Tell those who claim that the first woman I MADE, the woman I formed with My own hands, had sexual relations with, committed bestiality with and FORNICATED WITH THIS BEAST, to repent. Tell them who claim that they know Me and know My word, but say that Eve My creation lay down in sex with this serpent, to repent of their twisted error and seek My forgiveness for corrupting my Holy Word. Otherwise it will be counted as SIN to them; I will judge them for it if it is held for their account until the final end of all things.”

That’s all He said. He went silent but my mind was racing in shock. This is one of the most contentious so-called “origin theories” in Christianity, (one I can’t stand), yet here was God out of the blue at 5 a.m talking about it on His own initiative. I can never get used to the Lord, I don’t care how long I’ve been with Him. I never know what He’s going to say. 

So I am here to tell all those who follow after, believe, proclaim, insist on and teach others the following lies (knowing or not knowing they are satanic error, and that pride has made them spin and stretch the Word of God far beyond what it was ever intended to say)– I am here to tell those people to repent of those lies or risk the future judgement of the Lord.

Those lies are (in no particular order):

(1 ) That the demonic, satanic entity known as Lilith (put forward by Talmudic ‘religious traditions’ which often have zero-jack to do with the Bible), was the first woman. It is not a woman it is a demon. Know the difference.

(2) That Eve was therefore a kind of ‘second choice’ woman God made for Adam after the first one apparently didn’t work out;

(3) That Eve- (who is the first and only woman FORMED BY GOD’S HANDS AS ADAM WAS, they were not born they were “formed”)- had sexual relations with the talking serpent in the garden, which is bestiality.

All these who believe this or even consider it as truth are not only deceived but actually sinning against God by entertaining it, as He himself said. His words are above for reference.

The Bible says plainly that God made Adam then made him a wife and instituted marriage between them the same day. Adam (who’d never seen a naked woman before), burst into near ecstatic and deeply prophetic utterance,  describing his wife on the spot in spiritual language when he saw her. This is not the action of someone who’s seen something or been married to it before. Adam and his wife were naked and not ashamed before God, which means they had all the sex they liked and didn’t need to be staring at mysterious “fruit trees” to learn how things worked. Adam cared for those animals and saw them with their mates, and the ways of a man are natural with a woman when they are alone. They don’t need trees as analogies. Just like the lions, whales and tree monkeys spent private time with one another Adam and his wife did too, right in the sight of God. Nobody was embarrassed about anything.

But for decades there is a whole section of so-called Christianity that wants to be “deeper” than it needs to be. I see these people all the time, stretching and twisting scripture about everything. It’s as if the Bible isn’t mind-blowing and supernatural enough for them, they need to show they know more than everyone but in doing so they fall into deep error and become like Romans 1:22:

“Professing themselves to be wise they became fools, exchanging the glory of an incorruptible God into a corrupt image created by man…”

Romans 1 teaches that it is easy to see who God is and what His character is by looking at all He has made. It is our job as believers to learn the Bible by FIRST learning all our Lord’s personal attributes, so we can discern when something is like Him or not like Him. It’s not only important that we hallow God’s Word in our hearts and believe it, it’s equally important how we see God and what types of attributes we tag to His character.

Yet some people still dig in the sewer and work overtime bringing all types of weird, irritating and senseless meanings to scripture, things which are never supported by the text or context of the Word of God as it stands, AND they say things that greatly mock and defame the name and character of God without even thinking about how it makes Him feel.

These are the some of the same people out there teaching that Jesus’s children will soon announce themselves, because He secretly slept with Mary Magdalene and had kids. Never mind that Isaiah 53 says “He was cut off” (He died young and childless) but “has hope he will see His offspring”, (who are those offspring?) —> Christ is the first born among many brethren (Romans 8:29).

The ‘many brethren’ are us the Body of Christ who are born out of faith in Christ, yet Dan Brown made millions of dollars suggesting in the Da Vinci Code to gullible, sinful people (many of them Christians) that the Saviour had secret children and did not live pure and celibate as the Bible says.

Those who twist the word of God fail to register the absolute insult and shame they cast on the CHARACTER OF GOD, God who is wise, sinless, so intelligent and perfect. For the story of Adam having a first wife to work and for Adam to stand there (God too) while Eve fornicated with a snake or snake-like entity means God is blind, callous, careless and will tolerate anything (which He is not and does not).  

