“Fit For The Master’s Use”, A Prophetic Dream- August 8, 2019

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But the LORD is in His holy temple; let all the earth be silent before Him.” – (Habakkuk 2:20)

Really have had the strangest afternoon. Wow Jesus, thank you for these revelations. 

Took a day from work today so I could work at my own pace, but halfway through the most powerful sleep came on me- there’s just no way I could’ve fought that sleep so I lay down. I had many realistic dreams one after another- the relevant ones I’ll share with you. I am a Christian on the journey like many who come here, but I also am a sent messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ, a person set apart to bring the mind of God to the greater body so that we all (myself included) can know His plans and will for the days ahead. Times are in CONVERGENCE brothers and sisters, visitors, doubters, mockers, those who will dismiss these words- TIME IS IN CONVERGENCE FOR US ALL WHETHER YOU BELIEVE ME OR NOT. God is using me to edify, to teach spiritual truths so others can be encouraged and READY.

In my first dream someone brought me a basket of fruit. It was a HUGE basket; seeing it come before me I knew it meant “work”. It was full of pretty orange fruit shaped like young peaches, even had fuzz like peaches, but it wasn’t peaches. It was a special fruit I’ve never seen before. One thing I noticed- that fruit bruised easily- as the basket was carried this fruit moved around touching each other, hitting the sides of the basket, some of them had become very badly BRUISED. Hands set this tall basket in front of me, almost as tall as me, and someone looked at me kindly like: “You know what to do.”

So I reached my hands in and worked through the fruit, separating it. All bruised ones went into another basket that was taken away, but the good ones I quickly took and checked, then put them into a drum of pure salt water for washing. After that I dried them, laid them out on a silver platter and people came by quickly and took this cleaned fruit away to serve it in a great banquet party going on inside a mansion near me. I was in the backyard of this mansion with many, many other workers, our heads were tied and each one was given tall baskets to separate the fruit into good or bruised section. I DON’T KNOW WHERE THE BRUISED FRUIT WENT, but I felt in my heart it went for “processing”.

I thank God, in my basket I saw no rotten fruit. I saw a few of workers find totally black and rotten fruit in their baskets- they were instructed to throw them away, to not put them into any basket because of ‘contamination’. So I saw workers lift their arm from time to time and simply pitch a black one away- I had this small stress in my heart like “Please God let me not find a black one” but even to the bottom of my basket I didn’t find any black one. After I was done with my basket someone came for me, removed my worker clothes and let me join the wonderful party going on inside. I was happy and woke up.

Meaning: I am a worker in the Lord’s house, working for Him to identify, separate and sanctify (wash with salt) His people. If any are ready they can go straight to the great table of Jehovah to find their purpose of delivering sweetness to His mouth, and to be served to others as a wonderful meal to enjoy. If any are bruised, they must go through the process of repentance, strengthening, learning, then I know they’ll be full and ripe again, UNBRUISED, and brought back to those baskets to have a chance to go to the table. But if any be rotten and reject God, He will also reject that one from entering His house.

If you keep yourself pure, you’ll be a special vessel for honourable use. Your life will be clean and you’ll be ready for the Master to use you for every good work. (2 Tim 2:21)

Every branch not bearing fruit in Me (Christ), He takes it away; and every one bearing fruit, He prunes it that it may bear more fruit. (John 15:2)

Let these posts encourage us, make us strive, make us all SEE AND DESIRE TO BE THE GOOD FRUIT. Even if we have bruises, let’s show our wounds to Jesus. Family, the pains of the past makes us do strange things. Unacknowledged pain, hidden brokenness- they shape our behaviours and responses in ways we don’t even understand, ’til in a way we are almost kind of helplessly walking out these things. Evil cycles that break us further.  These habits and actions we take, sometimes not knowing it’s because there is a sharp rock hidden in the soul, forcing the actions to happen because of pain that is not yet HEALED. 

But it’s time. Time to admit our weakness, sins, compromise to JESUS and ask for help to be healed, delivered and set free. If you know your life isn’t right, ARISE AND SEEK YOUR DELIVERANCE- 

“For everyone who seeks, FINDS, all who knock have the door opened to them, anyone who asks will receive.” (Matt. 7:7) 

God will be merciful, God will begin to work in a way you can’t even believe or explain to get the right people around you- to get you the help that you need. THE BLIND MAN in the bible (Mark 10:46-52) was at a disadvantage from the beginning, HE COULDNT SEE. He was blind and could only listen. Yet when he heard Jesus was in town he didn’t focus on his problems, he couldn’t get himself there but he shouted: “JESUS, HAVE MERCY ON ME!” 

He cried out for mercy, for forgiveness, for a miracle right where he was, and his desperate cry made Jesus stopped his journey and make time to deal with that man’s problems so as to bring wholeness to his life. Even as Christians who know and love God- we have broken areas. We have bruises,  we have hurts and pains from long ago or yesterday. We can’t live wholesome lives while carrying the brokenness of the past; we need to lay it down. We need to admit it; we need to say “Ok this happened and its killing me slowly, what can I do about it?” God is here for your breakthrough- He is a Healing wonder among all the dear doctors who patch us up. Turn to The Master and say Jesus, son of God, have mercy on me. He will hear you and do what you have never up to now being able to do for yourself. Amen.

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  1. Yakeisha Allen says:

    This is a beautiful reminder that all our bruises can be restored to wholeness in Him and that our humility to come to Him in prayer seeking forgiveness, deliverance and healing will make us ready for the Master’s use.

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