“FIRE” – March 14, 2021


For I have set my face against this city for evil, and not for good, saith the LORD: it shall be given into the hand of the king of Babylon, and he shall burn it with fire. – (Jeremiah 21:10)

And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. – (Revelation 17:16)

God woke me up around 7am today with painful, painful words for America. Piercingly painful, He did not say much at first but showed me things which cut to the core. I was given two verses then He sealed them with His comments. I felt really, truly sorry for this country- I felt PAIN for America because I know the trap is shut! She can’t break free! She can’t escape the wrath of God and the saddest part of all is how much cursing, denial and rebuff I will receive for this- for having ears to hear God in the sea of deafness, and for having guts to repeat His commentary despite the wave of contrary opinion and denial. If God says something really who cares if someone else says “Oh it’s not this, it’s this.” Really who cares? I don’t, I only care that whether I’m sorrowful or not I write down what I hear so that it is correctly recorded and nobody can tell me later: ‘Why did you alter the word that came out of My mouth?’

As soon as I woke up God told me ‘Open Isaiah 1:13’. It reads: “Therefore bring no more vain oblations, incense is an abomination to Me, the New Moons and Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with it, it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting.”

Another translation says: “Bring your worthless offerings no more; your incense is detestable to Me — your New Moons, Sabbaths, and convocations. I cannot endure iniquity in a solemn assembly.”

Right in my bed the Lord began to download a flood of words into me – words, images, a wider understanding than I possess on my own and here it is transcribed.

First He said: It is over. I am through with America. No further intercession can be made. No further prayer can be made, no pleading, no amount of asking, weeping or crying can be lifted up for this country. The door is shut. The ark is sealed- America shall not be saved. I will no longer receive a single one of her abominable and filthy sacrifices, a nation that worships men and puts them on a pedestal above the Almighty God. What further atonement can be made for her? Her altars are broken and filthy, all manner of blemished carcasses are dragged across them yet they claim “To you O God do we sacrifice! To you we make an offering!” Filth and abomination is all they know, I shall not hear them when they pray for this country anymore. NO FURTHER PRAYER WILL BE RECEIVED FOR THE NATION OF AMERICA, FROM NOW ON PRAYER MADE FOR SOULS ALONE WILL BE HEARD. I WILL SAVE A MAN BUT THE COUNTRY I CONDEMN, I REJECT HER, HER FATE IS SEALED, THE ORDER HAS GONE FORTH: “DESTROY MYSTERY BABYLON, LEAVE NONE WHO ARE STILL ATTACHED TO HER ALIVE.”

I saw… so many things. I saw a huge, HUUUGE FIRE come billowing out of the presence of God, from the midst of a smoky, hidden, clouded-up chair of the Lord God which was sitting suspended in a great mass of blackish clouds I saw a huge, HUGE fireball form and spread out. It billowed and blasted out of the midst of the chair towards where I was watching. This fire was hotter than any fire of earth, hotter than the famous Australian wildfires which eat up acres of forest and trees. A boiling rolling circle of fire like a nuclear blast burst forward out of the centre of the chair and America was caught in its crosshairs and burst into miles-high flames from one end to the other. I had the impression of where you get caught in the path of an inferno and it boils your skin like a pig right where you stand, hair singed off every inch of your carcass and your body goes down to the grinning teeth of your skeleton in SECONDS. This was how hot the fire was that blasted out of the heart of the chair and consumed America. 

At the exact time of seeing this I saw a night-time scene in the desert, or some similar deserted place. I saw many people in filthy robes, they were all part of one clan and they looked like druids but were not. These were Christians in very dirty robes with hoods hanging at the back, circling a broken-down altar in desperate need of repair. There was a huge fire going on this altar and people were leaping around it saying they are worshipping God but to be honest they looked like every pagan and satanic ritual scene I’ve ever seen on TV. They were being so melodramatic, exactly like the false prophets of Baal who found themselves up against Elijah, “Ohhhh GAAAD, HEAR US OHHH GAAAD! WE HAVE COME TO WORSHIP YOU GAAAAD!” Hands raised, heads thrown back, leaping and frisking like goats with lots of emotion…

But I saw: The altar was ruinously broken. The fire was too huge, too high and too hot, it blazed out of control til the bull they had thrown on it was not being roasted as the Bible commands in Exodus and Leviticus how to sacrifice animals so as to make “a sweet smelling savour unto the Lord”. The bull on the broken altar was being charred into coal and ash because the fire was too high – the fire was not being tended properly and had burned out of control til the altar stones under it were a dangerous glowing red. It was not a well tended fire, I saw that nobody knew or CARED how to do the sacrifice or even the worship right. Everything was wrongly done and sloppy.

