CORNUCOPIA: Hall of Delights, Pt 3 – June 20, 2019

throne room


I had this same vision again, but now the thrones were occupied and the room full of LIFE! Music, dancing, entertainment, servants coming in and out bringing more things to put on the table, and many fringe actors that I tried to pay attention to all at the same time. It was a lot of activity.  

The people on thrones had privacy dots on their faces- but I knew these were the false teachers, preachers, pastors, apostles- the five fold ministry. This time OPULENCE was written on the table. Some faces were exposed and the Lord told me to speak about these people. Please remember, this blog is not here to cater to anyone’s favourites, nor is it here to slander as if I don’t have anything else to do. I was instructed by God to proclaim what I see as I see it– only what He says to withhold I won’t publish. I did see people I can’t name- I recognised them by their dress, body shape and fame, but they were protected and that’s that. This is God’s blog. God is the one bringing order to His body and I WILL DO MY PART. These prophecies have multiple layers of meaning, please read carefully to learn what God is saying. Amen.


There is one man I’m told to mention- but not his name. The Lord said this man was a special cup in his hand, a man given double, a man far more eloquent and talented than his fellows in ministry. I see written over this man’s head ‘CHARIS’ – the Greek word for “grace” which also means divine favour, special ability– this is the root for the word “charisma”. ‘Charis’ can be seen as a special sauce God gives someone which makes them exceptionally good at something; in this man’s case: He was called to preach the gospel. 

The Lord said this man was a special cup in his hand; he was full of the ‘good graces’ of the Lord. But now he has profaned himself, and God is not happy with him. The Lord is full of tender mercy towards him too; this is why I can’t name him. God has a soft spot for him, but I see a cup filling against him. It was gold but is tarnished: (this is always a sign of reprobate activity, a precious metal turned dull means you’ve lost it somewhere. You must repent and get polished.) The cup is filling steadily with dark red liquid that is God’s judgement on this man. Because he was doubly gifted I see his cup is twice as big as the other ministers on the thrones. I knew when this cup overflows that man will hit trouble: God will make him drink that cup he filled by the profane things he did. Let the reader understand- this image can describe every one of us if we stubbornly continue in sin.


The ministers were enjoying themselves and enjoying the things piled high on the table. They had bodyguards with them standing behind their chairs, the bodyguards stared straight ahead and didn’t look at anything that was going on. A lot of them were family men who were blanking out their minds from what they saw because they needed a job and a paycheck. A lot of sexual activity was going on, that is a separate note. The overall tone of this room was HIGH ENJOYMENT, “Live for today”, that was the prevailing vibe. 

The first throne was occupied by Creflo Dollar. He was slumped in his throne, chewing gum and not enjoying the party. His throne was NAVY BLUE which I understood to be “not as bad as a white throne”. Bored, disengaged, his arms hanging on both sides and swinging his feet. As I looked I saw another vision of this man- in a makeup chair about to do his usual church broadcast. A woman was fixing his face when someone walked up to him with a “script” and tapped it: “Read this when you go on”. Chewing gum as he went over it, I saw him frown and turn grey under his makeup. When that happened the makeup artist got upset because she thought she did something wrong and missed his skin tone; she started mixing a new palette to fix it but the grey was coming from within. He’d lost colour because he was upset by the script- it contained “shocking” and “controversial” things he had to say. I saw him wondering HOW could he say these things on live TV. He wanted to protest but couldn’t. I had an understanding: ‘This man wants to serve God but can’t. Decisions he made have taken his relationship with Jesus AND his church out of his hands’. The Lord said: “He is a puppet, a casualty of the times.”

I saw something like a radio dial showing the coming judgement of Creflo Dollar, set at 7.5 out of 9. When the dial is cranked up to 9 judgement will fall, but the dial is also reversible meaning it can move backward to 0. I saw during his ministry Creflo had committed one act that cranked his dial from a 5 to a 7 in a single move, now subsequent acts had inched it to a 7.5. This was what was shown about the man in the first throne. 


The next person was Joyce Meyer. Her seat was opulent white and gold, and I heard ‘Judgement is coming’. She was enjoying herself: calling for drinks, laughing, gesturing, talking loudly- every inch the party queen- but I saw the dial of judgement set against this woman at 8.5 out of 9. She like Creflo had all her clothes on (this was not the case for many of the others sitting on their thrones). Some of those people had bathrobes on, choir robes on open at the front with their legs wide open and whatever was visible was visible. She was smartly dressed and in total command of herself. She was WISE.

As I looked at her I had another vision: I saw Joyce Meyer in a huge hall with so many people in attendance! Like a stadium or something like that- she was onstage in a smart suit, soaking in the applause. Then a podium appeared along with a wand in her hand, which she tapped lightly a few times on the podium like an orchestra conductor. She started waving this wand gently in the air and musical notes started to pour from it. Soon as the music wafted over the people, they slumped and fell asleep. She kept waving the wand and I heard: Spellbinding. Occultic. Witchcraft via a baton. It looked exactly like the scene from Fantasia with Mickey Mouse, where he makes the brooms and water come to life through witchcraft. While the people slept I saw this woman get a huge pipe in her hands; it had an inward airflow that sucked paper money off the sleeping people! Money was flying from all directions into the pipe, and she turned it so it could draw from everywhere. When the money stopped flowing, she reversed the pipe to flow out, but all that came out was a thin stream of defiled water that looked like dirty dishwater. Then I knew she could not produce anything holy. The vision ended and I heard, ‘Joyce Meyer has never been caught, but she will be.’ Her 8.5 dial judgement is also reversible.

The last thing I saw in this section: I saw the hand of the Lord pointing at the false prophets, pastors, ministers, evangelists, bishops, apostles and teachers. The hand pointed at them from a corner of the room for a long time, but they didn’t see it. They were too busy having a good time. Since they didn’t see the accusing and pointing finger, the hand turned from them and wrote on the wall a big M. As soon as I saw it I knew the hand was going to write: “Mene, Mene Tekel Upharsin”, and I stared in shock at the M and back at the people. I thought “Can’t you see what is going to happen to you!” But they were totally oblivious that the hand was there or that it had written THE BEGINNING OF A CHARGE against them. I knew when the sentence was finished things would begin to happen to each one of the people in the chairs, and they would not get out of these things except by extreme prayer, fasting and repentance.

More will be posted shortly.


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  1. Loveth Nwokeohuru says:

    Wow!! This is total exposure.
    This has been my prayer point for like two days now. For God to expose these people so that his people will be free and their eyes will be opened to see the truth…..ever since I went out to study with some friends I noticed that many of them are attending this big churches but don’t have a personal relationship with God.

    I had a dream similar to this early this year.

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