“The FIG, the SEEDS, And The VACCINES” – March 6, 2021

“He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake shall find it. He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.” – (Matthew 10:37-40)

This is a long post and necessarily so, read it only when you have time. There is information about children so if you are a parent it’s worth reading. Certain things must be said, there is too much willful ignorance and misunderstanding among God’s people. Too much “wishful hoping” instead of watchful preparation that is able to save lives.

I am writing this immediately out of sleep, immediately after opening my eyes. God showed me things and spoke to me clearly- now I come to transcribe His words without needing to go through the time lag of my journal. There is no need to hold back this word as I do with some others- this topic has been covered at length on this blog yet I see many are hard of hearing; they keep asking me if taking this vaccine is okay as long as they are not in America, asking is it okay if it comes from another country or medical provider other than the two called Pfizer and Moderna.

If you have not read the posts Survival Of The Fittest and The Dogs please read them. If you’ve read them yet still cannot process the instruction the Lord gave saying HIS PEOPLE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROCESS OF DEATH AT ALL COSTS- Then kindly STOP asking me about things I have already said and warned clearly about.

God said HIS PEOPLE ARE NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS so if you claim to be one of His people it should be obvious that whether you’re in any country on earth or living on the moon- He is also speaking to you.

However if you cannot hear or accept what He says then it follows you will not hear or accept what I say, since I only repeat what He says. “DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS VACCINE” is clear enough- if it is not- go ahead and fulfill the wretched desire that is already at work in your own heart. Do whatever you want and the result be upon you in the end.

This is my experience below. Pay attention and please do not ask me about this again.

At some point during the night I entered into a replaying, never-ending, “vaccination-receiving” experience. I don’t know how this dream kept replaying itself but it did- I only escaped it when morning came and God brought me out of it at last. I was vaccinated in my dreams over and over and over ENDLESS TIMES; I do not know how a human being can fall into a time loop and experience one thing from the middle of the night until morning but that’s what happened to me. My soul is exhausted because of it and my patience therefore shorter than usual.

I dreamed that a big, sharp and painful needle entered my veins and various concoctions from various companies around the world that make this “covid-19 vaccine” were given to me again and again and again. All variants of the CV19 vaccine were given to me. A big needle approached me- I didn’t see anyone holding it- only a shiny needle coming to me in some kind of blue medical room. The needle entered my veins without permission and filled me with the covid-19 vaccine. I looked down in shock and dismay but I had no power to rip the needle from my arm, a very cold solution washed into my system against my will and that was it. 

I also saw (besides myself standing there looking down at my arm in shock and dismay every time)- I saw my body as a medical item. I saw myself as a typical biology class “drawing” of the human body with all my veins, arteries, organs and nervous system shown- and I saw the vaccine washing through my system from top to bottom. Each time I saw this (I will try to explain as clearly as I can):

I saw something like a FIG pass through the needle and into my body. There’s no other way to describe it except a FIG. It didn’t exactly come ‘through’ the needle itself, obviously a fig is way too big to pass through a needle’s mouth. Yet without a doubt this FIG I saw came from that needle, it entered me and began to glow with bioluminescence. It was outlined with brilliant purple ultraviolet light, then it opened like a pod in my body and I saw what looked like millions of ‘seeds’ inside this fig. The seeds lifted out of the flesh of the fig and came into my body and flowed there among my liver and lungs and bloodstream and brain. They went everywhere.

Over and over a needle injected me then right away I saw inside my body. As the cold liquid enters me I see also a FIG, the fruit known as FIG which begins to glow with purple light, splits itself open and the picture zooms in to show endless tiny dark ‘seeds’ inside it. Those seeds float out of the fig into me and spread out traveling along every pathway I possess- neurological, spinal, bloodstream (veins, arteries), my cells and organs- they spread all through me and then this happened.

I became very ALERT. Not the jagged, uncontrollable alertness people get from using drugs, it felt more like what happens if you drink the maximum amount of coffee your body can handle. I went from feeling normal to being bowstring tight- I felt how the strings of a guitar or cello might feel after being tuned to their tightest frequency. Everything in me was tweaked to its highest, most sensitive frequency but it was not a nice feeling. I hated it because I knew I’d been artificially made that way, it wasn’t my own will to be in a such  heightened state of thinking and feeling. I felt like someone put a hanger under my skin then hung me from a very high place saying “Straighten up Celestial, stand very tall and straight and pay attention.” It was forced alertness and I didn’t like it because it had nothing to do with my own will, thoughts or emotions.

The next thing I saw is this vaccine being injected into children. Different versions of the vaccine were injected into millions of children and many of them died. White children especially turned cold and blue right there and died immediately. Their life energy quit on them even while the needle was still in their veins. I also saw the horseman of Death standing right there with us and he took them.

“When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades [Hell] was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.” – (Revelation 6:7-8)

I saw doctors giving children this vaccine and in a short time the child slumped on the bed and died. I saw other children turn grey and ashy and WEAK, they were propped up on their beds panting for breath and trying to live, ALL RACES, ALL NATIONALITIES; colour drained out of their skin as they sat in hospital beds at the brink of death, fighting and clinging to life as their parents who took them for covid vaccines wept and had mental breakdowns with fear of the death of their child.

I SAW SO MANY YOUNG PEOPLE’S COFFINS SLIDING BY ME IN THIS PART OF MY DREAM, big ones for big children and small ones for small children, sliding before me like a conveyor belt of DEATH- carrying the children of this world where they wouldn’t have to go if their parents were not stubborn hearted fools. I even saw teenagers and adult children dying; I saw big teenage boys in American football uniforms and varsity letterman jackets walking into a packed stadium for a game, some of them dropped in their tracks and died due to complications from having taken this vaccine. People rushed on the field to help them but they were already dead.

