“For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.” – (Romans 1:26-27)

I had dreams and visions today and one of them scared me. The others are the Lord’s direct words to His church and to the world at large about the penalty for homosexual sin. 

God will never judge until He has warned. This is the stage of final warnings, final exposing of transgressions before there is judgement for the things that were warned about. The standard for the end times is Ezekiel 33: The watchman who sees ahead will cry loud what the Judge Of The whole earth says. Stop the sin. Deliver yourself from the snare. Come out of transgression because I see the sword is coming!

Whoever hears the watchman and runs from iniquity, that same will receive Mercy and the Grace that revives and restores even what was lost to the fowler (Satan). Even those on the very brink of destruction who hear the warning and flees the pit of destruction, God will have mercy on them.

But whoever laughs, mocks, saying “What sword!? What’s this nonsense I hear?” Whoever feels, just a little more, I’ll stop soon but it feels so good and I want to keep doing it a little longer. Whoever remains deceived and MISJUDGES the time left for repentance- all because the pastor told them God loves everybody and will never take an accounting for sin- well.

Those people will be like chaff caught in a sudden wind. Wheat cut down in its prime. Early funerals. I’m always saying it, but are people listening, well.. that part is not for me. Here is the message.

When I woke up today I saw two men having sex. No upper body, just their lower bodies doing it. It was not a still image, it was not flashed, it was there and a live vision. I groaned and said why God,  why it’s so early! and the Lord said:

Marburg virus is the penalty of error in the body. Marburg virus is eating the church of Jesus Christ. Marburg will burn through them like wildfire through twigs. The evildoers will be decimated by this fire just as they are on fire of carnal desire for one another. Marburg will take them way.

I closed my eyes so the image would go away and it did, if I opened them it came back so I kept them shut as the Lord spoke to me.

Again: “Marburg virus is a disease yet to come. It is not yet here. It is the penalty of the error in the body and it is eating the church of Jesus Christ.”

I was sleepy but tried to think. Lord, Marburg isn’t here yet. So how can you say in present tense “It is eating the church?” And why the church specifically, why do you only mention the church? You said this disease would be everywhere.

Marburg will strike high and low, old and young but it will burn greatly among evildoers in the church. The church is full of evildoers. The church is greatly homosexual Celestial. The church of Jesus Christ is GREATLY GAY. It is a hidden tendency burning among them like a fire and the pastors are afraid of it because of backlash, they overlook it and talk about other things. They pretend they can’t see it and overlook it for the sake of peace. Also they cannot rebuke it because many of them are gay themselves. Many of the leaders of churches are deep in sexual immorality and a growing prevalence of the immorality is the desire for gay sex.

Many men and women in church have homosexual tendencies and many of them are giving into it, even among the members. The church has been punctured by this sin. Men and women are allowing it because they are tired of fighting it. Homosexuality is flourishing because there is no rebuke. They are pursuing it because they are ‘curious’. They are indulging it because it is forbidden and what is forbidden always attracts and tempts people.

Many who are affected by this have had homosexual encounters in the past, encounter they’ve not repented of. Many of them did this in their early life and did not remove the stain of the past from their garments. They are in church but still unrepented in that sin. The devil will stir up the flesh of mankind until they cannot resist it, and then men will lie with men everywhere, even in the open, and then the end will come. 

Men will be sleeping with men in the end times. Publicly and openly. In some cases, in the street. Public homosexual sex will be caught but in time the punishment for it will become a slap on the wrist, a misdemeanor and then eventually not a crime at all. Men will attract men, crave men and desire men alone. They will not want women and their flesh will burn for male intimacy. This is the end of all things, the fall of God’s pinnacle creation which is the male ADAM.

To whom has God given headship? To whom did I give all responsibility for My garden and creation? To whom did I say, you may partake of all things except this – highest knowledge- which I reserve for Myself? To Adam I gave rulership, headship and dominion but he has cast it to the ground to become a NARCISSIST. A narcissist is one who loves himself to the exclusion of all others. Even so Adam loves “himself”, he loves his own kind. HE LOVES MEN. Therein is his destruction for I said the woman is his companion, not himself.

