A Sword To The Kidneys – March 15, 2020

Good afternoon and thanks for visiting The Master’s Voice. Church across America was a ghost town this weekend and I’m sure we all know why. But I digress.

I have two prophecies on America –  I did a pivot after the Beast system series to make room for God’s focus on souls but as I’ve stated before, sometimes I get prophecy in a wave. If it’s urgent from the Lord I upload them same day but at times I’m moved to let others wait awhile until I feel prompted to put them up. In full disclosure that didn’t happen here: what did happen was I posted five words on the Beast, shifted, then forgot to come back and upload these. So today when the Lord started talking to me about how He will put a sword in the kidneys of all mankind to find out what kind of person they are, I scrolled back through my archives and what did I find? These two unpublished notes. Huzzah.

See.. this is how you know it’s a real blog. Another place might act all churchy and say ‘Oh the Lord brought to my mind these posts that I put aside to ripen in the sun of prayer, and now I felt the Spirit drawing upon me to upload them…’

Yeah, not really.

Truth is I get busy. I’m doing stuff, writing, working, it’s possible I might miss something. Sometimes you may overlook one or two things among all the things God told you, all the stuff I’m working to proofread and upload since I received it, etc. Being human means sometimes having to revisit the archives in order to say “Whoa, this one is overdue so let me put it up!” 

So lets’ get to it. First, the sword to the kidneys, dated today March 15, 2020.

In intercessory prayer today we were calling on God to halt the plague currently hitting the nations of the world. I was particularly invested because the Holy Spirit’s presence was high in church right then. The Lord was moving among us and everyone was truly bearing down when suddenly God said to me: “I will put a sword in the kidneys of every man, to test what sort he is.” This statement did not match at all with the prayer for mercy we were making at that moment [I told you that God is not who we think, and not at all like us], so I paused to hear more. He said again, “I will pierce the kidneys of every man to see what comes out, if men be for Me or against Me.” I nodded yes Lord, indeed I understand what you mean.

And I do.

But for those who may not understand here is the background: In eastern religions and in fact many ancient cultures it is believed that all life flows from and is conceived in the kidneys. Kidneys contain the yin (jin), the essence that pumps life and makes man to be what he is (alive, vibrant, creative, healthy and strong). Those guys are actually the hardest working organs in the body because they work with THE BLOOD. Kidneys filter about a half cup of blood per minute, flushing it of excess waste and water and modulating the blood cells in every area from temperature, salt content, toxicity and more. Without them your blood would be filthy in less than a day and after that comes certain death if you don’t get them fixed. The heart is a muscle like a fist pumping blood through to where it needs to go; sure, we need the strength of the heart to move blood around but your kidneys make sure that what the heart’s receiving isn’t filthy but clean blood. BIG difference in function.

Ancient cultures like the Indians and Chinese believe the entire life force including spiritual energy is centred in the kidneys, and to this day these cultures live longer than anybody by meticulously caring for those organs from the time they’re very young. On the flip side Western culture is flooded with so much romantic goop that it affects even our understanding of basic human psychology and body function; media puts so much emphasis on the heart that even medical science acts like your heart is the superstar of the body. Well, I beg to differ because even the Bible calls the heart deceitful but it says there are “reins” inside the lower belly of a man which  control him and tell God exactly what that man is like!

“I will bless the LORD, who hath given me counsel: my reins also instruct me in the night seasons.” (Psalm 16:7)

Look what a heartbroken Job cried when his life was destroyed; he thought God was punishing him for unknown crimes and see where he felt pain as his life was ruined:

“His archers surround me. He splits my kidneys apart and does not spare. He pours out my bitterness on the ground.” (Job 16:13)

Lastly the mourner in Lamentations proves this point:

He has caused the shafts of his quiver to enter into my kidneys. (Lamentations 3:13)

Hah! Ok I’m not happy about the prophecy but I am happy at how faithful the Bible is. It answers everything, and i love it because its wisdom is priceless! It matches flawlessly what’s in other books except when those other books are —-> lying.

So when God said He will pierce the kidneys to know what each man is really like, whether each of us ONCE AND FOR ALL IS A GOD FEARING PERSON OR A GOD HATING REBEL, I got it. A sword to the kidneys means a TEST that each person can perfectly identify with – it might be a mass test or a very personal one that only you will wrestle with. Whatever it is, God said each one will receive that divine sword to his innermost part – and that sword will search him like the world’s biggest flashlight and expose WHO HE REALLY IS. Does he stand on God’s side with true Christians, the Holy Spirit, the angels and the Lord? Or is he on Satan’s side with the fallen angels, demons and all those who hate Jesus Christ? 

