“The End Of The Way Of The Wicked” – September 1, 2022


Today the Lord gave me a bitter, raw and explosive word in the middle of a prayer session. I regularly schedule prayer with intercessors to build up the cornerstones of this ministry but today I did not get a chance to talk about a single thing I’d scheduled the prayer for. Only the beating, surging heart of Yah came out of me in an unbroken stream as we sat on the phone, heavy words of repayment and judgement for sin came out of me for nearly an hour. This was a verbal word with images, witnessed by my prayer partner and intercessor with whom I pray daily.

Here is the word of the Lord.

The time is far spent for sitting on the fence. It is past the hour where people can go back and forth between a life of sin and a life of holiness. Holiness will no longer be mixed with sinfulness anymore, there is a coming a sharp separation, a SHARP separation where it will no longer be “the sheep” on one hand and “the goats” on the other hand and that be the end of it. No, now the sheep will get their reward and the goats will get their judgement. Now, the penalty for goats is eternal separation from the Lord. Death. Entering into the fiery judgement of the Lord and darkness. No longer shall the penalty for wickedness, error, unbelief and all manner of sin be held back. It will be performed quickly nowadays, sometimes almost instantly. There will be no more delays anymore.

There is something people call ‘Karma’, this is not karma. It will be like a boomerang effect; those who continue to walk in a defiant lifestyle against God will reap what they sow faster than at any other time in history. God says the days are shortened, the night has come, the work is near done, whoever sows to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption IMMEDIATELY [Galatians 6:8].

And the word of the Lord came to me, saying “Son of man, what is this proverb that you people have about the land of Israel, which says, ‘The days are prolonged, and every vision fails’? Tell them therefore, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “I will lay this proverb to rest, and they shall no more use it as a proverb in Israel.” ’ But say to them, ‘ “The days are at hand, and the fulfillment of every vision. For no more shall there be any false vision or flattering divination within the house of Israel. For I am the Lord. I speak, and the word which I speak will come to pass; it will no more be postponed; for in your days, O rebellious house, I will say the word and perform it,” says the Lord God.’ ” [Ezekiel 12:21-25]

As soon as people sin they will get their judgement for sin. [Think of the vaccines for example, how so many lost their lives instantly or within a 24-hr period of taking any one of the series of vaccines.] God will not wait anymore, God will not allow human pride to continue to swell against Him  like an angry sea that does not know its place. As soon as the horn of rebellion stands up in these last days it will be severed, it will be cut down. God will remove rebellion to the root like a dead tree, and everyone standing around watching that tree go down will be filled with the fear of the Lord.

People are doing murder, wickedness, witchcraft. So much witchcraft is used in this world it is a marvel and a wonder the trees and the air have not caught fire with it. I am seeing the numbers of the dead pile up as people enrich themselves in the dark arts, magic, Santeria, hexes, voodoo, underwater covenants and all manner of the marine arts. People have sold their entire households to marine demons- WEST AFRICA GOD SAYS HE WILL TAKE A RECKONING OF YOUR DEEDS IN THIS AREA. Everyone who consorts with water spirits, mermaids, sirens, “Queen of the Coast”, princes and royals of the sea- Yah will repay that blood you have spilled and you will pay for it.

Famous people are sacrificing people for their fame. Friends, family members and random people not connected to them, the hand over these people ‘on contract’ to be killed as “their sacrifice”. There is rampant sale of human bodies [and human sexuality] to ensure money, influence and power; much like the Aztecs sacrificed people every few steps on the way to the top of their temple so many celebrities around the world sacrifice people every few notches for their star to shine. 

I saw this musician in DRC Congo, Koffi Olumide. This man traffics in high witchcraft and is indicative of many musicians, movie stars, celebrities and “influencers” in Africa. The Lord showed me this man rotating his waist, his and the waists of his dancers move in unfathomable and uncontrollable movements exactly as Michael Jackson used to do. When this singer does it the women of the crowd act as if possessed, they scream and even want to take off their clothes. This is HIGH WITCHCRAFT OF THE MARINE KINGDOM, DIRECT INTERFACE WITH PYTHON SPIRITS & MARINE POWERS. 

