“A Hard Winter” (Aggravated Harm By VACCINES) – November 24, 2021


*I always receive revelations from the Lord but not everything is a blog post. However if I hear a thing over and over again, or when I receive a certain amount of information then I publish it. 

The Lord told me there will be ‘a great cry of the ambulances this winter’. The sound of ambulances will rise to a scream in America and around the world as people go into cardiac arrest and other forms of “heart distress”. In addition He said that many other diseases will surface during the cold months, including a type of sickness symptomatic of Lyme disease. Many people will go to hospital for different forms of cardiac arrest and cardiac distress as ambulance sirens wail nonstop. 

*Lyme disease is an easy-to-overlook illness caused by tick bites. It can easily be overlooked until it gets really serious because early signs [ tiredness, headache, fever] are symptoms for just about every other illness. Even the rash that usually gives away Lyme only shows up after a week- it’s not itchy or painful so a person may not even know they have it until other more serious symptom show up- such as neurological damage (shooting pains and tingling in arms and legs, or not being able to move one side of the face or the whole face), neck stiffness, joint pain, and severe heart palpitations. These symptoms can persist til years later. As we can see, covid vaccines cause many of these same symptoms in those who have taken them.

I saw EMTs (emergency medical technicians) working double and even triple shifts because of the rise in illnesses requiring hospitalization. People collapsed for so many reasons and as a result the paramedics had to work extremely hard to keep up with demand. I saw how these people were so tired and after seeing so many sick and dying people some of them began to suffer mental attack, mind breakdown and symptoms of PTSD. They became angry, irritable, short tempered, on a hair trigger and full of despair because of what they saw on the job. The one underlying cause was because they knew it was the vaccines killing their clients. These people figured out long before everyone else that the vaccines were not safe, could NOT be safe if this many people were at code red level from it- or whatever colour level is the highest and most urgent in the ambulance world. 

I saw a team pulling stretcher after stretcher out of the back of one ambulance- two guys- an Asian man and a white guy. The scene played over and over where they hit the hospital, jumped out, pulled the stretcher out and got ready to wheel the patient in, until finally the Asian man turned to the side, vomited everything he’d eaten that day and started crying. That’s when I knew it was not a loop I was watching; I was seeing the average day of this man and his partner constantly driving people near death to the hospital, always finding out during the ride that the person had taken a vaccine. The man vomited and gave his partner a tearful, pleading look like I can’t do this anymore. 

I’ve written this message before twice already in other posts and here it is again. It will be a very HARD winter and a lot of people will die. The number who succumb this winter to sickness and infection will be a record everywhere but especially here in America. The Lord said only when we see this happening will we understand the manic push to get as many vaccines out to the public as possible. It was for winter and the months of cold to do the work of wiping people out

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God said in the cold seasons there will be active dying. In the months ahead and right into 2022 there will be GREAT CHANGES IN THE POPULATION DENSITY OF THE USA. The death rate is going to go higher than it’s ever been and it will occur in weird patterns of unexplained death and disease, even among the young and previously healthyThe word the Heavenly Father used for it is culling. CULLING.

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Next I saw people have a very hard winter. Very hard. All types of ailments, sickness and especially ‘unknown fevers’ popped up among those who were vaccinated. I saw people tense as anything in their homes, sitting by the beds of their children and loved ones who were sick. God said Celestial as you observe the increasing fallout from these vaccines believe Me; everyone will have more than enough to worry about. Yes I saw people had a lot to worry about; they were so worried about sickness they didn’t have time for a lot of the foolish stuff people usually have time for. All focus on entertainment and also small petty things fell to the side because many houses had sick members and people were very scared if they would make it or not. Very many did not make it as the Lord had said.   

