A Very Stern Warning, Pt. 2 – September 2, 2020

So the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and many of the people of Israel died.

Therefore the people came to Moses, and said, “We have sinned, for we have spoken against the Lord and against you; pray to the Lord that He take away the serpents from us.” So Moses prayed for the people.

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent, and set it on a pole; and it shall be that everyone who is bitten, when he looks at it, shall live.” So Moses made a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole; and so it was, if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived.

– (Numbers 21:6 – 9)

Below is the meaning of the dream I had on Sept. 2, 2020, the greater understanding I received once I woke up and the Lord began expanding what I saw in my sleep.

Right now we’re in a time where the church is hanging out with herself. Socializing, togetherness, these things are still so important to Christians, people are almost critically dependent on them without realizing it. Most prevalent is socializing online (since we can’t do it in person). The general tone of God’s church right now is one of AMICABLE REST (shown by the joyful party).

Many of us have no plan or radar for the days we’ll be living scattered on the hills like sheep with no shepherd, we still want friends to hold us up and support us in words and actions. However this posture is the very one judgement will meet us in. In this dream judgement swept down on us like lightning and nobody lived but one. That one is the one who had a direct pipeline to the Lord, one who wasn’t walking in any sort of sleepy deception or cloudy mind of what times she was in. That one was plugged in, seeing the true picture, who knew and accepted that judgement was coming. Many have not accepted that the United States will be judged, I see their denials and mocking in a hundred places online and yes, these are born again Christians.

Also, a ratio of one left alive out of hundreds in a 3-storey building gives us an accurate picture of what survival rates will look like when God’s judgement hits the earth for real. If coronavirus didn’t teach us the hard lesson that good, saved people die too, then… I don’t know what will.

The bronze serpent can be found in Numbers 21:6-9. If ever there was a story that shows God can and will loose a whip among believers and not give a HOOT who it hits, that’s the story. I bet people haven’t heard that sermon in about 3 decades but look how God brings it up with ease. When God is fed up there no sermon that can accurately depict what He will do. That’s what prophecy is for, it fills in those gaps for us.

I know most Christians expect a glorious party of us in Heaven but here are some valid points to consider that may readjust our understanding of what it will take to make Heaven. First of all- we’re not all going. If you wish to argue that’s okay but if we’re honest all we need to do is look at some of our friends (and family) to know this is a reality. No I’m not saying God can’t save them. God can save anyone but there are people who to their last breath do not want salvation and won’t take it.

Two- there are many ‘false positives’ IN CHURCH, i.e. people who look so saved and are so not. The last separation will expose these people to everyone: some of them will repent but some will blow off every attempt to win them to salvation and walk off to join the Beast System. The day of great APOSTASY is coming when fake Christians will slide away easily as a banana sheds it skin, and everyone will be shocked at who was really walking in saving faith all along and who was not.

“Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition…” – (2 Thessalonians 2:3)

Thirdly – we’re not all going the way everyone prefers (which is white robes on and lift off.) No, many will return home through serious, painful tests like diseases they will not beat, through regular old age, through sudden physical impacts that translate them to God in an instant, or through sudden or lengthy battles of various kinds they will not win. Hear these words, I am telling you reality so you can adjust any daydreaming expectations you may have and get your shoes on for the real journey ahead. Even more will go to the Father through the excruciating torture machine of the Antichrist, a wicked king who will come against the church like a juicer, doing his best to squeeze life out of her so she can deny Jesus and end up in hell forever.

As this man squeezes the church many will die for their faith. They will say never but I tell you now, that “Never!” will cost them. THEY WILL BE TORTURED before the AC finally gets sick of trying to make them deny God and kills them. I see people talking about “I’ll never deny Jesus. Let them kill me!” and I. just. stare. Rapture theory and the Left Behind movies have fooled us that the Antichrist is so stupid that he’ll only ask us to deny Jesus once but we’ll bravely shout “Never!”, then he’ll slap us dramatically like on TV but we won’t break, then he’ll be so depressed he’ll say “Aw man! He/ she won’t deny! Ok shoot him! Shoot her!” And we’ll get a fast bullet to Heaven. Is that right?

