Also, many of those who had practised magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totalled fifty thousand pieces of silver. So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed. – (Acts 19:19-20)

I had this dream 4:40a.m., August 25, 2019. It unsettled me because the witchcraft in it was tangible. I knew God was showing me why His people are in bondage- it’s what they allow into their lives. It’s what they go after and hold on to (ignorantly or stubbornly) that brings chains and allows satan’s wicked works to afflict them with poverty, sickness, limitations, demonic activity or even death. If anyone reads this and doesn’t immediately evaluate what’s in their homes- on the shelf, or tucked away in long forgotten boxes in the garage, long-forgotten things that are still emitting demonic power like radio waves into your home… well.. Don’t say you never heard it before. God wants us teachable and without hard hearts- the time for holding on to the toys of satan is OVER. It’s time to separate and be accountable to God alone.

Dream: I saw a woman reading a book. It was open and strange light, colourful swirls and STARDUST (all indicating MAGIC) rose from it right into her face. This dust settled in her eyes and left a film on them; instantly she went spiritually blind. In the spirit I saw her fall in love with the trash and lies in the book. The image switched to another person reading a book- two snakes rose from the page and entered their eye sockets tail first, so the tails went INSIDE the person’s body like tree roots while the heads of the snakes rested in their eyes looking outward. These snakes were VERY ALERT and interested, yes they were alert looking for FOOLS WHO BELIEVE ANYTHING so they could spit into their eyes. The eyes of anyone who listened to the “bearer” of those snakes without wisdom, as he/she told about what they “read”, were at risk. Yes, the plan was any fool who didn’t have the word of God in them enough would easily listen to what the snake-carrier READ ABOUT, they’d believe it, get venom SPAT into their eyes, and become as deadly to others and BLIND as well. They would get “snake transfer” then go share those same lies with more fools. (Humanism and New Age writings fall into this category, and MANY so-called “Christian books” today.)

Fool: ONE WHO ACTS FOOLISHLY, one who does not display appropriate wisdom to life’s circumstances and lives in such a way that the entire book of Proverbs is basically about them. The Bible uses this word often in the “wisdom books”: Proverbs, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and I am using it the same way.

I saw people ESPECIALLY WOMEN, reading what was nothing but PORN: “Christian Grey”, 50 Shades and other stuff- some even written by so called “Christian authors”- books that eroticized loneliness, longing, veiled or open references of SEX, male-female intimacy, evil books that did nothing but tantalize the libido of women and sexualize them while they’re still single, or fill them with filthy forms of desire they later transfer to their partners, husbands, boyfriends etc. The pages of these books burned with a strange coloured fire that was repulsive to me in that dream, so I pointed to one lady’s book and said “DIE”.

When I did that a FACE looked at me out of that book with excessive hatred, but as I kept my finger pointed and my command firm the face disappeared. The flames in the book got smaller and dimmer until finally they went out. When the fire died the woman shook her head like someone waking from sleep- she closed the book and took it back to the library. Then I woke up.

The Lord told me this: “People of God. CHILDREN WHO ARE ADULTEROUS, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS? WHY DO YOU TEMPT THE LORD YOUR GOD BY LOVING WHAT IS FILTHY, FALSE, AND MURDEROUS TO YOUR SOULS? WHY DO YOU COURT SATAN THEN SEEK THE FATHER WITH FILTHY HANDS, AS IF HE WERE A LOVER OF THOSE WHO DO EVIL? WHY DO YOU DRINK SALT WATER NOT FRESH? Is this not why the Mighty God is DEAF AGAINST YOU, is this not why HEAVEN IS CLOSED AGAINST YOU? You defile yourself with works of evil and say “What have we done? What is our evil we have done against the Lord?” Repent! Because of this the Holy One has put you off- He has no part of the wild and adulterous spirit, the “stubborn ox” who won’t obey the Word but EXALTS ALL MANNER OF PROFANE TEACHING ABOVE WHAT THE LORD HAS SAID. Therefore if you have ears today, repent to God for what you have handled, what you have touched, the “strange fire” you have borrowed, the adultery with Satan you love- and the Lord who is righteous and mighty, wholesome and true will forgive and receive you. He will be merciful to you, He will remove the evil roadblocks you put in your own life by allowing yourself to go to Satan and allowing Satan to come to you. THIS IS THE WORD OF THE LORD. REPENT.”

Sin, Confession and Redemption: (NIV) ISAIAH 59

1 Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.

2 But your INIQUITIES have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you so that he will not hear.

3 For your hands are stained with blood, your fingers with guilt. Your lips speak falsely, and your tongue repeats wicked things.

God has no dealing with sin brothers and sisters, I repeat- NO DEALING WITH IT WHATSOEVER. I do not care what Hollywood movies and Hillsong have taught you, that God just takes the punches- No, the Lord hates sin committed in His face. He despises iniquity. An iniquity is a special type of sin (like your favourite food); it’s a HABIT. This sin feels like you almost have no power to stop going back to it because of the ‘electric shock’ of delight it always gives you. Be warned carefully: Satan is the owner and master over all sin- one day without sending you a memo he will jack that sexy ‘sin electricity’ UP ⬆⬆⬆ to a voltage you never expected, that’s when life breaks down and we see people on the news. Don’t play games with Jesus Christ brethren- yes modern Christianity may have fooled you but HE IS NOT A TOY.