I will end it when they are laying with themselves, two and three in a bed. People will be two and three or more in a bed before the time of the end. They will do unspeakable things with themselves but the result is the penalty of error in the body. I will finish it when they resort to sodomite intercourse, abusing themselves with themselves.

Denying the rightful use of the woman, also introducing her to sodomite rituals, and denying the right use of the woman by not desiring her at all. This is the word of the Lord.

Marburg fever will eradicate them. Disease will wipe through the church. In my house are many wretched, many proud, many deceived and stubborn. Many foolish, many idolaters, many cowards and liars, many reprobate and apostate. There are many fallen who refuse to get up, who refuse to repent of their iniquity. There are many errors, there shall be many penalties for error in the body. 

As the Lord was speaking I was seeing pictures, scenes, and may His Spirit help me get them out. There are things you see, you don’t ever want to see it again. Things I’ve never seen with my eyes in real life, I am seeing it in this ministry, therefore may the Lord remember me also.

I saw two boys having sex. One was a very small boy, to my mind not above 10 or 11. He had that skinny lean body of all young males, boys tend to grow up first and then fill out when testosterone kicks in at puberty. The other was not really a man, more a youth, not older than 21 years. Pitifully his face carried more or less the same overtones of childhood and innocence as the small boy.

The older one was telling the younger, it won’t hurt too much. I promise. I will be gentle with you. I want you to enjoy this, I will do my best to make it easy your first time. [Lord help me be true to what you showed me].

The smaller one was facing forward on some form of settee or chair that came up to his waist, he bent on it but fear and lack of nerve kept making him stand upright and glance anxiously at the young man, who rubbed his back and reassured him it would be alright. Finally he relented and as soon as they began to have sex the Lord took the vision away.

I then saw grown men doing what I can only call CAVORTING. Cavorting is a wild, almost insane type of dancing, that frolicking and jumping around activity people do when they feel absolutely free and uncaring. It’s usually when people are high or drunk, stoked on drugs or natural adrenaline that they cavort – leaping around, twirling, making outbursts. Imagine a big group of very drunk people after a football game when their team won, that’s what cavorting is.

I saw a wild group of people in the street during what looked like pride parade. A man in striped green  and white knee-high socks, green sneakers, a white wife-beater and tiny green shorts ran across the street during the festivities and began to hump a telephone pole. Another man in a fluffy dress with a feather boa strutted around like a highly paid supermodel- he had to be at least 60 years old, wrinkly, bald with only a little whitening hair on both sides, swinging his hips with a big handbag rocking on his arm. ALL TYPES OF MEN DID ALL TYPES OF THING IN A WILD MIX, I can’t describe each one just those that stuck out. Men were doing the can-can in exact can-can dresses from Vegas, lifting high their dresses to expose underwear and energetic kicks to the sky. It was just bedlam, madness and I said God why, what is this you’re showing me. It did not stop.

I saw men kissing, I mean passionately kissing, tenderly kissing,the kind of kiss that says “ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU ALONE, KISSED PERSON.” They held each others faces and stared in each others eyes like nothing in the world existed but that moment with that other man. It was nothing short of this photo and I ask any of you reading to tell me, what form of power do you think it will take to convince someone in these depths (for these are indeed DEPTHS)– what power is needed so that he (or she) is able to break free and come out of this? I can tell you, the kind of power most of the church LACKS.

What do you think it will take to penetrate this mindset and reveal to someone this heavily invested, that there is a hidden cost to this, a penalty of error in the body? As Christians we must be mature, we must learn to think about things logically and stop being so sensitive for everything.

