‘Computerised Mayhem’ – December 16, 2019

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* This is the continuation of THE IRON SPIDER, PT 2 prophecy, it was one prophecy but I split it because it was very long and also because the Lord gave this part its own title. The prophecy was written down real time and so at times reads in the first person.




As I received the prophecy of a new system that monitors, controls, searches and tracks humanity the Lord asked me:

Do you know what programmers do with software that can no longer be updated?” Indeed the Lord asked me that. Yes Lord, I do know. It gets deleted. It gets trashed in the online bin and wiped clean from the computer. Let the reader hear and understand.

Because by mentioning “obsolete software” it means: “You who cannot use the ten thousand apps on the market, the programs, wifi’s, websites, designs, Square, Hulu, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, voice app, face app, this app, that app, clap-on sensors in the smart world matrix etc, will be treated as an obsolete program that cannot be updated”follow the logical progression of the intentions the Beast has put in place for you. As you connect the dots the Lord’s warning will be clear. Technology will use to weed people outTechnology (its use and application) will be a ‘benchmark’, a tuning fork, it will be used to separate those who are deemed USEFUL to society and those who are disposable.

THE ELDER WILL BE TREATED LIKE DISPOSABLE WIPES. I say to you now, bluntly, (do not be offended but listen to wisdom): If you have sense, if you know your mother and father did everything they could or did their best for you, do not be mentally unstable and sign your parents into these group homes without reading the paperwork. Do not be too busy and sign away their lives into destruction. Do not give what is precious to the dogs. Do not wheel your parents into these facilities citing your new business or not having enough time or your new job with Citigroup or the need to make your kids soccer games or work on your marriage, as the reason why you place your parent or grandparent in the hands of some absolutely smiling plastic fake murdering strangers you don’t know. Hear what God is saying. When you get some terrible, fishy, “doesn’t add up” report about their untimely death less than 10 months later, don’t look at anybody BUT YOURSELF. This is a word to the wise. Amen.

To this end the Lord shows me an army of white haired old people being rolled into care homes in wheelchairs, pushed by very business-like and capable nurses. I’m seeing this image almost like a silent movie. These old people are smiling and waving goodbye to their loved ones who are also smiling and waving back. Goodbye Mom. We’ll visit soon Dad! Well guess what? As the wheelchairs are going in I see this place has a green sign in front: ENTRY but at the back is a red sign EXIT and there I see the wheelchairs and many personal effects of the old people being put out there like rubbish, with NO OCCUPANTS IN THEM ANYMORE. 😐

Let the reader read, and understand.

In the Beast system you will need to be SMART, wise, watchful, extremely prayerful, compliant (while at the same time NON-COMPLIANT), and awake. No, you cannot sleep as we enter that system. No, the Rapture is NOT coming before it manifests, to rescue you and take you away on the clouds. The Bible is so clear brothers and sisters, my sole concern is for us to read it with open eyes and adjust our expectations accordingly. 

Stay awake. It will not be bad at first but it will get progressively worse. Just as a screw tightens and you feel the vice pinch you more and more until you cry out, is exactly how it will be. It will feel, seem, look and sound like Utopia, like a perfect world created to help humanity realise its best potential in peaceful and perfect surroundings, but it is the biggest trap ever devised for all of us at once. Even if your brain is telling you it is not Utopia you will hear it IS Utopia from every TV screen, radio announcer, program, advert, company and experience around you. You will be told aren’t we lucky to live in a world with no pollution, aren’t we lucky carbon emissions are reduced, aren’t we lucky the whales are mating more now that fishing laws have changed, aren’t we lucky for all the medical health advances, how this and that has been cured by our visionary friends, aren’t we lucky, aren’t we so advanced and peaceful now that wars are down?

You will hear this on a never-ending LOOP from media you can’t escape and can’t turn off until you either crack and agree that it is true, we ARE lucky, or until you become exhausted with the constant mental bombardment, until you get suspicious, rebellious, start acting out, become resistant and disobedient and therefore expose yourself as an enemy of the Beast. 

Everyone will comply without thinking at first because this is how convenience always takes over- it looks GREAT! And everyone can’t wait to have it. It makes life easier, and really why not? What can it hurt? Then slowly changes start taking place – “We are changing our privacy policy”– this is one subtle way to notice the net tightening around you. Americans and those who use America’s products and services around the world like Amazon, Apple and social media, ask yourself: How many emails did you receive in 2018 and 2019 ALONE informing you that something you have relied on for years is changing its privacy policy? And you clicked OK without thinking and surely without reading it, because who has time for 22 pages of fine print to keep using Yahoo? 

(I do. I’ve had my Yahoo account since I was in college. I read it recently because they were going to close my account- basically they’ve given themselves the right to read your mail for “safety purposes”, access your password “In case you lock yourself out” and YES SHARE YOUR INFORMATION THIRD PARTIES. In other words by using Yahoo you now agree to have your info shared with unnamed shadow persons who are “third parties'”- 3rd parties you don’t know and never agreed to contract with, but Yahoo can pass your info on to them at their discretion without telling you. And here you thought the spying security forces of the world were so naturally gifted? No- everything we use feeds them our data and that’s how they watch us and know what cereal we like. But I digress).

Changes to hardware and software will take place that leave you no choice- you either press OK or lose access to the services. Swipe has turned to chip, and one day chip will leave the card and enter your hand as it has already begun to enter the hands of many socially experimental fools who believe they are getting ahead of the curve by embedding radio-sonic pieces in their hands so they can open the cafeteria or office door with a “wave”. People are already paying for drinks in the party locations of the world with a wave of the hand, and here is the church believing that Jesus will rapture us before this system becomes operational globally. No, and no again. Be wise.

This is your beast, nations of the world. 

This is your beast. It is a system embracing us as we speak. The hug is warm and full of new apps and technological advances that “make our lives easier!” But in time that hug will choke off humanity’s breath unless we learn to fall on God and cry out HELP ME OR I WILL PERISH IN THIS IRON SPIDER LORD. 

That is all I have been given to say for now. God bless you. 

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Death panels have been going on for years. If one has lived long enough, the “changes” have become obvious. I also know I’ve been on their bad list for a long time, so it’s too late to play smart, even if I could or wanted to. To try and save oneself in that manner seems very evil….but I am so concerned for my loved ones who are either too busy with the cares of the world, earning a living or else “living their best life now”.
    Thank you so much for sharing this prophecy from the Lord, as well as the rest, sister Celestial. People need to know…hopefully some will take it to heart.
    I’m praying for your soon recovery from you’re injury. It must be very hard to try and get around in that big city. The enemy has been working overtime to try and hinder our every move. I try to remember to take authority over hindering spirits daily.
    God bless you and strengthen you in every way….

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you sister Celestial for this. This is a very grievous but helpful warning for us to prepare oil in our lamps.

    May God lead each and everyone who hears His message to His path and may He give us strength to never sway and be firm in our faith in Him.

  3. Hello says:

    World wide WEB. InterNET. Calling it a iron spider makes sense! Especially in the system of iron and clay.

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