The Human-Alien Hybrid Question – April 17, 2022


The end of the world is a freakshow. 

It is a place, a time and existence where the unimaginable will stand up with the imaginable and be seen in broad daylight. The wheat will live with the tares before harvest (Matthew 13:30). There’s coming a time when night creatures won’t bother to hide anymore, they’ll be walking around freely with the same rights as anyone, bold out there as you please. They’ll have the full run of the city just as we have, and this too is the world’s punishment for sin. 

They won’t strive to communicate but will be perfectly understood- using our own languages to talk to us or upgraded modes of communication like telepathy or things we’ve never seen. One is a communicator “watch”- technology on a wristband. It can translate speech from these beings after they speak into it and share it in a way we understand. We will be encouraged to accept them into society, to ‘blend’ with them and prove ourselves capable of evolution and open-mindedness, but I say to all who read this now- The devil will come down to us in another skin.

These are the warnings of the Lord Jesus Christ from as far back as 2014- the revelation of human-alien hybrids among us. Breeding programs on this earth to increase the number of Satan’s seed among us. “Aliens” in this sense  doesn’t only refer to skinny grey silent creatures with big eyes who are always on TV, it means ‘Foreign to.’ ‘Not local, not from around here.’ An alien is anything foreign to the general locality (in this case something not from or of Earth), that is nevertheless found in the general locality.

Alien also means ‘Something that is so different to another thing that there exists little or no point of compatibility between them.’ In other words, something that has absolutely NO PLACE OR REASON being somewhere because it is impossible for it to fit in there.

Alien means: “No matter how much thing A tries to naturalize itself with thing B or try to find ways to assimilate, IT IS NOT FROM THERE, IT DOES NOT BELONG THERE AND IT NEVER WILL. Thing A does not and CANNOT share enough similarities with thing B to ever be considered a prototype of thing B, or even its friend or close cousin. Thing A is ALIEN. It is OTHER. IT DOES NOT BELONG WITH THING B AND IT NEVER WILL.”

The hybrid revolution will take the world by surprise. It will be an overnight phenomenon, almost like a miracle. It’s something nobody even thinks about now because we’ve got other things to deal with, but one day it’ll be what everyone’s talking about. It’ll feel like an overnight shift from normal things like food and gas prices, to talking about the presence of alien life, alien lifeforms, and “things that are not quite human but look a lot like us.”

People will be told it’s all normal conversation- after all if we don’t look into it- who will? If we don’t talk about it what does that say about us as a society, as the human race? Isn’t it the responsible thing to do, to look beyond ourselves and ask: “Is there life among us? Are we alone?” Things that have always been called FRINGE will suddenly become mainstream conversation, and if anybody doesn’t like it they’ll be gaslighted and shamed until they either stop sharing their views publicly, or are won over and convinced to support the new, emerging protagonists called HYBRIDS.

In the new society it will seem like humans gradually fall to the lowest rank and preference. There will be more time, resources, focus and attention put on hybrid lifeforms than on normal people. Hybrids and their strange appearance, even their special abilities and apparent desire to blend with us, will become the dominant news. So if a hospital needs government funding or a school is in need of resources, that will be less important news than the new world record for swimming set by a hybrid, or the fact that one threw a javelin at a sports event and it went out of the stadium.

In dominance of news, headlines and attention, dominance even of available human resources to care for this marginalized world- Hybrids will move to the front. They’ll be the stars of the show. Human life and its predictable patterns will fade away before the excitement, shock, outrage and fear of finding out these ‘people’ exist. It will be all about Nephilim, glamorizing them, “looking up to them”, examining their superior build under a microscope, and the whole point of this will be to slowly and deliberately change their status and perception from “ALIEN” to: “NORMAL”.

The architects of the brave new world want parents to consider it ‘normal’ that their daughter brings a 10-foot husband home and says she loves him. For this to happen smoothly there needs to be enough indoctrination, propaganda, fear-mongering and shaming done so that even if parents do protest, the law will have changed enough to be fully on the daughter’s side to marry (even if she’s underage.) She may even be given the right to prosecute her parents for a hate crime, to have them on the news before the public as ‘alien haters’, people who need to be condemned and shunned.

Christians must prepare for all this because the times are coming when they will experience the full meaning of the words “Then ye shall be hated of all nations for my sake”.

“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted [persecuted], and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.” – (Matthew 24:9)

 People will hate the true church because it will always hold the line. They will never accept to live with hybrids. People who follow Jesus Christ will never agree to have the doctrines of demons (or  demons themselves), living among them. There will be a sharp, RAPID divide between the followers of Jesus Christ and the rest of the world; there will also be a sharp tearing within the church itself (the great falling away). See this post- The Great Falling Away.

