THE SODOMY RITUAL, Pt 2 – July 5, 2022


“But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” – (Matthew 18:6)

I continue with the revelations of the Lord Yah, given to me this afternoon after worship.

The Horn (Strength) of Homosexuality Rising In Africa

I saw men in Nigeria dressed in openly feminine clothes. I didn’t say Hawaiian print shirts, loud colors on men, or flamboyant male stuff that’s ‘more brightly colored but for men’. I saw men strutting and standing around in DRESSES AND SKIRTS IN NIGERIA – pink, green, yellow- colors for women but also CLOTHES FOR WOMEN- men wearing dresses and skirts.

Some wore those flow-y viscose dresses with nice patterns, like white ferns printed on a green or light blue background. The material of the dresses billowed and flowed around when they moved. Some wore a man’s shirt and suit jacket but the bottom was a skirt. Their shoes were male shoes. They were posing. They were men. They had HANDBAGS. They were MEN, wearing dresses, skirts, brightly colored handbags and those “bad boy” sunglasses with the obvious red, pink, or white rims. Primping. Posing. I saw this in Africa. This is what is coming over there.

Prophecy: The devil will rip away manhood in Africa and replace it in many places with gay life, transgenderism and open homosexual lobbies and agendas. It will not be taboo; Africans will be involved in what they have not accepted or practiced before and it is the sign of the times.

“Behold, for the devil will come down to you and dwell among you, this is the word of the Lord.”

This is what Yah says: Homosexuality will rise until it is a leading force in the world. It will be a militant and POWERFUL lobby. Most people who have tried it will be snared by it and you will see this move become the dominant move in the end times. Recount the vision.

*Note: A lobby is a powerful, vocal and well-organized group, usually banded together for advancing political agendas IN government or TO government. Lobbies/ lobbyists are usually funded by people behind the scenes who don’t want to be identified to the public, but they have very deep pockets and are very effective at advancing what they set out to do.

And I began to see replays of visions I saw a few months ago, things retired directly to my archives with not one thought that they’d ever be printed by me on this blog.

The Sodomy Ritual On American Teens

*I’m heartbroken to see this again. I am heartbroken to relive this vision. I saw a set of visions months ago- about six or seven very horrible things. I will only share about young men held in an underground chamber. Their nakedness was not hidden from me. God will often cover up nakedness in visions but not that day. 

These were not young boys but teens on the cusp of adulthood. They were held as part of an underground ritual involving men in a brotherhood, men with masks on in red and black (some masks red, some black). Every man in that place was naked. The place was lit with those sweaty fat candles that smell like pigs fat or whatever, and what those men did to those boys was unspeakable and unthinkable.

None of the boys were bound, nobody’s hands were tied up for me to say “and the boys were tied and bound there against their will.” None were tied up because they knew if they refused they would die right there in that underground room. Everyone knew it- the men and the boys- so the look on those boys’ faces was hopeless and bitter as they were dragged around from man to man by their hair.

‘By their hair’ means the boys sat huddled in one corner of the room watching other boys being raped, which is a very important part of this ritual. It is very important to these wicked people to utterly destroy hope in the victims hearts– and the way you do it is by making them watch it happen first to other people. The horror of it, the hopeless destruction of it, you make them watch and let it trickle down in their mind that ‘Soon it’s going to happen to you too.’

*Nothing on this blog is isolated. Whatever I’m talking about I already said it before, I saw it before and revealed it. In this post in 2020 I saw an adult sodomizing a child, other adults were present and small children were made to watch. The prophecy is here, click this link: Feeding Frenzy.

The process of these grown boys watching as their brain did the math: ‘Soon it will be my turn, it’s going to be me next’- it was terrible. This why there is A HIGH RATE OF SUICIDE among some of these children. They die and nobody knows what they’ve been doing but you will hear it on this blog. As I saw this months ago I said God this one is not for publishing, I’m not going to talk about this, yet here the Lord has sent me to talk about what I said will never come from my mouth in public.

Sex ritual victims are destroyed by PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE before anyone destroys them physically. There’s no limit to the damage caused by seeing something so horrible happen, knowing it’s going to happen to you next.