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People will slump on their desks at work and die. People will cover up in bed, go to sleep and die. People will fall down greatly in the street and die or require emergency services and go to the hospital and die. The sound of sirens, the wail of ambulance will surround America like a scream, that is what I saw. The wailing rose to crescendo and also with it the sound of hospital monitors in panic. Hospital monitors panic when a person is dying- they shout, they beep, they ping, they make all sorts of noises to say COME HERE NOW, SOMEBODY, THE ONE I’M MONITORING ISN’T DOING TOO GOOD! SOMETHING IS WRONG!

Please be sure to read the full Vaccine Mandates and both Part 1 and 2 of They Will Die prophetic words (links are above in red). Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.


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  1. Tina mark says:

    Thank you prophetess for the work you are doing. People are still not listen to what the father is saying. I’ve warned people but they don’t believe it.

    1. Celestial says:

      No they do not. In fact the more you speak they curse you for it, but, to honour God, we speak. He did not tell us that serving Him would be easy but that it is a light, momentary affliction that is winning for us an eternal weight of glory. (2 Cor. 4:17-18). The Bible also says how will they hear if no one goes to them? If they don’t hear they will perish, but after they hear & despise then the fault is 100% their own. God bless and strengthen you.

  2. joyceschraeder says:

    Thank you so very much for everything you do. It’s so sad that so many are closed minded. One day they will discover your messages, and then they will believe. God knows who they are, He is so incredibly amazing. God bless you sister in Christ. 🙏❤️🙏

  3. jollyelmroot says:

    I guess that’s why they’re saying there’s a new variant omicron, because it’s to cover up the actual reasons of why people are dying in masses.

    1. Janet A. says:

      @JOLLYELMROOT very true! They know exactly what they are doing. My heart goes out to my family members who have not taken heed to Yah’s warnings.

  4. N L says:

    salutation from Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹
    I am sharing this important info

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to convince the ones who haven’t taken it to stay away from it

  6. Anonymous says:

    Word is coming out of Slovenia that, if verified, will cause an unimaginable world reaction. On Saturday 20 November, the Chief Nurse of the University Medical Center, Ljubljana Clinical Center, (pictured above, who deals with the administration of vaccine vials and manages everything, quit her job, went in front of TV cameras and took out vaccine bottles.

    She showed the gathered journalists the codes on the bottles, each with the final number 1, 2, or 3 in the code, and then explained the meaning of these numbers:

    Number 1 is placebo, saline.

    Number 2 is the classic mRNA “vaccine”

    Number 3 is an RNA stick containing the ONC gene, related to adenovirus, which contributes, among other things, to the development of cancer.

    For these who get jabbed from vial whose code ends in the number 3, she says people who received them will have soft tissue cancer within 2 years.

    She said that she had personally witnessed the vaccinations of all politicians and tycoons and that they all received the preparation number 1

    The media has been told to absolutely bury this story and fierce efforts at containing this information are underway right now.

    More details as they become available.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you anonymous! I have heard about the numbering system for quite a while now as a lot of people have. I wanted to understand how it worked specifically. Thank you for putting this out. Much appreciated.

    2. Grace says:

      I am amazed by this. I had a dream very accurate to this where each person who lined up for a vaccine had a different vial in their hand. The vials were likened to ‘talents’ each one being different. Confirmation for me and thanks for sharing

  7. loriq says:

    As I read through this blog post, I was once again reminded of the Deagle.com website that showed the US with a severely diminished population in 2025. If you look at Deagle.com today, you won’t find any of the population estimates for 2025 as they have been scrubbed from the site. You will only find weaponry for nations of the world (probably tied to fomenting WW3 – publishing what they will unleash on all of us). So, I did find a screenshot of Deagle.com from 2016 and the numbers are terrible – in 2016 the USA had a population of 325 Million souls – Deagle estimated that the US population would be 54 Million persons. This is nearly a 75% DROP in population. When I first saw this number years prior, I could not understand what would bring down our population to such a low number and WHY this Deagle.com site would publish them. Now, I understand. All along, these death dealers KNEW what they were going to unleash in this world to bring about the Beast System and the New World Order. As Celestial wrote, the Culling has begun in earnest. God has spoken, judgment on America is here. Feel absolutely terrible and pray mightily that people wake up. Please wake up. Wake up now. Please seek the Lord, now, today. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Please seek Him. Please repent of all your sins, today. Right now. Please allow your eyes and ears to be opened. Please seek and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, today. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