I saw grown men and women who have their own families but they’re still someone’s beloved child; God showed even these adult men and women dying of the vaccine as ‘children’ and their parents were heartbroken because nothing they told their ‘child’ to do was ever obeyed or listened to. (This disobedience included not taking these injections which cause harm.) Multitudes of parents WEPT before me in hysteria and I stood there watching scene after scene of children of all ages carried by Death who stood nearby and kept taking bodies to himself. Watching this I was angry, very, very angry because of the never-ending the procession of  coffins, especially the small ones. It was very long indeed and it did not have to be so. I watched people dying all night.

When the dream ended it started again from the beginning, a sharp needle released a cold liquid into my veins and I endured this over and over until God woke me up and spoke to me. I then started writing this post. 

To those who have not read the two posts in red at the top, read them and understand. This is what God said when I woke up:

I am not wicked and I am not cruel. Am I not the LORD? I am the Lord God Almighty, and I have said ‘Have nothing to do with the mechanisms of wickedness’. Yet they continue to disobey My orders and defy My commands. They will kill themselves with this vaccine; they will die in record numbers and reduce their own population because they do not heed the word of the Lord saying “Come out of her My people and do not share in her abominations.” They will be wiped out because of this they have done to themselves, for this is a mechanism of death.

Only last night after ten years of wondering- from the year 2010 to March 6, 2021 has  God finally told me where the undead come from. They will come from the people who take this vaccine. As I was stuck in that time loop dream God said: This is where the undead come from. The people you call “reanimé”, this is where their numbers will come from. This is a potion of death.

Imagine that. Many have suggested it but I haven’t heard God on it so I couldn’t come and indulge theories on this blog. I only share what I see, hear and am told to say. I’ve always seen the undead and wondered what causes them but now finally I know. At last I can say: “God told me so I can share this- Reanimé come from these vaccines. It sits in people and at the proper time it does something to them and they become “undead”, not living and not dead, rotten humanity who are still able to move, hunt and kill.” Now I finally know. Thank you Lord.

And now I will speak.

Many people out there are HARD HEARTED. You reading this may be one of those many. People by reason of their nationality, upbringing, education and life experience are all different but what we all have in common is the heart. A person who is HARD HEARTED is not pleasing to God. Hard hearted people have spiritual deafness inside them that makes it hard for them to hear God and even harder for them to obey Him, especially if what He says is not what they want. When hard-hearted people hear God’s instructions they always reveal their deafness and disobedient spirit in this way:

“But what about this? What about that? Did He mention about this part? What if we do this and that, is that acceptable to God? Will God still be upset if this and that scenario happens, if I’m stuck and have no choice can I still do it?” I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here, I HATE SUCH BEHAVIOUR WITH A PASSION. I hate spiritual deafness, not the kind where a person is truly trying to discern God’s will and is seeking for it but has trouble hearing Him. No, the kind where God’s words are clear as brass but people STILL WANT TO FIND A LOOPHOLE AROUND IT SO THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT OUT OF THEIR HARD HEART AND NOT WHAT GOD WANTS.

Spiritually deaf people put God after what they desire. They try to search around His words in order to do only the bare minimum while still being able to do what they secretly want. We are all guilty of this from time to time especially when we’re scared but there are people who make this a LIFESTYLE. Yet true love for God makes a man search not for the minimum but for every way he can find to fully obey what God wants.


To think that Someone would pour all that blood, love and energy out for you only for you to repay it with constantly trying to find a way to bend their words or exalt your logic above God’s, or find a way to be disobedient in order to get what YOU FEEL is an advantage- you want to get those earthly advantages but still not lose the advantages of Heaven… that is SIN. People do this every day in every area of life then look at God saying “You still love me right God?”

Let us pause and examine our ways and hearts. Hard-heartedness against God is SIN. We’re in the time of history at last where the penalty for sin will start landing with shocking speed at the feet of the disobedient. That’s why God told us all recently that Obedience is REQUIRED (video HERE). Please make a point to watch it if you know you’re guilty of constantly sidelining God, or if you know you usually walk in partial obedience. Even if you do hear God but question Him a lot to see if there’s a way to get what you want without losing favor with Him- that’s still double-mindedness and it’s SIN. 

Next, about children. People are constantly asking me in one prophecy or another about children. Did you see any children in the end of the world? Did you see children after the bombs?! I know this is natural concern but I also know this – it’s part of a very famous fallacy that children are so cute and precious that they’ll get their own rapture, God will magic them all to safety no matter what. I have nothing to say about such claims or beliefs except this: Learn to read your Bible. The children of the Israelites died with their parents in every judgement God sent upon them, have you not read those things? ‘Kill women and infant, grey-haired and soldier, leave only the righteous alive?’ (Ezekiel 9:6) When we study the word do we not see these things all over the scriptures, or what? If God allowed these things to the children of His chosen people, why will anything be different in judgements for us?

Many have asked and because of that what I have seen, I will say.

In some of my dreams I don’t see children. In some of them, I do. I’ve seen children starving to death in front of their parents right here in America. I’ve seen children buried alive with their parents in martyrdom all over the world, or driven into the sea with their parents by governments who hate Jesus and want to extinguish the Christians. So to those with multiple Rapture theories who argue that Christians will “fly home” and not see death- go here, here and here. Those 3 posts are just a SAMPLE of many times God has said GLOBAL MASS  DEATH will precede any concept of the Rapture.

