God Said. – May 27, 2021


As for God, His way is blameless;
The word of the Lord is tried;
He is a shield to all who take refuge in Him. – (Psalm 18:30)

“O land, land, land,
Hear the word of the Lord! – (Jeremiah 22:29)

This is a record of the things God said to me from 4 a.m. to 6:51 a.m. after which time I wrote them down until I finished at 9:32 a.m. Please be aware: I am less concerned with whether we believe these things or not, all I will say is I would like the sarcastic or complaining comments held to an absolute minimum on this one because I am tired of those of us who cannot accept the truth about where we live and what things really go on in the United States. This is not a place where I pander to fantasy so if anyone wants to live with their head in the sand like an ostrich this is not the place to do it. I have to make that abundantly clear.

If I have to be without sleep in order to receive and compile what God wanted to share from His heart today then I’m willing to do so because I love Him. I am His friend, I know He needs a place to release and express these burdens. But what I simply will not tolerate is the endless swooning and lamenting I get after I share the Lord’s revelations. All the denials and crying and whatnot, my goodness. This blog is two years old this month, it’s been here saying the SAME THINGS day after day month after month for TWO YEARS. So can we kindly get used to the content or find something else to read. (To be fair this warning is far more applicable to the YouTube community than those who usually come here so…) Perhaps I’m just tired.

Here are the things God visited me about today, in no particular order. Thank you.

The Lord told me there are children with powers in the United States. They are not all American but they are kept here in facilities under the ground. These children were born like this and can do many things. They can do anything. Their skills are varied and America has kept them for many years studying them and also training them. His exact words: They can move things with their mind, they can lift objects by thought, they can slam things against a wall when they are hurt or angry. They are kept without clothes some of them, whether they are a girl or boy as long as they have not yet developed to the point of breasts or chest hair they are kept the same- without shirts and in underwear.

So as He spoke I saw little girls of prepubescent age in pink or white panties and little boys in blue or green briefs, bald all of them, skinny all of them, looking either determined or tired or both. I saw one child lift a chair without touching it and throw it again the wall while seated at the table, and people wrote it down. Then I saw another child lift up a technician without touching him and throw him against a wall; his blood spattered everywhere from the force with which this child slammed him against the concrete bunker wall where she was being kept. These children are not fed properly nor do they ever play or have fun. They don’t get much rest and therefore all of them look like WWII concentration camp survivors.

I saw only white children of varying ages in varying stages of undress, I did not see any older children so for instance I saw no girls with breasts, only girls at the age where you can’t yet tell them from boys. These children are kept underground and used in experiments as America finds ways to take the power in them for her benefit.

If you do not believe this that is 100% —> your business. At this stage of my life with what God says and shows me I could care less what anyone believes or doesn’t. I’m serving the Lord and that is my focus, to do it consistently and well. How people take it isn’t for my account.

God then told me there are children abused every minute in America. Three kinds, three ways. Child abuse. Child sexual abuse. Child ritual abuse.

(1) Child abuse is slapping, hitting, breaking bones, slamming against walls, torture, burning things on skin, spitting on, pulling hair, punishing by removing food, shelter and basic needs, dragging across rooms, kicking, incessant screaming and mental torture by telling the child things over and over that cause their mind to crack or develop poorly. I saw an adult speaking very calmly to a child but what they were saying caused the child to grow up crazy; the mind of the child went sideways due to deliberate torture and unraveling of the child’s mental peace by the parent.  

(2) Child sexual abuse: Rape. Sodomy. Forced sex or sexual contact under threats. Touching children’s breasts and other private parts while they are still growing. Telling children sexual things and/ or facilitating early exposure to the sex act or parts of it. Full sexual intercourse with young children or teenagers by adults, or encouraging sex between young children or teens while telling them it is good for their development, it is “healthy” to be sexually active as a way to make sure they “grow properly”. Sexual experimentation on children. Teaching children sexual things ahead of the time and place for it, such as happens in schools. There are probably more but these are what I remember. 