Physical damage to the body goes far but these boys’ minds are already destroyed watching what happens to others, knowing it will happen to them. Their hearts are ripped with fear before any man ever comes to the corner to grab them up by the hair, ready to abuse them physically.

Even if the man who takes a boy is scrawny, skinny and wiry as a whip, even if he is way shorter than a ripped and muscled teenage boy the boy bends his neck towards his ‘master’, terrified and submissive. These men strut with their captive gripped by the hair to a corner of this underground stone room, to any space that is not occupied, and falls upon the boy to rape him at will.

I saw no guards or guns in this room. The TERROR that monitors and controls these children is enough. They know they will be sacrificed if they refuse. This is life in America, the sodomy ritual of those who steal children and adults off the streets for money then use them for entertainment and as a way to offer sacrifices to their gods.

A few months ago I woke to God talking with me. He was already talking. I heard Him say Do you love me? I said Lord I love you with all my heart, you are best and first love. He said Are you my friend, I said Lord I am your friend and confidante forever. Then He said, Then see what I see.

For about 10 or 15 minutes I saw scenes taking place in America, until my brain intervened and shut down the visions. I’ve never had that happen before. I see a ton of things, more than I’ll ever say on this blog. I’ve made no secret that I don’t want to share some of it. But I do see it and keep it.

But that day as I saw this set of visions my brain said, No thank you. I did not sign up for this. I will not participate, and even though God was still showing me things my brain shut down and I fell into a dead sleep. When I woke up I was bewildered. I said God, did I really see what I saw? 

In reply, all the images I saw before came flooding back. I will only write two of them for the sake of this post, which is called- The Sodomy Ritual, Pt 2. This is all one post from Part 1, however this info below is from my journal entry of April 20, 2022 entitled – Bitter Griefs In The Lord’s Heart.

God told me this entire America is crawling with pedophiles. Crawling He said, the surface of America is covered with- and breeds– pedophiles. He said it’s a pointless imagination thinking only the wealthy and powerful abuse children. It is happening EVERYWHERE, in endless homes; children are being destroyed and abused almost as fast as they are being born.  

“The entire surface of America is covered with those who rape children and that’s why I will show no mercy. I will burn this country til the soil of it turns to glass, I will boil the ground til the sand of it melts to glass. For what they do to children.”

“They sodomise boys and girls, grown men and women. They force teen boys to come to private parties and strip down to nothing, telling them it’s a good way to save money for college. The things those boys do will affect them for life, they will never be able to carry on normal life. They steal their manhood and destroy any trace of what I made them to be.”

Vision 1: As the Lord was talking I saw little girls and boys on their hands and knees being raped by grown men in masks. Just an orgy of naked flesh everywhere, small children, little girls or boys it made no difference, some of them crying but a few tough ones who (I guess) had gotten used to the pain, they were making a grim face to hold it in. Older boys not the smaller kids, 12 – 14 years old I’d say. Not crying anymore, just bearing it the best they could.

Vision 2: I saw boys aged 16- to (maybe) 19, dressed like Vegas female dancers. Gold underwear, gold body glitter, huge gold feathered headdresses or turbans, dancing and waving their arms in some kind of desperate, uncomfortable dance. The boys danced for men seated at tables scattered around some kind of VERY DIM, awful, bordello type room. The “stage” wove all through the tables so the boys had to walk around to reach everyone watching them. They had to weave through all tables and pause at various tables to interact with patrons. This is what they were paid for.

What those men did to those children. May I never see it again. People stroked their legs and buttocks as they passed. Some men took down the crotch flap of the boys’ underwear and sucked their privates, some men merely rubbed them and put money in their underwear. The look on the children’s faces was sick, sick, sick- they ALL looked like people forced to do something against their will.

After the event they went backstage and counted the money in their underwear, HUGE amounts of bills, these kids had thousands stuck in their underwear for one night. I saw their hearts. Sick but also amazed that this much money could be gotten so easily. Most of them were trying to tell themselves it was only for a little while they would do this, and then they would be done. 

