CORNUCOPIA: Hall of Delights, Pt. 2



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Cornucopia: Also “The Horn of Delight”. A symbol of plenty consisting of a goat’s horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and vegetables. Symbolising wealth, prosperity, plenty and abundance. A sign of lavish abundance, so much that it spills out and cannot be contained.


Today June 20, 2019 I saw the following vision:

In the spirit I found myself at a great hall, a majestic and inspiring hall of Roman style pillars and marble everywhere. The door to the hall was open so I went in- it was an ornate banquet hall, with pillars, pavilions and all that. Written in a slab of marble above the entry were these words: HALL OF DELIGHTS.

I enter the inner chamber of this hall where a magnificently designed room is laid out in front of me. Before I can notice anything a big word appears right in front of me, CORNUCOPIA: the word hovers in front of me turning like an avatar, beckoning as if it wants to guide me like a GPS. So I oblige and follow the word deeper in the room until I see everything laid out clearly before me. There is a line of majestic thrones in this place, lined up against the front wall, stretching as far as my eye can see. These thrones are in many colours, but the most prevalent scheme is ‘white and gold’. Some are navy blue and gold, others silver and gold, but the best ones, the ones dripping with stylised carved decoration and curly armrest stuff in shiny gold detail are the white and gold chairs. These have the highest backs, curved tops, the deepest, softest plush interiors. I’m amazed at this, wow this is true opulence. The throne-chairs toward the last third of the room are empty, not yet occupied, and I understand their number has not yet been filled.

Running the length of these thrones is a heavy, carved wood table, loaded with every conceivable form of blessing, goods and physical delight. The word CORNUCOPIA drifts to this table and sinks down on top of it, drawing my eye to its content. I see tablets, laptops, cellphones, gift bags, sparkly bangles, charm bracelets, gold watches, diamond and silver watches, something called “slate jewellery”, pretty tiaras, earrings- single and double mate earrings, RINGS OF ALL KINDS AND SHAPES INCLUDING OCCULT RINGS CARRYING THE GOAT HEADED SYMBOL OF THE BAPHOMET AMONG OTHER THINGS. I see wristwatches; I see silver bangles for wrapping the upper arm of a woman, as Cleopatra used to wear. I see sandals, shoes; diamond studded slippers and handbags galore. I see also: briefcases holding money, money in money clips (so much money, tastefully folded and held with clips that have precious stones in them- the money is never a lot at a time but it is all hundreds folded so each clip is holding thousands at least).

I also see the “twee-twee!”- I refer to the keyless car keys that beep to open and close luxury vehicles. These are bearing brand logos- Mercedes, Maserati, Lamborghini, BMW, JEEP, Chrysler, Ford, Tesla- every conceivable brand of luxury vehicle including some I cannot recognise by sight because I do not know them. These keyless car keys are in a big glass bowl and more are being added by the minute- this is the only object on the table which keeps replenishing itself no matter how much I look- the keys are “pouring”into a glass or crystal bowl appearing out of thin air as cars are constantly being given or added by the minute. I see also fruits, vegetables, drinks and other candied treats to be popped in the mouth, games, stuffed toys, perfume, underwear, DOWRIES, marriage certificates, bank books, bank cards and credit cards, and property title deeds to every type of thing on this earth which can be owned: gold, silver, oil, company shares, diamonds, land, cattle, hens, farm animals, stores, clothing brands, money, many other things and lastly “ore”. [I see the word “ore” represented by a small hill of dirt representing “ground which can be mined for ore”. I see a lot of this “ore” is in foreign countries being given out to foreign hands as “concessions”. This takes place both with and without government knowledge and consent, through third party buyers who are buying as “faces”or “fronts” for whoever sits on these thrones and fancy chairs. The table is strong and laden with goods of every kind, and for now the thrones are empty.

I am standing in this large room waiting to see, who does all this belong to? Who can possess such wealth of goods, such prominence, such lavish lifestyles where nothing is wanted and the pipeline is open to provision, and everything so free to ENJOY?

For the first time the Lord speaks:

The false pastors and preachers, their time is up. I have given so much mercy, my mercy is now spent. My time is now short, and I want my people to hear my word before I come. I want them to know my glory and understand my purpose for them and among them, then I will come to take them home. But the wicked I will thresh like a fine-toothed threshing sledge with terrible teeth. Let the people hear this word and come out from among them, and separate themselves from these people. If there is no repentance there will surely be judgement, so let them separate themselves from beneath this defiled flow and be blameless, unless they will share in their abominations equally and share in their sins as well. Come out from among them and walk blameless before me. The fountains have become defiled. 

This is the word of the Lord.

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