The Realities Of Today, Pt 1 – July 11, 2020


He said to me, “Do you see this, son of man? Yet you will see still greater abominations than these.” – (Ezekiel 8:15)

Below are recent dreams-  I’ve had several of this type in the last weeks but delayed posting them because they are rather graphic (to say the least.) However since they keep coming I’ll share a few because I believe forewarned is forearmed. I’ve spoken on this many times before but here’s the reason I’ll keep posting: These dreams aren’t just for me. They can’t be. God can’t be thinking that my choice of night-time viewing would always be these themes, so that tells me the repetition is because we’re not really listening. These dreams are warning us of times to come that may affect all of us but- the prayer and intercession response from the Body of Christ is not where it should be. We’re not digging in with preventive prayer so the warnings keep coming- stronger and worse than before.

I’m not trying to lay heaviness on anyone who reads this blog- I appreciate your interest and  pray that something you read here stays with you. I pray it calibrates your thinking, makes you see differently- I hope you’re reminded every time you come here that human choices matter; sooner or later if we don’t reset our hearts God will allow us to experience the full weight of our collective choices and we won’t like it one bit.

Darkness is overtaking us at a faster pace than light. The Christians I talk to are tired. This lockdown stripped people so rapidly of community, resources, peace and joy that a lot of us are merely trudging through life- going through the motions so we don’t lose online jobs or government assistance. Many don’t even live in economies that support them- overnight the world shut down and took our jobs with it, forgetting to tell us how we’re supposed to keep paying rent. It’s getting REALLY TOUGH out there and as I said recently, the increasing darkness and hardships are some of the consequences God will allow to drive us to the point where we begin to look outside of ourselves and our limited capacities for answers.

People cry out to God when they suffer- suffering is the only way some stubborn knees will  ever bow. Hardship is the only way some proud tongues will ever ask God for help. As parents and best friends, business, bosses, and government structures continue to fail I think people will finally get that this is not a test, this is not a phase, this is not a “it’ll be over by summer” thingTHIS IS THE NEW NORMAL. This is the terrible shift I’ve been warning about for years yet I’m still being surprised now that it’s happening for real. This is real people.

This is not downtime. This is not a break. This is the descent into what we’ve never seen before. No world leader or church has been here before. We have to find ways to adjust to the new world rising up around us, and we have to do it fast. Things are happening and they’ll increase like birth pains until the whole world is screaming from pressure- death, disease, war, slavery, deception, economic crash and terrible technology that makes the inventions of TV look archaic- all these things are coming.

I know this blog is sobering. I know it hits hard and can be tough to take. While I make no apology for it I can help by reminding us of the prophetic books of the Bible. They describe hard things- war, slavery, invasions, being starved to the point where you eat your own baby- all this happened in the ancient world as man made choices to serve evil, and they will happen again before this new world is done. I suggest to some of us, if you don’t know God (I didn’t say karma and crystals, I didn’t say Krishna and Buddha, I said G-O-D and His Son Jesus Christ who died on a cross to provide a sacrifice that saves all of us from our sins)-

If you don’t know Jesus this is the time to come into the safety and promise of relationship with Him, by giving your life to him and being a part of His family. God will never turn anyone who is looking for Him, away. God is many things but He is first and foremost A FATHER, and fathers look out for their kids.

If you’ve lived without a father or your human father disappointed you, if he didn’t want you and left when you were little, or he died; if he did anything terrible that left your heart or your family in shreds; in fact even if your dad is there for you now, or if he’s a stepdad who cares for and loves you- understand that the relationship of FATHERHOOD that Jehovah God offers is better than anything a human dad can give you. God will help you overcome your shortcomings, He’ll show you hidden sins and faults so you can break them off your life with His power. He’ll teach you how to handle the pains of life- betrayal, rejection, abandonment, abuse- God will help you overcome it all. GOD HAS POWER TO RESET BROKEN THINGS AND TURN WEAKNESSES INTO STRENGTHS THROUGH THE POWER OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND THE WORK OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

So if you don’t know Jesus Christ in a personal way then there’s no better time to get to know Him. I hope these words will draw someone past “thinking about it”, into action. Time is short and running out, and the coming days are evil. Come to His feet and ask forgiveness for your sins today, He will not turn you away. In Jesus name I pray for you, amen. 

July 11, 2020

1st dream- A group of men were discussing how to rape women. I didn’t see them but I was given a sense of the setup: 4 or 5 men connected via online chat, all of them at their own homes with headsets on, talking to one another in the virtual space. They were laughing and sharing “best tips” on how to rape women and not get caught, or what to do to beat the system if you’re accused of rape and have to undergo testing for DNA.