I have one word for us: ATROCITIES. Look it up.

This is SATAN in bodily form we’re talking of here. I invite you to get as creative as he will. He will have someone rape your spouse 3 times and ask you after that “Is the Nazarene Lord?” With bitter tears you manage to say yes. Hmmm he says … OK. The Beast System solider will move on to your 12 year old daughter. “Is the Nazarene still your Lord?” he’ll ask again. You’re nearly blind with rage and gasping to breathe from pain but you say yes. After that if you’re still resistant he will begin shooting members of the family one by one (including the pets). Even the goldfish will be shot.

Why am I saying all this? Am I being dramatic? Have you watched what Satan has done to believers in oppressive regimes? Have you really studied the prophecies on this blog concerning martyrdom? Satan is no stranger to trauma, family. Some of us don’t even spend 12 seconds per week, assessing the future battlefield and what we will be up against. We just do these weird forms of Christian denial which I don’t understand and won’t comment on today.

Know this: When that Antichrist interview is over, when you’ve lost everyone and everything that matters in the worst way you NEVER imagined, THAT’S HOW YOU (AND HEAVEN) WILL KNOW YOU HAVE A WORTHY FAITH. If you endure all that devastation and watch your family enter in glory one by by one ahead of you but you don’t crack and say “OK Jesus is not Lord!” then yes, your witness is sure. So when they shoot you at last in frustration after using razor wire on you and you finally pass from this life into eternity, you’ll be surprised to find you won’t even remember ANY of what was killing you 10 seconds ago. All you’ll see is the amazing perfection of Jesus’s white teeth grinning at you, dressed in His best navy blue robe saying, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

Why am I being graphic? Because it will happen. You see China and other places keeping people for decades in horrific conditions to break their spirit until they deny Jesus, what do we think it means? They’re lighting people ON FIRE in Nigeria to make them quit Christianity, chopping them up and leaving entire families of corpses in the streets for days as a warning to the rest to forsake Jesus. Terror groups were doing live beheadings only a few years ago, and we think it’s not a preview? Yes I am graphic. I see graphic things. Do you want it to happen first and you pass out because it’s the first time you ever heard it would happen? Or do you want to hear it early so you begin searching the Bible, eating its words, waiting for them to hit your bloodstream to produce that most elusive wine, which is THE POWERFUL FAITH OF GOD THAT OVERCOMES? You decide. Let us move on.

Fourthly, MORE than those who endure til death will be a far greater number who say “What? I didn’t sign up for this!” and deny Jesus. So that wife/ husband you thought you had to endure for, that teen son who sees the gun barrel (or the gay soldier they will call to ruin his life), may scream “NO JESUS IS NOT LORD!” You won’t even get a chance to test your great faith because they may all forsake the Lord to avoid death. They will save themselves; before you know it right in your face your entire family joins Team Beast then stands there looking at you with this face 🥺 which means:

“Sorry honey, sorry Dad/ Mom, I know we did all the Bible studies but I realise now I’m not ready. I’m not ready to die for this. I can’t, I don’t believe it the way you do! I don’t believe God wants this for us (Violin music begins to play). I believe God would want us to live, so we can spread his message. (Cellos join in). I think God sent these evil people to test us so we choose life like Joshua said… We can do more for God alive than dead. Let us deny Jesus for now but we can join Him again when these people go away.”

Your family may stand there ready to serve satan, all of them testing you and trying to convince you that YOU’RE the weird one for refusing to abandon your faith. Are you ready to deny THEM and cling to God? If you do not believe this will happen you have not really read your Bible. AT. ALL. 😐

Fifthly- Some will go into hiding and live by supernatural means which includes the leadership and protection of the 144,000. This group shall endure many things including hunger, thirst, sorrow, watching people they love die or quit or backstab them and take the mark- it is through trials that this remnant will resist the Beast and live until Jesus raptures them. By that time the earth will be a ravaged mess and people will either be walking in Rambo faith or become million dollar members of the One World Order. All I am saying is right in the pages of Scripture, sure to come to pass.

