Profanity of Profanities: To The Married, Pt 6 – June 12, 2019


“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” – (Hebrews 13:4)

I continue with visions from June 12, 2019 concerning ‘strange fire’ and people “setting their lives on fire” with strange moral and sexual practices that are profane before God.

One vision was a man and his wife– the woman tied naked to their bed with her husband approaching her naked except for a tool belt on his waist and a burglar mask on. These people all had blurry privacy dots on their personal areas so I did not see their nakedness. The woman knew it was her husband, but his acting was so convincing that she was terrified and happy at the same time. I saw a black sign nailed above their bed: “THE RAPIST GAME.”

This message is simple: Married people should not indulge in violent or pornographic/ dangerous sexual fantasies. Married people should not defile their marriage bed by bringing strange games, toys and pursuits to the holy subject of sex within marriage. The very nature of these practices are enough to show they not of God but of satan. God created man and woman to engage in a purposeful act of great power, therefore their minds are as much a part of this act as their bodies are. The mind cannot be defiled with images while this union (which takes place in the presence of God) is going on.

“The people give themselves over to vain imaginations.” said the Lord, “This is how demons and satanic presences enter their marriage and begin to pull them apart. By suggesting your wife become someone else, you put away your wife in preference of a stranger. By suggesting your husband impersonate a rapist, you are calling demons of violence and destruction into your marital bed”. 

Please be advised if you did not know: Demonic entities do not play “games”. They do not understand “role play” and they have no mercy or sense of humour. If you rouse them or call on them they react and respond accordingly. They see every invocation and use of their name, practices or presence as deadly serious. Once invited they will not leave until you receive deliverance. They will take territory and hold ground in that marriage until the participants are moved to do the things they have fantasized for real; they will graduate to much worse things as these images take hold to control either one or both persons in that marriage. Debauchery is a step away when this is encouraged, soon the partners will become addicted to strange practices and the material bed will be defiled. 

Married people must conduct themselves in such a way as to honour God and honour one another with their bodies, which is the temple of the Lord. If the Lord inhabits a temple then no rubbish is to be found in it, no uncleanness, no lasciviousness or untoward, unbecoming behaviour. Having a marital ring does not sanctify a large portion of what both Christians and non-Christians are doing in their bedrooms, but many people abuse scripture saying “Well if we have agreement to do it then it’s okay. Our bed is undefiled.”

No, that is a lie and satan has deceived all who believe this. The scripture about the bed being undefiled means BOTH SPOUSES are tasked with keeping their sexual union holy before God and one another! It doesn’t happen automatically, it is very possible for a marriage bed to be defiled by one or both partners based on baggage and soul ties from their past, or personal preferences rooted in non-God honouring roots like pornography or abuse- all those things can be brought to the marriage bed if there is no deliverance, previous repentance and breaking of soul ties.

An agreement to do wickedness is still an agreement, that doesn’t mean it is holy or that God agrees with it AT ALL. On the contrary God is revealing these things because He is NOT PLEASED- that is why these things were shown to me. I was told to speak them publicly so those who do them will STOP and take heed to themselves. Repent and bring your marriage under the blood of Jesus and you will be accepted. May the Lord receive all the glory for his counsel, because He is the only one able to correct us and save us from Himself.

In Jesus name, amen.

NOTE: The third part of the ‘Profanity’ series reveals other things I saw married people do: group sex, exchange of partners, same-sex, adultery, acts with children, and leaving the natural use of body parts to misuse other parts. Whether a husband and wife “agree” to do these things does not absolve them of sin, and these acts will never be acceptable to God. All these things were exposed in Pt 3 so please see that if you haven’t yet. 

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