The Slavery Chronicles: Buffalo Soldiers, Pt 4 – June 7, 2019

american indians


All of yesterday, at odd times since I woke up I heard the word: Bison. Bison. Bison.

It would pop up, go away, I’d see the animals, but I couldn’t figure out what it meant. 

Last night, the Lord Jesus shared this series of prophecies titled “The Slavery Chronicles”, and gave me a message for the American Indians of the United States. First the vision, then the message.

On the night of June 6, 2019 I saw a strange thing, several visions happening all at once. It should have been confusing but it wasn’t- each vision was its own layer happening on top of the next, like different movies playing. I understood all the visions are linked together by a common theme: Judgement upon the nation of America for her crimes, past and present.

In one layer of vision I saw a wide ‘steppe’. I know this word from history class but I was surprised to see it in the vision: it means a large, wide, very flat and grassy plain. The word is old fashioned and people don’t use it anymore. They just say “field”. In the old days however, America was known as a land of steppes across the midwest, vast arable land perfect for farming. However what I was seeing was before any settlers came here, before Europeans even heard about America. I saw the USA before her new name. 

A bison herd (huge, blackish buffalo animal) was running across the steppe, thunderous movement across flat ground. Behind them one man ran, naked except for long, black flying hair and a small cloth of leather around his waist. He carried a long spear, big and sharp on the end, and he was fast. I don’t understand how this man could run like that, his speed almost matched the bison- the herd was pelting but so was he, chasing the last one in the back. At the right moment he loosed his spear with force, it pierced the neck of a mid-size bison and it fell. The herd ran on oblivious, but the man raised his hands, threw his head back and gave an eerie sound from the bottom of his lungs. Celebration.

I heard the cry echoing back from many lungs nearby, and watched as the grinning man was quickly surrounded by other men slapping him on the back and howling that cry. Ah. The manhood test. This man was running down a buffalo to kill it, so that he could be allowed to marry. Now that he was successful he was fully a man, able to marry, able to provide, able to be a serving male member of the tribe. Everyone congratulated him while a few feet away the buffalo was dying, and the vision faded away.

“You are MY PEOPLE, AND I KNOW YOU VERY WELL. I was with you since the time of the stars, and I know your names intimately. Each one is engraved on My hunting belt, and I will give a ransom for your souls. You were discouraged, dying and in poverty, imagining Me to be a silent and brutal witness to all your pain. But I say to you now, I WILL GIVE a ransom for your life, and redeem you. I WILL BRING you out of the cottages where they have gathered you, and speak kind words to you, and lead you back to My inheritance which I have promised you in the canon of My word. I am YHWH, Your Father, the one you call Great Spirit, and in days to come dreams and visions will multiply greatly in your communities. Your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Then you will remember yourselves, and I will gather you from all the places where I scattered you and let you forget yourselves because of your unfaithfulness towards me, when you shunned me and bowed down to idols in nature- the tree and owl and fish. You raised up effigies to worship that were not me, therefore I judged you and let your enemies overtake you and strike you on the hills. But now I say… A life for a life, an eye for an eye. I am coming. I will bring justice, and requite the blood you have lost. I will honour you, in the day I declare that you are My Inheritance, and I will give you peace and a remedy for your wounds. Rest, the Healer is coming. I will make things right.”

Prophecy: By this word I am announcing that the LORD Jesus Christ will make Himself known to the scattered and penned up tribes of the American Indians. By a dream, by a vision of the night, and by visions of the day He will appear to them and make them understand by HIS POWER, that He is their God. He will forgive them for every other image they have worshipped and adorn them with recognition and respect as a “special inheritance”, which He said shall be revealed in end times Bible prophecy. He will call them by the individual names he has given them. I do not know all their names but I hear one of Shawnee, one of Pawnee, one of Blackfoot, and one of Crowfeather or Crow.

I see men of all ages and races wearing the full dress of the American Indian, from normal braves to the chief’s full eagle headdress- standing together in their traditional clothes being recognised by the American government. Their complexions are different because their race has been greatly mingled with other races of the past, some of them by force. Some are pureblood, many are not; some are very dark with African faces while some are easily mistaken for white. I see people clapping, people crying, some of these men being honoured are smiling but most of them are not. They have serious faces because they are remembering, and many of them are not happy this is being done. On their heart I see the words: “This is not enough.” God will speak to these men and ease their pain in the times to come. He will reveal to them his purpose for the tribes and these men will gather and lead their people through the Great Tribulation with a very bright, very shining light of Christianity in their hearts. I see the tribes walking and the light coming from them is piercingly brilliant: these are people who will BELIEVE. These people have a revelation of the true nature of God; they know that He is everything.

I see the America Indian people winding their way across the globe. They came from another place and then ended up in this place called America. Somehow the water opened for them, and they came to the land of America and rested here. They thought no one would ever find them, but Columbus did. Brothers and sisters I am not sure how I know this information, but this is the truth- I see the information written down on a piece of paper that is now (perhaps) lost. The water opened for these people and they came here to live thinking: “We are safe, they will never find us here. We will worship God.” But being alone for so long they forgot who they were, they forgot who He was, and began to do all sorts of monstrosities they should not have done. Including human sacrifice. They sacrificed to idols and worshipped totem poles as god. God was angry, he let them be uncovered, attacked, made naked and exposed. But now He will repay their attackers, a life for a life, and that is all that has been revealed to me.

Lord, this is your word. In Jesus name I have given it, amen. 

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  1. This is the first I have heard of felt on Native Americans. I am glad the Lord has given you this message of hope.

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  2. Do you think we are living during the End times?


    1. Celestial says:

      Hello my sister. Yes, I can absolutely assure you that we are. If you carefully read the prophecies on this blog you will know without any doubt that this time is the last window God is giving us to prepare ourselves, our homes (very important), our loved ones and our environments for what is coming to the earth in the years to come. Nothing posted here is my opinion; I only prepare (type up) the words God has shown me, the visions etc, and post them just as they are said. Welcome to the blog

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