There will also be people who strongly oppose the mixing of society on other moral and ethical grounds but it needs to be said- As this Hyrbid/ Nephilim movement gains momentum the greatest thing it will have on its side is TIME.

TIME is a great eroder. It wears down everything. It takes away resistance just by being itself. Holding out against time is the hardest thing anyone can be asked to do- waiting for a meal when hungry, waiting for a friend who is late, waiting for cancer screens to come back normal, waiting for pain to fade when a loved one dies. TIME wears down all resistance, even mountains know this. The sea wears rocks smooth, the desert heat breaks them down into pebbles, all by the process of time.

So too in this situation- TIME will wear down a lot of early dissenters and win them to the opposite side. People will be worn down the longer the fight goes on, the longer it takes to make a decision on whether they should live with us or not TIME will change people’s minds and that’s what the devil is counting on. NET ZERO RESISTANCE, enough people who change their mind that the few who still say no don’t matter and can be ignored as things get further and further out of control. 

People will be won by arguments of ‘having compassion’: “They’re very similar to us you know, they have the same thoughts and feelings. How would you like it if you went somewhere and they treated you like this?”

Having empathy: “But where are they supposed to go? They need a place to live!” 

People will be deceived and controlled by the tried and tested idea that having compassion means you even have to agree with with anything, even insanity. In order to prove you have an ‘open mind’ your mind apparently needs to be open to everything. So increasingly it will be like, to be socially acceptable you must be progressive, non-judgemental, neighborly and ‘warm’- even to demons.

The list is endless on what mankind will be told is the reason for having hybrids enter society but the word of God is clear- The devil will be cast out of Heaven in the last days when no place is found for him there anymore; he will come down here raging against all flesh, for he knows he has a short time left (Revelation 12:12). Whoever owns a Bible, now is the time to read it and really understand it. The Bible is not for shallow reading, skimming, or personal interpretations. It’s real.

The hybrids I have heard about today (and at previous times) are as follows: 

Human-animal hybrids: Chimeras. Can be man and one animal, one animal visibly spliced into the gene pool of humanity to blend features. An example of a one-beast chimera is a centaur, the half-man talking horse of mythology.

Chimeras can be a combination of beasts, two or more animals manifesting various characteristics of themselves like the beast of Rev. 13 (mouth of a lion, body of leopard, feet of a bear). It can also be a combination where one animal mixes with the human body and other animal characteristics are silent but active. Example: A wolf person who can talk, walk upright, wear clothes, but can also swim like a dolphin or do something like some other animal (something that a wolf can’t normally do.)

Amalgamated hybrids are these types that are two or more animals within the same body- there is an endless number of genotypes that can be fractured and broken into little bits and re-sewn together into one individual and we will see a lot of that in the end times, even in human beings.

The other hybrid that will come to light is offspring conceived from the seed of ‘alien beings’. This is fallen angel seed mixing with women in intercourse, as well as alien seed.

“A genetic breeding program where women are abducted and used as incubators for birthing babies.” The Lord said the aliens do not sleep with women, they put their genetic material into them using their own technology after making a live embryo. She then carries it to full term or half term, and the infant is raised as a hybrid. These children do not look right at all, the original ones, but better and better genetic breeding techniques have produced some that are so close to humanity that only telltale signs of bone and body structure may give it away. There are millions of this type. 

Hybrids are also genetically made nephilim. These are made from scientific procedures- reverse engineering is one way- using Nephilim DNA in modern science procedures to grow an original Nephilim in a lab. Og of Bashan is one who will be brought back this way, so will many of the earlier Pharaohs who were carrying this corrupted Nephilim seed in their bloodline. See HERE.

There are nephilim that are born from blood stock- they never died out. They never left. They escaped by whatever means and preserved for themselves a remnant in the earth the same as God kept a remnant for Noah. They are clearly all over the Bible after the flood, the Israelites constantly fought them. They are the heroes of Greek and Roman stories, all of which happened after the flood.

“There were GIANTS on the earth in those days* (ante-diluvian period, the pre-flood period) AND AFTER THAT)” (Genesis 6:4.) The angels may have come to earth twice as some claim but Enoch’s writings do not support this. His book has one visit, one resulting race of hybrids, one flood to remove them but they were not all removed. They have been reproducing in the population – unchecked, unspoiled- peculiar bloodlines that preserve the integrity of the bloodline by never marrying out of it, and that is all I know.  