Sexual abuse is rampant in the United States is what God said. It’s almost like an offering, it is a type of currency to old gods that exist here which demand the desecration of young ones in appeasement for the things they give America (God did not tell me what America gets from these gods). Sexual abuse has destroyed the foundation of America. Child sexual abuse also includes abortion, which is the first and earliest form of abuse against children. Abortion abuses them before they even get here.

The greatest form of child abuse is DEATH. Children put to death in anger, in careful plotting, in multiple ways by their own parents or other people. Children are handled negligently and carelessly in the USA and that is why they die. They are starved, they are beaten, they are choked, they are raped and sodomized until they can’t hold on to life anymore.

(3) Children are used for ritual sacrifice. The first time the Lord led me into this knowledge was when I discovered a little girl named Jon Benet Ramsey. I’d never heard of her before but I found her while reading one day and God told me this goes on night and day in America. RITUAL SACRIFICE. Children put to death for satanic currency, for spiritual power in exchange for their life and blood. The Lord said children are used as sport here, as hunting pleasure by the rich and important people of this nation. He said they are abused to within an inch of their lives then murdered in sacrifices to false gods. Many of the children come from the care system of America- children whose parents abandon them or can’t care properly for them but also parents who lose their rights but are trying to get their children back- the fodder of the ritual machine comes from there and other places.

There is child trafficking He said, “Child bride market, child slavery market, child exchange where the parent will give their own child to an adult for a certain amount of time to use for sex and be paid with money or some other favour.” This happens at every conceivable level rich to poor and the blood of these children testifies from the ground of America to Jesus about who did it, who hurt them, who killed them. It will be repaid back to the nation for the Bible says where the land is defiled by blood there remains no atonement for it except that the blood of those who shed blood will be shed in return. Everyone who shed blood without repentance will be fully repaid by the Lord.

So you shall not pollute the land wherein you are: for blood defiles the land; and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein except by the blood of him that shed it. – (Numbers 35:33)

God has made this exact prophecy to me before concerning the blood of other people groups shed in America’s slavery history and this morning He said it in respect of the children.  

The Lord said there is money moving in an “underground railroad system” which exists apart from the normal economy. This money is moved in a cyclical pattern so it comes in at a certain time and is recycled ♻️ through the underground railroad and then goes to private bank accounts. I am here to announce to the nation of America that the reason there is constant printing of money is NOT  because of the need for stimulus checks or 1T dollar ‘infrastructure repair plans’, or any of the other reasons money has been printed by past administrations of the U.S. government. There is another simpler reason, the money is being taken out of the economy and sent like pizza orders on delivery to private homes where it is vaulted or put into whatever they use to store currency. 

The reason money constantly needs to be printed is because physical hard bills are routinely pulled OUT of the economy and put into this underground rotation system. With time the nation experiences a shortage of bills and then some type of pretext is put on TV about a need for this or that program, then fresh money is made and injected into the system.  

God said the nation of America will sink under the water. As a final punishment at the end of days God said to me that He will remove the continent from before His face. Huge parts of it will go under the water and never be seen again. I listened in silence as He spoke, He was talking in my half sleep which is where He tells me things with or without pictures.

He said and I quote “The land of America will go under the sea. California side will slide under the water as you put a dish into water before you wash it. The land will tilt and go under the sea and I will not be troubled by their abominations anymore. They will be utterly and eternally removed from before My face. This land is full of idolaters and people that test Me; I will push them under the sea and be free of their abominable practices at last.”  

The Lord said that huge cities will be destroyed in America. Cities are a main reason for judgement in the nation, the things that they do would upset anyone God said. They are hotbeds of sin: “In their little apartments they perform no end of wickedness, carnality, abomination and fleshly hateful practices man to man and woman to woman, things that provoke My holy sight. Because of this I will remove them and reduce the population of America.”