Does anyone think it’s an easy task to approach someone who has MADE THIS THEIR ENTIRE LIFE’S PHILOSOPHY TO DO THIS? One who has given their body over to do this, some people have been in this life since the 1970s and we can just tell them in a kitchen-table chat “Oh dear! I hope you’ll see the light and not do this anymore?” Do we really think it’s with these often weak, unprepared and usually fearful words we use as a church afraid of losing friends, that we can tell someone “Your whole life is a lie, but Jesus is coming with fire so it’s time to let it go?”

I look at people approaching this spiritual matter which is bone-deep in every community today and I wonder- Would you easily let go if someone told you the sun was cold? Do you think Satan gives up his captives easily? Boys are recruited into this as preteens or raped as barely out of infancy, while some have been 20 to 30 years in this life –  and we think we’ll walk up to the mountain stronghold and say “Knock knock stronghold! Hello! I’ve come with the Good News!”

Church of God. Let this perspective- which may be the first time hearing it put like this for you- let it be with you deeply as you LEARN TO PRAY EFFECTIVELY over these issues. As you process this prophecy you will better understand why the country is tearing itself to pieces right in front of you.

You will understand why your family who are in this alphabet life seem like granite, brick and searing lava when you try to talk to them. You will hear from God Himself, why those of you with children, parents, siblings and best friends in the alphabet life- can never seem to get through to them.

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE FORM OF IMMERSIVE SIN PARADING AS A “LIFESTYLE.” You might as well take a teaspoon to a sword-fight if you’re unprepared to fight this spirit, it will take spiritual determination and total unwillingness to quit or take no for an answer, before you can win your people back from it


It is not impossible, but engaging this spirit isn’t easy. I say it so the Church (what’s left that’s not already falling prey to this)- must learn how to properly deal with it and count the cost.

I slept again but the dream I had scared me to where I decided to wake up for the day.

I dreamt I was sitting in my car having a quick meal. I was parked a few houses down from a big house I shared with others, trying to eat fast going back to work. In reality I live alone and don’t have a car, furthermore this was not an apartment but a real house. 

I was eating when my phone rang, I clicked it on with a finger, put it on speaker and waited for the caller to speak first. The man’s voice wasn’t anyone I knew and in a few seconds it was very clear he wasn’t speaking to me and hadn’t intended to call me. It was a cross-line.

He said How’re you doing but my mouth was full of food so I couldn’t answer, and it’s a good thing I didn’t.

Another man said, Not so good. I don’t feel too good at all. The first man sounded guarded in his reply, he said Oh? What do you think it could be? His had this edge in his voice like, be careful what you say next. I think the second man picked it up because after a brief hesitation he said I think.. I think I have to get used to it. That’s it. I’m still recovering. I think that’s what it is, I need to get used to it. I’m still recovering, that’s all. 

The first guy sounded relieved, he said Yeah, it does take a little getting used to it but… everybody does it. You’ll get used to it and you’ll reap the benefits. You’ll see.

He then turned the conversation to government things. I mean high level, watch-me-choke-on-a-sandwich-as-I-realize-this-call-is-between-two-high-powered-men-in-WASHINGTON D.C., that type of government things. I lost interest in my food, I sat there amazed, listening. I wish I could remember now what they said. I heard words like House, Senate, Office of the President and other things that made me freeze with tension. I stopped eating and held the sandwich because I was afraid that even the wrapper might rustle. I can’t recall anything those men were casually chatting about, I know Yah took it away when I woke up because if not I would write it here.

After a while their voices got low. Too low, too thick even for men. The sick one started heavy breathing on the phone and after a while of listening to it the other one stopped talking and soon they were both heavy breathing. That’s when I realized these men were doing something sexual on the call and I made a small sound. Which I deeply regretted.

The man who wasn’t sick spoke playfully in his normal voice: Well well well. it looks like we have a caller on the line! Hellooo caller, where’re you listening from?! Hmmm? Wherrrrreee are you listeningggg from?!

