“Designer Finance” – March 23, 2021


Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. – (Revelation 13:16- 17)

We are coming to the end of an era. 

I dreamt of the future again, this time with banking. Times had changed and the world moved on in ways that made life extremely uncomfortable for those who still remembered the old ways of doing things and wanted to stick with it, or those who had deeper reasons for not wanting to participate in “Designer Finance” as it was called. In the future I saw instead of just reading forms and signing over personal information to the bank you had to take biometric data in so they could profile it.

It was seen as “extra layers of security for your account”: your hair, saliva, iris (eye) and fingerprint data were all collected too and added as unique identifying markers for your bank account. All these layers of personal information made it next to impossible for anyone to access your private banking information, but the new restrictions angered many people who didn’t want to hand over this kind of information to a bank. There was public backlash and outcry because of these things but that did not stop the changes from happening.

I didn’t know this was a dream- the experience was truly immersive. I was right there watching people, in some cases seeing through their eyes. I was totally surrounded by the look and feel of the day. If not for the familiar “rising in an elevator” feeling I get when coming out of such dreams I’d not have known I was sleeping to begin with. 

The core focus of this dream was this: You didn’t have to go to a bank to open a bank account anymore. You could still do it that way but it was super convenient to do it yourself in booths that were that were all over the place. I couldn’t tell what city it was- it looked like futuristic Tokyo but it was an American city- I use Tokyo as reference because in terms of every square inch covered with amazing, “living”, liquid colour displays in the sharpest, brightest, densest non-pixelated resolution I’ve ever seen, only Asia has this quality of billboard at the moment.

Yet the ones I saw surpassed anything in Japan, they were so ALIVE that everything on them looked real- like real people and objects had been ‘trapped’ in clingfilm and plastered all over the buildings of this city. The billboards were so advanced they could bend around the corners of buildings and still show fluid pictures instead of having to be only along one side of the building as it’s done now. It was so real I could not stand it; it gave me chills and vertigo to see what was basically LIFE in a flat format clinging to the sides of tall buildings. The experience was too rich for my current eyes and ears and I could not look at this new form of advertising for very long without feeling slightly sick. However people around me walked past all of it like it was nothing, like stale bread and butter.

Next I saw how people got their bank accounts and it scared me. There were booths all over the city that made it extremely convenient to open an account, so I went near to see how it worked. (I didn’t know it was a bank booth since it didn’t have branding or particular markings on it at all that would have told me that, it was a plain white booth that looked like the ones we have for taking funny pics or passport pics on the go.) I found myself right near one at the exact time a fit young man walked in, then I found myself either IN the booth with him or in the booth AS HIM. It is because of what I saw happen with him that I struggled to leave this dream and wake up. 

The young man entered the booth and the booth’s door slid shut but as I said, I either entered that tiny booth supernaturally with him or I became him because my perspective was literally as his. I saw him place an arm in a tray directly in front of him and a small hole opened above his wrist, then a metal ‘pen’ came out and started making a pattern of xxxxxxxxx tattoos on his flesh. It made one row of xxxxxxxxx then went back and made another row and another and another until a good sized band five or six inches thick circled his wrist. The beam from the pen was a brilliant bright blue and the tattoo process was painless, all the young man had to do was keep turning his wrist back and forth for the machine to tattoo him. 

He was on his phone the whole time checking his banking details with a calm face as the laser made a widening band of what (to my eyes) was nothing more than rows of random xxxxxx as he moved his hand, until finally there was a thick band of tiny xxxxx like a bracelet on his right wrist. However when it was done (when the laser light went off) he lifted his hand to see the job and I staggered in shock to see what the x’s made: I saw a a 5-6 inch thick band of the unmissable, unmistakable scales of a snake. The laser formed the pattern of A SERPENT’S SCALES on him, and with that scaly “wristband” the boy was now a member of “Designer Finance”. 

That wasn’t the name of a bank. 

That was the way banking was done. No need to log in with a name, credit card number, email or written identifier anymore. Instead you stepped into a booth, laid YOUR particular snake pattern under a blue light and immediately your banking details and history would show up in front of you on a screen.  You could do what you needed to do without any need for login details and no-one could replicate the snake scales that had been tattooed onto you. 

I moved back in shock as this boy admired his particular format of snake scales- I knew he would be comparing it later with his friends’ patterns, with all of them being amazed at how the machine knew how to brand each one. No two were ever alike. I stood on the street and the Lord opened all the booths to my eyes. In them countless people were “banking”. I saw that those getting an account for the first time had a choice of getting their xxxxx on the wrist or right above the hips- right at the lowest point of the belly where it turns into the hips. It was mostly muscled young men (and a few women) whom I saw lift their shirts for the hip tattoo, mainly young people or men who easily raised their shirt with no problem: the lasers came from the four sides of the booth and tattooed one patient row of xxxxxx after another on their flesh while they stood  holding their shirts up.