To believe Lilith was first means that God made Adam, then blanketed the earth in radio silence as He made another entity called Lilith, (out of what we don’t know since no cuts were made on Adam for her to come to life), then when that attempt at marriage failed God had to try again with Eve. Nowhere is it written that God can’t get things right on the first try – Genesis in fact shows He  succeeded at making EVERYTHING. But somehow the woman-and-marriage part, He needed two tries. Okay.

So God went again and this time decided cut Adam to make Eve, then suddenly the story comes back online again and we see Adam and Eve introduced while the Lilith person hangs out at Eden-Starbucks for the entire Biblical narrative silently as women can never do, saying and doing nothing for the entire Bible as her supposed husband re-marries and spends 930 years in marital bliss bonded to a second woman.

The mental energy required to believe this is even greater than the kind needed to believe the donkey talked to Balaam or any other supernatural account in the Bible, yet the story of the donkey makes sense because the angel was there to prove its reality and explain it all to Balaam. Lilith is mentioned once in Isaiah 34 as a howling desert demon who lives with cursed beasts in the wilderness, which tells me that those who think no better of God than He would make this the marital partner of His precious son speaks volumes. This entity is a demonic citizen of the Jews’ mythology but this does not stop millions from not only believing God could be capable of such wicked duplicity, but they also teach it at their conferences and on their websites.

I never discuss such topics personally so if the Lord had not said it Himself I would never write about it. To me it is a pity how in wanting arcane knowledge, so many go blind early. For me, the love, respect and honour of the Lord Yahweh and His son Jesus Christ are bonded to my flesh and I cannot go against them. Not only that, I know them well because I stand in their counsel and have spent my life learning from them, who they can and cannot be. God can’t be wicked, He can’t be false, and He can’t marry demons to humans.

Prophecy makes a person “stand in the counsel of God.” To stand in the counsel of God means you don’t just receive visions or dreams or other excitable content and go running to show off to people saying “I saw this! I saw that!” No. Standing in God’s counsel involves more than prophetic words. You gain a front row seat to the nature and character of God. You see Him for who He really is, at his finest and also at His scarier moments. You learn from His own mouth, prophecy by prophecy and Bible study after Bible study. You learn who we’re really dealing with in Christianity and like any close relationship you learn What This Person Would & Would Not Do.

The counsel of God is not a casual, passing thing where you’re just given raw data and then sent off to spout it on a Youtube channel. His counsel includes SENSING, KNOWING AND SEEING IN REAL TIME THE CHARACTER OF THE PERSON YOU ARE DEALING WITH. Which brings me back to my statement: the love, respect and honour of God and Jesus and the Spirit of God are so deeply entrenched in me that it is inconceivable to me to ruin His character by imagining:

That He gave Adam two wives, then turned around and said “For this cause a man shall leave father and mother and cleave to his WIFE.” God is not schizophrenic, either the rule is two wives or the rule is leave parents and cling to one wife. People ask me all the time But doesn’t the Bible support multiple partners since David, Abraham and Solomon did it. I reply show me where God Himself said that was the order He established and you can do it too. God even sent Apostle Paul to RE-establish His order when Paul taught: Let each woman have HER OWN HUSBAND and each man HIS OWN WIFE. Yet still many are seeking ways to bend the scripture so they can practice immorality. Are we all reading the same Bible or only reading the parts that serves the beliefs we have? May God open someone’s eyes.

God cannot lie. He is not us. He cannot be duplicitous, He is NO FOOL, AND HE CANNOT WORK AGAINST HIMSELF TO COUNTER PURPOSES. 

If we believe evil of God then we do not know Him. We do not truly stand in the counsel of GOD. We don’t need to be a prophet to share communion with Jehovah, all we need to do is be a friend. I’ve said often and will continue to say it even if people get mad- friendship with God isn’t cheap. It is costly, it will cost us everything to truly know Him as He desires to be known. Many who say they belong to God don’t really know God. They have passing knowledge of Him the way I have passing knowledge of India. Passing knowledge doesn’t mean I know India, it means I only know a few things about it in a passing way.