  8. Anonymous says:

    For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. Therefore, whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s.
    Romans 14:7‭-‬8 NKJV

    May this bring comfort to whoever reads it. God bless

  9. Scarlett says:

    The most shocking and diabolical thing I’ve heard yet about this bio-weapon, (falsely called a vaccine) is from this man who was allegedly killed 4 days after he released this information; that it’s not graphene oxide, but tiny nano razor blades in the injection, cutting blood vessels as the blood moves through the body and organs.

    1. LoriQ says:

      Yes, Scarlett. I saw that as well on Mike Adams channel. What a dastardly, diabolical thing to do! It’s Satanic and those that perpetrated this evil on the world will suffer God’s wrath. Can no longer stomach Dr. Fraudci – nothing but lies, lies and more lies spew from that demon’s mouth.

  10. kimkim76 says:

    Same here. Even now, the effects are visible People are literally sitting in places after getting the harm that causes harm and stroking out. Sports players on the field are falling forward to their death. Out of everything coming, this is the event that the Holy Spirit has been preparing me for the most and I know it is because I will be greatly impacted. Everyone in my family has taken this thing except two siblings who I begged and got as extra as I could until they took pause. My only ask was to seek the Lord FIRST! They did and now see the evil intent. Praise God for that. Praise and worship and sitting with the Lord is my only comfort for the fallout coming from this. I thank God for HIs presence. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Scarlett says:

    The Shikimic Acid, as per Dr. Judy Mikovits, who found it in the medication Suramin, a 100 yr old WHO Pharmacopeia medication for African Sleeping Sickness. Shikimic acid is the active ingredient, and is in herbs and spices such as Star Anise, and Ginkgo Biloba. Star Anise was and is in Tamiflu. I bought some years ago during the Swine Flu scare. Now, I believe Shikimic Acid can be found at Amazon as an extract, or also Pine Needle tea .
    The thing about Dr. Noacks nano razor expose, if the needle hits a vein, the Graphene Hydroxide nano razors can find entrance. If just a muscle, they cant. This is why so many aren’t dropping dead immediately, but some top athletes are,who are pumping blood much faster, and the razors are slicing away and causing bleeding and clots, or hemorrhage, in veins, arteries and organs. And now we will see 5 to 11 yr olds running and doing the same. Can anything be more diabolical? Sound the alarm as far and wide as you can while there is still time to save some. Amen. Jesus help us to do this for as many as we can reach. God bless you all as you go,

    1. Lori Q says:

      Hi Scarlett- Mike Adams has a video on his channel that describes how to make Shikimic acid. Fairly easy, if I recall. Biden came out a few days ago and pledged that he would help expedite these jabs for kids 5 and under. Diabolical, indeed. More blood on the altar in America. Brave souls keep ringing that bell…

      1. Scarlett says:

        Hi Lori Q…..Mike has the lab and equipment to make this stuff, but it can be bought on Amazon, via select pine needles, Star Anise, and a few others.
        Star Anise which Mike uses is very very hard, and would require an Expresso machine.
        The really good news as we speak is the info Dr. Arnis has on various platforms such as Brighteon, Rumble, and some rtimes BitChute. It’s an expose on the drug Fauci is toiuting, Resvisidor, which he and the CDC are requiring hospitals to use rather than Ivermectin. Resvisidor it turns out is part of what’s killing people in hospitals. It’s a kill drug! Used deliberately for that reason! Look him up…you’ll see the genius in him, and the compassion.
        God bless……….