I’ve seen small children snatched by the waves from their parents when floods came to the earth. I’ve seen children eaten, sodomised, raped by strangers and their own parents, sacrificed in rituals and trafficked as a high priced commodity in different countries and right here in America.

I’ve seen not just adults and teens but also young kids become filled with hardness and the spirit of SATAN, their love grew cold. They turned on their parents and sold them out to the Beast System and New World Order. THEY EXPOSED THEIR OWN PARENTS AS BEING CHRISTIANS RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA AND ELSEWHERE; THE BEAST TOOK AND KILLED THOSE PARENTS AND THE CHILDREN ABSOLUTELY DID NOT CARE.

So hear me well when I say, that little person sitting in the house with you in Pampers right now, munching apples and playing with toys is a ticking time bomb —> FOR YOU. The time for cuteness will pass. The time for sweet words and “I like this preacher, she speaks with so much love!” is also past. Please stop following the sweet words out there that aren’t preparing you for the reality that will come to us all. On The Master’s Voice Love will tell you the truth and you either open the doors of your heart to receive wisdom or you will stay blind only to see these things come to pass in the future when you have not prepared for them. The choice is yours.

That small person or teenager in your home is- in a way- a time bomb. Therefore you will either move in the guidance of God to defuse that bomb by starting NOW to train your children in prayer, to work to correct and discipline their natural bad habits and introduce them to God, or you will sit there making excuses until that bomb goes off in the end times ON YOU.

You will either begin putting their tiny hands together by the bedside and saying some baby prayers every day with them, so they can learn the habit of talking to “The Man They Cannot See”… You will either begin now to find ways to reduce the time your children spend on video games, movies and 25-hr long WhatsApp chats with their friends, so they can join you in regular family Bible study, or you will regret it later. Some of you don’t even have PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY so when you try to create one your children may resist and think “What is she trying to prove, we don’t pray here and I don’t want to!” But it’s better to try and correct your laxness and errors than allow your children to resist God and win.

Some of you are estranged from your children over small or big things but, what you don’t know is that estrangement is a crack, a hole the Beast will enter through and tell your hurt, angry child “He never loved you. You were never good enough for him! All he ever cared about was HIS GOD. Here’s the number. Go on. Christianity is illegal now. REPORT HIM TO THE BEAST.”

And the pain and unresolved anger in your 45 year old son or 21 year old daughter will make them call with trembling hands and anonymously give your name and address to an electronic voice on the end of the line, in no time you’ll be arrested, held without bail in a scary place wondering if you have enough courage to die in a dignified way for Jesus, or will you deny Him in order to be allowed to go back home. Your bomb will go off on you and then what will you do?

Hear VERY WELL what I am telling you here. I have seen it and it will come. WAKE. UP. 

If you as a parent don’t take steps NOW to defuse that little time bomb in nappies crawling on your rug, by soaking them in constant prayer concerning their heart, mind and character as they grow up as well as teaching them soon as they show understanding who God is and that He is REAL- then as we enter the years ahead of us and your little bomb grows up, he who is innocent and she who is pure will fall prey to the mystery of lawlessness and iniquity which will abound in the end times.

Do you know why Daniel called it a mystery? Because nobody will be able to explain how that demonic spirit enters the hearts of some and turns them to wicked betrayers against their own flesh and blood. Nobody will be able to pinpoint why some families will lock hands in powerful Bible communion and evade the capture of the Beast, while some families will lock horns in opposition and betray one another unto death. Listen if you have ears.

Edit: Here is this exact warning given in another prophecy from months ago-  “The Summer Is Past”. It was a stark warning from God about how children will betray their parents to the Beast and Antichrist system in America, warning begins at the 13:40 mark of the video. 

And now, today. I have seen children dying in droves who were vaccinated because their parents lacked the common sense of a tree frog, they took their only treasure in this life (which is children) and allowed vaccines to be put into them and the children lost vitality, energy, strength and life. Death (who I saw sitting right there on a horse in the hospital rooms), TOOK THEM and that was that. 

So let me say this, ONCE AGAIN. If you’ve taken 6 months or more to make a person and bring them into this world, yet do not understand that your role in life has now transformed from whatever you used to be- a top investment banker, a supermodel, a career genius, a man who works construction or a lady working at a nail salon- whatever you used to do before children – 

If by now you do not yet understand that you are now A PARENT, that your old life is over and now your primary goal in life is to transform yourself into the Lincoln Tunnel or Brooklyn Bridge AND BEND LIKE A STEEL TENT OF PROTECTION OVER YOUR CHILDREN SO THAT NO HARM WILL EVER TOUCH THEM WHETHER FROM THE SEA, SKY, UNDERGROUND, OR FROM THE WICKED GOVERNMENTS OF THIS WORLD WHO HAVE ALL BEEN CO-OPTED AND ARE WORKING DAY AND NIGHT TO HAND THEIR POWER TO THE BEAST – (Rev. 17:13)

If you do not yet know that when you have a child you will answer to God for every single aspect of that child- their nutrition, did they get enough sleep, did they get the right education, why is their character so bad, why are they so poorly behaved and terrible. Did you teach them about Jesus? Have you invested the proper time from infancy by pointing and teaching them to know and love the Father? YOU WILL ANSWER TO GOD FOR EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF YOUR CHILDREN, so take up your responsibility while you can and try not to ask me: ‘My child is 5, my child is 12, will God judge them?’

ANSWER: From the womb Israelites dedicated their children to God and throughout the entire life of that child God was the central theme around which the infant woke, slept, ate and existed. All his or her life was threaded in and through GOD and for that reason God judged them harshly when they sinned because they were people who knew God from the womb.