People don’t know God’s ways. They don’t know His acts, they don’t know His HEART, therefore when you don’t really know someone whatever you hear about them ‘sounds possible’. You’re willing to consider it and even repeat it as a fact even if what you heard totally denies or destroys their actual character. Many cannot hear God though they’re desperate to, it’s either because they’re still learning but usually because they are choked in their temple by all the lies, stories and demonic suggestions they have consumed about God. Unless these weights are removed and the blinders taken off we will be no closer to the truth about the Lord, we will think every lie we hear about Him is “possible”.

Standing in the counsel of God is why I therefore have the authority to say:

(1) God did not make Adam and give him a succession of wives; He made him ONE WIFE THAT HE MADE WITH HIS OWN HANDS. Genesis is the beginning, a foundational book establishing all the eternal order of God, man, earth and the heavens. In Genesis God establishes His nature and character before us all and that nature and character is clearly shown as GOOD.

(2) God is not a crafty weasel who likes soap opera drama and is so useless He couldn’t even get the creation of a helpmeet right so He had to do it twice;

(3) God did not stand back (nor did Adam) and let His daughter (Adam’s wife) fornicate and commit bestiality with a serpent or any other likeness of it.

If you have believed, repeated, researched, thought about or even considered as “possible” any of this, if as the the word of the Lord comes this morning you are indeed someone who thinks “Eve fornicated with this beast”:

Then you need to heed what God has said, consider your ways and repent. It is you this post is talking to and looking at. It is you God came to talk to today, to warn you to repent of being confused, easily fooled, and blinded to the point that you were willing to consider even for a moment that He is the author of confusion. God is not the author of confusion, God does all things well. 

God is coming for the lies of satan and I on this blog will do my part. He showed me the headless body of the serpent to let Satan and every deceived person know we are in the times when lies will be torn apart by God. The devil’s entire kingdom of lies will fall and everyone who is caught believing those lies without repentance can expect to fall with it. Every lie will be addressed, every false doctrine ripped to headlessness and thrown into the fire. Those who are full of satanic error will have their chance to recant and repent but if they do not, they and God will discuss everything they have said, every word they have claimed and taught about Him in depth will be accounted for on the day we all stand by our work and answer for what we have done. I know I’ll be standing next to The Master’s Voice wondering if I should have used different font or better pictures, but others will be standing next to websites, books and conference materials that said:

“We claim that the first woman God made, the woman He formed with His own hands, had sexual relations with, committed bestiality with and FORNICATED WITH A BEAST. We do not repent. We “know God and His word”, and we state that Eve was a second woman, a second wife of creation who lay down in sex with this serpent. We do NOT repent of twisted error and will not seek God’s forgiveness for corrupting His Holy Word. So let it be counted as SIN to us; let God judge us for it, let it be held for our account until the final end of all things.”

However I say again to those reading this and coming to the revelation that they did indeed consider or believe a lie about Jehovah:

REPENT. Don’t just repent for reading whatever you read. Repent for considering it, repent for all the times you repeated it so confidently and even taught it to others. Repent for needing to read several articles to compare viewpoints and then wondering if it could be true. Repent for being saved and way older than little Samuel the prophet but still not having any sturdy, inbuilt living knowledge of who God is. Repent of the way you thought “Well it’s possible, it makes sense. It could happen.”

It could never happen. God would sooner part the Red Sea and make the water stand straight up in two heaps before He (and Adam) would stand idly by while Eve slept with a snake in front of them.

Repent not only because it’s wrong and should have never ever been read by you in the first place, repent and ask God to help you truly know Him, so you can use these times to learn how to stand in His counsel. Standing in His counsel will make Him as real to you as your own family, whom you defend as soon as someone speaks evil of them by saying “I know him! He would never do that!”

God is a person too. The Ultimate Person, the greatest Life of all lives. He is worthy of Repentance. He is worthy of an apology. He is worthy of being told just like anyone else, I’m sorry I thought that about you. I heard a rumour and I didn’t ask you about it, I went ahead and thought it was true. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me. Bring me into your counsel so I can truly mature in knowing WHO you are,  HOW you are, and WHAT YOU WOULD DO AND NEVER DO. In Jesus name amen.

May the Lord hear and receive your prayer when you approach Him on this matter, and thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. 

