Dry Rivers, Dry Wombs – July 8, 2022


At times there’s nothing to say but print the prophecy and let it do the talking. The date that matters is the large one (not the smaller publish-date). That shows how old or recent a prophecy is, and anyone can see- the recent prophecies are FLOODING out of the Lord’s mouth, onrushing and pointing us towards a sure future that not many will be able to handle. I don’t always dream and see these things, at times God speaks to me and it’s like His words are creating the images I see, they wrap around His words as confirmations and that was this one. See below.

This morning the Lord told me that men will breastfeed in the future. Not trans men. Not women who took hormones or surgery, or changed their appearance to be ‘like men’ but they still have female features like wombs and mammary glands.

Actual MEN.

Male-born MEN.

X and Y chromosome MEN will breastfeed in the future and actual men will also give birth He said. “Men will become women and women will become men.”

*’Become’ is not the same as ‘is’. A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man. However in the world ahead anyone can ‘become‘ anything they want, for a price.

Men will have wombs artificially implanted in them and be able to carry children to term. The Lord said since women don’t want children and keep aborting them, since they keep going off the rails campaigning for their right to take life – the devil will take the life-making ability from them and give it to men. Perversion will arise as men become women and women lose what they had to men. A society of breastfeeding men will arise, with militant females rising up on the other side of it. “Feminine men and military women” says the Lord.

‘The Natural Bustline’

Men will have what is called a natural bustline. This is all that comes to my head as I hear the Lord. A natural bustline. This is not surgery. This is not transgenderism, not false breasts added by some complicated medical procedure. This is the same natural bustline that appears on a girl when she enters puberty and begins to gain the natural shape of womanhood; men will be able to have this natural bust if they want it. Transgender men will obviously want it but I’m referring to natural-born men who want to be and remain as men, taking something to gain a natural bustline. 

You will see it as I see it. A man sitting with a reporter in his home, him and his wife on the couch with a 40-inch bust in front of him saying ‘No, you don’t understand. I’m not transgender. I am a MAN. This is my wife, we have children together. I don’t want to be a woman. She understands me. I have great respect for the female body, I’m in awe of what a woman can do. I just thought since I enjoy breasts so much, I mean – as men we’re exposed to them since we were babies right? I just thought how nice it might be to have a pair myself. I spoke to my wife about it and we agreed that it would be okay for me to explore this area of what I wanted to do.’

And he will sit there with a 40-inch chest explaining this, one hand on his wife’s knee. I can’t see his face or hers because God showed the interview with everybody’s head chopped off- his, his wife’s, the interviewer. I only see from the neck down a man with a huge chest, a wife with an equally large chest, inside their home, cream curtains in the background of the couch, and an interviewer at their main table leaning forward with interest to capture every word.

This is the literal reality ahead for the world, for America in particular. A lopsided world, a mental illness ward filled with increasingly difficult freak-show options. When you see it live on TV one day you will remember the Spirit of the Lord spoke this first, revealed it first, warned about all of it that was coming. The Holy Spirit goes ahead to prepare the earth for the coming of the Lord, that’s His job. Part of it is to convict the earth of sin but part is to show every single thing God has for us to know.

“And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment;” – (John 16:8)

“However, when HE, the Spirit otruth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.

He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.” – (John 16:14)

The Holy Spirit prepares all the nations for judgement. He reveals the crimes, HE INDICTS AND EXPOSES THE GUILTY, all to prepare this earth for the coming of the Lord again. That is what the Lord says, “I prepare all the nations for judgement.”

A natural bustline can be grown by taking something. Let’s give it a name, let’s call it ‘Chestiprone’ (this does not exist and is not a real medication or supplement, it’s just an example). Men will take a thing like Chestiprone (either a medicine but more like a supplement), “all natural” they will say, and it will make their chest have buds and bigger nipples than God gave them. Then plumping follows, moving to real breasts that are able to make milk if they need to. Nothing is done by surgery, it will be a naturally grown bustline as women have.

Women on the other side of this will suffer a host of fertility complications – ‘hostile womb’ (unfriendly womb environment to foster conception), ‘slack womb’ (the womb will keep “dropping” the embryo and causing something like spontaneous abortion), child bearing issues, lack of fertility, no ovulation, no period, no womb implantation [sperm will not be able to land a foothold in uterus tissue in order to implant and flourish into a baby) and last but not least, no ability to carry seed.

