“Keyless Delivery, Weighted Floors” – March 21, 2021

Let them bring them forth, and show us what shall happen: let them show the former things, what they be, that we may consider them, and know the latter end of them; or declare us things for to come. – (Isaiah 41:22)

Hello and welcome to The Master’s Voice. This is the dream I had two days before the one where people received a snake tattoo for banking. I’d like readers to understand this: the only reason I post this information is for the detail. I don’t think it’s necessary to put all of them up but I do share some because of the details. Detail is very powerful- in the legal world we use it a lot to identify who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. The more detail a police officer, lawyer, judge or prosecutor can get, the easier it is to tell if a particular chain of events actually happened the way someone said it did. Detail is a marker – and God knows that.

He said in John 14:29: And now I have told you before it come to pass, that when it is come to pass, ye might believe.”

So what God is saying is: “I’m giving you the details early so that when you see it in real life, you will believe it was I the Lord who spoke of it.” Similarly God says when someone calls themselves a prophet and tells you a bunch of things yet you don’t see any of them happening, then no matter how much ‘detail’ they claim in the dream or vision you can know they are false; He did not send them or speak to them. (Deut. 18:20- 22). Detail is a marker, but when it comes to pass it’s PROOF.

When the Lord gives me a dream I try to record whatever I see, hear and experience in it. That way detail is built layer upon layer across multiple dreams, not just for my benefit but for yours. If anyone reads enough of these prophecies they’ll see consistency in what God reveals- themes replay over and over and I personally learn a lot by fitting them together. One thing I’ve noticed is how important banking and money will be in the New World Order, I guess because whether Satan or God is in control of the world human beings will never stop being interested in money.

Either way, I post these things in the hopes that it’s helpful to someone. This information serves a purpose- snapshots from God with DETAILS that come to pass will make us less interested in Celestial’s “accuracy” and more convinced that there is A GOD. A real God who speaks, who knows the future and can describe the tiniest details for us so that we can get ready. Many argue that the things God shows me isn’t for the church, which is odd because who else does He intend these warnings to? I am the church and am being warned by them, as I know many are too. However if you’re one of those who still thinks Heaven comes before the Antichrist creates his One World Order (which is this technology-operated world God keeps showing me)... I suggest you need to study.

Please revisit Rev. 13, Daniel 7 with focus on 7:7-8, 7:20-25, Daniel 9:27 and Matthew 24. Perhaps I’ve read them wrong but those verses taken together (or even separately) show an unmistakable SHIFT in society whereby global power becomes extremely centralized and humanity becomes interconnected to an almost mind-controlled degree (which can only be achieved with very targeted technology that brings us all into Orwellian two-step)- why else would Bible verses keep saying “and all the world did this, and all the world did that”? How can you monitor “all the world” unless you use a web of technology so fine that it knows where “all the world” is and what it it’s doing at any given time? We must read our Bibles with wisdom, not just memorize verses without even taking time to break them down by the Spirit to absorb the kernels of what they say. 

There is no way anyone can read Jesus’ clear and blunt words in Matt 24 and not understand that piercing times are in store for the Church of Jesus Christ. Just my view.

The dream transcript is how I saw things in that future world. (See below, copied from journal.)

I had dreams. I dreamt of that future time where I don’t want to go. I dreamt I came home tired and went to bed and while I was sleeping somebody entered my house and made a mail delivery. How they got in I have no idea, I just know I woke up to find packages in the foyer from Amazon. Their ability [i.e. Amazon, and maybe other mail carriers, I don’t know] to come into my home unannounced greatly angered me but this was now the way of life. It was something called ‘Keyless Delivery’ and Amazon used it all the time, coming in people’s houses if they weren’t home (or even if they were) to deliver packages. It had to do with preventing theft or whatever but I hated that feature with a passion because it destroyed privacy in exchange for package safety.