        1. Scarlett says:

          Excuse me Lori Q, it’s Dr. Ardis, not as I said in the other post. This may help:

        2. LoriQ says:

          Resvisidor shuts down the kidneys and the ventilator blows out a person’s lungs. The patient retains water and basically “drowns” in his own liquids. It is a horrible way to perish and a wholly unnecessary one. Personally, it angers me greatly to know these “doctors” are knowingly following these death protocols – I see why Steve Quayle coerced the medical staff into giving him a DNR “do not resuscitate ” bracelet when he was hospitalized.

          Agree with anyone calling for everyone to stay away from emergency rooms, hospitals and most physicians. I know there are exceptions, but not many. Could you imagine requiring a blood transfusion at this time? Or in a serious accident? In the Denver metro area, the complicit governor just gave permission to six counties to NOT treat unvaxxed. Priority is now given to the vaxxed. This type of separation reminds me of 1930’s Nazi Germany. All that’s missing is the yellow star.

        3. Scarlett says:

          Dr, Byron Ardis had 2 different videos I need to relocate, …..one of which listed a website where you could contact a licensed physician and request a REAL protocol prescription to take to the ER if it’s a must. They will have to comply, since it’s on the government website that Ivermectin is an acceptable treatment for Covid-19. It may also state for the patient not to be put on a ventilator, or intubated but rather put on oxygen, along with other medical or nutritional advice. Dr, Ardis said Fauci and CDC have been bribing hospitals to prescribe Resvisador for an additional 20%..$$$, a dangerous experimental drug that’s killing people, and very expensive, as opposed to the tried and true Ivermectin. All this needs to go viral before more people die suffering a terrible death.
          Many people are not comprehending the gov is in on this culling. The modern day version of the Small Pox Blankets given “benovently” to the Indians.

  12. deebeetimes says:

    I have been following you for a while now, even in other sites, in fact I have created this account for the sole purpose of reading the prophetic words of our Lord that comes in your mouth. God is good all the time for He still sends His prophets to speak His words, His warnings and shows His love and concern for us sinners. This warning though is hard to swallow especially to those who were too entranced with worldly things that they would not hear this. They are too submerged in their own little happy world that obedience to our Lord God is at the bottom of their priority list, if its even listed there. I have learned so much about the world around me and God as I listen and catch up with your prophecies and I have never had this intense feeling to study His Word more and more and be able to listen to His voice. I may be not be able to literally hear His voice but may He quieten my heart, to be able to hear and obey Him. May the Master of the Universe have mercy on us and touch our hearts still so we may have the strength to turn from our wicked ways. All the power and glory and honour are His forever.

    1. Anonymous says:

      In this winter they’re gonna crank up 5G millimeter waves and HAARP, then it is when these nano chopper blades are going to spin in all directions at maximum speed to slice through soft tissues specially in the heart. There are an image of a medieval choppers with a waxing crescent and an ARROW on the 2019 economist magazine cover page. There is also an image of the four horsemen riding across the continents? Are they going to do an initial EMP phase array on 12/08 to induce and activate nanochopper blades to go at full speed to start the culling in order to get rid of the human race on planet Earth so they can start a NEW world order for NEW arrival dwellers (demonic entities, nephilim, reptilians, mantis, grey aliens, and hybrids)

      So it seems people are going to drop dead left and right everywhere globally as described in Psalm 91: 7.

      We need to pray for the Lord’s mercy and His divine intervention from the Babylonian madness.

      Psalm 91: 5-8

      5 You will not fear(I) the terror of night,
      nor the arrow that flies by day,
      6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
      nor the plague that destroys at midday.
      7 A thousand may fall at your side,
      ten thousand at your right hand,
      but it will not come near you.
      8 You will only observe with your eyes
      and see the punishment of the wicked.(J

      1. Anonymous says:

        I am left speechless by what you have written.