Very few people keep this tradition today, which is to bring up their children from the knees to know and love Jesus, to see to it that God is as much a member of the household as the family members themselves. If you have done this GOD BLESS YOU, even if your child has left God now and is following the world YOU RETURN TO THOSE SEEDS YOU SOWED. Kneel down, cry on them as a remembrance before God for your children so He can hear your intercession and bring them back to Himself.

But nowadays many have abandoned the fires of church and God, they know nothing of Him except a few dim stories from Sunday school that were never reinforced by their own spiritually dead parents. They are now raising their children in the same spiritual death. Many claim to be Christians but are raising their kids in nothing but modern indulgence under the torn tents of a few scriptures, with no time at all invested in planting strong seeds of J-E-S-U-S into their children so that the child can grow up knowing at all times that above his head and in his very veins there is a GOD who will hold him accountable for all his sins when he comes to the place where his understanding matures to know right and wrong.

People are living in a bubble concerning children. I say this all the time. A bubble made of lies, sentiment and gross misunderstanding of what the Bible teaches. They do not train up their children or give them an awareness of God. People think one must have children to understand children. Surprise, all humans were children and if you know adults YOU KNOW CHILDREN. A tomato plant doesn’t become a cucumber when fully grown. A tree is know by its fruit. We all know that babies come packaged in the most adorable form but God said “TRAIN UP YOUR CUTE PACKAGE BECAUSE I AM GOD”. You the parent will be held accountable for not teaching your children to know God, to walk rightly before Him. Even if your baby is 3 or 4 you can begin, or do you think little ones absorb holiness along with breastmilk? Is the gospel so cheap? Must it not be taught just as language and walking and how to use the potty? Ok, then.

There is WORK involved to enter Heaven, WORK by which we make our salvation and election sure. If we do the work God will never dishonor our sacrifice, He will do exactly as He said: “I will fight against those who fight against you and I will save your children.” (Isaiah 49:25)

But don’t sit there and do nothing, or do so little as to be equal to nothing and then think worried questions will protect your children. Make your hands diligent and fight for the people you created. Night is coming where none of us will be able to fix our errors anymore but while it is still day- please wake up and be wise.

In conclusion: The Lord has shown once again (using my body as an example) that these global vaccines of the moment are harmful in the extreme. I do not know what that FIG was and I am not sure what those millions of black seeds inside it that left it and entered every last part of my body were. I have read recently through the recommendations of several subscribers about some form of nano-technology inside the vaccines. I do not know much about all that, I did not search in depth. All I know is a fig like a pod entered me, dispensed millions of tiny black seeds into me, and my entire body and mind became extremely jacked up and uncomfortably “self-aware”. I am also warning that God said the undead will arise from among the people who take these vaccines. Amen.

This is the dream I received. Take it to prayer but I am declaring here of the Lord Jesus Christ: Death is coming with these vaccines, death to the young and old. Coffins will pile up even among the young and innocent, because sadly for the young they are born into the care of adults but many adults lack even the basic wisdom and foresight to recognize danger with it is standing before them looking for ways to murder their children. 😐

I am further declaring that some form of enhanced life-form or body enhancing thing is inside this covid vaccine, some kind of living particles that move and attach to all organs of the body either comes with it or is hidden inside it [the vaccine], that is what God showed me.

Thank you for reading and if any absorb and hear what the Lord is saying to us all, God bless you.

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  1. Jesus cursed the fig tree because it had no fruit. The Bible talks a lot about what nation it represents. That nation is right now mandating this shot and looking for those who refuse. Also, Isaiah 1:4 talks about the seed of evildoers. Just a thought.

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you. I’ve thought on what that glowing fig could mean all day. The Bible also talks about the seed of the serpent. All I know is those seeds were alive- they went everywhere & attached themselves to me. Having them in me is what made me so wired, so alert. I pray people will listen.

      1. Scarlett says:

        I won’t even attempt to try to go into detail about this vaccine, it’s just too complicated, but if you google the word “Luciferase”, here in WordPress search bar, or now, even in Wikipedia, you will find this so called “enzyme” is a component in the vaccine, and has apparently been named “Luciferase” because it has the ability to glow……that is to say, it has bio-luminescence. It has been patented, with a whole lot of 666’s in the patent number.
        Just what we do know so far about how the vaccine works, is nothing compared to what the Lord has been showing you……it’s all pretty terrifying. I have a feeling I don’t want to be around anyone who’s had the vaccine very long.
        Thank you and God bless you for sharing all that sister Celestial.

        1. diegoalonsocortez says:

          Hydrogel is also in the vaccine.

        2. Scarlett says:

          I’ve just read about the horrible effects of Hydro-gel in the vaccine. Apparently, it harvests one’s cells and causes a “withering” process in the body. And that’s just one horror! If all this isn’t Fallen Angel technology, I don’t know what is.
          Shalom Brother Diego

      2. Scarlett says:

        I just remembered a young friend from the south saying he would never eat figs because they have live larvae inside them. Looking it up, I found a YouTube video that verifies that fact. Fig wasps larvae are visible inside a ripening fig.
        I’m not sure where God was leading you with this fig aspect yet, but it surely seems to have something to do with reproduction.

        1. Lauren Kanous says:

          Hi Scarlet, Sister Kerry-Ann youtube channel has prophecies about these things hatching inside of people. I found Celestial from someone commenting on her channel just a few days ago. But yes these things will hatch inside of people. Lord help us and protect us!

    2. elfmom55 says:

      The majority of those claiming to be the “figs” are not and say so themselves. They are the Synagogue of Satan we are warned about in Rev. 2 and 3. Esther 8 tells of many that converted out of fear of these “figs”.

      Could part of the reason for the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East be found in the following?