Prayer: I speak to the books you may be reading, I bypass the owner completely and speak to THEM directly in the power, might, and prophetic authority given me in Jesus’ name: BURN. I BURN YOU UNCLEAN BOOKS with the Holy Ghost fire of the living God. I burn books, movies, tarot, horoscope, FALSE PROPHECY- everything that enters the MIND as an unattended doorway and defiles the HEART. I scorch you to ashes and render you POWERLESS in the mighty name of Jesus. I command the lies, serpents, demons and spirits that have entered people already and blocked the minds, the heart, and aqueducts of their spirits to COME OUT OF THEM IN JESUS NAME. SEPARATE FROM THEM UNDER THE SOUND OF THIS PRAYER, IN JESUS NAME. Every one who received venom in the eyes from reading, watching, hearing, listening and then COPYING the satanic suggestions they heard from any source, to go and do it in their own lives, I bind those serpents in the name of Jesus. I pluck them up by their ROOTS AND CAST THEM INTO HOLY GHOST FIRE. I CUT THE CORDS TYING YOU TO DEMONIC INFORMATION- whether you read it from childhood, believed it in college, or came across it at work, I defend your soul now by the Sword of the word of God: LIGHT HAS NO COVENANT WITH DARKNESS, SO Satan I COMMAND YOU TO GO IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! GO FROM THEM IN HIS AWESOME NAME AND DON’T COME BACK!! I shut every last door against you: witchcraft power, occultism, generational and ancestral bloodline power, fetish power, shrine power, I rip you up along with your evil foundation and set it to blazes in Jesus mighty name. You have no authority that can match Jesus name- I drive you out by the Blood and I set it as a SEAL against you from any re-entry. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

To anyone awakened or convicted by this, I strongly urge you in the next 48 hours from whenever you read this to remove those items from your home. This dream is clear evidence that demons attach to physical objects and trouble those who have them in their possession, so take those offending books or items OUT OF YOUR HOUSE, send them away with city trash far from you. Clean yourself UP children, and your Father will accept you. He provided the Blood, but He never told anyone to approach Him with bloody, guilty hands. 😐😐😐 It’s time we grew up, it’s time we stop playing with holiness and learn to exalt ONLY WHAT GOD HAS SAID above all this wicked, perishing society recommends for us. STOP mixing your beliefs with worldly lies in books, so-called “ancient documentaries” etc, then saying “Oh but God never talks to me, I can’t hear the Spirit.” God will not speak in the midst of contamination. Some people get their entire life philosophy from Facebook, others from esoteric books of strong witchcraft and occultic origin. Beware of mixing these things with Scripture into a cake that makes you vomit. Everyone’s opinion will defile your spirit, but Psalm 119:130 says “The entrance of Your Word brings LIGHT.”  

Listen: All who have the Holy Spirit know The Master’s Voice. “My sheep hear my voice; a stranger they will not follow.” (John 10:27) The Holy Spirit teaches these ones to separate from the world- slowly they are made into sons of God. Therefore I encourage each one who visits- have an oily lamp for the Day that nobody knows of, or indeed you and your books, relics, items etc will explain to Him what your relationship is. I won’t be there.

Read Isaiah 1:18-20, also study Isaiah 1:1-6 (This is God’s description of all who love SIN; this is literally how we look in the spirit realm while looking cute and holy down here). 😐

Share the post please, let others know. If you have any questions about salvation, holiness, how to serve God or deepen your relationship with Him, or how to become a Christian– email me at mastersvoice@mail.com.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Sister Celestial, the words you spoke rang so chillingly true. The Lord said just a few days ago, “pray for more wisdom and discernment……and, be careful what you allow into your house.” That truly troubled me because I have been very careful about that very thing for many years, but I took what the Lord said as a warning.

  2. Marliah vB says:

    I totally agreed, those curse object open doors to demon.I burned my dream chaser that invited demon and brought fear to my daughter, prayer didn’t help until Abba Father instructed me to remove that curse thing.Many of those gullible decoration came with demonic spirit attached to it.Yes we need discernment from Holy Spirit.

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice VB. Dream-catchers are indeed highly evil, they are a part of Native American and other cultures, most people don’t know that they are actually doorway-openers or ‘portals’ used to open a dimension into this world for evil spirits to come through. Well done for throwing yours away under the direction of the Holy Spirit, may your home be safe and in peace from now on. In Jesus name, amen.

  3. Reblogged this on pomegranatesandchains and commented:
    Godly warnings to PURGE that which is UNHOLY in His holy sight. Don’t give items away for others. Through them away quickly. This world should not hold onto you more than your righteous love for God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I worked on this in my own life all summer. You will feel joy at your newfound spiritual cleanliness and relief that tainted gateway permission items are gone.

  4. Jay says:

    Wow – This dream confirms something that happened to me.
    I was in my local supermarket, and I absent mindedly was trying to figure out the next letter of a sentence on a magazine cover. (Like one would for scrabble or a word puzzle) The magazines were a little distance away.
    I hadnt even noticed the actual magazine or even know what the story was on the cover.
    Suddenly I perceived a snake lurch out from the cover. I had lingered for about 15 seconds or so, and the snake sensed the interest and was ready to strike and enter the eyegate of the reader.
    I was so shocked!

    Even though I hadn’t even read anything from that magazine, it took a few minutes of praying to get rid of the unsettled feeling.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Jay, thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. I appreciate you sharing your experience- indeed God is warning strongly in these last days about the devilish and occultic nature of countless items that we ignorantly use, attach to, or bring into our homes. We need to pray strongly for spiritual discernment in these times, so we can stay safe from the wiles of satan. Thanks so much for your comment brother, bless you.

  5. ~M says:

    i recently heard someone say they saw a bit of gold dust after encountering an angelic portal. Would that manifestation be an indicator of witchcraft or an operation of the heavenly realm?

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