Clones are hybrids. They are a mix of human material/ DNA and synthetic pieces, joined by some scientific method to grow a similitude of humanity, but by having no soul this is an abomination to God, a hybrid. None of these things listed in this message have souls, pneuma, ‘the breath of life” that God personally gave Adam from His own mouth. That is why not a single one of them can repent and none will stand in the presence of God at the judgement. I have covered this in depth in the fallen angel series so there is no need to keep saying it: No soul, no redemption, no Heaven.

The last type of hybrid to mention is the genetically enhanced human being. 

There will be modded humans, modified man who is no longer ‘man’. Man who (by joining himself to the beast system) will be full of “juice“, cocktails, elixirs, software and also scientific modifications by physical hardware– metal arm, “bionic arm”, metal leg not for loss of a limb but willingly removed to get enhanced limbs for speed and strength. Eyes replaced with scanners, body integrated with technology, body parts taken off to get ‘better’ body parts to make the owner “more” than a human being.

People will drink things to reduce signs of ageing, ‘youth cocktails’, things like that. Physical procedures to reverse ageing, even removal of the body into another body, all these things the Lord says are ABOMINATION- a trap you cannot come back from, a clock you cannot unwind. 

There will be removal of the human consciousness from the body into a ‘suspended state’, which can be put into another body. The Lord said the human body will be treated like a sock, you can put it on and take it off when you want. The problem with that is the connection to God will be severed the first time you ever try it and that will be IT for you, forever. No matter how many times you come back into your body you’ll never hear God or know salvation again, you will be who scripture speaks of whose conscience is seared with a hot iron (1 Timothy 4:2), impossible to renew to repentance (Hebrews 6:6).

To all those who think Bible verses only have one meaning and application, what a bitter day it will be when this portion of humanity arises who WILLINGLY DEPART THEIR BODIES to go try out other things, then come back to it like Samson, thinking they can carry on as they were before. Such people will be cut off from God as by a molten sword, never to reconnect with Him. Even if they reconnect with their body through science they will be cut off from Jesus forever for that sin, just as the fallen angels were. 

I REPEAT: If any human being ‘leaves his first estate’ (Jude 1:6)which is clay made by God, gifted with the breath of life- if any man leaves his body to “go and try” anything else- let him know that even if he comes back successfully God will lock him out of salvation. This is not astral projection I’m speaking of, but some physical future practice of leaving the body to go and dwell for a time as another entity in another body, then coming back to the original state. The door of salvation will be shut against that person as a sort of ‘cutting process’ will happen when he exits, even if he comes back to his body successfully and tries to carry on with God as he was before- he will meet silence and a shut door until the day he dies. The next time he will hear God is when he stands before the King to be judged. Let nobody say the Lord did not tell us what the price of this was, beforehand. 

The other kind of modded human will be born that way. A hybrid from the womb. These are genetically enhanced to the millionth degree- free from sickness, genetic defect, disease- almost as if their DNA is lined with some kind of rubberized, decay-proof ‘sheath’ that makes them immune to all the things humanity suffers by reason of the curse from the garden of Eden.

Ageing, sickness, diseases, tiredness, weakness, genetic defects and death- all of that will be edited out of these people before they ever enter the womb and they’ll come out PERFECT. Long hair, tall, beautiful features, no scent or body odour. All human weakness will be cut out leaving only the most desirable traits- speed, agility, strength, incredible stamina, height, beauty, intelligence, empathy, kindness and even voices that sound like melodious waters. Some will even have a kind of clairvoyant quality like knowing things before they happen; there are centers in the brain responsible for this and some parents will choose to have this option triggered in their children.

RACE WILL BE HEAVILY MANIPULATED. The darker skin tones will be heavily manipulated out and that will be a preference for many parents engineering their babies for a “better placement in this world.” Many multi-racial couples will choose this option, but also a few darker people will too.

They are made from human seed, mother’s genes and father’s genes, so all human, the only problem is they are not people, they are genetically farm-bred abnormalities made by scientific method and God will not receive them under the banner of ‘humanity’. So even though these hybrids reflect the so-called superiority of humanity- i.e. THE BEST WE CAN EVER BE, they are still Satan’s evolution of man, not God’s.

God doesn’t think like Satan. His things are spiritual realities and truths. The highest version of man in God’s eyes is the born-again man walking at the highest expression of the Spirit of God, such a man can lose his strength through age or by an accident that confines him to a wheelchair, yet in God’s eyes that man is the full-grown expression of Christ-likeness. Such a person is mocked and looks weak to the devil but in Heaven he will be given the highest honors God can give. 