I know the things I speak of may sound like nothing when people read them in daylight, but I bet if anyone had to be in my spot it would not feel that way. My dreams give no sign they’re dreams. I sleep and find myself places with things happening like I’m there- to find myself connected on a high level calls with what sounds like one man ‘recovering’ from a same-sex ritual, talking to the one who no doubt did it to him or brought him into it, is not a joke, especially if you can’t tell it’s not real.

The heat, the busy street, even the way sunshine can be so irritating when you’re parked wrong and trying to eat your food, half your face frying in direct sunlight yet you’re too hungry to find another parking space – all this was happening like REALITY.

So when that man noticed me connected to that “high level national security/ gay men rituals” talk, yes and absolutely, I wanted to evaporate because I mistakenly gave myself away. 

The one impersonating an evil deejay said Well what’s this?! Caller? You won’t talk? Well then why don’t I just spyyyy with my little eye and see where you are? Why don’t we just find our little silent caller?

And I saw a vision of what the American government can do. Whistleblowers may have tried to warn us but either they weren’t clear in telling us the magnitude of what this government can do in terms of personal trace and tracking, or maybe it’s just me who didn’t listen properly.

See the extent and outcome of government tracking: Tracking & Technology In America.  

I had a vision of the man: A dark-haired man with very lean cheekbones; black hair, eyes with semi-heavy eyelids like he’s sleepy, cheeks sharp like they’d been shaved with a razor. Quick fingers, typing on a keyboard trying to find me- and suddenly, a wide angle map pulled up. For him this map pulled up on a laptop, for me God swung the map right in the air before me. I saw all the states in solid colors like kids learn in school- red, yellow, pink, blue, green, and abbreviations: OR, AK, IA, NY, MO, KY, in bold ink to stand out from the rest.

The map spread out and something started running rapidly like a dial or time-counter, whirrrr…. looking over the states. In mere seconds it leapt out of the south and midwest and came to the east coast, whirrrrr again and New York leapt forward and enlarged. I was horrified, I thought in seconds this man will find me, cut the call. Hang up. Hang up! HANG UP!! Frantically pressing the red button to hang up but the button was jammed to keep the line open so the machine could finish its stalking.

I had an unbelievably old outdated phone, it looked older than a Nokia, mercifully the kind whose battery can be taken out. I dropped the sandwich and started scrabbling to open the back of the phone. Meanwhile I saw with shock New York turn from a solid color to actual buildings viewed from the sky, it looked exactly like Google Earth when you zoom in too close. The view began to narrow, narrow, narrow to where I was while I’m struggling with the back of the phone to get a fingernail under it and grab the battery out for a hard reset.

Just as I did it, the signal pinged on the street and location and circled the house I was parked in front of. Gotcha, said the man softly, and I lifted the lid of the phone took the battery out and flung it into the weeds on the side of the street. Shaking. God did he see me in the car? God did he find me?

I could still see the vision, the red circle on the house I was parked in front of. A house that’s not my house, because when I came home there was no parking so I had to go four houses up the street to get a spot. A house people would come to and probably do things to the innocent ones living there, because somebody thought one of them heard something. Right as I realized that I woke up.

People do gay rituals for money. People do gay rituals for power. Men stick their business into other men in secret societies and among the most decorated doctors, lawyers, bankers, and ‘distinguished military gentlemen’ in the United States. Politicians do it almost as drinking water, and most of the nation looks on and says Rah America Rah.

I won’t pretend to anyone. It stresses me a lot to see certain things. Male nakedness is for a man’s wife not me, but these men don’t want wives they want each other. They do what invites severe judgement from God and because it overflows here the whole land will receive disasters for this, as well as personal punishments coming to those who do this. People think why does she speak of it so much, BECAUSE GOD IS THE ONE LOOKING AND SPEAKING ON HIS OWN BEHALF. I am only the vocal cords He is using.

Jesus has laid these matters on me hopefully only for a season – to expose what’s so deeply embedded in culture now that people have accepted it, affirmed it and are even glorifying it. Do we think God will let this go in silence?