      “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew.’” (Richard Siegel and Carl Rheins, eds., “Identity Crisis,” The Jewish Almanac, (New York, NY: Bantam Books, 1980) p. 3.)

      That sentence is the opening sentence of the First Chapter entitled “IDENTITY CRISIS” of the 1980 Jewish Almanac. That today’s Jews are not genetic Israelites is also admitted in “The Jewish Encyclopedia,”
      the “Enyclopedia Judaica,” “The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia,” “The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia,” and by many of their historians.

      According to three Jewish encyclopedias and Flavius Josephus, the entire Edomite nation was forced into converting to Judaism and became known as Judahites at the time of the high priest John Hyrcanus (Maccabaeus):

      “…in the days of John Hyrcanus (end of the second century B.C.E.) … the Edomites became a section of the Jewish people.” (“Edom,” Encyclopaedia Judaica (Jerusalem, Israel: Encyclopaedia Judaica Company, 1971) Volume 6, p. 378.)

      “They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation….” (“Edom, Idumea,” The Jewish Encyclopedia (New York & London: Funk and Wagnalls Company, 1904) Volume V, p. 41.)

      “…from then on they constituted a part of the Jewish people, Herod [King of Judea] being one of their descendants.” (Cecil Roth and Geoffrey Wigoden, “Edom (Idumea),” The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1977) p. 589.

      “…they submitted to the use of circumcision, and the rest of the Jewish ways of living; at which time … they were hereafter no other than Jews.” (Flavius Josephus, “The Antiquities of the Jews,” Josephus, (Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel Publications, 1960) Book XIII, Chapter IX, Verse 1, p. 279.)

      We keep hearing that if we don’t bless the modern State of Israel (which America has been doing since at least 1948) that we will be cursed. However, it seems it’s been just the opposite, Since 1948, you name it, and there’s not an area in America wherein she hasn’t become worse off. Could the reason have something to do with the fact we’ve identified the wrong people as being Israel. See Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

      Today’s non-Israelite Jews are not the only one with an identity problem. See free online book “The Mystery of the Gentiles: Where Are They and Where Are They Now?” at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/mystery-of-gentiles/index.php.

  2. Tina Mark says:

    I believe everything. Because the lord showed me a dream and warned me about thus covid vaccination. But he said people are not asking him before doing anything. Maybe when they see all the death that’s about to happen then their eyes will open. By then it will be too late. He who has an ear hear what the GOD Almighty has said. Take it or leave it. Believe it or not it’s your choice. GOD continue to bless and protect you prophetess.

  3. JoAnn says:

    I agree Celestial! It is so disheartening to see people getting these vaccines. There is absolutly no discernment!!!! I just keep praying and drawing closer to Jesus…and making sure my household is in order. Thank you for your boldness in speaking the truth.

    1. Celestial says:

      God bless JoAnn. I cannot see these things and keep saying “Well if you feel you may like to hear or not.” We must all know what’s at stake, myself included, then after we have no excuse. May God keep the obedient and faithful to the last.

  4. Marty says:

    The glowing aspect of the fig is luciferase, a bioluminescent chemical marker contained in the vaccine. It is not listed in the ingredients label but it is in the patents for the vaccines. The black seeds seem to be the nanobots which contain the messenger RNA which attaches itself to the host DNA and forces your DNA to write genetic code to produce the antibodies of the virus. FYI the vaccine also contains segments of the HIV virus, which the mainstream media still refuses to acknowledge. It also is not in the ingredients list, but is in the patents. See Anthony Patch on Brighteon for more info. He has been researching this for the past year. Thank you Celestial for being fearless and unapologetic. May we all be so bold. I hope and pray the Lord God keeps you safe and strong. 🙏

    1. Scarlett says:

      Thank you for sharing this Mark. I’m checking out Anthony Patch, after reading your comment. He seems to be a brilliant researcher, and a Christian as well. Looks like many of us are going to have to get used to Brighteon, and the other non-censoring sites now that YouTube is banning and removing so many channels. We knew this was coming.
      God bless you abundantly!

    2. diegoalonsocortez says:

      Anthony Patch has done extraordinary research on the vaccine.
      The Revelations of Jesus Christ ministry also has great videos about it: 1) Can You Handle the Truth, 2) The DNA of God & the Mark of the Beast, 3) The Human Temple of Baal.

    3. Celestial says:

      Bless you for this Marty. I’ll try make time to see these videos. This comment gave perspective to the spiritual way God frames things- it’s helpful seeing the natural things He’s pointing to. May God keep me strong in serving Him…

      1. Scarlett says:

        About the “undead”; it would seem by changing the DNA designed by God for mankind, which apparently includes the expiration date on length of life, the programming of the vaccine may eliminate or “scramble” that expiration date and allow these people to live on and on in a decayed appearance that’s been described on this blog. Not living and yet not dead. Reanimé

        1. Celestial says:

          I can’t stand them. I don’t watch anything with them or anything scary. The idea of a dead thing going past its cut off date (Psalm 139:16) is just too much for me. Reanimé are one of the worst features of the end times, because they come from among us. May God shield us through BIBLE VERSES on that day, because undead cannot abide scripture as I’ve seen in some dreams. God bless.

