The Iron Decree – May 24, 2020

And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. – (Daniel 7:25)

Write with an iron pen. Seal with a diamond tip, so that it cannot be changed. As the laws of the Medes and Persians could not be changed, but froze forever what the king of the day commanded, so shall it be. Thus sayeth the Lord: “The Beast system will change the times and laws, making evil decrees. No man shall worship any God except the god of the Beast and its image. This is the law for this time.” Amen.

I fell asleep after the last post: Abomination of Desolation. I  was so tired I simply had to sleep, even though I rarely nap during the day. I dreamt a strange dream: I saw many of my prophecies taking place. They were like little movies running into one another- some played out in a heavy navy-blue grey sky thick with clouds, like the very sky was angry with what was going on, and some took place on earth. War, tanks, bombs, screaming, people running for their lives- the earth was violated with the outcome of the weight of prophecy. All I could do was look as everything revealed by God took place one after another, but much of it also took place at the same time til chaos reigned on earth and in heaven.

As this was going on I saw a line between heaven and earth. This line laid ‘on top’ of the earth separating it from heaven at the horizon point, about the thickness of a credit card and platinum coloured, very bright. I saw a thin, dark-grey metal pen come down to the line and begin to write. As it wrote on the platinum line I realised the line itself was also metal- rosy red sparks of fire flew as the pen chiseled words into the iron parchment. “Make the decree.” That’s what came into my spirit as I slept. “Make the decree with an iron pen, it shall not be changed.” As I watched the pen I realised that whatever I saw happening on earth was being sealed as permanent, these things will happen and stay as written til the end of all things. Then I woke up.

Brothers and sisters, let us understand the times. Let us look to the past for understanding. The Medes and Persians were the kingdom that conquered the mighty dynasty of the Babylonians. They were powerful fighters that maintained and even expanded the vast empire that King Nebuchadnezzar and those before him had built. In their system of laws was a habit of ‘freezing’ the king’s decrees- whatever new rule a king made could not be changed. Once something was proclaimed it became a fixed law lasting for all time; it could only be removed by another king making a new law that was the exact opposite of it (thereby making the previous decree to null effect). An example was when  King Ahasuerus, the husband of Queen Vashti, banned the queen from his presence and palace for her insolence at refusing to come when he called her to introduce her to his banquet guests. [Book of Esther 1:10- 22]

After Ahasuerus cast his wife away in anger he missed her, of course he missed her- she was his wife! He made a decision in anger (poorly advised by very wicked counsellors I must say), but his own law worked against him. Vashti could never again enter the palace or his presence, they were immediately divorced as soon as his rule was published. Because this law could not be reversed it was known as ‘an iron decree’.

Another example that applies perfectly here, especially looking at the opening words of this post- is where a decree almost cost prophet Daniel his life. Daniel’s enemies hated him. This wasn’t casual dislike or the normal rivalry of the workplace, no. The spirit of satan who hates righteousness and goodness was deeply ingrained in some of the people Daniel worked with, to the extent they wanted him dead. Daniel was simply the best counsellor in the kingdom- his ethics and high standards didn’t make things easy for him but God kept blessing him and bringing him up for promotions. Finally one day these wicked men devised a plan where they said ‘O KING, AREN’T YOU THE BEST? Aren’t you the guy who makes life worth living? Make a law for everyone to agree how awesome you are, write it according to the laws of the Medes and Persians, that no man shall worship any god but you. Anyone who bows to a god who isn’t you deserves to be thrown to the lions and killed.’

These wicked advisors had no interest in inflating the king’s ego- not at all- they only did this to trap Daniel who was known to stand in his bedroom window [which could be seen from the palace courtyard] and lift his hands towards Jerusalem three times a day to pray. Now when this law passed you’d think Daniel would keep praying but stay in the bedroom where he wouldn’t be seen, but no. At the next prayer appointment he was on the balcony raising hands to God, and the rest can be found in Daniel 6. God trapped the wicked in their own plot at the end but it got rough for Daniel for a moment there- he had to spend a night with wild animals as punishment for staying faithful to God. God delivered him in spite of that deadly new law but only because Daniel was faithful. He didn’t break his routine of honouring God even though the rule could have cost him his life.

The laws of the Medes and Persians were impenetrable laws. It’s actually rare to have a human kingdom bind itself to its own laws the way these guys did. They made laws with the intention that the king’s word be almost like a god’s, lasting forever. In the same way God is warning us that iron laws will be part of our future, laws that exactly mirror what the Bible says from long ago. Laws will be passed that ancient prophets warned about and no amount of crying or praying will make them NOT be passed.

We will see even more oppressive regulation than what we’ve experienced so far during Covid-19; our religious freedoms will be trampled on and our freedoms in general will be taken away. Our lives will be taken away too saints- let us read the Bible soberly and ask God to prepare us so if it happens that lot falls on us, we will not crack or deny Christ and take the beast’s mark. Please, these new posts have a pattern and a warning. God wants His people to be ready for such times, able to walk by faith in Him no matter what. I will post a prophecy I got today right after the Abomination prophecy (and before this current post). God is speaking, this is urgent and we have to prepare ourselves. God bless everyone who hears and takes his words seriously, amen. 

Even if you’ve read it already, please revisit To Be A Martyr For Christ. The end times will NOT be an easy time period so it’s essential to be spiritually PREPARED. God bless, Shalom.

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