In the dream although I was in bed asleep I saw through the wall where the boxes were, they made an eerie glow in the dark hallway.  I was sleeping but also looking at the boxes which sat near the door- one was normal cardboard but the other was that living plastic or living cellophane which monitors for touch; it had ads playing on it like a TV screen and they cast weird reflections on the lower part of my wall. Then God said words that really chilled and depressed me:

In those days even the floor will be touch sensitive or weighted. It will either be a floor able to monitor and register the presence of the owner by the touch of their feet, or it will be weighted according to what the owner weighs with adjustments made for a few pounds lost or gained. In other words the floor will know the owner’s weight and know it’s supposed to be just her in her apartment. If anything so much as enters the apartment besides her, even something as light as a cat, it will be registered, monitored and reported. The data of extra weight and the time it entered the house will be sent to faceless people you don’t know and registered against your name for future use.

This made me feel so depressed, even in sleep. The idea of a floor with technology so sensitive that it knew if someone came to visit, if anything entered the house with me (even a cat)- seemed just too dangerous to me. I hated the idea of a pointless non-living item like a floor having power to track me and let strangers know the rhythms of my life: if I gained weight or not, if I got a pet or not, and also each and every time anyone came to the house with me. Then I fell into deep sleep and when I woke up I remembered the dream and wrote it down. [End of dream]

Here’s what most Christians fail to understand. They think the Beast System will announce itself somehow with a lot of noise and fanfare, that it’ll show up guns blazing and give them a chance to resist heroically til Jesus can notice that something’s going on down here and come save them.

On the contrary: The rise of the Beast system will be SEAMLESS. (I’ll link some posts below.) Satan’s kingdom will rise smoothly in the background – the way an antivirus runs in the background of a laptop while we work on spreadsheets. THE TRADEMARK OF SATAN IS DECEIT, SUBTERFUGE AND CUNNING, so I admit it amazes me how the Church still believes he will be obvious enough for them to see him as he puts the finishing touches on what is surely the greatest trap of his entire immortal career. 

The New World order is a kingdom built without hands, a thing built by stealth in the background of our society while being passionately denied for YEARS.

It will appear suddenly one day and JUST LIKE WITH COVID we’ll be told “Oh this is how it is now! This is the ‘new normal’. We’re doing it this way now and if you object you will be literally frozen out of normal society, all your rights will be cut off and one day if you still keep resisting all your limbs will be cut off too. So what will your choice be sir, ma’am?”

We’re seeing this happen now: We  hear constantly about contact tracing. There is so much pressure to follow new health protocols. We see how this vaccine roll-out has potential to create no-fly lists, keep unvaccinated children out of school and cause people to lose their jobs yet even with the Beast rising openly before us many people still think that Rapture will precede the rise of this Biblically predicted, world-controlling kingdom.

How are we still not seeing the common markers of DETAIL that Daniel and John spoke of? Is it only when actual martyrdom is demanded that we’ll wake up and say ‘Oh no it’s here! The Beast is here!’

How painful to keep sleeping at the hour the sleeper should awake. How SAD. Samson was sleeping while Delilah shaved off all his hair; he woke up thinking himself strong as he always was but was brutally dragged off to the Philistine kingdom and blinded for sleeping at the wrong time with the wrong girl. I often wonder if this is how it’ll end for us, not just the American church but all the churches and believers around the world who refuse to go any deeper than the shallows. I wonder about a lot of things.

Here are some previous prophecies for your consideration:

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Read them please and remember what I said – In the legal world one way we prove things is by a high degree of consistency and detail.  

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  1. Marty says:

    Very creepy indeed. One thing I am trying to wrap my head around is the timeline of the events of your dreams. I realize that you never set dates, but to me, based on current events (like Russia preparing for war with Ukraine and NATO) it would seem that America is going to be destroyed before this high tech dystopia is unveiled. Could dreams like these refer to other countries and not the U.S.? Or are we here in America going to experience this level of dystopia before Russia and China attack us? I apologize if I’m asking questions that you can’t answer, I’m just trying to understand the sequence of events that you are shown. Thank you for sharing your prophetic gift with us and I hope you stay strong and safe in the Lord God’s mighty right hand. 🙏

    1. Celestial says:

      Dear Marty, the Lord is never confused about who or what He reveals. It would really help if instead of wondering could this or that be backwards, we realize that we are still very reliant on looking at the news and who is “getting ready for war against who” to tell us the timing of things, instead of trying to use GOD’S TIMELINE as a marker. Russia and China will never come here until they see America weakened off her own madness, which is when she has given herself totally over to her own pleasure, robot dogs as police, Satan as part of the educational curriculum, and weighted floors. Once this place is weakened with every form of unclean abomination as part of real life and the core of sanity has fallen through, the outcome will be the people turning against themselves in INTERNAL WAR. it is after that we can expect to see invaders at the door. Therefore it “could not be” any nation except the one that created Amazon that God is speaking about in these dreams. God bless you brother.