  13. Debbie says:

    Thank you Anonymous… It would be a very sad day, should they go ahead and do it. Why do you think its on that day? What could possibly be the reason? As for us, what can we do to help? Can we do something for them? I never had lined up. It breaks my heart that it is causing such separation especially with my friends and acquaintances, even families.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The metasurface graphene nano ellipsoid chopper blades “in the vaccine and booster” can be electromagnetically tuned and rotated in all directions. Here are some research articles.




      In this season, many will be called home. Spend quality time with your love ones and be ready to home as well. The deadly EMP cloud of 5G mmWave and HARRP is about to be released on unsuspecting citizens along with other Babylonian pharmaceutical/sorcery synthetic viruses and variants.


      Called Home
      In this season, My people will shed many tears. Relationships will be lost, friends will be called home to Me, and sadness will abound as you walk through grief.

      Remember as these things take place that, as with the things I give you richly to enjoy, the people I place in your lives are only for a season.

      Many will soon be called home to their rewards.


      The Warning Zone

      In the spirit this morning, I kept seeing a dark foreboding sky whenever I prayed and asked the Lord for a word for us. I did not know what it meant, but it looked like the dark skies you see in Tornado Alley whenever an area is under tornado warning. You know death lurks in the darkness hovering silently above and your respect for its sudden destructive power spurs you to action if you are in the warning zone.
      My children, make your final preparations now and have them ready.
      NOTE: I saw in my spirit those are preparations for leaving the earth – have your affairs in order and whatever you would do if you knew you did not have long on the earth – do it now. Be ready to go on any given day. If you know you’re going on a trip, you get everything ready. He is saying Get everything ready, so you are ready to go. Then you don’t have to think about that any more, and you can focus on Him.
      A storm approaches America and much darkness abounds within it. Events will terrorize its people, and will spur many to give their hearts to Me. My desire is the lost would turn to Me in this time and not perish, and I am giving opportunities that they may do that.
      Be ready to be called home at any time, that your focus may be solely on Me in this time. If your preparations are complete, you will not be concerned for the things of the world.
      Set your face to pray now for those who do not know Me. I will greatly reward those who spend precious hours in intercession and it gladdens My heart when I see you do this. I came to save them, but so few care if they get saved. Intercede and receive My blessings!
      This is not a time to fear, but a time of readiness. You know what is approaching, for I have shown you in your spirit. Do not be as the unwise virgins, but prepare as the wise ones and be glad, for soon the door will be shut and those unprepared will be left without.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thank you for sharing the wings of prophecy blog! It has truly uplifted my spirit

  14. Nathalie says:

    Two types of zombies

    My dream started with planning how to flee the country.  I live in EU, Belgium.  Together with others I looked at the possibilities.  I saw that airports and stations were secured with a fingerprint and face recognition control system.  I also saw Putin raging and causing chaos everywhere.

    I realized at a certain point that flying was very difficult without getting a vaccination.  Then you would have to travel illegally.

    Suddenly the news came that there would be a new kind of moon.  There was something about the moon.  It was a big event and they were trying making people excited about it.  The new moon was a kind of screen they mistook for the sun.  It was square and resembled the four squares of the Windows symbol.  God had shown me things about this before and he had opened my eyes to symbols.  He gave me the keywords and when I looked them up I came across all kinds of symbols.  I am less interested in texts and theory, I read and analyze the drawings and that is enough for me to get to the real message.  I then had a dream about seven moons.  And six moons were born from the first moon.  And when I looked up these things I came across symbols that made me fall off my chair.  I made maps about this and had them filmed.  Maybe I’ll make a new video with just the images without words (discipel of yhwh on YouTube) .  Then you can see what I mean and how clear the messages are.  They talk about a black winter, about 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 G hidden eight levels of classes.  They speak in their own language.  They talk through covers of music groups and through symbols.  That’s the real language.  But if you start researching and reading the texts, you lose your focus and miss the real message.  I also saw things about green energy that God revealed in symbols in dreams as a green hollowed-out apple that you could sit in and travel with: green energy and all the big corporations worldwide are taking part in this and they can’t refuse it.  I don’t make a lot of videos yet because I’m going through a tough personal battle and that’s why I’m sharing them with you Celestial.  You understand.  You are God’s faithful and beloved servant.  I’m going to make a short video about the symbols maps I made.  That is it.  For these were declared in my dream.