        2. Scarlett says:

          At least we can begin to understand why Satan, is so hyped via the vaccine technology to get everyone on the planet’s DNA changed. By changing/removing our God made DNA which includes that “God shaped place” in us all to be able to seek and feel toward Him and His Salvation, Satan will by this one masterstroke, achieve several major victories whereby man becomes his own worse enemy by the ungodly choices he makes to try and preserve his fleshly life in this world.
          Praying for godly discernment and wisdom
          Peace and Grace

        3. diegoalonsocortez says:

          I suspect that’s also the reason why the Luciferians are putting so much effort into getting the PEOPLE to demand the vaccine (via the Problem-Reaction-Solution mindgame): perhaps the Devil knows that he cannot FORCE such a profound spiritual change in people, but he must BEGUILE people into accepting it. (Just like, in the Garden, he couldn’t simply grab the Fruit and shove it down Eve’s throat, he had to BEGUILE her into taking it by her own free will. Otherwise it wouldn’t have “counted”, as per the laws of the spiritual world.)

        4. diegoalonsocortez says:

          That is a great observation. DNA *does* encode the lifespan of organisms. So by messing with it you *can* shorten/lengthen it. Or (maybe, as you say) simply “throw it away”, so that the organism lives in a “limbo” state: neither dead nor alive. I had never seen it that way. But it totally checks out.

          (I suspect the Luciferians know EXACTLY what they’re doing with their vaccine. And they get a kick out of this sort of thing. Just look at the sadistic, not-so-subtle smirk in Bill Gates’s face every time he talks about changing the DNA with vaccines, and about vaccinating the entire world population.)

  5. PAUL VOUDRACH says:

    I entered your blog today and am thankful for your obedience to share what God is saying to us. AMEN!!!

  6. Every Knee Shall Bow says:

    100% true… God also showed me in 2 dreams that I had to run away from this vaccine, a reference to its glowing properties, and the spiritual effects on the person who got it… I warned my extended family and was still faced with hard hearts… Some, I know are just retarding to act upon their already made decision and it pains me to see it… I pray for conviction from the Holy Spirit so that they stand firm. They won’t stand firm if there is no conviction. The Lord also told me as I was spending time with Him that, just as He was betrayed by the ones closest to Him, we would too. That the people that eat with us, our family members, would report us onto the authorities… time to abide in Him 24/7. Love you Celestial🌷

  7. Jeff says:

    Hi Celestial, Has Jesus mentioned anything about spouses of those who have had the vaccine? If this thing is alive, which I believe it is. And if it’s changing peoples DNA possibly with nephelim DNA, then what about sexual intercourse with a spouse who has had the shot? Can the shot in a sense be transmitted? I’m a born again believer and have the gift of tongues, does this protect me? If this is an inappropriate question please delete it.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Jeff, not inappropriate at all. There’s worse things on TMV. Not sure how it works but if it’s tied to the mark it can’t be transmitted. The mark is an individual decision, a formally acknowledged CHOICE each person makes to serve satan. God’s justice won’t allow covenant marriage to be used for one spouse to drag another to hell. I need to set time aside to study the human aspect of this vaccine, I only know what I see in dreams so far- it’s others who have told me why it glows, how it changes DNA and all the rest. God said it’s deadly, for me that ends all discussion. I know if He keeps sending dreams as warnings it’s not for me but for those severely disobedient or perhaps ignorant people who don’t know what this will do to them. Many keep disobeying God despite warnings. I saw in my April 2020 dream (“Forced Vaccines”- use search box to find it) that it was harmful, God also warned me sternly, I know to stay away. Hope this helps.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very, very much.

  9. sheepdogwarrior says:

    Yes to all that’s being said here above….the poisoned, and totally experimental vaccine….is death.
    Those unwilling to vaccinate, will be protected by God Almighty alone…but have no job, no school, no shopping, no hospital, no available banking service.

    Those taking the jab now, will in the long run turn on God, for the next in line required item….say a new safe mandatory/government issued gift of death… buying and selling easy chip payment device…

  10. CIK says:

    What I thought of today is how one can serve God for a long time and then, in one decision, lose all they have worked for… and not even know it. I know many strong, true blue Christians who took this vaccine. My heart aches for their decision and for other mistakes we have made that has cost us permanently (like Esau and Saul) but we’ll never know until the day the records are open. If this is a silly question, let me know but for those who truly didn’t know… is this redeemable as far as eternity is concerned?

    1. Celestial says:

      CIK, this comment saddens me. I don’t know a single person who’s taken it. Not one. While I am in no way the “final say” on this vx, because I really know of it is what I dream (iother people have left helpful comments that shed light on the spiritual things God shows me)- I know God said this: The undead come from this vaccine. This means that people may look/ feel great now, may not suffer any side effects etc. But He called it “deadly”, said it will reduce popuation among many other scary outcomes. That tells me we have a very long road ahead to see what happens to people who look fine now, and that road extends all the way up to people turning into what is vividly described in many posts on this blog. That’s all I can say. Not knowing won’t change already having taken it.

    2. Celestial says:

      I may not know how God is weighing fatal errors in eternity but I know in terms of L-I-F-E, He said not to touch it. He also told tons and tons of people to warn loudly, not just me, but everyone has equally loud opinions on this matter. This is why Survival Of The Fittest post clearly lays out the types of people concerning it, God knows humanity very well. He laid out exactly how people will reason and respond despite every warning and you only have to watch the news to see they’re doing exactly that.

    3. elfmom55 says:

      Ezekiel 18:24
      King James Version
      24 But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? All his righteousness that he hath done shall not be mentioned: in his trespass that he hath trespassed, and in his sin that he hath sinned, in them shall he die.

  11. CIK says:

    Thank you for replying Celestial.

  12. Marty says:

    Dane Wiggington just released his documentary on chem trails “The Dimming.”
    It has been a labor of love for him and anyone who wants to know some semblance of the truth concerning stratospheric aerosol injections should check it out. God Bless the Digital Remnant! 🙏
    Thank you Celestial for not holding back on what the Lord shows. By the way, this website is amazing. Great graphics and easy to navigate. I pray that ALL who come to this site leaves with more faith In Christ Jesus than when they came in.