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  1. joyceschraeder says:

    Praise the Lord, you have exposed the mermaid and now this big lie.
    I woke last night feeling like a snake was under my bed. I knew it be wasn’t. Got up and hallelujah things were fine.
    Thank you Celestial keep exposing the lies, God bless you 🙏❤️🙏

  2. Ameer says:

    Ok.. What I really dont get is how you say that HE woudnt stand by and let that happen and HE doesnt have demons marry HIS created being… But you do know and teach that HE did allow it in Gen 6 “they took wives” and that it has been done after that cause their were giants after the flood…and Im sure youve taught that the “aliens” will be doing earth women later…
    So.. Id like to understand the statements you made that appear to be contradictory to these facts. Thank you

    1. Celestial says:

      I believe those who visit this blog can both read & follow context. My statements are based upon the original word of the Lord that opens this post. It should not be difficult to differentiate claims that GOD created & married the demon Lilith to Adam, then proceeded to a 2nd marriage with Eve, from the rebellion undertaken by the fallen angels themselves where it is written “And THEY took for THEMSELVES wives of all THEY chose”. Nothing in this post contradicts either what the Lord said OR the fact that He also isn’t the author of the fallen angels sin. Maybe a second read will help, I saw you rather bluntly asking someone else recently how come they read an obvious post and didn’t get it. Thank you for visiting TMV.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Well said, Celestial.

      2. Anita says:

        By my humble understanding the difference is :
        -the Garden.
        Eve was much closer to God, then later people.
        Sin makes people defiled, so Lord turnes His head from them. As people sinned more and more, Lord God turned His Holy Gaze from them. (except from for ex. Enoch, and Abraham….)
        So the difference is also that God allowed those Watchers to fall because their hearts were corrupted, and He allowed them to go forth with what they wanted to do because He had already made a plan for the rest of eternity (read the Book of Revelation and all those Fallen entities that will come as Judgement).

  3. Garretson says:

    Where in scripture does it say that Adam and Eve had sex in the garden prior to the Fall?

    1. wayne733 says:

      They didn’t but God did Bless them and told them they must be fruitful and multiply. So they could have had sex in the Garden under God’s command. Its soo stupid that people think sex is the forbidden fruit when God clearly told them to do it while under His protection and Glory. God loves babies

      1. Celestial says:

        Thank you Wayne. It’s my prayer readers will grow past lazy demands for verses & learn to press the grapes of scripture to get wine for themselves. I write easy-to-follow language because of many foreign readers. I want them to grasp the content. Yet it’s often those who speak English that can’t receive. There are so many Bible studies that even youth and singles are prepared with for marriage that teach these things. Not only did God sanction sex for the first couple along with every other animal in the Garden by saying “Be fruitful & multiply”, He taught them THAT SAME DAY the process of leaving and cleaving. We know what couples do after they drive away from a wedding. They leave, go home & cleave. The word denotes the full physical & spiritual bonding process by which two become one. Cleaving is so important in scripture that newly married men were excused from military duty, farming and all hard work for ONE FULL YEAR so they could look after their wife and truly cement the process of souls blending into one (Deut 24:5). A man was free to refuse social engagements if he had a new wife, see (Luke 14:15-20). This is Marriage Class 101 that teens receive in church once they reach a certain age, in the hope that they’ll learn to honour sex & keep it for the right time. Yet Adam is seen as the only man God did not let touch his wife, even though he was the first to be honored with one. Adults insist on a specific Bible verse, “where does it say”- as if the couple who started the human race were wed by God but forced to wait until the fall to do what’s natural after marrying. Thanks for your visit, God bless and keep reading. 🙏🏽

      2. Kathy S says:

        The scripture clearly says in Gen. 3:16 that “I will increase your pain in childbirth.”

  4. LorQ says:

    I am not a biblical scholar, by any means. Whenever I heard or read these “stories” about how Lilith was Adam’s first wife, I scoffed! Truly, as a neophyte in the scholastic realm of biblical studies, Lilith and Adam never made sense to me, EVER. Just had the feeling that this “relationship” was put forward to muddy the waters, to create dissension and doubt amongst anyone who was seeking Truth. It’s Deception, and isn’t that Satan’s wheelhouse? Deceiving anyone who will fall for his silver-forked tongue spewing lies…

  5. wayne733 says:

    This is the abominable teaching of William Branham regarding the serpent seed which I strangely came across today. I think God brought this to your attention because like me people are looking into the serpent seed and this man’s teaching is the first few search results. I could not believe how this guy can say that the Jewish nation is the result of Eve’s intercourse with the serpent. Its unimaginable to think and the result of this teaching could fuel more hatred towards God’s people.