Lastly I saw into the heart of the fire and looked at the bull being “offered”; it was a big, good-looking animal but God did this technical “zoom view” thing He does in many visions and I saw straight through the fire to the animal’s charred legs- they were twisted at weird angles and I realised with shock that this bull was lame in both back feet. It had two crippled back legs and therefore was no good to anyone in the field- it was MAIMED, it was LAME, it could not WORK or serve any useful purpose. I gasped at the audacity of America to take its worst animal that should be culled and eaten and dare to bring it to God as a “a perfect sacrifice, an animal without blemish.” I literally gasped in the vision and thought “These people test and disrespect God TOO MUCH, it is what they do that will cause them to be killed by the Lord in judgement.”

So this night-time scene of perverted, corrupted, MANIPULATED WORSHIP where you take what’s no good to you anymore, the thing that costs you nothing and you need to get rid of it anyway, the worthless thing you were going to throw away and you think “No wait, how can I get some use out of this? I know! I will make it an offering to the Lord, the fire will soon consume away its defects and all anyone will see is how much I gave and how much I love the Lord!” Then you bring that filthy thing and toss it on the already filthy bonfire of rejected “worship” and think you have pleased God? You join the other deceived people in dirty robes and claim this you are doing together is “Christianity”. I literally saw two big eyes form in a huge black thundercloud that gathered above that scene and my soul wilted as I realised God had come down and was watching all this from within that thick darkness and cloud cover, just as it says in Psalm 18. My heart sank and I wanted to fade away with remorse because of the judgement I knew was coming for those who had done this and many other wicked things to the Lord.

At the same time I saw a huge wall of water rose up and flooded across America, it started on the left and washed across the entire continent raging and surging like a tide of dirty grey water. It was so gross and disgusting, like laundry water full of the most unmentionable substances that have overwhelmed water’s capacity to absorb FILTH- When laundry water can’t pull anymore dirt off the clothes, when it can’t even foam anymore, that’s how this water from the left looked. It rose like a skyscraper and crashed over America and flooded the entire place, depositing every disgusting thing it contained in every state of the United States. As I looked the dirty water did not sink and disappear, it formed stagnant pools across the entire country and it STANK.

As I saw these 3 visions together God told me He will never receive another prayer for the life, recovery or healing of America again. He said the judgement is set and sealed then I saw one of those very dangerous and complicated vault doors used on INCINERATORS. I’ve known all my life that incinerators are one of the most dangerous things on this planet; I could not bring myself to use the one on my college campus even though it was provided free of charge to students. This is because of the DOOR on those things. They’re created to keep what is in, in, and what is out, SAFE. Incinerator doors have a time lock on them, some kind of time-seal which gives you time to load your trash or whatever, shut the door and put the code in so the machine knows there’s trash to burn in there. But after that code is put in, there is no power under this sun that is going to un-code the door. It is set. It is sealed. It is CODED, in 5-4-3-2-1 a blast of fire you do not want to be near will blaze in that thing and whatever is in, is in and whatever is out, is safe. 

When God said “I will no longer receive any prayer for mercy for America, I WILL NOT HEAR THEIR PRAYERS. MAKE THEM TO KNOW THE JUDGEMENT HAS BEEN UTTERED, IT IS SET AND SEALED” I saw the most fancy, modern incinerator door I’ve ever seen. It was reinforced steel, shiny, new, freshly built, and on the door was a wonder of complicated knobs, buttons and lights like you’d find in a plane’s cockpit. Those buttons and knobs were pressed and began flashing so scarily, red, orange, red, orange! The door swung shut and sealed and inside that thing America was set ON FIRE.

God said if one prays for a person: “Save them Lord! Let them wake up, let them listen please God!” – such prayers for a SOUL He will regard. But He will not (based on Isaiah 1:13 and another verse I will record in another prophecy), hear one single extra word of intercession, prayer, begging and pleading for the United States of America as a nation. He said she is Mystery Babylon and her judgement has been fully uttered, proclaimed and gone forth into the earth. It has gone forth and nothing will turn it back.

Therefore because He said to me “Make them know it has gone forth”- the only way I can think of to do that is to remind us again of the judgement of King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4. I’ve used this example so many times but… here it is again.

Nebuchadnezzar was a highly tactical, brilliant military strategist of the old world, a very emotional and cruel king. He ruled the kingdom of Babylon, one of the scariest and mightiest conquering nations of the ancient world which made him a man of huge wealth, power and territory. The mention of his name was enough to make people in distant lands sweat in fear and his arrogance was legendary.