    2. Celestial says:

      This is the home of the New World Order, the Beast being described in these dreams will arise from right here, set up its headquarters here, RULE from here and America’s invasion and collapse is likely after her fake technology utopia cannot be sustained anymore. It is only confusing if one tries to navigate events by looking at the news, (which will always make one doubt if God is correct) and then trying to see where the prophetic word might “fit”. I don’t follow the news, I follow the Person who is never confused and very precise in all He says and shows me.

  2. Marty says:

    Thank you for the clarification. I’ve been following end times Bible prophecy since the 1990s and I was always under the impression that America would have to be destroyed BEFORE the Beast system arises. I believed that the Great Red Dragon was a reference to China. The fact that our leaders sold us out to China through NAFTA and allowing them to steal patents and technology bolstered my opinion. It never occurred to me back then that America might be Mystery Babylon. I always thought it was referring to the Vatican or Israel. I may be an old man but I’m still learning. Thank you for being patient with me. Stay strong. 🙏
    PS – I hope I never see you in court (unless you’re representing me)!

    1. Celestial says:

      Your insights are a blessing Marty. Yes America will be destroyed: America the nation, the institutions, the IDEAL. Her infrastructure will house the Beast. The leaders of this nation are complicit in an internal coup, they will hand this country over to the Beast bcz its the country most likely to resist if the NWO were to suddenly jump out of the shadows in a hostile takeover. NWO power will be centralized here, that’s why God always shows “new America” as the home of all these strange end times ways of living. I’m also still learning at the feet of the Lord and I strive to I share things just as He gives them.

    2. Celestial says:

      P.S. The Beast will rule from here, not Persia or the EU as is constantly being preached to us. The dragon is Satan Himself, as God clearly said in Rev 12. The dragon “comes down” to man after being cast down, that is not an earthly nation. The Dragon gives the Beast power, that’s not China because China is only one nation among many that will also fall under sway of the Dragon. I think America’s problem has always been interpreting global prophecy with herself at the center, without knowing who she is,and seeing things through the lens of her fears and politics. As a result of this clear verses were interpreted to mean what they couldn’t possibly mean. If China is the Dragon that empowers the Beast it means China is greater than the Beast, yet Rev 13 days WHO CAN MAKE WAR with this Beast? (No-one). No nation is above the Beast or Dragon then, China or Russia included. He is Satan in his literal form, come down among men for the time of end to destroy to as per Rev. 13.

  3. Marty says:

    I think most Americans are so programmed with American exceptionalism they could never conceive the possibility that we are Mystery Babylon. In my case, I’ve studied so many Book of Revelations commentaries (Hal Lindsey, Edgar Cayce, Perry Stone, etc.) that it becomes more confusing than the book itself. My own God given discernment tells me that you have more understanding than most. The fact that you are a no nonsense woman is just icing on the cake. Thanks again for giving your life to helping others understand the Scriptures. 🙏

    1. Anonymous says:


  4. Dean144 says:

    Shabbat shalom (שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם), Sister Celestial, just a quick thank you for your love of our true family. As things grow darker in this world I am seeing a greater attack upon the Remnant especially through a spirit of pride. While our LORD has gifted his servants that they may be used to bless the body as a whole, I see attempts being made to attack these blessed vessels and fellow brothers and sisters. It is for this reason that I am asking all who are led to read this and are drawn by the Holy Ra Ha Kodesh to do so to pray for Celestial and all our brothers and sisters in Christ. To lift one another up in prayer while remembering that we are the servants of the Master and Most High. That all gifts and help come from YAH and all glory belongs to Him Alone. Do not let us get our eyes off our Lord and on the gifts nor the messenger. Praise YAHUAH FATHER GOD Almighty in Yehushuas name, amen.

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