On top of that He is pointing His finger at HIGH, HIGHER, HIGHEST LEVEL PLACES, exposing what they do in secret. There will be no excuse in the day of accounting for this, for America or any other place these sins are practiced.

Young boys are bringing younger boys into the homosexual life, and why? BECAUSE OLDER MEN BROUGHT THEM INTO IT FIRST! (See the prophecy: The Sodomy Ritual Pt 2). These children are hurting themselves calling it love, freedom and experimentation and the adults are AWOL IN THE WIND, clueless what goes on behind locker room doors and on campus. How can it go unpunished, if a generation of men is on the way who only want men where do you see their future?


Marburg is one the Lord named, there are other sicknesses that come easily to mind as well. Sudden death is something the Lord has spoken to this community since 2020, as well as painful and shameful sicknesses.

‘Everyone will see and smell you are sick.’ He said. ‘You will be ashamed, everyone will know you have disease and that is because you continue to disobey My commandments.’

America especially is set on provoking God with this sin, it’s gotten to where women are doing it to attract and keep men, to seem like “exciting, sexy girls who aren’t boring”. Yet when God finally comes down and scatters the chess pieces into an early grave then the fake crying will start: ‘But why is God mad at us, what did we do?’

I am TIRED of this. I am rightly dismayed at the turn these visions are taking. IT IS TOO SERIOUS, too much coming in so fast, and that always tells me God is near or already at a cut-off point. Things have piled up like Sodom and Gommorah to where God is saying:

“Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievousI will go down now and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I WILL KNOW.” – (Genesis 18:20- 21)

Righteous people are grieved at the amount of sin around us everywhere (Ezekiel 9:4):

And the Lord said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh and cry over all the abominations that are done within it.”

There are people sick with fear of the Lord and heartache over what this country has reinvented itself into. They know God and they know what is coming for the sins of our cities. People claim Oh our leaders did this! but I ask- is it the leaders we see in the pride parade and on college campuses defending abortion and all the rest?

I tell you the leaders set the tone but the people LOVE THE AGENDA. They live to see it through.

From ordinary homes all over this nation this poison has leaked to the whole world- MYSTERY BABYLON DEFILES WHATEVER SHE TOUCHES, and who hasn’t America touched by now? Who is encouraging children everywhere to love, defend and do these things? It’s their peers. The teens. It’s the willing parents who- for one babbled sentence from a toddler that doesn’t know anything- will rip away that baby’s natural gender and replace it with hormone therapy so strong it is guaranteed to produce a totally confused and twisted young adult in less than 18 years.

Is it “the elite” leaping around like goats in the pride parade, or is it not the mothers, fathers, sisters, children and extended family of ordinary people? Think soberly, you be the judge.

It’s sometimes hard to enjoy life with the agendas pushed in our faces from every side, just as Lot got frustrated living in a town of men who lusted after men. God has allowed frustration to rise here so people will PRAY as Abraham and the rest did back then, just how He allowed frustration to rise from towns all over Sodom until finally He said: “I WILL GO DOWN, AND SEE IF IT IS SO.”

These are blunt, highly personal, detailed things I’m seeing here. They are also a lot of them, more than I can type, small things like seeing men breastfeed in the future. They are difficult, problematic and even dangerous things, stuff most people aren’t willing to stand up and speak about publicly. People talk safely at home while some throw stones at those who do have courage to speak. For the Lord’s sake I will speak, after that if there is no repentance things will fall where they will.

Please make sure to keep yourself fully informed on what the Lord has to say on this:

Adam My Adam

Sexual Immorality In The End Times

The Sodomy Ritual, Pt 1

The Sodomy Ritual, Pt 2

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33 Comments Add yours

  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you again dear sister Celestial for sharing this prophetic message. We are listening to what the Lord is saying. God bless you.

  2. Bridge says:

    Thanks for posting. Do you think it’s possible the images might be triggering for some people? I had a problem with sometimes looking at anime porn but I try to stay away from anything triggering knowing its a slippery slope. God has healed me from those lusts but I shouldn’t seek after it and get ensnared again.