Daniel, a loyal child of God and a prophet, worked for this man and once interpreted a puzzling dream for him, a dream that the man couldn’t even remember. The king threatened to kill everybody who worked for him in the ‘dreams and other supernatural phenomena’ department if they didn’t remember his dream (which he forgot!) But Daniel saved the day revealing both the dream and interpretation. He said “King this tree is you. It is great but it has forgotten who made it great. The tree has forgotten God. The tree is now warped with arrogance and pride and a verdict has been spoken against it from Heaven. 7 times (7 years) pass over you. You will be like a beast of the field- living outside, eating grass with the mind and heart of an animal. O King (Daniel tried to save his boss)- Do not let this thing that God has determined against you, actually happen to you. DON’T LET THIS BE HOW YOU END. Stop being proud, do righteous works and try to impress God and win back His favour. Let a dream like this happen to your enemies but.. not to you O king.”

Well.. it didn’t make much of a difference to this king. His heart stayed the same, his pride didn’t abate and one day right in the middle of his boasting a voice thundered from Heaven confirming that judgement of the dream was SET and SEALED. IN THAT INSTANT HIS MIND LEFT HIM. He fell to all fours and became as a wild beast that chews the cud and lives under the dew of Heaven for seven long, humiliating, “Can you believe this?!” years. Yet he was still luckier than Mystery Babylon because there was a caveat for his judgement – only seven years. America has no caveat. No “safety clause”. The door on the incinerator shut before my eyes this morning while the Lord God said in a final tone- “LET NO MORE PRAYER COME BEFORE ME, IT IS SEALED, I SHALL NOT HEAR.”

In one hour, a single hour of time, Mystery Babylon shall receive her destruction and plagues. These words and visions of today March 14, 2021 are the harshest I have heard in an entire week of God telling me over and over that America does not deserve and will receive NO MERCY for her sinfulness, crimes against humanity and against Him.

These things given to me to say, I have said them, may we each absorb and take this to God in prayer. Of course I know the Biblical experts will be here shortly with Bible verses claiming ‘God always forgives! It is wicked to say there can be no repentance! You’re cursing the nation!’ and all the other nonsense I have to read through every week but all I will say is: In my Bible not everybody gets forgiveness, and one entity we all know for SURE won’t get any can be found at the end of the Book. 


Please try to keep your soul in peace, even if you have to wrestle in prayer against any fear you may feel at reading this. Whoever said prophecy had to be sweet and loving is in error. Prophecy is sent to correct, discipline, and edify. Many abuse this word edify- thinking it means “make us feel bright and encouraged.” Edify means to build up structural strength, to improve morally and ethically.

Moral and ethical improvement have never been and will never be a cheap, happy exercise; it is extremely costly to recognize God’s holiness and align your life with it. God never told anyone that words of destruction do not edify the church, on the contrary the Bible overflows with evidence of how much more obedient humanity becomes when God shuts the door on grace and brings judgement. People reform as if by magic, after so long abusing and taking the grace of God for granted. America is just one in a long line of nations who has reached the door of no return, and He is making it known to all.  

This word needs to be read slowly and more than once. The Lord is saying a lot in it and if we are honest we know His accusations are absolutely correct. The things He showed happen here every day because people have lost their minds to sin. On top of that false prophets, pastors and teachers have gripped this country with iron claws and bled it to death financially while stripping away every sense of watchfulness and readiness in Christ- as a result hardly anyone is ready to face the times that will come not just to America but to this entire world. Yet is essential we be made ready to face the years ahead. All who don’t drink the wine of lies know God’s words against America are true and His judgement is just, because she does all these things to Jesus and much, much worse.  

I will continue uploading the prophecies I haven’t had time to share yet. Keep your peace. Amen. Shalom.


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  1. Tina Mark says:

    These are true words from the father. May GOD have mercy amon the faithful few. And save them. More grace prophetess.

  2. sheepdogwarrior says:

    Those unwilling to receive the truth, will pay the hardest price.
    This is not a overnight happening.
    But a judgement, because God is righteousness, and Holy.
    America is the opposite.
    God bless our family members to repent, turn away from sin.
    Thank you Lord, for this sister in Christ, and your protection for her.
    Amen Christ Jesus.

  3. True words. On the morning of 14th March (which by the way was the ides of march this year, the 74th day of the Roman calendar), I was woken with a statement. God does this to me. It’s like the spirit of Knowledge is sitting waiting for me to open my eyes and when I do, He blurts out what He has been wanting to tell me. On this morning, He said,

    “The deep state within the oval office will pull the trigger and execute My judgements”.