But they were CHILDREN, with no idea of the terrible cost of sexuality especially if it is ruined, abused or tampered with. SEX IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN CAST OFF, it will cling to you and destroy you if you play with it the wrong way.

I saw further down the road. Some boys became mentally unstable, unable to handle social life or finish college. They became estranged from their families and their grades suffered as memories of what they did (or what those men had done to them), choked them relentlessly. They fell out of the race of life. They flunked out of school and failed at all their hoped-for accomplishments.

Some got VERY angry and violent and started drinking and abusing drugs. They were full of rage yet they couldn’t tell anybody the source of it- what they had done, or what had been done to them.

Some of them committed suicide. Some died right in their dorm rooms and never completed the college they said they were doing it for. But some of them killed themselves as adult men, some in troubled marriages to affirm their manhood but others alone at the kitchen table.

I saw a man laying across the kitchen table alone in his apartment, with a spilled pill bottle at his feet. He couldn’t deal with the past. I saw far-reaching carnage, tendrils of destruction that continued long after these children were out of the reach of the men who abused them at first.

AND SOME OF THEM TURNED GAY. Yes, as the Lord let the scenes play I saw some boys return more and more to that dancing, enjoying the dancing, now gay as hell, kissing the patrons back and welcoming their vile attentions. These ones turned like women- divas- coquettish and dangerous like sexy Vegas female dancers. After shows some of them went backstage with the richest men and offered their backsides for sex up against the stage curtains which I saw with my own eyes. They turned one thousand percent gay and that was the end of them- they went ‘into the life’ and became promoters and recruiters of other, younger, more innocent boys who needed money as they once did.

The last thing God said to me that morning (April 12, 2022, the day I passed out to protect my spirit from what God has to look at every day)- was this: 

I will burn it to glass. I will never have mercy. I will never forgive. For this, for all this, America will burn from end to end until there is no trace of her left.

If anyone ever thinks me and them are having the same day, an average day, we probably aren’t. I say it all the time- most people don’t have a clue what God looks at daily, or what it cost me to see it. They find the blog and get upset why Yah speaks so harshly against America – Why are all the messages negative! Why is our judgement so heavy!

Do you even know where we LIVE? As He said in Part One, have you lifted up the flag and seen the dead men’s bones beneath?

When the prophecies on this blog begin to manifest, when the harsh, hard things God has spoken as His permanent decision against America are becoming realities – remember this post. Remember why the nation is judged.

For the sake of men, women but especially children who are being ruined, abused and in some cases uprooted from life as causally as weeds on the sidewalk, God will burn America to glass. That means the very soil will be cooked until it does what sand does when exposed to impossible heat:

It bubbles and turns to glass.

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Marie Kotze says:

    Hi Celestial
    Thank you for your obedience to bring forth what God charges you with. I pray for your sanity and wellbeing with all you have to see. May the Blood of Jesus cover our children and innocent people to protect them from all the wickedly evil in our world today.
    Kind regards
    Marie – South Africa

  2. Celestial says:

    If this message is read with Pt 1 several things are clear. There’s a TARGETED WAR on children- stealing, raping & defiling them. Using them for human sacrifice. That was covered 2 years ago in BLOOD TO DRINK: It is 1000% clear from many posts on this blog that ritual sacrifice and rape of all ages are part of the fabric of the USA.

    However, young people are also being GREATLY TEMPTED by fast money & false promises. Underground stories of “Dude there’s some old guys who pay a ton of cash for, you know, just one night of ‘stuff'”. Even girls are doing this. These kids don’t know Satan is behind all this, waiting to lunge out like a lion and tear them. They do stuff they can’t recover from just to make a buck- their parents have no clue what sons and daughters do with their bodies for money.

    I’ll never pretend on this blog. I SAY IT AS I SEE IT. God says it’ll all come out, EXPOSED, all of it, everything, including those who are doing this to the population. He said they are on TAPE. So be it.

    1. Celestial says:

      I also will say this. If anyone’s soul clenches and says “Why is it so graphic” I’ll tell you why. I live in an age of filth. I’m called in an age of FILTH. If I was called in Bible times I’d be saying Share your excess with the poor! Do not commit adultery! Fear the Lord your God!