I saw a split image. On the top, Koffi Olumide and about six dancers in high sweat at a concert packed with screaming fans. They reached a point in the music where they rotated their torsos and waists in many ways, at that point women began hopping up and down, screaming, out of control. At the bottom image, a woman half fish half human sitting on a golden throne, rotating what looks like GOLD RECORDS in her hands. They were not touching her hands, she just sat with many gold discs that look exactly like old style records, floating around her spinning. God told me when that siren gives any human being a gold record their music will go viral and international no matter whether they are talented or not. Even if their songs make no sense, even if they sing about their laundry, people will go insane for them as if they were the most talented being on earth.

I saw another West African musician of long-standing global fame, SALIF KEITA. This man is revered across Europe and the whole world for his electric style of unique African music. WIZARDRY! came exploding out of my mouth. A man who uses sacrifice and some weird form of small black beads like rosaries, wrapped several times around both wrists. Some musicians, I saw they are given oils by the entities they serve, when that oil is rubbed on the body before performing fame is guaranteed, the crowd will love them as if they are an angel come in the flesh. There is HIGH WITCHCRAFT HAPPENING ON WORLD ENTERTAINMENT STAGES and the crowds are like fresh cows waiting to be mutilated and handed over as sacrifice to the gods who stalk their prey through these musicians among many others.

I saw multitudes of dead bodies in the rivers, oceans, lakes and seas of the world. People who have been killed and dumped in there, people who were dragged down to coastal areas naked except for a thin cloth covering their bodies [African women mostly], dragged down to the beach screaming for help and given as sacrifices to half-creatures that came out of the water to receive them. The water is full of things you don’t want to meet, the water is full of life that is DEFIANT AGAINST GOD.

They do this thing by moonlight, they do it by pitch-black night; people are swallowed whole by water or dragged in alive by creatures in the water and never seen again. After that the one who sold them receives fame, wealth, possessions but always with a wicked caveat they cannot escape. 

I saw that multitudes of people have been given as water sacrifice; back in their old neighborhoods [in Africa] there was serious commotion and upset. People thought they had run away, families thought these missing people had gone off to make their fortune in better areas of the country. I saw those very people at the bottom of the sea and they were so angry. They stared at me with anger and their flesh was loose and grey, their eyes staring with rage, eaten away at the edges until they looked like fish eyes with no lids. They looked at me as if I should do something. Then they looked straight up through the water towards the Heavens and complained to God.

“How long Lord? How long before you give us justice? How long before you judge those who sent us here without warning, without mercy or justice for our lives? Give us justice God, it is too long we have waited. Avenge our blood O Lord.”

This is very close to what the end-times martyrs say to God about their unjust murders:

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” [Revelation 6:10]

Many many voices were talking from under the water. There is a sound under there only God can hear, and He shows it to who He wants. There is an ARMY of the dead under the waters of the world, from every part of the world. Lake Tanganyika [Tanzania] you are full of BLOOD. The Lord will avenge the dead who are in you, thus says the Lord.

Lake Tanganyika is a site for ritual sacrifice, thus says the Lord. They even use abandoned mines in Tanzania to do human sacrifices in, because nobody ever goes back to them after the mining companies abandon them when the resources that were being dug up become exhausted. It is a perfect place to kill without witnesses.

I saw the copious blood flows of the United States for MURDER. Never, never, never has there been in all of history a place that sheds blood as this. I saw rivers of blood like wine in the roads, streets, homes, fellowships, beds, lands, properties of the whole nation. MURDER, MURDER, MURDER. People like to commit murder in basements, the basement of a home is one of the most popular places to murder people in America. There are many who buy homes that have seen murder and it is never told to them when they move in, yet I was seeing how many basements have seen blood that has simply been hosed off and the body disposed of without problems.

The people of America have become inured to murder. They are desensitized to it. It is everywhere on their media [news/ social media/ entertainment/ podcasts/ books etc] so people do not care when they see or hear about it in real life.

When someone is dead they shake their heads and say “Wow. That’s crazy man and in 12 seconds they’ve moved on past it. It’s just news. I saw hangings, lynchings, mob death, group rape, dead babies, dead ladies – there is unbelievable FEMICIDE in this country. WOMEN AND CHILDREN are the primary targets of bloodsports in America and their bodies are literally from coast to coast in hidden locations, never recovered. Blood coats the surface of the USA and the people are very used to it, but the Lord’s word is that whoever sheds man’s blood by man will his blood be shed.