The piercing will make it clear what sort each one is, and I pray for every last one of us that we won’t deny Jesus but instead will cling to Him even though our hands are burning! Better to make it to Heaven with burn-tested hands than have your whole body in HELL.

P.S. Yes. Hell is real. Hell is and will remain a part of the conversation on this blog. It is as much a tangible reality as heaven is, it is as much an optional outcome as Heaven is. We the people are the ones who decide by our lifestyles and belief systems whether we will live in a way that merits Heaven or Hell. I suggest we take God’s advice in Joshua 24:14-15:

“Now fear the Lord and serve him with all faithfulness. Throw away the gods your ancestors worshiped beyond the Euphrates River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord. But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”

No one will escape this sword, it is surely coming and for some it’s already in progress. I just thought I’d share and let people know. I was standing there in church this morning, listening to the Lord as my church family cried out around me, trying to feel my intestines and wondering when mine will be pierced but… when it happens each one will know. 

The two posts on the USA are coming up, thank you!

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  1. Debbie says:

    I believe that most of us are tested now as we experienced many changes in the world that we live in. Relationships are broken, jobs are lost, families are divided, even church families, all with the presence of different calamities in different places and a government that has no ears and heart to listen to its people.

    May we cling to our Heavenly Father and trust in Him in the midst of these all, and may we be found worthy in our Lord Yah’s eyes as He tests us.

  2. Hélène says:

    And didn’t He just!
    Did you take the Mark, or did you not?
    I love looking back at things from this time we didn’t know we had entered-till it was firmly entrenched and there was no disentangling from.

  3. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    After watching all of your videos, as I was just driving today after reading the lasted video posted today… I thought, well, might as well start from the beginning of all the written post and so far I’ve come to this one. It was February 2020 when I left Nigeria to America after getting married to my husband in Nigeria. I’m American born but Igbo (Nigerian) in blood as well.

    So, before covid actually came fully out the closet, life was going well. No mask needed on the plane even though while I was in Turkey Istanbul airport I seen many Asians with mask and didn’t know why, I didn’t even know that covid was going on at all anywhere. I finally made it back to the U.S 18, February 2020; already missing my husband but already made plans to return home in April 2020; little did I know destruction was on its way.

    My love for Yah was still strong and no one was before Him. Covid had come to America and people starting dying in Washington not Washington D.C but the other one where the first cases where. Eventually I started hearing it was spreading all over but it hadn’t reached Michigan yet. I wasn’t getting scared cause I didn’t know what to expect til it was announced that it hit Michigan and that airports started shutting down… then I was like Oh my goodness no freaking way as I just got married. People all over was coughing, even my oldest sister believed she had it and she was living with me, a voice was telling me she had it and it was like it wanted me to be scared yet I prayed over her. I ended up coughing but never once did I claim I had it nor would I go get checked because I believe I knew their plan. I prayed over myself and was good after. I anointed every door of my children homes and my home and prayed hard over my family; I knew this was a Pslams 91 time we are in.

    Nigeria announced that the last flight would be March 28, 2020, I wanted to break down as I wasn’t leaving til April 7th and I couldn’t change my date. So I got stuck in the U.S and then the mandate hit but it didn’t affect me at all as I worked as a frontline healthcare employee. However, I fasted and fasted many times. Did a three day water only fast and was very weak yet held on to my faith.

    Yet, even through this storm I would not give in and allow the devil. Months and months passed and I still couldn’t get back home until I received a dream from the Lord and when I woke up, I woke to a message from someone in Nigeria on how to get back home as literally was also spoken to me in my dream, so I immediately told my husband; his family are mainly all government workers, so plans was made and I literally arranged for my flight two days later; it is now July 22nd.

    Me and my sister both traveled to New York to catch our flight to Benin, Cotonou. We had a issue at the airport that cost us to miss our flight so we had to book for the next flight that cost us hundreds more and a 7 day stay at a hotel in New York. Finally traveled Aug 1st and landed in Benin, met with our husbands and traveled to Lagos, Nigeria the next day.

    Stayed home for three months, airlines was opened internationally but the mandate was still in affect strongly. Traveled back to America in October of 2020 due to my job. This is when I was hit with the 2nd biggest test in my life. The rage I was in after this situation happened to me, one might would have gave in to the devil as I almost did because of my anger, my pain, my trust, the embarrassment— Much prayer was needed, my husband was most definitely sent from Yah as he was the one, after God that gave me the strength I needed to overcome this test. I was placed in the fiery furnace but I know Jesus had to be with me—cause I couldn’t have done it without him. I lost family left to right. I was becoming lonely and didn’t know why it was happening to me. So much crying in complete disbelief at what was happening to me.