      But I’m born now. With online porn & kids live-streaming sex for likes and cash. I’m born when babies are sold on the black market for WHO KNOWS WHAT, when men don’t buy their wives clothes anymore- they WEAR them. God sees each era in its sin, so prophecy always sounds exactly like what the people of the era are. This is life NOW.

      1. Mr. Pirkka Kukkola says:

        Dear Celestial, my youngest brother died from alcoholism, diabetes, and liver failure at 48. He was never baptized. My parents were not devout Lutherans, and did not know the reason why he fell prey to Satan and demons. His life was ruined by heavy metal music, and horror films. He became infested with demons, did not finish high school, and became severely mentally ill, never leaving home, and living in a basement bedroom for the rest of his life, a recluse; all he did was watch movies, collect pictures of girls from the daily newspaper to masturbate to, and drink himself to drunkenness. Once, when I prayed for him in the hospital, suddenly Jesus appeared to him, and to him only. Jesus told him: “It was not your fault. It was the high school you were in, and society……” Adding:…”The world is filth.” Before he died, my wife and I prayed for him. He is in Heaven now. We know because he appeared to my wife in a vision while she was on the street, and he thanked her for praying for him. She said he was “young, blond, and beautiful…dressed all in blue.” Then he disappeared. I thank the Lord for the tender mercy He showed to my brother. And I always tell this story, so as to repeat the Lord’s words:….”The world is FILTH.”

    2. LaToya says:

      Yesterday I listened to a well known fitness instructor’s story about his years of sexual abuse from a young age. I was sick to my stomach…overwhelmed with grief. So I can’t even imagine the magnitude of how you feel with what Yah allows you to see. I had to just pray for him and countless others that have gone through these horrific acts. He’s now living a homosexual lifestyle.
      How do we truly protect our children from this? Especially children who are nonverbal or have trouble communicating (such as autism). This wickedness is even in schools and so much of it is done by people who are ‘loved and trusted’ like family. I know there may not be an answer outside of diligent prayer and discernment. My son is going to middle school and I am trying to be as transparent with him about God’s Word, His promises, and why He will judge this world. It’s a bit overwhelming for him but I don’t want him to be ignorant.
      I apologize for the length of this post. But I do want to thank you Sister Celestial for sharing Yah’s words with us. May He keep you in perfect peace and continually bless you.

      1. Celestial says:

        Sexual abuse of children is fast becoming the baseline in America. The Lord said the land is absolutely crawling with it, yet people think it’s only rich & famous doing it. I saw a dad sleep with a grown daughter til she was on the edge of suicide, i saw one do it & the small girl died of her injuries. These visions are all on this blog. Sexual abuse destroys gates & broken people destroy themselves & others. Gay abuse esp. leaves little room for male & female children to grow up stable. Satan’s plan is to destroy the next generation & send them to hell but torment them here first by raising an army in pain. Satan thrives in sin but the GROSS SIN he’s pushing now is what hastens judgement.

        Tips to raise children: The word of God enters by ministry (laying hands regularly, anointing them with oil, praying for them as you do it so they can hear you), by sharing (what you tell them as guidance), & by prayer on your own. These children will NOT be kept by words alone, they must SEE works of the Spirit bcz when they’re alone among the “cool” underage weed smokers it’s a different ballgame of peer pressure. They’re shamed mercilessly if they say no to wrong stuff so they need to SEE AT HOME what they’re staying pure for. Parents do the righteous works in front of your kids & their feet will follow yours. God bless. 🌺

  3. I want to thank Father for sharing this. I’m thankful that He has a friend, someone that He can trust to share it with us.
    Added to my Breathless heartbrokeness is now fervent indignation!
    This is for the innocent victims, it is for the wrong, this is for the heavenly perfect Lord God Yah, that has to see this, know this and judge this horror. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me.

  4. Kanard says:

    Does God show you visions of heaven sometimes, to give you a break from the filth?
    How do you cope, what should I pray about for you, because you seem supercharged in your faith already compared to mine and sometimes I wonder what can I pray for someone who is closer to God than I am.