“I will demand an accounting from anyone who takes the life of his fellow man: Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man his blood will be shed; for in His own image God has made mankind.” [Genesis 9:5(b)- 6]

Get ready for an explosion of “cold case files.” Long ‘dead’ cases will pop up again and be all over the news. New evidence. New witnesses. New angles, a new detective eager to make his name will start working on an old case and soon the solution will come up. The Golden State Killer was only caught after 40 years, so also people who have aged in their crimes – 20, 30, 50 years not caught- will be found by DNA evidence and other means.

They will be found by witnesses coming forward under the burden of conscience to TALK. Confessions, confessions, confessions -people will talk, people will show proof, people will remember key details, people will break their silence, people will give evidence, people will get over their fear and TESTIFY and killers, associate killers, accomplices and those who kept a secret will be punished for their crimes. The nation will sit in shock at the amount of long-dead justice that will come to life.

Human sacrifice is an abomination upon the face of the earth. People are sacrificing their own children for material gain, wealth, and social or spiritual advancement. Some want to be powerful on earth, some want to be powerful in the spirit realm. Either way it is an abomination unto Yah, He will repay it. Victims bodies have been so well hidden if God did not set the ball in motion to bring about the circumstances that will disclose it, those people will never be found

There will be SCANDALS GALORE AMONG THE HIGH AND MIGHTY. I saw as a line of thrones shaking and people toppled out of them in public and shameful falls. Bishop TD Jakes will have one of the biggest scandals of all time in the Christian church, one of the biggest shaming falls before his own demise. This man is not a straight man, he is not a heterosexual male. His name will be named by the people he has been with (his male sexual partners), he will have gross scandal involving his sexual orientation and God says people will finally see who they have been following with a lot of these pastors and spiritual leaders. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been in the room when abuse, molestation and gross sexual degradation of minor children has been going on, they were present when children were greatly harmed by sexual predators. All this will come to light and be all over the media despite every attempt by big money to keep it quiet.

Celebrities and actors will be exposed for the dark deeds they have done and even small-scale people, ordinary people, God says he is disgusted with the amount of rape, pedophilia and sexual molestation that is taking place in their homes.

God says if any person, if any family member so much as covered up a rape allegation, persuaded a victim not to talk or press charges, covered for sexual abuse of a minor or even of an adult, or gaslighted someone and made them feel like they deserved or were somehow responsible for the sexual abuse that happened to them THAT PERSON WILL BE JUDGED.

If your child was abused as a result of your negligence (not because you truly didn’t know) – yet when you found out about it you sided with the rapist/ molester/ abuser instead of the victim, lift your voice in GRIEF and repent of your sins, or that action will be judged by the Father in a way that will give the victim very much satisfaction, very much peace, and very much HOPE that God truly is the defender of the weak. God will satisfy their pain with your public shame and penalties for being wicked to those who had already fallen prey to wickedness. This is the word of the Lord.

Sexual immorality has ruined My world, ruined My earth. Mothers are sleeping with their sons. Their own sons whom they bore, whom I gave them. When their sons become of age they sleep with them and claim they are better than their fathers. People cover for rape and do not seek justice for their daughters, they allow them to be molested and turn a blind eye for personal gain and enrichment. Pedophilia is rife and it is hard to find a child these days, ANYWHERE, who is growing up safe from the tearing realities of male and female sexual abuse on someone who should never bet exposed to such things before their time. ALL THIS I WILL REPAY INTO YOUR BOSOM.

THIS IS THE WORD OF THE LORD TO AMERICA: They hate Me. They are a despising people. They blaspheme My name and hate My Word, and drive My very presence out of their midst. All their abominations are upon them, they have multiplied their gods and sacrifice to them yet dare to call themselves a Christian nation. They hate My truth, for this reason I will let their enemies fall upon them and destroy them. Because they have hated Me and hated my Son I will let Russia come here and burn this nation from one end of it to the other. It will be burned to desolation, it will be hard as one walks around afterward to find anywhere that has not been charred or blackened with ash.

As the Lord spoke I saw wildfires raging. I saw chemical plants burning up. I saw temperatures so hot that America was being burned up by the weather. And last but surely not least I saw devastating fires across the whole country, fires caused by Russian actions of war that made the nation so charred that I saw the burned up remains of animals everywhere. Even domestic animals had been burn and were fused into the blackened ground somehow. The  Lord says America will have nothing because she hates His Son, therefore the nation will forfeit His protective covering and be left desolate. 



