The Summer Is Past – October 30, 2020


“The harvest is past, the summer is over, and we are not saved!” – (Jeremiah 8:20)

God says: “You trusted your leaders. They told you disease would be contained in the summer and you believed them. Yet you fall from sickness now more than ever. How can this be, you say? You are under a false flag attack, the greatest one in history. Scarcely has there been a con so brave, so audacious, so daring as to bring the nation of America to her knees; scarcely would they dare to try it in times past. But a con to trick the whole world? A con to trap every nation, to drag them into a snare and a net and feed them to eaters of flesh, and drinkers of blood? Aren’t you the delicacy now America, aren’t you about to feel the sharpness of witches teeth?”

They have brought out a sword after you. They have recited spells and celebrated mass, soon you will see much more than the barrenness of this festival upon you. You will see conquerors standing in the gates, mighty and glorious in armor you don’t have. You will see conquerors’ boots covering every square inch of the United States. Haven’t you spent much time talking about China’s population? Indeed, you are about to meet them all in person.

Thus says the Lord God of HOSTS-

For three slights and for four wounds: [i.e. three and four painful, cutting things that hurt the Lord]


Because you love perversion, it is ingrained in you. You are naked and fornicating on every high hill and in every bedroom. Even the foreheads of your children are brass and they are fallen to idolatry, worship of their cellphones, ignorant of My ways, rebellious and hard hearted. Thus says the Lord, it is your own children who will surrender you to the Beast. When their skin is on the line or their love has grown cold through new doctrines that will be taught to them, that obedience to the state is how glory is won, they will expose you to torment by revealing who you are to Me. They will confess that you are Christians and they are not, and hand you over to the state. Your wails will pale in comparison from the pain or torture which will hurt far less than the sting of betrayal by your own.

Because you have hated Me, have hated my perfect design in Life. Even now your leaders grow dog-like humanity in labs; they are mining the texts of ancient books to see how to blend man with dog, man with wolf, and man with other beasts. Soon what you see on TV screens will be on your streets. THERE ARE GENETIC ANOMALIES AMONG YOU. Some of you are not human, not “people” as the word and term defines it. Some only look that way, but look under the hood and see a genetic lab rat concocted by entities and people so wicked, it would cause you breakdown to see them in action- to hear what they say about you and the horrible vision they paint for your future. Soon you will experience the “Utopia” they seek to create, where free will is nullified and man and beast dwell side by side. Side by side INSIDE the same creature. Man with the heart of a beast. Man who can change. Man who is controlled by other factors rather than the soul I gave him.

Did you know I wrote a book? It lives inside you, inside your DNA. It tells the story of all your flesh and ancestors and it can be accessed by software now. Soon, every one of you will face the terror of knowing your genetic material is out there somewhere being used in lab tests (which you willingly gave at the hospital), being used to “experiment” on goats, cows, pigs and dogs to see what they give birth to. YOUR FACES SHALL LOOK BACK AT YOU BUT IT WON’T BE YOUR FACE. Thus says the Lord, the terrors of the future are many indeed. Prepare yourselves.

The fourth abomination is yet to be revealed. For three abominations and for four, I will not relent says the Lord. Amen (so be it.)

Here ends the Lord’s prophecy. Take it in prayer before Him because these are heavy pronouncements. Indeed I have shared a lot how creatures other than humanity live on this earth among us already- NOW not later – they are here with us and some look just like us. The day the Lord revealed this to me some years ago was a cold day for my heart, I thought they were yet to come to earth but He said “They have been breeding among you for centuries and truly they are more diligent about multiplying themselves than mankind. They are a very great, great number.”

That revelation left me frozen, and that’s why I tell people if you marry anybody, uncover your body to anybody and you’ve not sought God on your knees to make sure the one pursuing you is first of all HUMAN! But instead you’re worried about things like her looks or his bank account then may the Lord have mercy on you, or you will surely end up breeding with a hybrid and bringing out children whose retinas change at night when you’re sleeping. Take this advice however seems best to you, but I tell you truly that part of the greatest lamentations of humanity will be finding out WHO THEY ARE IN COVENANT WITH (marriage, family, friendship, sex buddies, work mates etc).