    Still to this day, I’m down to my two hands in count of family I have left as Yah pulled me away or pulled them away. I just thought to myself one day and was like, I asked the Lord to take away any and everyone out my life that would cause me harm. When I say He did just that… my mother, younger sister, many of my children, nieces and nephews, cousins, my daughter in law (the one that brought the rage) a couple deaths in the family my grandfather being one and my father the following year (but these two are not included in those that would harm me) yet two important people to me, an attack on my marriage and so much more.

    Yet, God sent me His comforter, The Holy Spirit. When I say I needed Him so bad. Then I believed I had to past the test because people started wondering how am I not destroyed and still forgiving the people that just harmed me. I forgave them all and kept going on with my life as if nothing happened. I wouldn’t kill myself so I had to move on. Then I had a dream, a very serious dream about a month later.

    I was standing at this big screen, something like what you see in New York, those huge screens with vibrant colors all over the buildings (I spoke this dream to my husband, my sister, posted on Facebook and on a YT page I follow) so I will speak 100% the truth of my dream. So it was many people but I knew none of them. Looking at this screen I read something but in between these words was like other letters highlighted as to read out a phrase. So I had to look at it very close and it read “What you have were taught was a lie”. I started asking the people around me if they could read what I read and they didn’t understand so I looked at it again to read it to them and then my mouth started shutting as if my lips were being glued together, I tried to open my mouth with my hands as I was reading but it came out as mumbling. Then I was taken away from that scene and was in the back seat of a car, two men were driving but they didn’t speak, they was the color of a like white/albino look very dual skin tone. I ended up in this place where a man and woman was hanging like on some type of machinery, and their private parts were being cut off then I woke up.

    Very terrified I was and I started saying to myself, Lord you know there is no one that can make me change the trust I have in You, there is nothing no one can say to me that will change my belief. Little did I know, my awakening was starting.

    I know this is long, but my testimony is deep. Please bare with me. So I go back home to Nigeria and I started waking up at 12am everyday for some odd reason. Praying and reading the Bible and watching some YouTube videos . I came to the verse “you shall know the truth and it shall set you free” (maybe paraphrased)… then I prayed and said to God, Lord I need to know the truth. I was scared at this moment as I felt like what I was taught about God was all false not knowing I was taught some truth but not The Truth. Then Yah started revealing to me the truth.

    I was givin’ a strong test, a test that pierced my kidney as Celestial stated. A test that was almost unbearable to go through. Would I have turned from Yah just to get revenge back, God forbid. Would I have gave up on God because He was allowing these things to happen to me, God forbid. I didn’t question Him or ask Him one time; Why. I accepted everything that was happening to me. His Word says that He chastise His children, so to not be chastised means I’m far from Him or not His. While I’m still working on getting even closer: I’m a vessel that is still being perfectly crafted by The Potter.

    When I first started watching your videos (if you are reading this Celestial) honestly I was like no way, yet, I still watched and said to myself I will try the spirit. I was like I will not say she’s lying and I will not say she’s telling the truth. I guess I didn’t want to think I had itching ears. Demons do not want Yahs children to hear His truth. I stopped watching your videos until one day I watched another one and another one, on and on and was like this has to be true so I shared with my sister, she still today have more faith in this channel than any. As this channel/blog is dedicated to The Master Yah. Then one day my spirit was directed to watch every video and it took me two weeks, I watched at least 4-5 hours worth every day. Now, my spirit is moved to read every post.

    You shall know the truth and it will set you free… this scripture means something totally different than I was taught and I’m so happy now to know the truth and be able to discern the truth from the lies.

    I pray nothing but Yah’s blessing over you, with His anointing to keep you strong and His blood to keep you protected

    1. Celestial says:

      YOU BET I’M READING IT 😄This is a fantastic testimony. You came a long way. And yes, whoever hasn’t bee tested yet- that test will be brutal and make many despair of LIFE. It’ll feel like a sword in the intestines, twisting 360 degrees 10x for effect. You did well, I feel the passage of your journey yet you came out the other side. Yes, awakening is terrifying & everything IS a lie. Whoever will not accept this & step back from the poisoned water to say “JESUS ONLY YOU will determine what goes into my head, ears & heart from now on”, well.. That one is already satan’s but just doesn’t know it yet. God said we will feel these tests but whoever endures to the end, will be saved, and clearly ma’am, you were. A great shalom to you, the armor you won in the fire can never be taken away from you.🕊🙏🏽🌺

      1. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

        Amen 🙏🏾

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