The Year Ahead, Pt 2: ‘A Seat At The Table’ – January 3, 2020

“But you, when you are invited, go and sit down in the lowest place, so that when he who invited you comes he may say to you, ‘Friend, move up higher.’ Then you will have glory in the presence of those who sit at the table with you.” – (Luke 14:10)

Welcome to The Master’s Voice. This is another positive prophetic word with important and serious connotations for the church in particular and the whole world in general. I got this word January 4, 2020. This word is layered, please read it carefully as the themes aren’t necessarily linked. However all of them are important.

2020 and the years beyond will be years of SEPARATION, EXCAVATION and REVELATION. We will be moved out of certain spheres and environments and introduced to new ones; some doors will be locked behind us so we can’t go back to old things, while other doors will open to introduce us to new things. God will also separate wheat from the chaff in this year- in terms of separating believers, churches, leaders and other heads of rulership. Rulers who ruled well will be promoted, while rulers who ruled poorly and wasted resources will be removed. This is a revelatory decade- you are going to receive USEFUL INFORMATION FROM HEAVEN TO SHOW YOU HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIVES WORTHY OF THE LORD Jesus Christ. Revelatory- revealing or making know something that was not known before.

You will therefore receive more of the Holy Spirit to enable you to learn directly from the Lord Jesus Christ. This is necessary for several reasons- hearing directly from the Holy Spirit is essential when it comes to knowing how to distinguish His voice from every other voice- human or demonic- especially in the end times. You do not want to be a Christian who cannot accurately discern God’s voice in a time when demons are whispering out of every available space from your neighbour to the chimney- you don’t want to ask “Was that God, me, or the devil?” You want to be able to nail God’s voice every time, because in those days a word from Him may be the only “fence” between you and a very negative, swift exit out of this world. I am not scaring you; I’m telling you bald truth. That’s what this blog does- lays out the truth so you can have choices whether to follow it and prepare yourself or not. We all have choices- but since we’re not yet under pressure of death to choose, let us choose wisely and prepare. This is my two cents.

Revelation: You will learn more about the world around you and the people surrounding you [close, and strangers] than ever before. You will know who is for you [friend; ally], against you [hater; enemy], and a downright demonic hindrance that you never noticed before. God will lay a lot of things bare so His people can see the reality of their own hearts, their environments, choices, mindsets, life companions and many other things that actually have a big effect on whether they make it to Heaven or not. We will receive much needed CLARITY because God wants us to be sober-minded about where he’s taking us in the years to come. Oh yes, there are still “years to come”.

PURIFICATION OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ROT will be the major order of the day. God is going to have to scrape barnacles off some people to get the terrible and addictive things they’re used to out of their system for good. This process is absolutely necessary if the people of God are to carry greater glory and come across to the world as RIGHTEOUS and PURE CARRIERS OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD. The world has been heavily confused by a so-called “church” that looks exactly like it! The church is doing what the world does: liking what they like, dressing how they do and in every material way behaving exactly like the world. This year that’s going to stop. God will sanctify His church by any means necessary- for some who are stubborn and resistant (or so worldly that their ears are stuffed with wax), that means a Brillo pad experience (very rough purifying) is coming to your life in 2020.

You will stop sinning by force, by sharp, painful experiences in the form of DISCIPLINE that makes it clear to you that Jesus did not die an agonising death on the Cross for you to continue acting a fool, messing up your chances and spiritual garments, yet still holding out hope that you’ll make it to Heaven in such a sinful state. No, God will deal with you and your disobedient flesh. God will apply THE REFINER’S FIRE on your back. He will come after you with the disciplinary rod of our childhoods, and you will learn obedience by the things you suffer. That is all I have to say on that; let the wise open their ears and get to work cleaning up their lives through repentance and asking God for help to overcome sin.