  6. Tracey says:

    I love the Lord and how He is meticulous about correcting and setting right the big and the small things of our lives… it’s an act of love that He warns us from straying from the narrow path. I sometimes think about that encounter of the snake and Eve in the garden “Did God really say?” It doesn’t matter who is in front of us asking that question- any time a theory is introduced, a genius writeup or recent “ancient discovery”, a question, a slight raising of the eyebrow against any of the concrete things He has said- whether it’s wearing a suit as a PhD professor, or even someone we love, is on a random website or even preached from a church pulpit- if the question is “Did God really say?” When God has INDEED said- it’s the same snake speaking through the mouth of that person or writeup. And we have to do what Jesus did in that case (and Eve failed to do)- NOT ENTERTAIN THE LIES, say what God said about the matter & at some point go into “Get behind me Satan” mode

    Thank You Heavenly Father for bringing us into correction. Thank You for Your love and mercy to deliver us from the many snares of the fowler and the hands of a wicked enemy who comes in pretending to be an angel of light and wisdom but with a plan to completely destroy us. Please forgive us Lord for even considering words in opposition to what You have actually said. Forgive us for calling You Father but being so distant we have no idea what You’ve actually really said, how You think, how You act, what You love, what You despise. Forgive us for being so easily pliable by the enemy. To us belongs shame of face. Have mercy on us Lord. Please have mercy and forgive us as we repent and draw nearer to You now. Draw us into Your deeper waters O Lord. Please do not let us fall by the wayside. Please do not let us end up casualties on this journey- deceived, maimed & unfit for Your use. Do not let us start in the Spirit and end in the flesh. Have mercy O Lord. We demolish every argument and high thing… every pretension and lying theory that sets itself up against the knowledge and truth of God… we take every thought and make it captive… completely obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. Lord please search our lives and see where we have embraced lies, half truths, insincere theories, questions designed to introduce doubt into our walk with You. Please shine a light so they can be exposed. Any tree You have not planted, please uproot in Jesus name. Any channels we watch, preachers or people we listen to who are stealthily working to distort Your word & deceive us- please Holy Spirit give us strong convictions so we can pull away and have nothing to do with them. Uproot the festering words & ideas they have left with us that contaminate our inner lives. We dwell in the midst of ravenous wolves and beasts… please deliver us from their teeth. Rebuke the devourer for our sake. We will hear Your voice alone and The voice of strangers we will not follow in Jesus name. Give us a thirst and hunger for only Your truth in Jesus name. Wash us clean with Your word… your rivers of living water until all the impurities and contaminations in us are gone and even after… wash us much more. Help us grow in our convictions and to be immovable in You and Your word. Be glorified with the end result of our lives in Jesus name. Thank You Father for your tender care and love. You are worthy to be praised. Amen

  7. Janet says:

    Amen 🙏🏻

  8. Asnath Kimutai says:

    Amen to this.The word of God is true and Sure

  9. pmachikiti says:

    Thank you Celestial.

  10. trumpet167 says:

    Reblogged this on Site Title.

  11. trumpet167 says:

    In Yah’Shuas name. Amen. Thank you Celeste for sharing truth with us. May YHWH God bless you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The problem is, people do not read their bible. The problem is people read the bible with an already formed doctrine. The problem is people have heaped for themselves teachers after their own lusts.

    The law of the LORD is perfect. It explains itself. It does not require human counsel. It makes wise the simple. I urge everyone to Read the word. It is your oil. You will need your own oil. Just like the 10 virgins. Know God for yourself. Be intimate with him. I cannot emphasise this enough. There are so many ravenous wolf doctrines out there.

    You cannot discern without HIS word soaked in you.

  13. kimkim76 says:

    I can’t even believe that people believe the things that God addressed in this word. Just wow… how do you even come to those conclusions from the story? The Holy Spirit def didn’t confirm that. The super ironic thing is, I heard a Pastor say a comment about Lilith a few weeks ago. I asked the Holy Spirit for understanding and left it alone. I was not lead to look further into it, and I love research so I would have. I didn’t. Then you post this. I praise GOD for being raised up by a TRUE man and women of God and them teaching me how to build my life on the word of God. This foolishness was never taught.