    Also, I have created Indie video games before but am taking it easy because of the warning about taking children away from the faith. Have to be careful what you put out there. My point in this is that on video game sites like itch, there are a huge amount of “boy love” games, and lgbtq games are overrunning the non lgbtq games. Everyone 20 and under seems to be gay these days or wanting to be gay. A lot of straight girls like boy love because they like boys and think it’s cute or something. 😞

    Lord have mercy and help us find a way to reach this children for they know not what they do.

    1. Celestial says:

      I can’t really see your point about triggering but here’s what I can see. Christians love to pretend real life doesn’t exist. Like God or someone (maybe me) owes them the task of “sanitizing” truth so it’s cute for Sundays. Unless you live in your house all day with no lights and TV, THIS IMAGE IS REAL LIFE. I’m not taking anything off so we can act like people and their tiny kids didnt just get done being boiled in the eyes by seeing it ALL JUNE LONG. We see this at the mall, train, bus, waiting in line at the store, parents meetings, and even trying to relax on holiday. It’s everywhere but on a prophecy website suddenly I need kid gloves and to worry about ‘triggers’. This is real life, if I have to see it and deal with it we’re all gonna see it. It’s there so we stare at reality & where its at & STOP PRETENDING. I’ve never been one for cotton wool theology.

      1. Bridge says:

        That’s true. Its pretty unavoidable. I don’t think about often how much churchianity tends to stick their heads in the sand about such issues.

        Maybe that’s why young ones in the church get so ensnared.

  3. Shawna K says:

    This is in the news now. July 12th. These words are happening quickly.

  4. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

    Hi Celestial, just wanted to share with you an article dated today in relation to your post “ The End of Age”
    God bless sister 🙏🏻

  5. BBRob says:

    One huge problem to me is that many assemblies have abolished the laws of the Father. They believe the things he has said are done away with. So it has created room for false teachings and a light message that Abba is just about love. There is even a sect called Gay Christians!!! Gay Bishops etc. There is hardly any fear of the Father among the assemblies. Breaking his laws has consequences. Don’t children get punished when they disobey? How much more with our Father on high?

    The laws of Adonai are forever and people ought to know and walk in them as well as teach their children about them. Too much looseness in the assemblies.

    It’s truly difficult reading this. But thanks for sharing all you have been sharing sis. Especially where the children are concerned. It shows how we should pray for the innocence of our own children and others near and far to be protected.

    Please pray for Homeschooling. The governments are trying to infiltrate and control as much as they can.

  6. Kakou elsé says:

    Hello Sister Céleste, thank you for sharing, I share an experience I had while working in a centre for disabled people. I had a new colleague who joined the team of caregivers, he was depressed I approached him, asked what his problem was. He told me that it was disputed with his boyfriend, and as I listened i learned his partner was a Maghreb married man with children! I hallucinated (I couldn’t believe it). Afterwards I told him he should leave this life because to God it is an abominable sin, the Lord will make him pay the price. He told me to he was raped in his childhood by an uncle, he tried girls but he felt nothing for them, he turned naturally towards men. IN short I was the voice of reason, my fervent Catholic colleagues sequestered him in a room with holy water for deliverance, each days he was persecuted with this until he hated Christians. I assured him we are not all the same, he must not mix us all up. He was so enraged by everything but I tried to talk to him about salvation, sin, that one day he will be before God, he thanked me by telling me that I was the only one who listened to him with brotherly love. But he is not distracted from his voices and eventually I became his enemy. God is good. He wanted me to be fired and take my post but the Lord did not allow. Instead they fired him. I told him I am not just anyone I am a child of God, I said that my Heavenly Father will do me justice because I have never been against him.

    1. Celestial says:

      I appreciate this testimony and all those who have shared their walk concerning this, whether seeing it or being in it or trying to get yourself or someone else out of it. It is a great snare but the power of God is greater. He sets the captives free.