    I saw a square screen as four squares in front of the sun.  There was a false darkness.  This screen emitted radiation.  When this happened, people started to change.  I saw ordinary vaccinated people become more aggressive and some started attacking others but I also saw something else: the dead rose.  I saw the ground open up and recent corpses rise from their graves.  These were the most dangerous.  I was with my family who were vaccinated.  And I jumped in the car with father and brother because the ground opened up everywhere and corpses came back to life.  And we fled just in time.  But then I noticed my family was acting weird and I got out of the car.  And when I got out, they wanted to chase me.  I said I couldn’t go with them.  I drew a line between them and me.  I did something with my hands that looked just like swords and they recoiled.  I said: you can come up to here, but no further.  And I went on.  Then I ran into the zombies from the ground and they were many.  Again I tried to draw a line but it didn’t work for them.  This is because they were dead.  There were other rules for them.  And I did something else because I had little time to think.  The corpses stank and some sort of liquid came off them.  Very dirty.  My hands seemed to be swords.  I used them as if they were swords and I shouted: I behead you and then made a movement with my hands that looked a bit like karate and they died.

    And so I made my way to my house.  Suddenly the streets were empty, now and then I saw an ambulance.  Some paramedics were checking houses and checking where there were still living people.  I quickly noticed that there was something odd about the paramedics.  The strange thing was that I couldn’t pass unnoticed.  There was something about me that they noticed that I wasn’t one of them, that I wasn’t vaccinated.  They also knew I was a Christian.  And I looked into the eyes of the paramedics and said there was something wrong with them.  And I poured the blood of Jesus on them and laid my hand on them and cast out the evil demons.  It was much easier to help the living than the dead.  And they writhed in the street and were delivered.  And I thought to myself: now I can tell everyone about Jesus and finally free them from their stupid demons.  Finally!  Because I am going through a difficult process and I believe in my heart that God is preparing me for the future.  I have to be very patient but now He shows what I’m going to do later and I’m eager for this.

    I saw a few more dead zombies on my way that I killed by decapitation and then finally came home.  I went to sleep.  Then I noticed that my door to my room suddenly opened just like that.  I thought this was real and not a dream.  My room was exactly as it was.  Then I walked down my hall to check everything.  Suddenly I saw someone sleeping in the guest room.  It was my brother and girlfriend.  I turned on the light and asked: what are you doing here and why are you sleeping here?  And they woke up amazed and were back to normal.  It seemed as if they had had too much to drink the night before.  I told them what had happened the night before.  Then I said it was very high time to accept Jesus.

    I then woke up.  God wakes me up after important dreams that I also write down.  I thought I was the only one who had so many dreams until I found you a few months ago and what God is doing through you is beyond anything.  And I learn a lot and like to listen to you.  I hear God’s voice, my ears register the Word of God and by that I recognize Him.  My focus is on my own process which is very important and for which God has given me space.  I had given up hope for my future and I had stopped asking: how much longer?  The day before yesterday I asked the Father where I was and He gave me a dream.  And in the dream this night He reaffirmed what I must do next.  And there is much work to be done and I believe that when I am completely free I will cast them out from the others because my hatred is great and my anger is burning towards them for personal reasons.  I’ve seen too much and they’ve gone too far.  They have gone so far that the Father cried out from heaven: Enough is enough!  My hatred and anger is greater than my fear and demons have become a personal horror and disgust for me.  I hate them from the bottom of my heart!

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