Women, for their sin they commit, for the curses coming on the earth, for the deviance Satan will bring to earth, will be like DRY, UNPRODUCTIVE TREES.

“Michal the daughter of Saul had no child to the day of her death.” – (Read 2 Samuel 6 to see why she ended up cursed in verse 23).

Even the female body pH level will become so acid that it kills any seed they receive, and we know that any female body that rejects sperm can never conceive. “I will shut the wombs (dry wombs). I will dry up the rivers (this is impotence in men.) I will dam up the gates and they will not have children.”

“For rejecting my gift of childbearing and campaigning against it as if it were a curse, a curse will be upon them and the voice of children will disappear from among them. This is the word of the Lord. Any man who connects with these women will not be able to have children. He will remain childless, a root with no branches to his name. He will have no arrows in his quiver, he will have none for his bow. He will remain childless. Do your due diligence before you marry. Find out from Jesus Himself (by dedicated prayer with fasting) who your spouse is supposed to be.”

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” – (Psalm 127:3)

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and every creature that crawls upon the earth.” – (Genesis 1:28)

“He will love you and bless you and MULTIPLY YOU. He will bless the fruit of your womb and the produce of your land–your grain, new wine, and oil, the young of your herds and the lambs of your flocks–in the land that He swore to your fathers to give you.” – (Deuteronomy 7:13)

As soon as evidence of these scriptures begins to disappear from a population and instead we see “experts” all the time discussing why it’s so “strange” that the birth rate is dropping, know this prophecy is knocking down the door.

Role Reversal

Men and women will change their roles. Not everyone and not everywhere but it will flourish in society until it can’t be avoided. It will be like madness that spreads from certain communities until it ‘feels’ as if it’s everywhere. The phenomenon will be on the news constantly on a loop, like WWE entertainment shock value. The way wrestling announcers make everything seem ten times bigger than it is, that’s how news media will make transgendering of men and women in society seem. As in “LOOK AT THIS! OH! ISN’T THIS BEAUTIFUL, ISN’T THIS AMA-ZING! IT’S NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE BUT, BEAUTIFULLY DONE!”

It will be loved and celebrated until those who say something about it are seen as weird and unstable, instead of the weirdness being a result of the unstable society they’re commenting on.

This is how every story of a man giving birth will be, a newsworthy event. Media will powerfully shape the narrative regarding societal changes. Every story of a woman fathering a child will be reported with similar fanfare until the ordinary person legitimately feels, truly, as if their head, their very mind is splitting in two in a battle between what has always been true and the new truth‘.

Things that’ve always been accepted will fight against this new reality that is pumped as 24/7 propaganda into the general “drinking supply”. The two worlds will clash until people cannot decide what is real or false, true or not, right or not, acceptable or not. Also it’ll be severely restricted what people are allowed to comment on. Speech will be censored and judged to a high point until society openly clashes over these things, just as the Lord said at the start of 2022. 

See End Of The Age: Hybrids, see also End Of The Age: The Great Falling Away.

Schism (i.e. splitting of the mind, confusion due to too many conflicting facts) is coming to ordinary people and it will hurt to think. Schism is because it will be right in front of you but you can’t believe it but it’s right in front of you yet, you can’t believe it. Whatever “it” is, you won’t want to believe but there it’ll be. God says the things people will see in the last days will have their hearts hurting and mind fighting itself for refusal to believe such things exist yet it will exist. Every single thing that can be changed, if Satan can accomplish it, it will change.

It will hurt to use common sense or have a logical conversation with people. The foundation stones will be smashed, that is what the Lord says. The original foundation stones that the earth is resting upon, the immutable truths that can never be changed will be moved and when they are, the earth will literally lose her ‘true north’ and Truth will become relative. 

(Relative truth means each person gets to decide what is true in their world, it has nothing to do with objective reality that surrounds us. If someone feels the sky is pink then, despite the obvious blue color, that person will declare a pink sky and insist it be true for them.)

Everything that is ‘true’ will only be true for one person. Man will make up his own truth and each person’s opinion will be just as valid as the next. There will be no compound TRUTH that we can all look to and build upon, no common things that are held true by all and are of universal application.

“Soon this is coming,” says the Lord. “Truth erased from the earth and with it the knowledge and worship of His name. This is a form of MADNESS, a judgement upon a world that hates God.”

