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“And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Then another book was opened, which is the book of life. And the dead were judged by what was written in the books, according to what they had done.” – (Rev. 20:12)


Today the Lord put me to sleep and gave me so many dreams!

In one of them I saw myself in a barbershop. I was sitting in the big red chair as people came in for a cut and shape. Instead of me standing behind the chair I was sitting in it, and the Lord was next to me. He was directing men, women, kids and even babies to my chair and putting them right on my lap. The men I gave a hug, the women a hug, squeeze and kiss, and the children and babies I rocked them and smothered them with love. This is how I greeted everyone, WITH WELCOMING ARMS AND WITH LOVE. 😍

However next I put a bib around them, and spun the chair with them sitting in my lap to face the mirror. Then with them watching clearly what I was doing, my two hands turned to razors. I began to shave them and shape them up- hairline and beard if it was men or young men, hair and eyebrows if it was women. I even shaped the eyebrows and hairlines of very young children and plucked the eyebrows of every baby in my lap. Nobody was too young to escape work being done- I saw my friends’ little children being brought to me for haircuts. Anywhere a person had overgrowth of hair I shaped, pulled, cut, plucked, removed and scraped until each person was looking SHARP AND PERFECT in my chair. Some people came to me with so much hair they looked like baby bears, but no matter how unruly they looked I would work on them until their face was visible, and give them the right cut and shape for their face. Then when they were done Jesus took them from my lap and carried them somewhere else. It was so strange to see how I started with love first, then the sharp, cutting razors came from my hands to remove excess, to “shape up” what each person came to me with.

Visitors of TMV prophecy blog– If I am teaching you, correcting you, discipling you- it’s to get you ready to “Walk a Good Walk with Jesus Christ”. It’s to prep you to go out there and resist the devil on your own when I’m not with you anymore. It’s to encourage you to read the Bible and learn what makes a man pleasing to God. It’s to make you acceptable to the Lord on the day He calls your name, when you realise you got to face him by yourself with all your deeds- when Celestial can’t be your backup no more. It’s a SHAPE-UP for your ELEVATION, PROMOTION AND BLESSING, so when it comes you aren’t weak but can handle it and even defend it from satan when he surely comes to try steal it from you.

Folks I’m here to GET YOU READY TO SEE YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR ON THE GREAT AND COMING DAY OF JESUS CHRIST. So let’s do this thing peacefully and you’ll be on your way! 🤣 God bless you, share the post and be blessed amen!

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  1. Tracey says:

    God bless you precious woman of God. Your passion for Christ & sharing what you glean from Him is noticed and cherished. I think about how loving and merciful God is to want us to know these things… and grateful that He found someone to use in you. I’ve been blessed by your blog in the past few weeks since I found it, learning so much. May God continue to refine us till we attain the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Amen

  2. Anonymous says:

    😄 Let us be with Jesus until the END!!!

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