When it was over I saw a 10 inch thick band of snake scales start just above the navel and “grow down” to the hips of men and women, it made such a compelling tattoo as the laser gave each individual a unique identifier by branding a section of snakeskin on them from a python, anaconda, boa constrictor, cobra or countless vipers and serpents- none of which could be confused with any other person’s tattoo. Most people chose to be branded with the smaller wrist tattoo but from what I saw everybody either had this tattoo for banking already or was stepping into a booth to get one. 

Because every booth within sight had been simultaneously opened by God I saw countless people put their right hand on the tray for the 4- 6 inch band on the wrist or the 8- 10 inch band on the torso- I was horrified to see how everybody was doing it without a second thought. Every time the laser completed the job the rows of xxxxx turned out to be a perfectly done section of snake skin; I realized these people were all joining some massive serpent system in order to access banking and commercial transactions. I wanted to leave the place right away and the elevator feeling came on me and I woke up and realized I was dreaming. 

This is the second dream I’ve had in the last two days about the future. I believe the meaning is perfectly clear and the banner scripture makes it even more obvious. God has been telling me we have come to the end of an age, we are at the end of an era. Whatever we knew and called “real life” is about to take a final bow and after that will come life in that world I’ve only been to when I’m sleeping. The world where the wrapping of your packages gathers biometric data via fingerprint and heat signatures, where the fridge writes notes that food is about to go rotten, where money is called “credits” and your bank account is just another part of your body. It has old and new names: The Beast System, The New World Order, The One World System and most recently, The Great Reset. Whatever name we call it it means the same thing, the old world is about to be replaced.

Many times He has said it recently, out of the blue: YOU HAVE COME TO THE END OF AN ERA.

That is all for now. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

Edit: July 12, 2021. I saw this news clip today. Just look, this is the beginning of the type of billboard technology I saw. It’s in Asia first just as I said but will get so much more “REAL” than this. See how they say it can bend around the building; the ones I saw flowed around the sides of the building and weren’t limited to being one ‘flat’ plane along a wall. This is surely the precursor. (Watch here)



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  1. Marty says:

    The movie Blade Runner came to mind when you described the crazy billboards everywhere. The snake tattoos stand in contrast to God’s seal on the forehead of His children (Rev. 7:3). It appears that the parable of the Wheat and the tares (Matt. 13:24) is not just a figurative analogy of God’s children and the devil’s children but that each side requires a physical manifestation almost as a free will confirmation of who you belong to. I pray that all who enter this site can wake up just one person to the Truth of Jesus Christ. Thank you Celestial for sharing your dreams with us so we can be bold as we walk by Faith amid the ever increasing darkness. 🙏

  2. Kathy says:

    If you look up quantum dot tattoo, you will find a technology that perfectly aligns to your dream. It is a technology that uses a series of needles to inject a chemical called luciferase into the hand or forehead. The pattern is not perceptible until the hand is placed under a certain type of light. Each tattoo is unique to the individual and contains their personal data like a vaccine record, for instance. The needles are designed after a snake’s tooth which has a tube in it to deliver venom. (Of course, this is the design for all hypodermic needles.) Luciferase is a chemical that glows blue under the right kind of light. You just can’t make this stuff up! As the world moves closer to using crypto or digital currency, some have suggested that the combination of the nanotechnology contained in the vaccines and the quantum dot tattoos will activate the mark of the beast. If this technology can be used to control your access to money and, therefore, your ability to buy and sell within the world’s economic system, then what else could it be?

    God’s blessings to you, Celestial! Praise God and His holy name for His mercy and grace and the transforming blood of Christ! We can do all things through Him who strengthens us!

    1. Celestial says:

      This is an extremely helpful comment. Thank you for sharing Kathy. God bless you.

    2. David Carswell says:

      Kathy….WOW, an accurate and concise explanation. Thanks so much for truly knowing your stuff and adding to Celestial’s body of such critical transhumanism knowledge. Attorneys in NYC who also receive messages and dreams for our Lord have precious little time remaining for…”deep drill-downs”. GBY!

  3. June says:

    These live billboards have been around for some years now and can now be found outside Asia.

    1. Rachel P. says:

      The amount of symbolism in these ads is sadly, not even unbelievable, but sickening…

  4. Taylor Bates says:

    God bless you !:) thanks for all you do

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