It’s happened a few times as I walk through New York City, if I was impressed by an apartment building or a row of nice townhouses the Lord would suddenly ask me – “Do you know what they do in those luxury apartments? Do you know they use more drugs in those glittering townhouses than they use in the projects? Do you know what they are doing to one another in those bedrooms?” Hmm. Indeed. God can truly shock the hair off your head with the frankness of His conversation. This is why I say those who are wise don’t tell God about themselves in prayer, they pray and wait for Him to tell THEM about themselves, so they can know the truth about who they really are. That is wisdom.

The Lord said that Los Angeles will be burned with fire. It will be burned to the ground in a fire worse than the one that burned San Francisco long ago (the fire of 1851 that burned down three-quarters of the city). God said LA will be burned down to the ground because of the wickedness and abominations that it does against the Lord.

God said he will reduce the population of America. It will not happen by accident He said HE will do it. HE will see to it. HE will preside over it and allow the various methods of the devil to overflow and prosper here. I will make them very little Celestial. They shall dwindle, they shall be very few. I saw America with cut-out doll figures standing on it, you know those shaded doll figures they use to show how many people voted or how many live in a school district- I saw those figures dotted all over the nation then they began to ‘pop’ out of existence: pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, poppoppop!  

Until there were so few dolls left on  the map and distances between where one person lived from another was quite large as compared to before. The Lord said He will terrify America with terrors for her sin and her abominable ways, a harlot’s ways, an unfaithful nation that bruises the peace of of earth says the Lord. I will reduce them til they be like sticks in the wind. I will finish them because strength is in numbers, I will remove them until they are hardly able to fight any war or battle and win.  

I saw many people on ventilators fighting for breath and I realized this virus of 2020 was one of the ways God allowed people to lose their lives here for the sin of America. He did not create this virus but because America is under severe judgement and has no more hedge of protection coronavirus was able to come here and strike a portion of the people. Without the divine hand of intervention or protection from the Lord a country is naked as a baby; anything can be done to her by an enemy, internal or external. It is God alone who saves lives. 

I saw strange sights of God. I saw an Asian man appear on a couch in an American home, an old style vintage American home where the mother’s hair is very blonde and very curled, where she wears a half-apron over her dress and it’s seen as cute and stylish. It was an era where the family sits down to dinner in front of the TV as a new invention and no longer at the dinner table as they used to. Right in the middle of the couch as the mother was still serving hot plates to her family an Asian soldier also of a bygone time period appeared. The man had died in battle, he had wounds all over his face and was quite young. He had the low soldier buzzcut and was dressed in full military dress of an Asian country, dark blue cloth with some red accents and gold braid on shoulders, wrists and lapels. This boy did not know what he was doing in this American house, he was long dead and buried in his own country but God showed him fresh, young and alive with war wounds on his face, sitting in an American house. He held his flat-top military cap in his lap and sat staring around the house in confusion like “What am I doing here?” The American family didn’t see him at all, they were chatting and watching TV.

During the day I got curious and went to look up old Asian military uniforms. I started with Korea but as I was looking God told me the soldier was from Japan. So I changed my search terms and in two minutes on Google Images I found things very similar to what the dead soldier wore:

Once I saw these uniforms I understood about Japan and America and World War II. The United States of America remains the only nation that has ever nuked another nation. In world history.

The Lord said that the sins of America will follow her to her grave. All the wars she fought, all the people she killed. All the resources she took for herself and made excuses as to why she and she alone had to have them. “You have murdered millions.” said the Lord, as He spoke I saw Agent Orange exploding in white poofs against the dark green trees of Vietnam, in fast flip-motion the leaves of thick and healthy jungle trees shriveled off and fell away. Then I saw many deformed people appearing on stools in Vietnam, people with no fingers and other visible birth defects, so many of them sitting on stools begging for a living because they could not do anything functional for a living. I saw all these things happening like silent movies as God said again that America always takes and uses up more than her fair share, she is selfish, she is a war criminal who has never been prosecuted for her crimes.  

America will suffer the brunt of My anger. She will pay for every sin she committed. Every transgression will be remembered when I execute my judgements against her. America you will be like Cain. You have done horrible things but when you are punished you will say ‘My punishment is too great, it is too much for me I cannot bear it!’ As Cain said his punishment was too great so you will also say, as if your crimes are not also great. Thus says the Lord.