  7. Mrs YahushasTrumpet says:

    Blessings Sister Celestial,
    Just wanted you to know that Marburgs is already being reported with cases on the rise. The WHO has been conducting emergency meetings for possible emergency declarations declared worldwide for increasing cases in Marburgs, Monkey pox, and COVID 19 of different variants.

    Here’s latest link regarding Marburgs from July 8, 2022.

    Pray you are given some reprieve by YAH to sleep & rest well, but also not have to constantly see these horrific things. YAH bless you beloved!

    Love in Christ Jesus,
    Debbie 🙏💖

  8. loriqwriter says:

    Celestial- Thank you for your obedience to Our Lord. What you are shone by Him cannot be easy to see. I am grateful you are strong in Him and continue to write and share what you see. It takes a strong believer to carry out what God has mandated for you to do. God Bless you and keep you safe under His wing.

  9. Edna Moore says:

    Celestial check this out. I have been prompted to share. May Yah Abba Father continues to bless you.

  10. Barna says:

    Dear Celestial
    Thank you for sharing all these wit us…May the Lord strengthen you while you receive these visions and dreams. It’ hard to bear it. Even for me who just read them it’s pretty hard but we have to know about it.There is no words for…All this world is just keep sinking into the marsh of sin.So disgusting

  11. Christine says:

    My sister, I pray the balm of Gilead pour through the memory centre of your mind and heart, that all images of abominations would be obliterated by the Blood of the Lamb and that the Spirit of Holiness would restore your soul as you are an obedient messenger of final warnings.

    1. Bridge says:

      This is beautiful.

  12. KC says:

    I found your Youtube channel and subsequently your blog, I believe, by the Holy Spirit, God led me to see the truth of what is behind the curtain in 2018. It was a horrifying experience to know the terrible truth about what powers this world. My heart was especially broken for the children. I remember crying before the Lord and asking when He would say, “Enough is enough!” The last few prophesies you published have answered my question. It has been both good and bad to see, with some clarity, the plans unfolding rapidly. It is discouraging that the majority of people are blissfully unaware. I am so thankful to have found you. My heart was cut when you shared how you hate seeing what is shown you and yet God has so few friends…You also said, and correctly so, how no one would want their daughter to see what you see and then have to share such repugnant and graphic information. It is hard to hear and I cannot imagine how hard it is to see. So, thank you for sharing the truth at this very late hour. I am thankful that God’s mercy is so extensive that I and many may be able to truly repent while while we are still able. I share your messages with my adult children. They have found themselves out of the shelter of a God fearing home and in this wicked world. I have not interceded for them, my loved ones, and the nations as I do now, with great fervency. Thank you for communicating the tremendous need to fortify our inner man to be able to contend with what is unfolding. I won’t lie; what is coming is terrifying and, even with the advance warning, we will need to draw on His supernatural strength to fortify our weak arms and feeble knees. Again, thank you. I realize that these messages are here now and may disappear at any time. May God truly bless you a hundred fold for being His friend and boldly sharing what no person would ever want to hear.
    On another note, I sent a gift through this site. PayPal did not offer any other option but I wrote “gift” in the message box. The conformation said that my gift went to, E. I want to send another but I want to be sure that is going to you. Many, many thanks.
    Also, for some reason, the +follow button does not show up on my laptop or phone. I would like to be notified by email but, I check in here daily so I do not miss an entry.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello KC. Kindly put ur email here here very briefly and I will add you to the site for subscription. The “follow” button shows up if you roll your cellphone screen up and down while on any post on the blog, just watch for it in the bottom corner- it pops up or goes away as you roll your screen. Failing that, pls put ur email for a bit I’ll do it for you. Your gift was safe, thank you, there are no copies of The Master’s Voice on PayPal. 🌺

  13. Pamela Bowman says:

    This was a very good video and blog post. The technology to locate anyone instantly is indeed being used. The show Blacklist showed the CIA and FBI using computer technology exactly as you described to know the location of terrorists etc.
    Blacklist also had an episode where Raymond Reddington was poisoned by some venom and knew the vaccine antidote he needed to get quickly or he was going to die.
    They tell us the truth in movies but most people are not spiritually awake and believe the movies like X-Men and all the Marvel characters are make believe characters created to entertain us.
    I tell my younger friends that all the supernatural characters such as Thor are fallen angels. These are the same fallen angels and gods I studied in Latin and King Arthur. This is how they record their history and maintain the knowledge and power to rule this world.