When the grace of God is withdrawn, when the Holy Presence that covers and keeps satan pinned down is removed, and all manner of insanity begins manifesting in the human population simply because the celestial power that kept them from showing their true colours is GONE, that is when men’s hearts shall fail them for the things they will see coming upon the world. (Luke 21:26)

As for Halloween, coronavirus, wicked leaders, and the love of sexual perversion and immorality which the Lord has mentioned yet again… what can I say? How long have I said these things?

Children who are rebellious or not raised in a godly way will backstab their Christian parents and hand them over to the Beast and Antichrist system, they will be an unexpected enemy in the end times.

Absolute obedience to the state will be demanded from everybody in the “new world” of the future.

Sexual immorality is hardwired into the American psyche, served without fail everywhere she looks until it’s seen as normal and has become a natural part of the population. The chaste are very few.

Leaders are orchestrating wickedness all the time, day and night they plan to bring it to pass.

“Conquerors” are coming to America, Russia, China and other names will invade this country.

Shalom. Read the other prophecy linked to this one: For Three Abominations and for Four.

P.S. I do not know what the fourth abomination is. I only know the three causes of sin which God says judgement will come for, but if you read these prophecies closely you’ll notice God brings a new accusation against America every day. He says “For these sins I judge”, but if you check the list they’re sometimes the same as before and sometimes like today, there’s a new one. Today we have learned that America will be punished for making wolf-men and dog-men, and for mixing them in with everybody else looking normal as you please. All we can do is pray and repent. God bless you all.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    The Lord has said before, about 15 yrs ago, that the fallen ones, the Nephelim are teaching scientists how to clone humans to be exact replicas, however, without a soul. I can only imagine how cruel and heartless these will be, and how they might be used….sort of like the “Manchurian Candidate”. movie.
    And, oh, the “False Flag” du jour…..just today, an “Amber Alert” type warning on my cell phone about the “Corona” being extra virulent….(fear mongering). This reminds me of the ones they use to pull on us back in the 9/11 days, of Terror Alert warning every day on the evening news,….on a scale of Red, Orange, Yellow, etc. so we’d be warned my our keepers how scared we should be.
    I wonder which will come first……the occupation by our own gov,….or the invasion by others? I’m trying to pray for more discernment and godly wisdom while living with those who aren’t……… and I’m not sure how much longer I can continue to trust them.

    1. Celestial says:

      The Manchurian Candidate was an eye opener, it explained so much to me. It’s uncanny how God brings even the movies that expose things across my path, I find them and marvel. Out of nowhere I remembered a cartoon from childhood where a scientist received a visitor to his lab and was taking him to one exhibit, as they went deeper into the lab they passed a very depressed wolf-man who stood at the bars of his cage howling in sadness, half person half wolf. You see them showing these things as far back as then but you think nothing of it! I have seen horrible versions of what humanity will be like in the end, I pray always God keep us safe from all you did not make, amen.

    2. diego says:

      I think it was Karla Turner (UFO survivor and researcher, most likely murdered by weaponized cancer) who said the aliens have the technology to remove the soul and move it across bodies, even put it in a box.
      In my country we even get personal text messages (from Govt) saying stuff like “The vaccine is life”, “The vaccine is safe and effective”, “Always keep your distance”, “5G doesn’t cause COVID”. I’m almost thankful for those messages; it tells you precisely what’s true (it’s opposite day every day).

      1. Scarlett says:

        I agree Diego, the daily propaganda is non stop, Unfortunately, those who don’t have critical, objective thinking and mindset, just go along with it. Purely Orwellian at the very basic level.
        Thanks for your comment. God bless you. I pray you stay well.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    Is this real and possible? Yes, if you read about the Nephelim in Genesis 6, and the power and supernatural aspects of the fallen angels. Yes, if you understand, even now they are directing wicked men in laboratories to clone humans, soul-less humans. Only God can give man a soul.

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