Others will be instantly promoted before the calendar of 2020 goes very far, because they made ready in the previous seasons [2017 – 2019]. As a result they are well prepared for this promotion. 2017 -2019 was a tough and painful processing period I saw many believers crying as the Lord showed them carrying heavy rocks and other weights on their back from one destination to another. It was training. God did it to refine them and guess what? They didn’t do what the others did. They did not cast away their duties. They did not hide from the fire. They did not compromise and sin. They laid down their lives and became living sacrifices on God’s altar (Romans 12:1-2). That’s why He is ready to reward them. Their garments are clean, their lamps are oiled, their eyes are watching the Bridegroom with hope. Therefore their advancement to HALLS OF POWER, HALLS OF WEALTH, HALLS OF INFLUENCE, HALLS OF PROPERTY OWNERSHIP, HALLS OF RESTORATION AND HEALING, and HALLS OF MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL INCREASE shall be rapid.

I saw men and women in pristine white robes come out of a door- it was opened for them, and they entered a great hall and sat down at tables where matters of local, regional and global importance were being discussed. I saw them working and strategising in teams with those who belonged to those tables, and wisdom, knowledge and understanding was given to help them operate smoothly in their new areas of existence. I was shown the word 🚀 “METEORIC” 🚀- some people will blast off like a supernova or rocket into the sky, while the rise of others will be more controlled and steady as 2020 and its following years roll on.

I saw God flinging some of these people into the air; at the same time as I saw a volcano erupt and fling ropes of boiling lava high into the air. These people soared up under the power of incredible acceleration and in no time were positioned at massive tables with the movers and shakers of this world. They sat down with kings and leaders, discussing and negotiating with the best of them, and God was pleased to have them in these “halls of power” representing His interests. Halls of government, halls of the primary and time-honoured professions: law, accounts, business, sport, schools and universities [education], policy [trade and other areas of the global discourse], medicine, science and technology were among the ones I saw. There were many more.

I saw God opened a curtain and great ones prepared BEHIND THE CURTAIN came through, and the world was in wonder at them. They even entered halls of influence in world industries- I saw COAL, STEEL, MANGANESE flash before me among others; they sat down with established captains of industry to discuss how the world’s resources should be used. My people are going into private places to do “public works” said the Lord. They will represent My interests in politics, government, industry, trade, and all the social sectors that affect the daily lives of men. (Please note, there are uncountable numbers of these sectors and more are being created every day- God will send His people to permeate every sector of humanity’s system, so His interests can be represented and His desires for the nations can be heard.)

Get ready for new doors to meet you, says the Lord to these people. You waited, you watched, you prayed and fasted. You trusted me with your little and now I will make it MUCH. A GRAND REWARD will be handed to you, and the work you did in secret will lead you to receive a VERY PUBLIC UPLIFTING AND REWARD CEREMONY, says the Lord. This will happen quickly, both the chastening and “re-training” of the disobedient and the rewards ceremony and uplifting of the obedient in the house of God will take place at the same time. This is what I saw. I say a hearty “congratulations!” to both teams- God is helping one team avoid Hell and making the other relevant to the times of the end. Amen.

Revelation, Knowledge and Wisdom:

Things hidden from your sight will be released to your understanding as you pray, and many of you are going to see the most surprising things on your beds at night in the form of dreams and visions. God’s Holy Spirit is going to tell you more about yourself than ever before, not all of it negative, not all of it positive, but ALL OF IT USEFUL. We need this information to CHANGE INTO THE PEOPLE GOD WANTS US TO BE. We need wisdom and spiritual understanding to navigate the kind of world we’ll find ourselves in, in the next ten years. It already looks nothing like your grandfather’s world but I say to you: Shifts are coming that will shock even the trendiest and tech-savvy of us, and not always in a good way. I also say to you who have already thrown in the towel and are just waiting to die, or for the Rapture to come and snatch you away- WAKE UP. OPEN YOUR EYES. THERE IS STILL WORK TO DO. GOD IS NOT FINISHED YET; THERE IS MUCH WORK TO DO AND HE NEEDS WORKERS TO DO IT. SANCTIFY YOURSELF AND MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE TO THE LORD, AND COME AWAY FROM THIS FATALISTIC THINKING.

God is always telling me how mad and disappointed the church will be as the years roll on, when they realise He is NOT appearing as fast as they thought He would, to cuddle them or sweep them into the air. ‘Fatalists’, He says. ‘The battle hasn’t even commenced for the Temple Mount, nor is the abomination that causes deep sorrow and desolation in place- yet they’re already ready to fly away’. I hear this about the Body of Christ often: “Celestial they will be angry, and many disappointed; because of this they will cast away their faith in Me and in bitterness return to the world and what it offers. This is the great falling away, men and women called by My name who can nevertheless NOT ENDURE THE CHASTENING AND TRIAL BY FIRE OF THE END TIMES, people who give up on My promises and return to the empty graves of the world.”