  14. Bob says:

    You mention in your YouTube videos to come to the blog and read, as clarification can be found. So after watching the video, I came here, because I was dumbfounded when you said that Adam loves his own kind and he loves men. Are you saying that Adam was a homosexual??

    1. Celestial says:

      Adam was with no man in the Bible. I’m certain you can read and understand better than this, as the post is very clear who God is speaking to. It surely isn’t dead Adam because what would be the point of the prophecy? Who wears dresses and heels with beards today? That’s who ‘Adam’ is.

    2. Adam as a kind, not Adam as a first Adam husband of Eve.

  15. Karen says:

    Dear Celestial

    This prophecy has been fulfilled. There are two reported cases of Marburg in Ghana (both individuals have died); 98 are confirmed potentially infected from contact tracing.

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you for the update sister, but these prophecies are not even close to being fulfilled. The scale the Lord revealed for Marburg & similar outbreaks will be on a devastating, worldwide, & ” impossible to miss” scale. Everything on this blog is speaking of a visible, international level. A prophecy is only fulfilled when everything in it has happened, or a large part of it. Please see below:

      1. Flourish&Thrive says:

        Chances are many have see this or similar headlines. Actually, I had to come back after I had already typed the below headlines to say “actually nevermind”, because it seems like a bad rash all over the internet.

        This is the title to a video made by Firstpost on 3 April:
        “After COVID-19, Time for the World to Brace for Deadly Marburg Virus? | Vantage with Palki Sharma”

        NY Times 3 April:
        “New Marburg Outbreaks in Africa Raise Alarm About the Deadly Virus’s Spread”

        And WION posted this one on 4 April:
        “Marburg outbreak in Africa: All you need to know about this LETHAL VIRUS | WION Originals”

        Fox News on 7 April:
        “Marburg virus: CDC warns US public health officials of Ebola-like disease”

        Mail online 7 April:
        “Is Marburg virus already in America? CDC issues alert to US doctors telling them to lookout for signs of disease that has a 50% killrate and causes patients to bleed from their EYES”

        The Telegraph posted this on 17 April:
        “Growing concern over Marburg outbreak as Equatorial Guinea struggles to track cases”

  16. Johanna Hofer says:

    What a powerful message, God help us be strong and stand up for what is right. Thanks for sharing this prophecy. How come I can’t always find the blogs to read the message instead of listening, can anyone help me. I love reading it.

  17. Southern Welding Rebel says:

    I too have been very concerned n dismayed over the behavior of man these days. I’m a 43 year old recently widowed woman. My husband and I strongly believe in the so called ole fashioned ways. I do not disrespect ppl but I do not condone not believe in these new ” fads”. It makes me weep for the future my children and grandchildren are going to be facing. I’ve also seen how viciously family has turned on family and just the evilness filling this world.

  18. marie says:

    What kind of limitations on married couples? It is not very clear if there are certain acts that are not acceptable couples need to know.

    1. Celestial says:

      So if this site did not exist Marie? If I was not born, are you suggesting it is impossible for anyone to know without an online blog, what is fit for man and woman in the marriage bed? Is there no Bible and Holy Spirit to seek about what pleases God?

  19. brothertyler44 says:

    Marburg prophecy getting more real by the day
    I know its already confirmed but now the CDC is warning about it.
    Repent daily people.

  20. Lyn says:

    Lord help us, this is 🤯🤯🤯

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