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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you for this prophetic word sister Celestial. May you continue to speak theTruth. Me and my house are listening. On the issue of witchcraft I have personally experienced it in its raw form, seen more than my fair share in this lifetime. There are many many wicked people out there. God only knows. Remain blessed. Shalom

  2. Allison Archer says:

    All I can say is come Lord Jesus come for earth truly is no more

    These words leaves me almost lifeless but God …

    May the Lord continue to bless His church and those who follows after

  3. Joyce Baiden says:

    My dear Sis in Christ, may the Lord continually bless you for all the warnings you bring to us. I take heed and pray for us all. 🙏

  4. BBRob says:

    Bless Adonai for his warning. Thank you sis for sharing. I often reflect on how long suffering our Elohim truly is given the fact that NOTHING is hidden from his eyes. As I read these secret things. It leaves me truly speechless at how wicked wickedness is. The Father is bringing things to light and it’s very shocking the level of wickedness. In all of this I am encouraged to keep repenting and encourage others to repent. The fear of the Lord is real.

  5. says:

    Yes, Father God vindicate Your holy name. Enough is enough.
    Now, I understand why kofi.o. has always been so prominent and he isn’t even majorly talented. Father, I repent for I used to love his songs!
    I am thankful that all the victims both dead and alive of witchcraft and sexual deviancy are going to be remembered by YOU.

  6. Hb says:

    All week the verse Ps. 119:11 has been in my mind: (11) Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Well, sure enough, this week I was met with great challenge and what I perceived as injustice, and I sinned with my mouth, griping and complaining, for I was very angry that those I trusted are really only working their own agenda(s). Later, my conscience pricked, and I repented. Then last night I heard the latest testimony of Torben Sondergaard, imprisoned now for nearly 70 days, and was doubly convicted. So now I am speaking out loud Ps. 116 this weekend, and praying for the wisdom and conviction to do as I ought when I look my troubles in the face again on Tuesday. The temptation to sin is there for everyone, regardless of whether we carry a shield of faith or not. What good is carrying protection if we do not wisely use it?

    Thank you, Celestial. It must have been quite surprising to have had this information come forth when you thought you were simply going to pray with your intercessor. I pray we all trust TMH more than ever, and that we receive great strength from Him for the future.

  7. Allison Archer says:

    give me some more understanding Celestial

    people who has been offered as a sacrifice crying out for justice from God, tell me will they be saved in the final day?

  8. Allison Archer says:

    give me some more understanding Celestial

    the people who are offered for sacrifice unwilling crying out for justice from God, will they be saved in the final day?

  9. Tracey says:

    It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of The Living God.

    I praise the Lord for this blog- a repository of His truth. Thank you servant of God Celestial for paying the price to do This work. This post is gut wrenching, but if the Lord didn’t reveal it- who could know it. And if we don’t know it- how can we pray aright? These people have living victims- those currently being groomed, maimed, planned for, in the pipeline. I once read a testimony of someone who was delivered from being a victim of a generational line of this sort of satanic iniquity and they said satan who copycats and or mocks/perverts Gods holy things ALSO wants “living sacrifices”. So in addition to those he kills outright, he wants those he can continually ritually abuse as a way of life. I find myself in intercession for the living victims of these wicked servants of satan. Those they bring out daily or weekly to molest and abuse to keep their evil, strange fires burning. The Father says in His word: that He will deliver the prey from the mighty and even the lawful captives He will deliver, that He will contend with those who contend with us and OUR children HE WILL SAVE. That’s a conclusive statement we can hold on to and pray through. We really need to lift up our voices & spare not for whatever we do for the least & most forgotten of these is what we do for the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus rejects some people because they refused to do anything about the weak, sick, naked, hungry, (spiritually) imprisoned, bereft of hope- I believe these victims are part of that class. We will be held accountable for what we do with what we are hearing.

    God isn’t just telling us because it’s story time… we are meant to actually do something in His name, strength & power. We can’t just be dumb dogs who don’t bark lying down and loving to sleep relax in our cozy cubicles while everywhere is set on fire, lamenting at evil all the time & doing nothing about it with literally ALL this authority Jesus gave to us. These evil things they do make me sad but also quite mad… how are we people of God alive and they get away with so much atrocities? Yes satans does what he does but is there even any godly resistance? Where is the offense?