  13. diegoalonsocortez says:

    Here are some facts on the molecular biology of RNA/DNA vaccines. Anyone may readily verify all of this (in textbooks, lectures, or papers). For beginners (like me), to get started I recommend Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6th Edition, by Alberts et al., as well as the YouTube videos by AK LECTURES.

    RNA/DNA vaccines work by introducing RNA/DNA into cells.

    This process is called transfection or transduction (depending on the vector).

    By introducing RNA/DNA into cells (which RNA/DNA vaccines do), they can:
    – modify the genomic DNA (e.g. via reverse transcriptase, recombinant proteins, or recombinant DNA)
    – modify gene expression (e.g. by DNA/histone methylation/demethylation)
    – modify protein expression
    – add extrachromosomal DNA (e.g. via reverse transcriptase)
    – reprogram the cell (eg. turn a somatic cell into a pluripotent stem cell)
    – alter DNA replication/transcription/translation
    – alter protein-DNA interactions
    – alter protein-protein interactions
    – alter cell signaling/division/behavior/function
    – alter gametogenesis
    – alter the offspring (and subsequent generations)
    – cause telomere/chromatin damage
    – cause cell apoptosis/necrosis/metastasis
    – cause cytotoxic/cytopathogenic effects
    – cause genotoxic effects / mutagenesis
    – cause autoimmune responses
    – cause cytokine storms
    – give the cell new capabilities
    – give the cell fewer capabilities
    – hijack cellular machinery
    – label/tag the DNA (e.g. with the “signature” or name or number of… someone)

    He who controls the cell, controls the organism.
    He who controls the DNA, controls the cell.

    “By thy pharmaceutics [pharmakeia] were all nations deceived.” [Revelation 18:23]

    Also see: gene therapy, gene drive, cell reprogramming, mRNA reprogramming, iPSCs, epigenetics, proteome, transcriptome, epitranscriptome, quantum dots, quantum dot tattoos, luciferase, luciferin, hidrogel, human hybrids/chimeras, genetic vaccines, transfection, transduction, immunity passports, RFID chips (DARPA), patent 060606, patent WO2019018301A1, House Resolution 6666, House Resolution 666.

    1. tweet422 says:

      Its the last point fo me under the the effects of introducing synthetic RNA and DNA into cells

      “Tag and label a person’s DNA with someone’s signature, number or name!!!! This is deep!

      Recently through research i found out that the name of the Lord “YHWH” is encoded within the human DNA, so He practically signed his name into our genome!

      Then that is what the beast is gonna rewrite and tag with his name!

      Its an understatement that they will tag a person’s DNA with the name of the company that made the vaccine, they are going for the LORDS IMAGE within us!

      Indeed, the whole world lieth under the power of the wicked one😢😢, may the LORD keep us standing!

  14. Marty says:

    Awesome Mr. Cortez! 🙏
    PS – Don’t ya think Celestial would make a great teacher? Maybe a daily 10 minute Bible verse chat on YouTube? I know the Lord God gives some of us many Spiritual gifts. Just a Thought. Great info, Bro!

  15. Liz says:

    Rev. 18:23 “…thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.” The transliteration of the original Greek word for sorceries is pharmakeia. It’s where we get our modern word, pharmacy, and here’s an excerpt from an etymology website: “pharmacy: a healing or harmful medicine, a healing or poisonous herb; a drug, poisonous potion; magic (potion), dye, raw material for physical or chemical processing.”

  16. Rover Radar says:

    Here’s another explanation of the reanimé (or ZOMBIE prion disease – human version of Mad Cow Disease [CJD – 100% fatal and has no treatment] ) part, from Mike Adams (Natural News):
    April 8th, 2021: mRNA vaccines may cause your body to churn out PRIONS that “eat your brain” like Mad Cow Disease

    1. diego says:

      Good stuff! Another clue

  17. Rover Radar says:

    Natural News: Friday, 04/09/2021
    April 9th: mRNA vaccines may EDIT your genes through “retro-integration” … and the DNA damage might be passed on to future generations

  18. Harry says:

    Hey, Celestial.

    I had a quick question if you did not mind.

    Two out of three of my family members have taken at least one dose of the vaccine, and they are unsaved.

    Does this post also apply to them as well?

    I am saved and staying away from these vaccines because of warnings that I heeded due to many Christians of these vaccines.

    Thank you, for your YouTube videos, posts, obedience, and work of The Lord.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Harry, thank you for visiting TMV. Brother, I can’t say more or less than what’s written. I post the Lord’s words and they apply to everybody. If anything troubles us the next step of responsibility is intercession in prayer. We know we can seek God in times of error, disobedience and even outright sin, in the hope of finding mercy and grace to help in time of need. Pray for your family members (by name)and seek the Lord. You can also do practical things like showing them the flood of readily available information from so many doctors and trained medical people warning people not to take this vaccine. I’ve noticed in the comments section under my vaccine dreams you can find very helpful links. Hope this helps and may the Lord be gracious to you.

  19. Funmilayo says:

    I thank God for the privilege of stumbling into this site .

  20. H says:

    very interesting. Read what antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) means. No wonder so many will die.

  21. Harry says:

    Heaven-O, Celestial,

    Is it okay for one to get tested for COVID and not get the vaccine?

    I have to get a COVID test to have a procedure. It is the hospital policy.

    Is there any other way to contact you aside from the blog and Youtube?

    I ask because my situation medically is not the same as those who are considered to be more so normal.

    Thank you, for your time, and response back as The Lord Leads And Wills.