Shock Value

This is currency, a form of social currency. Shock value is where you do something not because it’s necessarily is good for you or benefits you, but because it shocks people and gets attention. People will do horrible things to ‘shock’ people or be considered risqué and avant-garde, or go beyond the limits of where anyone else has gone before. People will tattoo their eyes *(not the eyelids, the actual insides of their eyes)- they will tattoo their eyes black and many other colors and enjoy showing it to others. They will color their faces (big blocks of color on their face like a child’s puzzle) and even remove their teeth and parade that in front of others. All of this is Satan working to destroy the image of the Lord and the glory of His temple, which is the human body.

As the Lord allowed His knowledge to fill my mind I saw something like a Ted Talk but it was not any Ted Talk ever seen before. There was a huge screen up while the man on stage had a live penis removal surgery and let it be broadcasted to the audience and whoever else wanted to tune in. He had a live surgery and even though it looked like the most painful, traumatizing and bloody thing I have ever seen, he told people under local anesthesia that the result was the most freeing thing he had ever done, because now he was free from the limitations and prison of ‘gender.’ 

In the midst of this man’s severed organ just laying there in a metal tray, surgeons taking questions from the audience, and him blinking like a dying bat towards the ceiling, with involuntary tears of pain flowing from his eyes- [I did not think that local anesthetic was enough for the type of surgery that man was having, I would think you’d need 20 gallons of the best gas to help you get through having such a vital organ removed from your body] God was telling me BLOODSPORTS Celestial. BLOODSPORTS will become people’s favorite past-time in the end times. If it has blood in it or anything to do with blood and gore it’ll be a winner, because BLOODLUST will be very high in the population. It is just like the Roman arenas where they had to throw people to lions and gouge them through on sharp weapons to keep the bloodthirsty population entertained. Those days will be again, they will bay for blood. 

*To bay is the sound bloodhounds make when they pick up the scent of their prey and are ready to hunt. It is the sound of excitement for blood.

SHOCK VALUE. If you cut off your ear or your thumb on camera you will get a lot of views, likes, support emojis and things like that. If you give yourself a live piercing through your eyelid without using painkillers your subscribers will skyrocket. People will cheer others on as they destroy themselves on tape. Guaranteed – we will see the greatest displays of madness that have ever been seen in human history and because of social media it will come live to the living room with all the demons that go along with it. MADNESS WILL BE ON DISPLAY FOR ALL TO SEE BECAUSE SCREENS EXIST IN EVERY PLACE NOW TO MAKE IT EASILY ACCESSIBLE. 

The Lord also mentioned sensitive body parts of female gentalia being removed on live video for views, people will mutialte themselves on camera [causing high death rate] and people will tune in and watch it. Videos like this will not be removed; they will carry an age restricted warning at best but they will NOT be censored or judged as ‘harmful content’. They will only be labeled as personal preference for whoever wants to watch it. 

Child molestation videos will be accessible. It is illegal now, yes. It’s an offense with jail time and great fury from the public for doing it, yes. For now. In future it will be ACCESSIBLE and out in the open. Porn will not be a thing to get upset about, it will be a thing of preference.

I am seeing children in lingerie. Out there, people make children wear lingerie made specially for their little bodies and fondle them, fiddle them, suck them. I am seeing a little boy wearing cut-out lingerie in pink, with frills, walking in heels too big for him, walking across a stage with a big man dressed in the same outfit. Both adult male and the small child have their male privates hanging out of a ‘cut-out’ in the lingerie, walking across a stage with red curtains behind them. The man is primping, prancing and modeling to stir the crowd as he walks but child is trying not to stumble, he is mostly focused on walking without falling in the heels. He is too small to even know where he is or what he is doing.

Less than 7 is how this blond boy looks to me, less than 7 yrs old. It is a show, a pedophile voyeurism show. People are watching this live, attending this live, a private audience and somebody taped a small part and put it up on video stream and it was not taken down. It is labelled ‘age appropriate content’ not pedophilia, not child abuse, not abnormal. It will be legal all of it and nobody will rescue that boy because that will be that little boy’s JOB.

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” – (Matthew 18:6)

Age Appropriate. If you need something to help you process this idea just think of how far we’ve come since the days of the Film Censorship codes of the 1950s and 60s, the shift to family friendly ‘warnings’ like PG and PG-13, and now apply your mind to what I just said will NOT be taken down from the internet but will be called “age appropriate content” in the future. That’s what’s ahead. 