    Wow, that statement was shocking. That from within the office that is supposed to govern a nation righteously, the evil underbelly that really controls this country will actually do something that triggers God’s judgement on this idolatrous nation!

    It’s clear in Scripture that God uses the enemies of His wayward people to execute judgement upon them, in an attempt to bring them to repentance. Watch out, what He has spoken in Celestial’s message and this phrase I heard WILL come to pass, as quickly and unexpectedly as a trigger is pulled on a gun. prepare your heart in the fear of the Lord.

  4. trumpet167 says:

    Reblogged this on Site Title.

  5. gordonnoice says:

    I have no fear when I read this word but a deep sadness wells up in me. I pray for my unsaved friends and family to repent—that all who have turned from the Lord would find their way back to Him. MARANATHA

  6. Marty says:

    Most Americans have been blinded by the god
    of this world – satan. Most American Christians are not born again – thus they have little if any discernment. Most Americans worship at the scrying mirror altar of the TV/phone box. They conjure hellywood demons without realizing that they are really only feeding the demon within them. As we get closer to the end, it would seem that prayer, fasting, repentance, and humility are the only effective weapons in this Spiritual battlefield. Thank you Celestial for speaking the sober Truth. I pray that Jesus Christ continues to give you strength to endure such painful dreams and visions. 🙏

  7. paulvoudrach says:

    Our Father is Holy and True to His Word! What He says He will do, know that His Word shall come to pass. Hallelujah!!!

  8. Justin says:

    Thank you so much for this word because it’s direct CONFIRMATION to what the Holy Spirit gave me on March 16, 2021 to share as my calling is to be a watchman. I share what I am given from the Lord when he gives me confirmation and with this specific word of judgment and destruction on the USA/Mystery Babylon HE gave me multiple confirmations and continues to this day with this blog post I saw in a comment on a youtube video of the same word given to someone this week. It’s hard to share these types of words because most people will reject them. Most professing christians around me ignore, mock, scoff, ridicule, and attack when I share what I am given. They also desire this world more than God. Their eyes are not single and they think they can serve two masters. All they talk about is getting “normal” or “new normal” life back so they can continue pursuing the pleasures and distractions of this world. That is why so many want this shot that is directly from the enemy of God. Their heart is not of God but for this world. They do not TRUST in the Lord with ALL their heart and it shows because they are running to get this shot. They lean on their own understanding as well and the understanding from evil men with the antichrist agenda that tell them lies and God allows them to be deceived because the love of the Father is not in them. The truth is not in them. They have rejected the truth and love this world.

    These lockdowns made very few professing christians run to their prayer closets to spend more time with Jesus the one they claim to love. Instead they held onto the false promises of “normal” life soon to return only to keep having their hope in mankind”s lies dash their hopes. If only they would have turned to Jesus for answers instead of the liar that is making them the fools with no oil in their lamps. Out of frustration one day I cried out to the Lord asking him why no one was listening that I knew and why they were attacking me instead of taking heed. Immediately the Holy Spirit told me that “They have already chosen”. A few weeks later I was attacked again by family for sharing warning messages that Jesus is coming and judgment is set on the USA and the Holy Spirit immediately told me to “Shake the dust off your feet”. I knew exactly what he meant. They had already chosen who they will serve and it’s not God. They are also given over to a reprobate mind and given that strong delusion from God since they reject the truth so I am to continue my calling and warn while shaking the dust off my feet.

    If you care to read what the Lord showed me I share everything on social media since that is where the Lord wants me to reach people. Here is my facebook link and latest post this week: https://www.facebook.com/groups/295474760894592/permalink/1183569955418397/

    I am adding this blog post as yet another confirmation from the Lord.
    A watchman until I am called home

  9. Marty says:

    Thank you Justin for discovering your true calling as a Watchman. Your post reminded of the two witnesses in the Book of Revelations. It seems that some of us are called to preach to those still in the Babylon system mindset to call out God’s children and lead them to safe havens, almost as a foreshadowing of the Harvest of the Wheat. Thank you for your service, Brother! And thank you Celestial for being a Den Mother to such a beautiful digital Flock! 🙏

  10. Dave Barber says:

    Your closing comments are very valuable to me, as they direct me to proper action: ask God and fast to see if I am acceptable to him. This immediately reminded me of the passage which keeps coming to mind:
    The parable of the 10 Virgins

    10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.

    Noah – and the Lord shut him in.

    I agree that the obsession with politics is absurd. As has the obsession with professional sports. Prepping is in the heart, not the shed.

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