There will be great earthquakes in the United States. Opening up of the portals beneath the earth (I don’t know why the Lord calls them ‘portals’ but I am writing it as He said.) The portals under the ground will be opened under America, great shaking in places that don’t even have fault lines. People will even fall into the earth, sinkholes will carry people the way the earth carried Korah and Dathan for their sedition in the Bible. A portal is a door, an entryway to another realm, I wonder what realm can be under the ground that God will trouble it and enlarge it under America in these end times. “Therefore hell has enlarged herself and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoices shall descend into it.” – (Isaiah 5:14)

Read your Bible please. Read it.  

I saw creatures come back on the earth. I was with my family and huge creatures came back to this world. Things the authorities have lied about for decades, things they know exist but told us they didn’t exist. Things they said were extinct. They came back.  I saw myself standing with family, we were staring up at something BIG, hugging each other as if a hug is the way you make huge creatures go back where they came from.

When I woke from this dream I said Lord what are they? What were they?! All He said in reply was CREATURES. I don’t remember anything I saw; the one that was in front of us that made us do a group hug was blurred out by a privacy dot, that dot they put on your face to hide your identity when you give information to the FBI about your drug kingpin boss. The creature was covered by that fuzzy dot so I can’t recall what it was. All I know is the sea was full of creatures, the land, the earth heaved and brought back CREATURES that have no right and no business dwelling on the same soil as humanity and a great pandemonium was on earth because of it. God knows these things exist and He knows they will be back yet “official sources and experts” of this lying nation are at the forefront of telling people “There is no such thing”. The lies of America truly fill the earth, there is no end to the lies this nation has told both at home and to everyone else.

These are the things God has shown me today. Times aren’t what they used to be anymore. God is tearing down facades and the deceptions of man. Once and for all the truth will come out as He prepares to open the books and finish the kingdoms. He’s said it many times recently: ‘Celestial, the time has come to finish the kingdoms.’  I like to revisit any scripture God uses when talking to me even if it’s one sentence, doing that often yields a good Bible study and gives me things to think about.

Celestial, the time has come to finish to finish the kingdoms.

You dig and you’ll find this: “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.” – (Daniel 2:44)

Celestial, the transgressors have reached their full.

You search, and you’ll find this:

“And in the latter time of their kingdom,
When the transgressors have reached their fullness,
A king shall arise,
Having fierce features,
Who understands sinister schemes.
His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power;
He shall destroy fearfully,
And shall prosper and thrive;
He shall destroy the mighty, and also the holy people.

“Through his cunning
He shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule;
And he shall exalt himself in his heart.
He shall destroy many in their prosperity.
He shall even rise against the Prince of princes;
But he shall be broken without human means.

“And the vision of the evenings and mornings
Which was told is true;
Therefore seal up the vision,
For it refers to many days in the future.”

After hearing this prophecy from an angel the Bible says prophet Daniel fainted and was sick for many days. To be honest I don’t blame him one bit.

Thanks for reading. Subscribe to The Master’s Voice and I’ll see you again soon. God bless.

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22 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe D says:

    Sad all this comes. Such horrific details, thanks, as I pray for souls beyond redemption. ( One Late Miss Patton used to refer some staying in our town as ” beyond redemption ” which is deplorable. )

    All those responsible and partaking in these evils, do not know they will be in the eternal lake of fire ? Nothing is worth it. I changed understanding this eternity of hell !!

    Look at the rich man in hell, better than this lot here, yet in his torments preaching the Gospel from hell saying : Don’t come here !

    I pray and suffer so much for the lost along with my family, however herculean prayer is required.

    These seances appear beyond prayer however God’s mercy is infinite, unfathomable, just plug in the switch.

    One close friend of mine a freemason and in grave sin would not repent and accept God. However Praise Jesus towards the end he repented and in his dying moments too prayed to Jesus for His mercy. Saved ! Prayer works!