*When pedophilia is decriminalized, every person who reads this post will remember God told us it was coming and what will come along with it. Child marriage, children giving birth, child sex.

The end of the age is with power, deception and all lying wonders known to man, and quite a few that man never in his right mind ever heard of until those days should come. People will want to scream for what they’re forced to see yet there will still be more coming down the pipeline. Life will be totally godless as Yah withdraws to let man have his wish –  a world with no rules, no laws, no limits. No God. He says we will know how He feels, because the degeneracy and ROT of the United States in particular will come out like when a septic tank bursts and all the contents come out onto the front lawn. We will see more than we ever wished to see and then we will know the depths of His distress at what He has seen all along. 


People will lie with their pets. They will sleep with animals. BESTIALITY. Women with dogs, cats and other animals. Men with male and female animals. Filmed. Live. Shown. In broad daylight. Daytime viewing TV, not late-night or pay-per-view. Readily available. All of it labeled ‘personal preference content’. You can just look for it and watch and nobody will call you a child trafficker or bestiality trafficker or whatever the right word would be. It is all “age appropriate content.”

This is what the Lord has shown me, thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.


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  1. Scarlett says:

    I’m wondering if both men and women should be concerned about being organ donors.

    1. Tamar says:

      I wouldn’t even donate anything. The world is so wicked, who knows what they’re really using the organs for? All of them aren’t for people in need…

    2. Hélène says:

      They can coerce a relative into letting them harvest ur organs while u are ALIVE, *w/o being a donor*. NEVER willingly sign up for harvesting! You will be alive when they cut u open and take ur vital body part.
      They’re no good once ur dead.
      Think about that fact.
      Brain death is a complete and utter LIE from the Pit. U are alive when organs are harvested.

      1. lisagunt02 says:

        They actually made a movie in 2016 called NERVE and it sounds alot like what you are saying God said will be..But this is like a dare and they get paid and its live and people are watching…Wow..All of that sounds Disgusting..I better get use to my little cocoon…I do not want to be around ANY of that disgust…Thank you Celestial 🙏🏽❤

    3. Flourish&Thrive says:

      Good question, and here you can’t de-register. Just remove the stickers from your identification cards. At least that’s what the website said when I wanted to de-register some months ago.

  2. Gabriela says:

    it sounds exactly what this 1800 farmer got from God.

  3. H says:

    Where can I hide from this madness!?
    IN HIM
    I cut t.v. cable a decade ago. I am super-selective about the lyrics I hear and the chords I experience. But where is safety, and who is “safe” as a friend? If the outward expression of sin is as high, dangerous ocean waves, where can we remain with our heads above the fray? Where is the safe harbor where we may remain until Resolution comes?

    1. Scarlett says:

      As far as I can see, we must pray for godly wisdom and discernment daily, study the Bible daily and make every effort to live in the love and obedience of the Lord Jesus Christ, keeping our eyes, ears and focus on Him and not the world and the things of the world. And above all, having faith and trusting fully in Jesus no matter what is happening in the world around us or in our own circumstances. Our safe harbor is in Jesus and being in His will. A blessed place to strive for.

      1. H says:

        Yes, Scarlett, and Amen! We must live IN HIM more than ever. You sure summed it up very well!

    2. Besala says:


      It makes you appreciate Him more, you know? How good He is. It has a sobering effect, understanding on a deeper level the consequences of sin. There are no words to describe how merciful God is.

  4. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

    Dear Celestial,
    With these types of prophecy of the future world, just makes me realize that we have a lot more time/years to spend here on earth. We will be witnessing so many more before everything starts breaking down. As if things, people are not yet bad as it is now, worst is coming more. Truly when thinking about such, it is difficult to stay focused and not let fear drip through.
    I just remind myself of Peter’s response to Jesus , “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life”
    Thank you again n always for the work you do for the Lord. Shalom sister.