  5. Helena Jordan says:

    i could not read this in one sitting. i had to walk away many times and then come back to finish. New Zealand’s youth suicide rate is double America’s, five times the British and 8 .times worse than the best performing countries, Italy and Portugal. No one in Authority will speak clearly about the cause. The country is ruled by Freemasons.

  6. Teresa says:

    Just heartbroken. Dear Yah, hold sister up and strengthen her for all that You require of her. Thank you for the great love you give to her, to us, to let us know why You are righteous and just in your judgments. Help us to have endurance as we live through all of these things, born at this time, these are our days. You have called us to minister to these broken, damaged ones in Your name and power. Let us not forget our call, that for which you brought us here. Amen. I had to read this with my hand over my mouth. So very hard…I know the price is great, Sister. But I also know He won’t let us outgive Him. He calls you friend and Beloved. Be stgron be strong be strengthened.

  7. Annemarie says:

    Witnessed this perversion just yesterday. I’m on vacation with my family and my husband went to get the car, while my daughter and I waited inside a hotel with an indoor pool. I saw a little boy playing with his sister and he was about 8, wearing a little girl’s one piece bathing suit. He had a boy’s haircut and was clearly a boy. I glared at his parents and shook my head at them in disgust, just hoping she might come out and defend her choice to either allow or promote this. But she just stared at me and I and my daughter looked at the scene.
    I prayed for that child and haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. His parents are basically putting a bow on his head and sending him to Satan and eternity in hell. That’s what I wanted to tell them but they just looked at me like I was the one with the problem. And I’ve stopped praying for this country. Why would God bless us with this pervasive perversion?

  8. MJL says:

    Genesis 13:13 (NKJV) But the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the Lord.
    Of all the things for America to do in excess, we chose evil. When we make Sodom look like a tea party, I don’t know how God has put up with it for this long. There aren’t enough words to describe how disgusting and horrible this is. I am so thankful that Yah is perfect, patient, just, and will set all wrongs right in His perfect timing. Wow, what a day that will be!

  9. cikupep says:

    Here in Africa, we have many NGOs operating under the guise of alleviating poverty, offering affordable/free education, fighting for the rights of the oppressed/girl-child/refugees. But in reality what they are doing is sneaking in the LGBTQ agenda. Every one of their programs is gender-mainstreamed to include even the ‘queer-ones’. And yes, you are right Celestial the people behind these non-governmental Organisations are hidden and deep-pocketed. They pay their staff and program attendees a lot of money(salaries/ per-diems, etc.)

  10. joan nyoni says:

    i am so left so speechless, may the lord have mercy on us.

    1. Joseph says:

      I pray more nowadays for his mercy as grace is further abused.

  11. Jclawrence says:

    My heart breaks for these children. Why can’t we save them? If God shows you this, can’t he show you were they are so someone can save them? I know you have said every form of government is involved but we are supposed to be the “hands and feet of Christ”. Jesus died and gave us everything we need to DESTROY evil. We have to save these children!

    1. Celestial says:

      After reading this blog properly no one should believe one form of sin deserves greater anger than others. God is as angry over Trump worship as this, yet no one ever asks why God hasn’t sent a bolt of lightning through him to “save the nation from idolatry”. If God tells me where rituals are He must also tell of all family members who took C19 vaccines, who are atheists, who have sex without marriage or are guilty of the sins on this blog. There are abortions in your street as gruesome as this, you don’t know of them and are not saving those children. Ordinary women everywhere are stone-cold killers but I bet you don’t think it’s the same. Kids are deliberately underfed & beaten to death in our cities, raped by parents, fed into Child services & never heard of again. These crimes aren’t hidden, we know of them, are you as angry over them? Why does it take exposure of hidden sin to prove the open fact that AMERICA EATS ITS YOUNG? Every street corner in this country invites God’s wrath, not just what reads like sick TV. It’s time we read the word & finally get it- there are no staggered weights in national sin. It will all be judged.