Brothers and sisters I tell you the truth- Remember Orpah and Ruth (Book of Ruth, chapter 1- for those who don’t know what I mean). One clung to her mother, the other sadly turned back and went back to her old ways, old life and everything it represented. Who will YOU be? We shall see. May nobody being warned beforehand through this blog [me included], end up quitting on Jesus.

Church I ask you in the authority of the Lord- since the world doesn’t give a hoot about God or anything to do with God- who do you think the Bible is referring to- as the ones who will be ‘grieved, sighing and sorrowful’ when the image of the beast and the abomination that causes desolation is revealed in the temple of God? (See Matthew 24:15; Daniel 9:25-27) Do you think it’s the world’s heart that’s breaking in these scriptures? IT’S OURS! Wake up! We’re going to be RIGHT HERE, looking on as these satanic beast followers desecrate everything that even hints at God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. WE SHALL SEE THE RISE OF ANTICHRIST, because it’s written countless times in the book of Revelation that for a set time and season HE SHALL PREVAIL AGAINST THE CHURCH. Do you know of a second church that will be here if we all fly to Heaven now? If not, let us be sober and understand.

Read these notes carefully visitors, it takes me a long time to write one under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Information pours into my head and my hands can barely keep up. I don’t write this stuff frivolously, and it doesn’t help to zip through them and never think deeply or prayerfully about what the Lord reveals. Please. Take your time and pay attention to the things God says in these peculiar sentences. The image of the beast is going to be raised up like Nebuchadnezzar’s golden idol, “and all the world bowed down to the image of the beast.” (Revelation 13:12) We are not going anywhere before the arrival of Antichrist with fanfare, drum roll and fanatic global Naziism, so I suggest we put the Rapture T-shirts away and begin figuring out ways to survive, thrive, know God and grow our faith, because we’re gonna need it.

But I digress.

Revelation, Wisdom and Knowledge. You can’t grow or thrive without these three. God is going to pour out His Spirit on His people like never before. The sleeping, blind church will (at last) begin to wake up and take stock of the world around it. He’s going to highlight the mistakes of the past that kept you in a rut, so you can stop repeating cycles and patterns that have been wildly (or secretly) destructive to your life and your future. Some of you are going to see dreams of you being positioned in places and forums you never thought you’d go, all for the sake of the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ but ALSO as a reward from God for faithfulness. Many people in this world have PROMOTION in their future for 2020, this what the Lord showed me, GREAT HEIGHTS and ASCENDANCY will be their reward for years, (some of them decades) of faithful labour on their knees or in the working fields of the Lord. People who win souls ESPECIALLY are going to be acknowledged, singled out and blessed by the Lord for all the sheep they’ve led into His garden pasture over the years. Whoever has been avid and fervent about preaching the Gospel of Salvation to men, women and children so that their souls should not be consumed by the dragon Satan, will receive their long awaited ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, ACCOLADES and FAVOUR from the Lord. This is the word and promise of the Lord.

Things hidden deep in the mind and plan of God are going to be revealed, secrets held up for years til everyone forgot they were ever spoken in prophecy are going to come rolling out of the shadows with no warning at all. This word really opened my eyes to the kind of spiritual ministry the Lord is going to raise up for the End Times. I always talk about end times because that’s my assignment; the posts on this blog either directly refer to the last days, or the days that will be before the actual end times. Jesus our Messiah will return as I said on my Welcome page, but before He does the whole earth has to get ready and make its final choices. Either men will stand for Christ and with Christ, or they’ll mock His name, abuse His followers, and even attack or kill them. There will be massive battles and wars covering almost the whole world- those famous historical ‘world wars’ fought by grand architects of conflict who swore global war would never arise again, are coming back with a very Big Bang. We’re going to see devastation on a shocking scale because of the types of weaponry and new technology available to man in this era; wars will be brutal, quick and WICKED. People are going to come under centralised, global control by systems they did not vote for, and humanity will be confronted up close by things they never thought existed outside of the TV screen. Get ready for RAPID CHANGE.