    1. Celestial says:

      I tell people constantly that this is a LONG HAUL WALK not a fairweather sprint but they don’t believe me. Since my 1st videos I’ve said we need to study & practice FORTITUDE (ability to ENDURE). But many think bcz they get scared it means Jesus also must be rushing to save everybody & leap out of the sky next month. We are going to sit here and see the fruit of every time someone said “Well it’s only a small community. Well that’s their problem. Well let’s not be quick to judge.” The degradation of creation is underway & who is greatest in Creation? Adam & Eve. So we’ve seen the sea full of oil, trees nearly all cut down, animals dying of no apparent cause but the greatest coup of these fallen ones will be the utter MADNESS yet to enter the crown jewel of the world: Man. When we reach where even the elect may say, “Breastfeeding men are cultural liberation!”- Then. THEN you can expect Jesus but not a minute before. There’s a reason Matthew 24 is in that Bible. For us to read it *and GET IT.* May the Lord still your soul. Work on your FORTITUDE, Gal 5:22-23. You need all those fruits so cultivate them daily in prayer, practice them & you’ll see them showing up in your real life. Peace to you, Shalom. 🌺

      1. Barna says:

        I hope russians will come sooner to “clean” up all this mess. I know it’s tough word but I just hate all these wickedness

    2. Celestial says:

      Also- Not everyone will live to see this. I do not mean to be blunt but, I am seeing what I will see in the future. Not everyone will see it. God said He’ll take many home for rest, for peace, for mercy. He knows they can’t bear seeing talking octopuses 🐙 ordering smoothies in public next to people. I see the world ahead bcz I’m going to live there & many with me, but not everybody. That part is up to Yah. May Peace that passes understanding, Jesus Himself, put His hand on you when your heart has unrest, & remind you how He was faithful to Peter who escaped & James who did not. (Acts 12) Shalom 🌺

      1. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

        Thank you dear Celestial for your prayers. Yet another profound meaning to “how He was faithful to Peter who escaped and to James who did not” This is why I ❤️ love reading n listening to you… you always put an in-depth meaning to verses that I would normally just pass thru. And I thank the Lord for you, pray for your blessings n protection each day. And My heart is just brimming with gratitude for the Lord that He led me to your channel. I am sure I do not speak only for myself when I say that you help me grow in my walk towards faithfulness.
        I check on your subscription hoping more people will appreciate it as much as I do, n feel saddened that it is not getting the numbers it deserves.
        But the Lord will reveal to those who seek, n sadly, most do not 😢
        (On a side note, are you certain you r not 75y.o. with your tucked wisdom n knowledge? 😁)
        Blessings to you n shalom sister.

      2. Hélène says:

        I am sad at the thought of my children living thru this. My older kids and esp my 2 at home, older teens now, quickly in their 20s. I wish they wouldn’t have to be refined in this fire. Life is enough with ordinary evils. I sigh thinking I am going thru it, would that I not! But I simply trust Him; as He authored, so He will finish.

      3. Hélène says:

        Just today I was discussing with and enlightening some teens as to why the ppl wanted to sit around and watch ppl get bludgeoned or mauled to death, in front of them: in amphitheaters (there’s a group of 5 teens here). How the sodomites and other delusional ppl (the alphabet soup ppl) will imitate or even live perform sex acts at “pride” events/parades. How too soon it will be not bizarre to see this. How ppl will CLAMOR for blood and pain-to watch. My particular girls were horrified. They’ve been sheltered. It’s time now tho. Everyone was pretty sobered with my words. And now u reinforce my words. Lord, help us. In our distress, come to us, and hold us in Your arms where there only is rest for those pushed far past their tolerance for living in such stink.

  5. Luma says:

    God have mercy on us who will best witness to these horrific things. My heart aches for whAt the Lord sees. Humanity defiled. Father forgive US.

  6. Annemarie says:

    Thanks for your faithfulness to God’s warnings. I have to admit, when you post something new, I have to take a deep breath and brace myself because I know it’s gonna be tough to hear. But hey, I’d rather be warned than put my head in the sand. It really upsets me that the church isn’t preparing the flocks to be ready for persecution and all types of bad times ahead. When they keep preaching “look up because your redemption draws nigh”, I wanna scream… BUT NOT YET!!! I thought we were supposed to be about our Father’s work in the meantime anyways. If they’re always hoping to be taken out of their troubles, there’s no way they’re preparing for the long haul. It’s so frustrating and upsetting that many will lose their faith when bombs fall around them and they’re still here. It’s a huge disservice to God’s people… yeah, that’s the understatement of the decade, I know.

    1. Pamela Albright says:

      Dear Annemarie I totally am the same when I see a new one from The Master’s VOICE’

  7. Besala says:

    A lot of what we can expect sounds like gaslighting ON S-T-E-R-O-I-D-S. Smoke and mirrors. Bells and whistles. A horror show that will one day pass away. Yes, it is already very unpleasant now and we’re not even in the homestretch yet when the birth pains are the most intense. But God is faithful and knows all, and we will always have access to Him through HIS WORD that’s kept in our hearts, regardless of what we see or experience with our physical eyes.