    2. Celestial says:

      P.S. God is not giving me ‘data dumps’. He isn’t the police. He is giving me the sin because after the sin comes the punishment and we should stay mindful of that. God doesn’t kidnap people. People do. Yah’s eye REVEALS the nation of kidnap so the land can see how fallen it is and repent. He exposes rot so America can stop talking about “The greatest country in the world.” Perspective is sorely needed in the church, that’s all I can say.

      God will judge all sin but first He’ll expose it, not for anyone’s (too-late) righteous indignation but for SACKCLOTH & SHAME: “How did we get here? How did I sit here not knowing this, how was I personally so blinded that all my prayer never revealed this to me? Have I done all in my area to make any difference?” If you are mad about children try to befriend even 10 teenagers in your area and and see if you can win them away from their “My body my choice” mindset. Just TEN, let’s see if it’s possible. Be the hands and feet of Jesus right where you are, the labourers are few and most of them have no courage to speak up when they should. God bless 🌺

  12. Gami says:

    It is all very disturbing and horrific. These are the things that are being taught in school in sexuality classes as ways to engage in sex and not get pregnant! Telling your girls that everything is acceptable. It gets more and more difficult to protect our children when the world is seeking to devour them at every turn. Porn gives visions to our boys so that they fantasize about every detestable thing. I pray The Lord’s protection over them and pray they will not chase evil.

  13. Mr. Pirkka Kukkola says:

    Thank you, Dear Celestial, for being the “Master’s Voice”. This topic reminds me of my initiation into the New Age cult of the “Ascended Masters” (demons, Lucifer) that I had I entered in my late twenties. That first night in bed there I was spiritually raped from above by a powerful spiritual ENTITY that dove into my head and body. I tried to fight it, hold it off, but found I could not. I believe it was the “GROUP ENTITY” (demonic, Satanic) of the cult leader and his closest “chelas” (disciples, pupils). I knew that EVIL had entered me, and thought, thereafter, that I could never go home, nor ever lead a normal life again. I gradually learned that the cult leader was a kind of sorcerer (wizard); and a selfish, devious, and cunning, sly man. One who was deceiving a cult, world-wide; pretending to be the “Divine Representative of Jesus, the Christ”; when he was anything but. In fact, he was a representative of Lucifer; and of Theosophy: spiritual and magical arts (invocations, “Flames”, “Rays”, etc..). He was a self-confessed bi-sexual; who might have first experienced sodomy in the boy’s school he attended in England. He was an adulterer (other men’s wives, widows), fornicator, pederast (young men), and pedophile (young girls). It was really FILTHY. A LIE. I finally left when I became fed up with all his shenanigans. I was disgusted. But so was I broken, my gates opened; and since then: struggling with so many issues. Such as: mental illness, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, identity disorder, and demonic possession, oppression, and obsession. Everything about the cult was about POWER, WORSHIP, MASTERY, and MIND and SOUL CONTROL. Psychic power of the opened third eye was used on us by the leader; EVIL EYE; necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry; MAGIC, incantation, invocations, and enchantments—(ie.): delusion, illusion, deception, trickery, games, etc…Not to mention the allurements and trappings of sex magic (the misuse and abuse of sex energy), the Jezebel spirit, homosexuality, bi-sexuality, marine spirits (Poseidon, mermaids). This caused the men—like me—to become emasculated, spiritually castrated, effeminate; and lose their strength and masculinity; and become weak, morally, mentally, and physically. Thank God I was able to leave when I did. But it has taken me over thirty years to regain my manhood, strength, and male power—plus my own mind and soul—though prayer, casting out of demons, worship of JESUS CHRIST, and devotion to GOD and GOD alone. Yet, so have I, too, experienced the same demons, fierce internal struggle, and RAGE, that prisoners, when released, have exhibited. And I, too, became “ready to kill”. But thank the Lord, I am fine now. I give Him my eternal thanks, and praise. He is a Good and Most Loving God. Lest we arouse Him to ANGER. Then His JUSTICE will be swift….A worthy note: This cult was located in Virginia; in Fairfax County, of the “Good Ole USA.” You are right. Demons run America. The cult was proof of it. The cult worshipped the “Ascended Masters”, believing them to have been behind the the Freemasons who had established Washington, DC, as an “occult power grid” (one of three on the planet). All by occult design. And so, promoting—“amorality” (having no morals), “no Truth exists”, “do as thou wilt”, and “anything goes”. That is what America is teaching now. And I believe the cult was very much an influencer, fulfilling Lucifer’s objectives: of destruction and mayhem. I will pray to JESUS for the rest of my life to make reparation for my own sins (and for the sins of the world). May the Lord forgive me and show me mercy (may He have mercy on us all)……God bless you, Celestial, for increasing our awareness of this EVIL world and society, through the eyes of God as He must see it. May we see what Jesus sees, May we feel what Jesus feels. May we pray what Jesus prays. Thank you. And—Amen.