But for all that, GOD IS SOVEREIGN, AMAZING AND SUPREME. I bless His Holy name. He is Jehovah and His name is to be praised, INDEED GOD WILL SECURE A REMNANT TO PRAISE HIM AND DECLARE HE IS GOD UNTIL THE VERY END. Just who’s going to hold out and be a part of that end times praise party though, this is the question. At least to me anyway, that’s my question- WHO WILL ENDURE AS THE END TIMES CHURCH? I sure hope to be; I’m sure many of you feel the same. My life is to understand these last mysteries, and every time they’re preached in church my clapping is the loudest. I have no idea what’s on most people’s minds sometimes, as I watch them live so recklessly in these scary, sobering, and increasingly criminal times. The suit-and-tie mentality many people follow today is beyond me- you can have a job sure but for goodness sake, lift up your head from the corporate and industrial feeding trough and PAY ATTENTION. GOD IS REAL.

The prophecies continue.

The Master’s Voice is open for business in 2020 and beyond. JEHOVAH YAH BE PRAISED. Subscribe, Like, Comment, Follow– and keep on praying. God bless you all, Shalom.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Sister Celestial…I can’t imagine a lot of Christians lining up on your blog expecting to hear the latest smooth, ear tickling and feel good messages, but the Lord will surely draw whom He chooses to come to this blog and study what the Lord has given you to share, both with the Body of Christ, the back-slidden ones, or even unbelievers. I for one, thank you sincerely for your labors for Jesus, and have been edified in many various ways by what you’ve shared. It’s not, that you are ” my favorite pony” Celestial, but you’ve shared food that I needed and has been seldom to be found elsewhere.
    I am praying, and through many physical and other struggles desiring to grow my faith, but one thing I do know, no matter what, I’m not going to bail out and quit, after all I’ve already been through.
    The Lord has been impressing upon me for many years to study, depend on and apply Psalm 91 to my life, since I will need it in times to come. There are hard, brutal, and painful times ahead for all living beings on this earth, the church included.
    Thank you again! I pray you will be blessed through this coming year with a multitude of peace and grace as you go about your life and work.

  2. Donna says:

    I thank you for the great work you are doing for the Lord and for keeping us informed. Have you received any revelation as to who the restrainer is as mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:7? I always thought the restrainer was the Holy Spirit, but if the church will be here when the antichrist is revealed, i’m assuming that that interpretation may not be correct.

  3. Tracey says:

    Wowww just reading this post for the first time and it’s incredible how much this applied to me. 2020 was the most significant years of my life spiritually- it felt like God decided to help me & accelerate my growth. He shook a lot of things up that I didn’t expect but was grateful for- including removing people, blessing my finances, increased confidence in my position in Him, increased understanding of scriptures & even hunger for His word- etc

    It’s amazing to read this & see all were predicted in advance even though I didn’t know it. What a marvelous God! I stand amazed

    Thank you my beautiful sister for this wonderful word shared. May God continue to bless & fortify you.

  4. Hélène says:

    This was dated on my bday (Jan 3rd 🙂)
    Very confirming what I’ve figured out after over 2 yrs of “figurin”
    Still not sure of some things mentioned, for me personally; but my little faith in my GREAT Maker Who multiples my faith exponentially with His every eyeblink, allows me to patiently continue to hope in He Who is the Lover of my soul.
    What a hope we have laid out for us in this prophecy. In 2020 of all years!
    I wish I had been rational back then (what is repentance but coming back to your senses?) and could have made more sensible choices when fresh in my regenerated state again. But then again I honestly think the right ones were chosen, if not in the best timing. haSatan won a few battles but he lives knowing he has lost the War, as frustrating as that is, angering him all the more. So, eh 🤷🏼‍♀️ No sweat here, ugly angel made to be most beautiful. He works all things together for good to those that love God, according to His purpose. He shall prevail – and I shall keep diminishing – in my most hoped for dreams and goals. A chance to die as Amy Carmichael said. A chance daily and hourly to die on self’s altar. The wages for this privilege are fair, yes indeed.

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