    Interesting that i saw a short clip of Mr Jakes recently “preaching” & for whatever reason it just came to my mind- isn’t this man gay? I wouldn’t have said it to anyone- yet the Lord has just confirmed it here. I praise You God of truth because NOTHING I
    is hidden from your eyes to whom all MUST give account. For thick darkness is as light to you. Even if they descend to the depths of hell to commit- you see everything clear as day. Is it any wonder that when Mr. Jakes was asked in a recent interview his views on the lgb he said “evolved & evolving”. I guess ”church” has “evolved” to where a “bishop” can say such a thing and next day go & “preach” another dead “fiery” sermon to his fans & they welcome him gladly. No one wonders where God whom they claim to represent allowed for such evolution. I don’t have anything else to say to him but all I know is- enough is enough. It is not acceptable to me that any of them get to molest Gods babies. Whatever we declare unlawful on earth is declared unlawful in heaven. So be it. Amen.

    1. Flourish&Thrive says:

      SO BE IT!

  10. Lin says:

    Wowee and I thought God was a little nicer

    1. Celestial says:

      People are *deeply deceived.* They’ve been taught a fool as “God”, a Santa who overlook such deeds as I’ve described here. What on earth is “nicer” in the face of water halflings running this earth, or rampant murder and spilling of BLOOD for power? What is “nicer”? This is why men won’t repent. They think they share earth with a smiling fool who sits in the clouds beaming down benevolence for the ritual violence that has replaced His creation. When a Man tells you “I take life & put the soul INTO HELL (Matt 10:28, Luke 12:5), where in statements like that does any true reader of the word hear “I am a nice person and anything is okay with me?” The Old Testament will live again, people will be MUTE before the raw displays of God in these last days. All the sugar candy lies from TV will die a quick death when we see HOW FAST God will reach His hand down to anyone who breaks His words, truth, laws or girdle of righteousness. Nice is not a word that appears ONE SINGLE TIME in the Bible, so read it soberly & deliver your soul from any pit that may be near it at this time or any time in the future. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

  11. tracy tolbert says:

    I for one am so very grateful to and for God sending you Celestial to this earth to warn and prepare us, He could have kept you, His precious gem, with Himself, but you give more glory to Him down here for right now. I believe every syllable that proceeds forth from your mouth is of God and His mercy towards us to warn, exhort and prepare us. Some of your posts I have had to read in bites, but I come back to them. Some have stung and gripped me so, especially your repentance videos and blog. I had done it wrong all along Celestial, after weeping, I have dried my tears and I have begun to work and dig and trust Him (obedience). I am not there yet. I will say the number one that spoke to me was the “Intercessors” , I will close these ramblings. May He enlarge your portion, Celestial. Blessings

  12. Flourish&Thrive says:

    The Lord is dealing with everything! All that is hidden will come out. Nothing will be left unskathed for all to see. He is turning it and tipping it all over. He is justified, He is Justice.

  13. Flourish&Thrive says:

    I recall about 4 incidents where I’ve had to slow down my car from witnessing a car slow down/completely halt alongside a woman walking alone. In most of the cases, scantily and indecently dressed. I suppose my own small way of intimidating the driver to not try any funny business or be hesitant to go on with it.

    Jesus we need You.

  14. Mondexmomma says:

    I pray…just like Sodom Gomorrah that we find 10people in the USA they will rise up and fight for our Heavenly One. We need to remove the Satanic that is in our government and what controls us.. Our schools, our local boards and municipal governments. Rise above the evil and fear and the brainwashing of the media. Time to get back to basics of morality and family and spiritual beliefs

