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Let’s put social media to good use. Some may walk away, but I know there’s people out there who recognise that something’s up in the world right now. Many admit they that feel increased darkness over everything, even if they can’t explain it. Terrible things are happening globally, and most believers know the Lord is preparing the Church to receive Him. That means (among other things) that she will be stringently purged of everything unclean before His return, and the world as we know it cannot stay the same.

The Lord is strongly wooing people who say they don’t believe in God- to hear His voice, to look beyond what they’ve been told and SEE FOR THEMSELVES it’s possible that for all their certainty- there IS another dimension. Beyond die-hard opinions is the Truth, who is Jesus Christ. It’s not too late to take a second look, right here by yourself, to recheck any “firm position” you may hold. No-one is born with a mind set in stone. I urge all who read this blog to pay attention to it’s core theme: “Do not allow popular opinion to cost your souls at the last minute.”

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