    I have many in my mind to whom I ceaselessly pray for them to be saved, for example a family( no kids) we knew long back in another town then a nurse from New York as we were touch on yahoo360 and 360 suddenly ceased. and we were cut off. This lady was so nice to me that she and her family are always in my prayers.

    I requested the Lord that all such friends Have to be saved, tell me now what I have do please as in eternity I do Not want to see them lost. Amen.

  2. trumpet167 says:

    I know these things exist. How horrific. I have been attempting for years to share these things with others and they did not believe. However celestial I don’t care what anyone thinks of me either. How awful that Yah’Shua has seen these things for years. May the Lord abundantly bless you. I will be praying for your protection . YHWH God bless you for your labor of love in faithfully sharing the word of the Lord. Thankyou

  3. Anonymous says:

    Some blocking of people may be in order. The information you share is not easy, yes you are being obedient to the Lord. I’ve heard much of this on and off for a long time, yet it’s still hard to fathom, yet this nation is evil, covering up so much people aren’t aware of. That you for your obedience Celestial, you’re a beautiful soul.

  4. Evan says:

    Another look into our future here in the USA. It so bothers me when my family gets upset with me when I bash what this nation has done in the past. We will reap what we have sewn and I pray that everyone will hit their knees and repent for the great sins of our nation. Thank you again for being His vessel that brings us Father’s heart and feelings right to our soul. I know I fall so very short of His mercy and grace, I chased my carnal needs for so very long and turned my back on the only One who has loved me and never lied to me. I am willing to walk through the valley of the shadow of death in order to gain my seat at His table. I am no Saint, but I am sorry for my sins and the sins of those who came before me and I pray for those who are asleep to wake up. Your faithful obedience is admired and I hope soon enough I can be of service to Father like you are. God bless those who seek His face and prayers for the lost. Time is short, tik tok.

  5. pmachikiti says:

    Celestial thank you very much for being a vessel in this end times. My spiritual eyes have opened. I am forever grateful to my sister who introduced me to your you tube channel this month of May 2021… I am glued to the Master’s Voice blog and learning a lot. May our Lord forgive us; we need to repent.

  6. Marty says:

    Luke 8:17
    For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    1 Peter 3:15
    Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who asks you the reason for the hope that is in you.

    Psalm 27:14
    Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.


    1. Celestial says:

      AMEN, what an excellent and succinct summary of the blessed life. All things will be uncovered, contend earnestly for the faith that’s been entrusted to you, and don’t faint as we travel through these things- but wait I say wait, upon the Lord. Amen.

  7. Anonymous says:

    A lot of the reason why Americans refuse to believe such things can happen in America or to Americans is because of conditioning. For decades, Americans have been told the “other” is the “bad guy”. Many churchianity types believe in the greatness of America.. “God bless America” etc and other such beliefs to the point where it has become propaganda and social conditioning of millions of unsuspecting people. It is simply too late to convince most adults that “their country is full of evil” when every day they watch on television “the evil of other nations” for example Russia, China, Iran (the most notable examples). Of course, there is evil there as well, but you will notice the Lord focuses on America for a reason, for it is indeed, the epicenter of his wrath, and rightfully so, for I’ve known about these things for years as well. Every time I speak about it, I am rejected and dismissed. Now, I understand why. It makes sense. Praise the Lord. We’re waiting for you. Come Lord Jesus. Come.

  8. Mrs. R.D says:

    When you were talking about the children, I felt ashamed of my self- pity lately(husband giving me a hard time)…Those sorrows that never should any child have to bear…we must keep them in our prayers.
    Stephen King has a fairly recent book called, The Institute….and it is about gifted children being kidnapped and taken underground to be used for their mind capabilities…and here I thought it was fiction.
    This place is full of devils, and the Lord will avenge…Vengeance is HIS, after all. Amen.

  9. RIBSPORT says:

    Thank you for this sister. Thanks for your honesty. After I read this I went to my Bible study journal and somehow ended up on 2 Esdras 15, 1-17..The Ruach Hakodesh providing confirmation. Praise his Holy Name! Thank you Yahuah!