    1 Samuel 15:23 NKJV — For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,
    And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.
    Because you have rejected the word of the LORD,
    He also has rejected you from being king.”

    I never quite grasped what the first part of that verse “as witchcraft” meant because I saw witchcraft as being something more specific. I think I might have a better idea now.

    Oh, and when literal hell starts coming to earth and that’s not a strong enough deterrent for you to run from evil, it’s very possible you’re under a strong delusion at that point.

  8. Drue says:

    Celestial, I sit in shock with what you have to continually see. Thank you for being a faithful servant and sharing even when these things are sickeningly disgusting. Your spirit is strong and you have shown to be worthy of delivering HIS message. I pray for your comfort today. I’m sure these things wear on you and yet you faithfully respond. Father THANK YOU for our dear sister. Father I pray YOU comfort our dear sister and strengthen her . The days ahead are very dark. We need to be ready. I pray that YOU guide our hearts and guard our minds from wavering from YOUR PATH. FIRM our spines ALL for YOUR GLORY ! In Jesus MIGHTY name I humbly pray. AMEN

    1. Pamela Albright says:

      Drue ThankYou so much for Your comment to Celestial… I concur/ and I’m writing down that prayer You have at the end.(and WISDOM & Discernment @ & concerning EVERYTHING!..’the joy of The LORD is our strength’ comes to mind. And a ‘day at a time.’..Bless You all & that have the fortitude already to read and support her. Hard truths. But may we all know what we need to know today.
      And I pray for all our children.
      Speaking of, I grew up in the 1970’s..there were still@stay at home mom’s/not everyone’s… But Grandma’s too; and running around the summer neighborhood’s, as a young girl, in and out w/ friends, doing our summer child lives, back then…usually, an on-going ‘soap opera’ they were called, on the television<—not many TV channels to choose. Why they were called 'soap opera's I was told back then, had to do with the advertising commercials in between. Anyway, there was one called 'All my children.'
      ABC network I think. (I apologize @ my ramble dialogue here.)
      GOD'speed everyone.

  9. Robin says:

    If anyone hasn’t already seen the new ban in New York for “gendered” words. As I saw a woman put it, she feels sorry for the citizens of “Theyhattan”.

  10. Sarah cox says:

    I just saw footage the other night of people in poland or somewhere over there( i assume bc of their accents)that were protesting for the right to sleep and have intimate relationship with animals

  11. Bob says:

    These words of future times are so interesting and unusual. I’m trying to understand how a man will take some pill or supplement, grow big boobs and begin producing milk, when he has no mammary glands. I just remind myself that I know basically nothing, and if this is how the future plays out, then so be it. At least I’ll be mentally prepared for such a thing. I will feel bad for those deceived souls, because what are they going to do after the intrigue of having breasts wears off?

    1. Celestial says:

      Worse. That’s what they’ll do. Worse. They’ll get an implanted womb to have a baby or do live-stream penis surgery or sleep with a cow, exactly as the Lord has said. Degenerates progress from one atrocity to another, you’re seeing it in U.S. society NOW so why is it hard to fathom where all this “A man is a woman, a trans is a woman” is going? It’s going exactly to what you read here. Society will get worse & do whatever they want until 2 Peter 3:7 becomes a reality at last.

      1. smooothlegs says:

        JESUS BLESS YOU and keep you safe i pray thankful to FATHER for you in JESUS name!!!! PRAISE JESUS

  12. smooothlegs says:


  13. Flourish&Thrive says:

    @Celestial I forgot which prophecy you made about severe birth defects. But I just saw this on my feed Baby born with rare 12cm tail covered in hair and skin (msn.com):

    The video speaks of 9 recorded cases in the years

    1. elfmom55 says:

      2 Esdras 5:8
      “There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters:”

      1. Ha says:

        I looked it up and saw the horrifying and DISGUSTING pictures. The baby on the right picture…on this website here has a tail that looks like a pig.


        If I was a neighbor, I would keep an eye on that kid as IT grows up. No telling what other animal characteristics it will develop as it grows up!! And that thing is an IT…one of satan’s mutants!

  14. Wendy says:

    Today 13 Dec 2022 I noticed a Quayle link to the following video. The EctoLife Artificial Womb Facility. Very telling, also notice the name of the designer. Praise YAH.

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