    God Bless,

    1. Rover Radar says:

      Hello Harry,

      CV19 Testing IS about Harvesting your DNA, as it also is sending the spike protein DIRECTLY to your brain. So, neither testing and vax, does NOT make you safe from CV19 at all.
      Please do NOT allow yourself to be persuaded, by / with Satan’s LIES. There is NO undoing the damages (neurological and whatever else), once you submit to it.

      1. Harry says:

        Thank you, Rover Radar.

        The hospital requires the test for a procedure that I need.

        I do know the vaccine and test do not make one safe from CV 19, but unfortunately, I am uncertain as to what to do since my procedure is considered important for my medical care.

        I would like Celestial to comment as well as I am unsure if God would be okay with this as from what I read on this post it only spoke of the vaccine.

        Like I said, my medical situation is completely different from many and I hope Celestial can comment on my post, and I can get in contact with her because for me I need a lot of medical help as of right now, and am uncertain as to what to do in life right now because of this.

        Thank you, again Rover Radar for your informative post.

        1. diego says:

          Hi Harry. You can also send her an email. Her email is on the About page. If you don’t like the NASAL SWAB test, then I think there’s also a BLOOD test (equally useless for detecting C19, but at least they’re not getting anywhere near your brain / pituitary gland…).

      2. Anonymous says:

        Hey, Rover Radar.

        Do you perhaps have the source of the info you gave me?

        I would love to see what information there is about the CV19 testing since I cannot find much on my search thus far.

        Thank you, for your response, reply back, and time.

        1. Harry says:

          By the way, this is Harry (the anonymous post).

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi Celestial, I had the nasal swab covid test last year and was positive to covid. I’m a born again believer. I didn’t know much about the test or the vaccines at that time but lately have learned about how dangerous they are and refuse to be vaccinated. Am I doomed for getting the covid test? Does it do the same to a person as the vaccine?

    I’m so very worried!!

    I thank you in advance for your answer.

  23. Lori says:

    I = 9
    G = 7
    697. Strongs 697 Hebrew means LOCUST

  24. Celestial says:


    He said it will come to children. He said so in multiple messages now here it is, coming to them even as their parents also carry them them at all ages to get it. I will be praying as should you. May the Lord have mercy on these innocents…

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  26. Kare says:

    By the grace of God I found your videos. They started injecting the 5 to 11-year-olds. I haven’t heard how it’s affecting them I’m sure they’re keeping it under wraps. Your prophecies have filled a void I didn’t know I had. Confirmation from your last prophecy about sexual immorality was timely in my life that God removed a man in my life that may have led me down the wrong path and the same day the Lord led me to your website.

  27. Lauren Kanous says:

    I NEEDED this encouragement on training and teaching my children, ages 6 and 3. I have to fight to do this as my husband claims to not believe in God and simultaneously shows hatred towards God and all things Godly. He has sawn bibles in half, thrown away children’s bibles when he finds them and he put a copy of the communist manifesto on top of my bible when I left it on top of the stereo. (you can ask the Lord himself if this is true, I am saying it is true). So even though I want to send my children to Christian school or homeschool them he is of course against that. But I must fight and war for their souls, as you said I created them in my belly but I declare their souls for the Lord God. I need this encouragement and supernatural strength from the Lord. As you stated in other videos about scars (mistakes we make and must live with), these are my scars and I do own them and take responsibility for all my decisions in life. I pray continually that God will sanctify me, that I will persist in righteousness and that I will be refined by His fire. I pray for the salvation of my husband, and my 2 children in Jesus Christ precious holy name.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Read your post and am sorry to hear that you have to deal with this. There is an excellent book called “Created to be his help meet”, that might be helpful to you. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual – it’ll give you some great scriptural insights.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Read your post and am sorry to hear that you have to deal with this. There is an excellent book called “Created to be his help meet”, that might be helpful to you. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual – it’ll give you some great scriptural insights.

  28. Keya says:

    I came across this story stating a young boy died of a heart attack while at school. This incident made me wonder if he took the vaccine https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/18105735/heartbreaking-tributes-boy-collapsed-died-school-field/

  29. Elizabeth Ann Rabbah says:

    One of the acknowledged side-effects of the Pfizer “vaccine” is 1p36 gene deletion. People can lack this gene due to a birth defect, but science has also learned how to delete it deliberately. Here’s a short list of what this causes: temper tantrums, biting, behavior problems, seizures, swallowing problems, and microbrachycephaly. I share this because, Celestial, the Lord showed you that people would attack and bite each other to death.

  30. Axel Sprängare says:

    Hello I don’t know if my comments removed or what but I want you to know that Jonathan Kleck is a false teacher. Celestial I sincerely apologise I hope you forgive and I pray that anyone who was led astray because I said to go check him out will return to the truth and the true flock of christ.

    1. Celestial says:

      The spam robot removed the comment for having too many links- I do not have time to check what people recommend here so I always say- please do not put links unless they are absolutely relevant to what I’ve posted. I can’t vet every link so please- to everyone- do not add any link unless it is directly relevant to the posts. I do not want TMV to become a place tied to false teachings, I work hard here & want God’s word to stay clean. I did not check those links brother, but thank you for clarifying. God bless you.

  31. Divafiddler says:

    I have found it so dumbfounding – the Christians I know that embraced the vax and the rest like me, who were terribly suspicious of it and stayed far away. I knew that if my job depended on it, God would find me another job (it didnt’). I have always had a hatred for drugs and big Pharma, I think they make many people more ill …I pray for those that took the jab. I have personal knowledge of several in my family and coworkers, that have been injured – myocarditis, miscarriages, brain fog, etc. ..

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