“In Quick Succession”: America in Turmoil, Pt 3 – ‘DEEP STATE’ (July 16, 2019)


I continue the TURMOIL prophecy from June 16, 2019.

The Spirit of the Lord God also says to me “DEEP STATE MANIFESTATIONS”– something called DEEP STATE is coming out into the open. (Deep State is defined online as a government that is behind the apparent government- I have to study this more as this is a new portion of prophecy for me).

The Lord said that DEEP STATE is emerging from the shadows; it is ready to take the stage. He is showing me a man with shiny shoes and pressed trousers standing in the shadows behind another man. The second man standing in the light is at a podium, the leader of the United States President Donald Trump, standing in front of the blue background making an official address. But right in his shadow, I mean RIGHT in his shadow behind him, standing so close that his shiny shoes are almost stepping on the heels of President Donald Trump, is another man, and I know America knows him.

He has a sure and confident grin, a winning smile, he is relaxed and assured. This man is absolutely sure it’s his turn to be leader next; his presence is literally superglued to the existing President who unfortunately HAS NO CLUE HE IS THERE. I see a gunshot wound appear in the President’s chest; he is still making his address but blood is spreading like a special effect over his chest. The gathered press in front of him reacts with shock and horror when they see it. However he goes on making his speech- this man has no awareness of his own life, he does not even know people are planning to kill him so this other man in the Deep State agenda can come out to the foreground and take charge. The man in the shadows is Barack Obama. The man in the light is Donald Trump.

This is the word of the Lord: In the near future, times and half a time, AMERICA WILL BE GREATLY DESTABILISED. Her cities will be in the grip of fear because of “panic attacks” caused by multiples of public shootings, extended waves of gang and drug violence, neighbourhood crime, violent acts that overrun the nightly news. ‘SCARE PACKAGES’ (it’s the name I’m seeing) will overrun the cities- all sorts of things mailed to people to put the fear of God into them and make them feel exposed. SCARE PACKAGES in the office buildings, at the fairgrounds, at the Capitol buildings and surrounding areas. SCARE PACKAGES sent to doctors, lawyers, judges, and people who have power to subpoena other people to come testify in court. All these types of people will be “scared”.

What I can’t see is whether these packages will be real or fake. Everytime I see the hands of someone receive a package and reach to open it the vision cuts off- So I can’t say whether the scare packages are just to scare or whether something terrible like a bomb or other wounding explosive will erupt out of them when opened. All I know is, it will feel like the era of the Unabomber has come back, the mail system will be used for something other than delivering mail in America. People will be jumpy, terrified and very irritable, wild and unstable and acting like horses when a snake enters the barn. In the midst of this something like a second government who nobody elected will rise to power with untouchable and unanimous force- I see Americans open their mouths in wonder to see the machinery of this beast swing into action with the practiced perfection of something that has done this MANY TIMES BEFORE.

I see the apparatus like a mechanical spider raising itself up from the ground with ease; there is a man in the seat of it operating everything, all the legs and arms of the iron spider as it spreads its legs over the whole part of the United States and takes control. This iron spider will run America even though nobody voted for it, nobody cast a ballot and said “Spider come and take over, spider come and be leader of the free world” but that’s exactly what that spider and the man in its bucket seat will do. BARACK OBAMA. He will come and take over with a whole crowd of backers, shadow people, armed forces and financiers behind him; he will rule the free world with an iron fist and pound many nations including this one into powder. He has an iron fist and with it he will rule without mercy. This is the revelation of the Lord. May God be with America.

Prophesy and tell them:

“The ten horns you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but will receive one hour of authority as kings, along with the beast. These kings have one purpose: to give up their power and authority to the beast.” – (Revelation 17:12-13)

A related prophecy can be seen here: “The Iron Kingdom Rises”.

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  1. Rover Radar says:

    May I share this Flash Vision from April 27th, of last year (2018)?

    It was early in the morning (about 4ish), and I was turning to the other side of the bed. When I saw: a ball of fire on the left side, and on the right side was Trump – free falling (his back towards the ground) like someone pushed him off a plane without a parachute. Both were in a background of black (darkness).

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Rover, Thank you for visiting TMV blog. Thanks for sharing, it is indeed a matter of intercession at this point for the President’s life- he is unaware what is being planned for his future. May God have mercy as we all pray. Hope to see you again soon.

    2. Celestial says:

      How did I not see this? Thank you Rover for visiting The Master’s Voice. Indeed God has been showing me and others that this man is not helping his own cause in leadership, and plans are afoot to remove him not only from the office but from Life itself. This will usher in a time of “frozenness” in the USA, please see the prophecy “Empty” and especially “POTUS” – they show an internal work to cause interruption in leadership, not any “attack” from outside the nation. May God bless you brother, thanks for sharing what God showed you. Shalom.

  2. Scarlett says:

    I was glad when Obama left office, however, with a sense of foreboding, I knew we hadn’t seen the last of him. I felt at that time, he would present himself again in some high official capacity such as the head of the United Nations. Ironically, that may come to pass as the UN expands it’s power into the eventual one world government.

  3. jaygee says:

    Thank you for faithfully releasing the prophesies and honouring the Lord Celestial. (Your words are causing me to examine myself)
    I have just read this, and I noted the time span of times and half a time for this prophecy. If I use the end time biblical equivalent of “time” = 1 year, then this prophecy is fulfilled in 1.5 years. From July 16 leads to Jan 2021. If the prophecy is from June 16, that leads to Dec 2020.

    I am also seeing dreams and words written about the demise of the current winner of the presidential race. If both fall before handover, then succession planning will appear entirely reasonable. May the Lord have mercy on us.! Praying!

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello JayGee. Thank you & I’m doing my best. The Lord is my Helper. My understanding of “times” in the paragraph relates to the specific things listed there & not the word in its entirety, and as i look at 2020 in review I’ve seen all those things about destabilization except the dangerous packages. There are recent warnings ⚠️ about the president’s life so I don’t see how God would have included that if He’s still speaking about it. I believe God’s plans are good towards any who cling to Him and that’s what I’m determined to do. Bless you! 🙏

  4. Marty says:

    The Iron Spider reminds me of the Octopus from editorial cartoons of the early 1900s which show J.P. Morgan as the head of the beast with the arms being Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller and other financial tycoons. Morgan himself was only a front for the Rothschild banking cartel, the same cartel that created and runs modern day Israel. May the Lord God keep us hid in Christ Jesus while the world burns all around us. Stay strong Celestial and thank you for sharing your gifts with your faithful flock. 🙏

  5. Averine Pennington says:

    Celestial, I have just recently been made aware of your site from another sister in Christ when I shared with her a description of non-human creatures I was seeing in many of my prophetic dreams. Wow, your words from the Lord are certainly a confirmation. I wanted to share something that came into my spirit after hearing about the ‘Iron Spider.’ It came to my remembrance about a 1999 movie starring Kevin Kline & Will Smith entitled ‘Wild, Wild West’ which had a mechanical spider that was destroying America, controlled by a diabolical man wanting to take over everything! I don’t remember the entire story line but that movie was possibly ‘predictive programming’ relating to your word.

    1. elfmom55 says:

      GIANT brass spider displayed in public

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