This dream shows God has prepared SWIFT JUDGEMENT FOR HIS CHURCH. It will catch everyone unaware, and the one in hundreds ratio makes it clear that WHATEVER STATE YOU ARE IN WHEN THAT JUDGEMENT HITS, contrary to what Daystar told you, you are going out like that.

Whether you live or die is up to God yes, but whether you die righteous or with tiny little sins like liking booze or living half naked or criminally dependent on other Christians for your faith to function or whatever, that’s up to you.

The strange language is PROPHECY. The ever famous, contentious hot word in the church- PROPHECY. The Christian community becomes rabid over this word. What is a prophecy, who is a prophet? All I’ll say is the language that took over my keyboard was God writing and talking for HIMSELF, God at the end of His rope, speaking in His own strange language in CAPS, using strong punctuation of !!!!! to make Himself heard in the white noise of life. My blog and pages bear His mark and witness on them and today He told me to say so. When you read these dreams and directives you’re reading HIS keystrokes, I repeat what I’m sent to say. The emphasis is HIS.

The boiling beans show how HOT is the hour, how HOT is the judgement coming, how very HOT are the days to come. The times ahead will shred the old man with all his carnality, and some will not survive that at all. Those who survive will be shredded into new glory- all their excuses, fear, cowardice, pride etc sandblasted off as they live and adapt during judgement. But some will just drop where they stand and I pray for all our sakes, (since we don’t know who will be what), that EVERYONE gets ready and lives (or dies) righteous. Nobody wants to die and I get it, but it is better to die righteous and be with Jesus than to be suddenly taken in sin and be with Satan. There is still more the Lord wants me to share. I’m hoping our hearts can accept and bear it all. No matter the severity of prophecy we must understand the heart of God in it or we’ll risk rejecting it and saying “God could never say or do this.” Amen. I will be back with more. Please share this if you feel led.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    It’s not too difficult to comprehend, from what we are hearing and seeing online, and from what the mainstream church is telling their members, that most are not ready for what you’ve just published concerning the words of warning from the Lord. If one has read the “Foxes Book of Martyrs”, studied the Inquisitions, the various persecutions, plagues, famines and genocides, and then compared what the Lord Jesus said in Matthew 24 about the “Tribulation” that would be far worse than any of the evil persecutions that precede it, And still be cavalier in their walk with the Lord in these days…..then, they must surely be in deception, in denial and under the sway of Satan.
    As human beings walking the face of this earth, and especially ones who believe in and serve the Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we’d better be making our calling and election sure…..this is not a game or block party. It’s reality right in the gut. We must believe there is a reason why we call Jesus Lord…..and Savior, and know for sure all the many things He is saving us from, One of the main ones is Hell!
    Shalom and may God bless and have mercy on us…

  2. CIK says:

    I am one of those who was hot and after a witchcraft attack, I went down. God recently told me I am lukewarm but I don’t know how to stop the veil over my mind that I feel has already formed. I am not on social media and I am fighting slumber, prayerlessness, etc. This God you described is the one I know. I’m trying to understand the grace and mercy part of Him because I feel He wants me to but after posts like this, I think to myself, “let me just focus on the part I know.” Can you please help me or address what to do on your YT channel?

    1. Chantal D. says:

      The best place for us to start is on our knees in fasting and pleading for mercy in repentance. If that is obvious, then present yourself to Him as a living sacrifice EACH DAY (Romans 12) and focus on being in a daily walk and instruction with Him. Many Christians declare, “I’m saved,” but they aren’t on the straight and narrow path where He directs each of their steps. Continue to repent daily as sins are realized and seek His face. Put all unnnecessary things away and spend time with Him in quietness.

      1. Celestial says:

        Thank you for this Chantal and welcome to TMV. Repentance is what I always speak about here, everything meaningful with God starts with that. As for your last sentence, that is my favourite time of day. God bless you.

    2. Celestial says:

      CIK i had not seen this comment. I’m not sure if I replied elsewhere? Please email me at: mastersvoice@mail.com

      God bless you and keep you. There is always a way to start over. “Witchcraft is very demoralizing”, is what the Lord says to me right now. It not only causes tangible harm but kills the spirit and makes the believer think all sorts of things that are not so. God can help you start over. Please write to me when you see this. Bless you. ❤

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