Satan’s idea of supremacy is not God’s. So all his versions of “This is the best of the best!” is only pride, a cheap desire to replace Yah and mimic His promises. The devil will deceive many through these things God has revealed, he will lead MANY down multiple paths of destruction by promising them his own twisted version of Heavenly things- a new body, eternal life, no sickness or pain, even cheating death- but it is all a lie. Satan is cursed forever therefore anything he offers is similarly cursed and will destroy whoever takes it. All who serve God should be building the wisdom and discernment to recognize Satan’s trademark in anything- he will say it is better than God’s, costs less, no waiting or begging to get it. It will always look perfect and free, but the cost of it is your soul. Nothing from the devil is getting into Heaven. Nothing.  Just remember that, nothing unclean is even accepted into the presence of God. Let that be a lifetime reminder until we stand before our God.

These are the things Yah revealed to me today. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.





  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you sister Celestial. May the Lord grant us the grace to remain steadfast in Him and to endure to the end. Shalom.

  2. Joyce Schraeder says:

    Thank you and God bless you. This all makes sense to me. Even the elect will be deceived if it were possible.

    1. Mark says:

      Celestial, perfect passing out God’s words of warning again. Thanks for keeping steadfast in prophecy. Ask Yah in your next dream to bless me and keep my mind and heart on him always. I desperately need Yah’s love and mercy for what is coming soon. Thank you ❤️

  3. WP says:

    Praise YAH. Blessings to you Celestial!

  4. elfmom55 says:

    2 Esdras 5:8 (Apocrypha)
    “There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters:”

    1. Scarlett says:

      ELFMOM…That almost sounds like what has been revealed about the jab causing women to have heavier, unnatural menses, and having their godly DNA changed, damaged or removed, who later conceived and then gave birth to hybrids, (aberrant, non-human monsters)

    2. elfmom55 says:

      Thanks. A friend sent that pic yrs ago. It is Dr. Lector cat!
      Celestial said she was shown that when the Arctic ice melts enough those fallen one’s will thaw and be unleashed on us. I pray daily I will be worthy to escape! I know I’m not now but I pray He prepare me to be worthy!

      1. Mark says:

        “Obey and know that I am”. A simple but hard to achieve! We all fall short but this is why Yeshua was sent. I too am scared that I am not but I hear these words and now you will… “Obey and know that Ehyeh”.

  5. Yolanda Clarett says:

    Thank you sister. Thank for sharing with us what the Lord is sharing with you. We have been warned and should be vigilant and watchful over our souls. May God grant us the discernment needed to guard against getting involved with the wicked and their schemes. I can see how this may be used to get families to save a child or family member from death or sickness. God help us to stand and be counted righteous.

  6. David Carswell says:

    Modern messenger (what he likes to be called, although many prefer the describer “modern prophet”), my friend Byron Searle…told me about TMV and Celestial in January of 2021 and immediately in my HS I knew this blogsite to be a total “bullseye accuracy” place of pure truth. Next, I became her YouTube subscriber number 382. On my own channel, I have promoted HERS incessantly…as instructed by Yeshua Himself…because I always, always do precisely as I’m asked to with no push-back. This is one of the most fascinating posts of her approximately 400 here, in my humble opinion. NO modern prophet speaks with such detail-rich specificity…what I prefer to call (and always do)…”GRANULARITY”. There’s a popular but totally erroneous notion that the “rapture” (a word found NOWHERE in any Bible) will remove all repentant true believers and followers soon. This is NOT true. As Celestial often says, and as I tell all friends and family members and co-workers in my ministry….”We’re not going anywhere yet”. And that’s why prophecies such as this one that might seem meant “for those left behind” are anything BUT that !!

    1. Evelyn Cruz says:

      Whatever happened to Byron Searle!

      1. David Carswell says:

        In January of ’21…the Lord told him to go off of YT for his own security. He and his wife found themselves working for this stolen election new bunch…in their long-held, important Federal government positions. They also just had had TWO new grandkids born and felt a responsibility to be (by God’s instructions) in a much lower-profile position for the safety of all parties.

  7. Christine says:

    Thank you, Celestial. Please pray for me as I suspect I am married to an Other. The still, small voice tells me he is not like me. He’s cruel, devoid of empathy, has not seen me for seven months, gaslights me into thinking I’m crazy. He is a Chemist in a fellowship at Rockefeller University, worked for Phizer and has had three jabs. I am afraid of him. God has forgiven me for being like Sarah and trying to meet my own needs for security. He has no empathy. He smacks himself and screams at me until he is hoarse.

    1. Scarlett says:

      Sister, if you honestly believe your life is in danger, you are under no spiritual or even legal authority to continue being with this man. Your story is all too familiar. I speak as a woman who has stayed in one such relationship all too long.

  8. Scarlett says:

    That thing which has been shall be again. There is nothing new under the sun.

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