  14. Jane says:

    Thank you Celestial for being brave and strong to say these words of our Lord.. I can vouch for the truth of what is revealed. My rescue and recovery done only by the mercy and grace of Jesus was long and hard. It is just as you said. I pray in the name of He who is Holy and He who is true, He who opens and no man shuts and He who closes and no man opens, that the bolts of my gates be iron and bronze that my strength will equal my days. For my refuge is my Eternal Father who says to the enemy before me to depart. Amen all glory be to Jesus!.

  15. michele says:

    Thank you Celestial for your obedience to post things like these. My first sexual “partner” was my mother before I even entered first grade. I did everything she told me to thinking it was love. As my dad was in the service he was rarely home. I have ALWAYS known the Lord (due to a praying grandma), and prayed for Him to help me through the worst of situations, such as my mom liked to choke me until I lost consciousness or have me play russian roulette with a loaded gun. Looking back I believe she was possessed (she was full blooded Native American), as I would see her face change and different voices would speak through her, additionally around our “home” things were always moving through the air. Anyway, back to what I wanted to say originally….I have done soooo many things I know now that have greatly offended YAH. I Trust Him and know He is a Just God. I pray for all those children, as I was one of them. I am now 65 years old and the effects are horrific and never ending. Bless you for speaking out truth.

  16. Bee says:

    Greetings Sister Celestial, sadly these posts were not all that shocking to me. I have long known about the rituals practiced in the entertainment world and “upper echelons” of society. I am used to being classified as a conspiracy theorist. The two things that saddened me the most were hearing about how common it is for children and young people to be attacked and held against their will. I was also saddened to hear how common these things are becoming in Africa. However, I know what TMH has shown you is true. I visited a country in East Africa not too long ago. While, I was searching for a restaurant on Google Maps, I saw a Masonic Lodge pop up on the route. My spirit was so grieved because I knew that it was there to spread the same wickedness as it has in other places. Your post confirms my suspicions. Many of the things you have outlined are part of the very foundation of this country, with “founding fathers” who as far as I know were all Freemasons.
    These things were part of the torture of African American slaves with the raping of the women and buck breaking of the men. So as the Bible says there is “nothing new under the sun”. Years ago I watched a movie called Pulp Fiction. There was a scene in that movie where a very strong, burly AA actor was raped by a masked sadomasochistic WM in a hidden location where he regularly practiced his abominations. This was just a movie and I never got it out of my head. Nor do I ever want to see anything like that again. I can understand why your brain would literally shut down. Blessings Sister. May your reward be rich in Heaven!

  17. Diana says:

    Them that have ears will hear what the Ruach is saying and take heed. I pray for more grace to you Celestial to keep on doing what YAH has entrusted you with.

  18. Valarie Johnson says:

    praise JESUS i praying for you ! giving thanks to JESUS he allowed me to live to get answers i prayed as a child in NYC 155th & 8th ave! i am glad your mum had you sister & am praying 4 you thanking JESUS he sending watchmen to warn us all follow JESUS or perish! weeps sighs moans a life time Praise JESUS he is always In total complete control- leaving me asking JESUS HOW May i serve you ! Ephesians 6 is real ! JESUS bless you and keep you safe

  19. CareyB. says:

    Reading this prophecy left me nauseated for hours. It is too much for the heart to bear.

  20. Fran says:

    These things are happening here is a testimony form someone who had the abuse experience

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