    Thanks for sharing,


  14. Aibee says:

    Hi Celestial, have you ever heard of the doctrine of the holy spirit being a female and the “heavenly mother”? I just stumbled upon this and it’s truly upsetting me. At the same time I don’t want to be the one who is ignorant of this truth that a group of people have supposedly uncovered. Have you heard of this doctrine? If this is possibly blasphemous I would need to seriously warn certain people who think they are right with God while propagating this doctrine that I have found nowhere in the Bible but they want to tell me it isn’t the original manuscript. I’m at a loss.

    1. Celestial says:

      That’s common here in NYC, the cult is large and very persistent. They claim God’s female side is overlooked in favour of a male God. God & His Spirit are ONE, an indivisible God cannot suddenly section part of HIMSELF as a “she”. That’s the Baphomet’s shape, a male goat with breasts, a “he-she”. God warned of an age of deception where new ‘truths’ will be the norm. (1 Tim 6:20-21). I doubt you’ll succeed in your warning; they’ll call you childish in your limited knowledge since you do not look outside for the ‘deeper truth’. Many are falling away in these times, the Bible said long ago the love of the truth is not in them. That literally means the love of the Lord himself (who is His word), is in not them. Scripture says BEWARE DOCTRINES OF DEMONS which will flood the earth in the end days under the supposed guise of “knowledge increasing.” For me, I just know Christ (1 Cor. 2:2). Check “Chop Down The Tree”, view comments. Someone said this very thing and I replied. God’s word can never change & that word is the only foundation of all that is shared here on TMV. God bless.

      1. Aibee says:

        Thank you! I was a bit surpised about how much it upset me to hear that. We really have to be so careful these days as these demonic doctrines are coming from the ones I least expected 😞

  15. diego says:

    Jonathan Kleck teaches that Eve did this.

    1. elfmom55 says:

      Yes he does diego and many have exposed his lies over the years but no one does a better job of it than Gene Revel!

  16. MaryLeah says:

    God is so good! June 2021, a person tried introduce this nonsense to a very dear friend of mine, who in turn tried to introduce it to me! I was highly skeptical and more than irritated at both persons and it actually caused a bit of disagreement. I did not believe it, but I did research and found it confusing. I actually went back through my text to the discussion, it was 6/16/21. Not even a month after that conversation, here was a posting to the exact topic! Thank you God! You are truly marvelous and for correcting the enemies attempt at confusion!

  17. Kelechi Nwankwo says:

    Beautiful, Just so beautiful. More grace and grease sister

  18. Ken p says:

    Need help, The 15 month old video you just posted a few days ago on YouTube you mentioned more information either on a blog or on a video but I don’t know how to find it it’s not in the info under the YouTube posting or I’m finding it.
    Thank You

  19. Terri says:

    WOW it is March 22/2023 and Yah Led me here…Quick testimony

    My Aunt recently sent me a package that contained several books from a well known Evangelist Jimmy Swaggert. I being hungry for the word looked through the books glanced at the nice pictures big letters got so excited thinking I had just received new study materials Advancement in knowledge of GOD…BRING IT ON!!

    So the first book I decided to start on was titled Gods Plan for the Ages…got through the first chapter and it discusses the PREADAMITE doctrine. Speaks about how there was an entire generation of nations before Adam was created. This is taken from Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2.

    SO between verse 1 and 2 they’ve inserted an entire doctrine about how there was an original perfect earth (title of the first chapter) because according to Isaiah 45:18 the earth cant be void and dark as described in GEN 1:2.

    I was blown away. I immediately heard alarm bells in my spirit. I prayed and asked God about this. He had me to look it up, there are many pastors teaching entire sermons on this lie. They all sound so convincing using the scripture to support their lies. My heart was heavy with grief. I repented for even having read that. I knew it was a doctrine of demons and I asked him to please confirm to me that this is false. Then he led me here. To this precious pot of gold. As I read I knew he answered my request so graciously.

    Those books will be exiting household with the next trip to garbage dump.

    Hate you had to wake to see that disturbing vision sis, but it was to the glory of our God who knows everything before it happens. Thank you for being led by him in giving your time, efforts and energy for the preparation of his people. Hallelujah

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