  15. Diamond says:

    Sister Celestial your message is on point. I am from central africa and we too are plagued by witchcraft in various forms. All my life i have known no peace and been severely tormented by witches from the marine kingdom and witches from the witchcraft kingdom. They operate differently. Marine witches are all about glamour and beauty. They are usually very beautiful and extremely deceitful. They can be around you for years pretending to be a friend or a loved one all the while trapping you patiently and skillfully and will destroy you unexpectedly and you will hardly see it coming. The chief principality over the marine witches in the African seas is the queen of the coast. She supervises and cooordinates their agenda at the top levels, makes sure they are on track and failure is not tolerated.
    Witches from the witchcraft kingdom are very impatient and cruel. They have a very destructive spirit and destroy all signs of peace, progress and happiness in their environment because they can´t bear seeing others happy. e.g there was a case where a girl was running blind and her mom had no peace. Running up and down hospitals and pastors who could help her daughter and she was very distraught. One day she met a genuine man of God and God showed him her mom eating her own daughter´s eyes spiritually and that is why she was turning blind physically. He confronted her and she confessed being in a cult. The witchcraft kingdom destroys indiscriminately no matter how they will face inconveniences later due to that.
    God told me earlier this year He was going to avenge me for all the pain and torment i was put through and since last months has been giving me major victories, incapacitating and punishing the enemy for all the ways they afflicted me. I know you do not need anyone to corrobate God´s word to you but i am dropping this for those who will read and wonder, doubt a little or feel a little skeptical to know indeed that such things exist and are real. i testify that the part about Africa is true.

    1. Celestial says:

      I appreciate this. You never see info like this much online bcz such things are not believed or regarded here. Witches are totally merciless & will consume their own children in sacrifice. After they bury them the children of their neighbours will begin to die, & so forth. Marine spirits are the worst of the worst of all – it is “better” a demon or air principality troubles you than to fall into hands of sea creatures or people who serve to them. They’re murderous & merciless. May God recoup all losses & continue giving you grace & fierce warfare to take back everything from them, do not hold back but destroy them totally from your life Diamond.

    2. Flourish&thrive says:

      Thank you Diamond.

      You have told an experience that many Africans can corroborate. It’s only after I gained an understanding of the marine world and kingdom that many things about life and general state of our continent made so much sense. I am not sure about your country, but here in South Africa it is glamorised/celebrated as our heritage by so many, calling it an African culture and “our” ancestors (definitely not mine and yours), I burden at their ignorance 😞.

      Majority of sangomas (witch doctor) are taken to a body of water (sea, river, lake – depending on proximity and their “calling”) for initiation and like-rituals by their mentors. We can only guess what goes on there. Pastors, politicians and businessmen/women included.

      I know personally, individuals, people, families who frequent the coastal cities (one in particular) at strict set times/season every single year, without fail!!! Some were swept by the Cvd lockdowns because of travelling and gathering bans/restrictions, which obviously disturbed their contract (rituals) so blood had to come from somewhere. I know of amen individual who died in this manner.

      They have weird wealth/riches. I say weird because the rest of their very closest family members would be dirt poor yet no assistance from them. The wealth comes with strict conditions, and other high level rituals.

      So thank you for sharing, it helps me with prayer points and intercession as I read through the blog and comments.

      To echoe @Celestial’s response, restoration to what the locust and cankerworm have stolen from you, and may God avenge all the injustice and torment you have suffered.

      God bless you and maintain your race.

  16. Karen says:

    Can you repent for taking the vaccine?

  17. Merced says:

    Prophet Celestial, thank you for bringing the pure Word of God to us. What the Lord has said regarding what happens in the Caribbean is so true. I am from the Virgin Islands, which in some ways, can be likened to the population mix in New York City. In the Virgin Islands (VI), there are persons from all over the Caribbean, US, Middle East, India, Philippines, Africa, etc. There are persons from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico who practice santeria, as well as those from Haiti, Dominica, St. Lucia, etc., who practice witchcraft. I was once told by a practitioner “we can do things to people without touching them”. I am covered with the Blood of Jesus Christ and wear His full armor, therefore I was not moved by her words. There are also persons who travel from the VI to these areas to pay with money or with themselves (sexual encounters) to have evil performed for money, power, and promotion for themselves, or for death, and destruction of others. There is also much spilling of blood in the VI through abortions and black-on-black crimes, which is so unfortunate.
    The VI government sold an island to Jeffrey Epstein who practiced all sorts of sordid rituals there. Only God knows of the things that were done there including human/sex trafficking.
    I received the word of God relayed by you. I apply to myself what needs applying. Repentance is my friend with whom I meet daily. If it were not for God’s mercy, I would have been destroyed a long time ago.
    The Word of God is tried Ps 18:30 and pure Ps 12:6. Thank you for your obedience, like the prophets of old, who spoke God’s word without compromise. I pray God continues to richly bless you.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    All I can say is repentance is very much necessary!!!

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