  10. taniaamericano says:

    Celestial thank you very much.

  11. Heather Sharpe says:

    Mena Lee Grebin (Faithful Walk Healing Ministries) also confirmed that the Lord allowed this pandemic to spread as a judgment across the planet, based on the abuse of children. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFBsx9Z2JIw Specifically due to 1. abortion, 2. sex trafficking and pornography and 3. the physical and emotional abuse of children.

  12. Hannah G says:

    Thanks Sister,
    Hi there family. I am wondering if anyone has any insight into these “gifted children”? As a sister stated previously Stephen King wrote a book about something similar, also we have many movies that have stuff like this occuring (and we’ve heard, “they lie to us in the news and tell the truth in the movies🤔.) Anyways, are these children perhaps gifted by God or manipulated into being given satanic powers? Just curious… Perhaps some of both? Anyways, prayers and blessing dear brothers and sisters. God bless you all❤🙏🤗

  13. Mark says:

    Wow! I had never thought that so much torture happens in the USA, it’s so much it can hardly be processed in my mind. Celestial, do you know if these same things happen in US territories? Because I have heard of great judgements on PR, such as an asteroid which will cause a tsunami and flood most of our country; and greater earthquakes than the one’s which hit us in January of 2020 😬. These prophetic judgements have been told for like 10 years of so by many ministers here and because we are tied to Mystery Babylon, we may suffer part of her judgements. Puerto Rico has never been an independent nation, first the Spanish took us and then the USA. And for many decades, most people here have wanted our island to become a state of America. The greatest thing people here care about is the money America gives and so many here literally live of government funds! As a nation, we are very lazy, and most govt. services are mediocre. And finally, some people still remain asleep even after Hurricane Maria and the 2020 earthquake swarms we had. God has given us days of grace, so people can repent before His judgements begin. Every morning and sunset now seems more beautiful than the last and I haven’t seen more clearer days than these. But I feel many times that the events coming are so close!

    Seeing all this hidden information come to light, I realize that there’s a lot of predictive programming in movies, more that I thought. All of those Hollywood movies that presenting normal people (and sometimes children too) and apparently they have non-human powers; indoctrinating people to believe, “it’s just a movie”. Never in my life would I have thought that the things depicted in ancient “myths” are real! Have you even asked yourselves, if myths of ancient civilizations are so “imaginary”, why do historians treat them as historical artifacts? Is it to preserve that culture’s history, or is it because they know those events actually happened? I’ve always thought that human beings having “powers” was totally fictional, but after reading other posts like “The Survivors” and this one, it has made me think of many things. All of us have been presented with lies through the big screens in our homes and theaters, and most have believed it. But God is bringing to light all this information so that we His children can discern between our personal beliefs and God’s perspective of the world HE created. I always like to ask God to show me how He sees things apart from all the external information. God bless you guys! Dios los bendiga!

    1. Celestial says:

      Mark I can’t reply every comment but I’ll give this last advice. Young people must be careful how they make their way in this world. Timing belongs to Jesus- my best advice is LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH BALANCE. Do not waste days, education, TIME, health. Seek the particular path God has for you, ask what to do with the life He’s given you. I have vowed to live EFFECTIVELY and please the Lord. I am NOT sitting around waiting for asteroids and floods, that’s I differ from many who use this blog. It’s like people are stuck in place, stuck in fear, forgotten how to live usefully all of a sudden and just waiting for God to wipe out the world. THAT’S NOT WHO HE IS. I don’t know why the church has become this way & I will not participate in it. It’s not life, it’s not what God called us to. If the dead had a chance to live again they’d live BETTER than before, yet here are the living acting like they’re already dead. What’s the value of that? Live your LIFE Mark. Pay attention to where God is leading you, grow in righteousness, grow your faith and become a man who pleases God. Respect the life God gave you by living it WELL. OK God bless you.

      1. Mark says:

        Yes, thank you! God bless! 🙂

  14. Mike says:

    You are a wonderful teacher – for those with an ear to hear.

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