I will not list everything I heard but these men spoke of ways that water destroys DNA evidence, ways to force sex on your wife or partner, ways to use drugs to break resistance to rape early. Some men weren’t as savvy as others, their voices were thoughtful as they listened to their friends tell them how to stay one step ahead in the rape scene. In all this I heard them chatting back and forth like a virtual space in my head, then the dream ended. 

2nd dream- Immediately after that I saw a man anally assaulting a small girl of about 7 years old. I saw them as cartoons, (which I explained before is God’s way of showing me very terrible things in a way that won’t destroy my own mind from having to see them. God truly shows mercy in this work.) I had knowledge in the dream that this man used rape as a way of “disciplining” his daughter and that he’d done this several times before.

This man was very aggressive on this child. As it took place his cartoon grew a lot of body hair til he looked like a bear, while the child grew weaker and weaker and became a rag doll image. Both of them had round brown eyes like buttons, but the man’s buttons turned big and red with rage while the child’s buttons became small and blue with tears.

When this man finished the hair left his body, his anger and rage departed and he put on his pants and left the room. There was no mother in this home, she was gone. On the bed the child lay devastated, gasping for breath until her two button eyes slowly turned to x x, which means she died. I saw brown and red substances come out of her back part, and a small part of her intestine was hanging out too like a very big haemorrhoid.

3rd dream- I was walking the streets of London, Old London of maybe 100 or 150 years ago. As I went I felt catacombs beneath the street, tunnels that wound and twisted beneath the city connecting to secret underground rooms. In these places they were holding satanic mass with candles- doctors, lawyers, judges, police chiefs, magistrates, members of parliament and higher ups of the government– all over ancient London these people were underground worshipping satan while ordinary people slept or tried to sell potatoes or fed their horses or whatever- I saw the rich, influential and powerful people of Great Britain naked under the ground, or in black or red robes chanting, praying, using magic in conducting black mass, and killing human sacrifices.

There were terrified people being held as sacrifices to their demon gods: I saw a man who was obviously poor- he wore commoner’s clothing and his eyes were as big as eggs from watching what they were doing. He could not believe the kinds of people he saw at this place, the “famous” people of the day, the very people who were in the major London newspapers as the movers and shakers of society. This man struggled with all his might but very strong men held and stripped him, then they put him on a stone altar and stabbed him in his heart. There were many naked children in these places, some of them were drugged and sleeping but some, especially the bigger girls whose bodies had fully developed, were awake and fighting for their life.

By the way it wasn’t just one place- I felt all these tunnels all over. The Holy Spirit carried me all over the cobbled streets of Old London and I felt hundreds and hundreds of tunnels under my feet, with people in them doing severely wicked, satanic things to others for no reason other than lust for power and the deep-seated desire to shed blood. The dream ended.

I just want you all to be aware- these things still happen in the U.K and U.S.A to this day. Don’t think “pilgrims” founded this nation, stop swallowing the butchered history you were given. What’s closer to truth is Freemasons and pilgrim fathers from Britain who kept these same beliefs and practices, came here and set up shop too. If it’s hard to accept I understand, nevertheless we need to wake up. When God shows the past like this He is saying “Look and see where the current problems come from; wake up and realise how old is the evil you’re trying to fight.”

This happens in every country because these societies are a global brotherhood, they’ve existed for CENTURIES and all the horrific crimes we’re fighting in modern society have their roots in the practices from ancient underground chambers like the one I saw in my dream.

Until the church wakes up to her rightful place in these battles, until she accepts how old is her adversary the devil how can she even advance serious warfare against things she’s not aware (or does not believe) are taking place? There are the realities of today. I will continue these dreams in a second note shortly. God bless you for visiting. 

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  1. Scarlett says:

    This was very saddening to read….but I know these things are happening, and have been happening farther back than we can imagine. It’s just hard to comprehend and wrap one’s mind around the amount of depravity that mankind is capable of, even to his own children or babies. However, when Satan gets in the driver’s seat of a human’s mind, all bets are off, and the impossible becomes possible.

  2. Esther says:

    This is unimaginable, disheartening, saddening and yet true.
    Thank you for awakening us to what is happening.

  3. Brenda Stepney says:

    GOD bless you Ms Celestial and thank you so much for your obedience. I am so thankful for having knowledge of your channel and I am in awe of the mercy of GOD to reveal hidden things to us through you. My prayer is that you will continue to be given the strength to reveal these hard truths. May GOD have mercy on us all.

    1. Rick Davison says:

      What’s the right email for Celestial. Haven’t gotten a response at all.

  4. Rick Davison says:

    I see you put @mail instead of Gmail. I sent email to both and haven’t heard anything? It’s been months

  5. Erica says:

    This is very sad to read but it is our reality of what’s to come.

  6. NATALIE BELL says:

    I pray for your strength and may God continue to bless you greatly in His work. May the LORD continue to use you HWOG.

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